28 Yarn Braids Styles That You Will Absolutely Love


Protective yet cozy hairstyle, yarn braids are a lovely way to rock any black braided hairstyle. Yarn braids are a hairstyle that is a fresh new change over your naturally worn hair that focuses on texture.

Tired of using chemicals?  Choose yarn braids, say goodbye to chemicals.

What are yarn braids, you say?  Simply, they are twists created from threads. The best thing about this is its low maintenance nature and its long duration. Adding to the beauty of braids is its versatility. Choose one color for the twists this week, wash it and the next week choose another color for your braids.

Colors and styles for braids. For your braids, you have the option of choosing from one single color or a rainbow of shades. And for forms, you can go for short hairstyle from Mohawks to Bob, to medium length twists or waist-skimming braids. You can add some beads if you like.

Here are a few yarn braids pictures showing you how to do it right.

1.Blue For Big

Your long locks can be styled in a new way using yarn braids. Use the combination of bright blue and dark blue on your thick braids that are long and gorgeous. A winged eyeliner, nude makeup with an extra use of bronzer add special effects to your overall look.

2. Ponytail Green

Highlight your regular ponytail with some jumbo braids. Highlights to your highlights would be a spectacular way of using dark green yarn.Want to learn more about how to do yarn braids? Follow this link.


3. White And Blye For You

Make use of pretty white and blue yarns on your natural black hair. Yu can use a combination of thick and thin braids for one hairstyle. Weave other strands of white and blue on your hair in a braided manner. Let it flow, and voila, you are ready. Pull back and relax and let everyone ask you how to do yarn braids right.

4. Colors For A Bun

Use of many colors on each braid give out a result that is a treat to the eyes. Wear different color on each braid and then create an incredible top knot. This is such an Afropunk hairstyle that everyone will love. With the colorful pair of shades, a bright pink lipstick and a simple golden ring on your ears, this look is a complete head-turner. Why just your girlfriends, let your faithful friend feel the taste of the colors?

5. Shades Of Pink

Yarn braids work for a short hairstyle amazingly. Keep the braids near the roots dark, and for the rest of your braids, you can play with different shades of pink. This is a blend of daring and feminine style. Add to the look with funky and unusual gold earrings. Red lipstick always works.

6. Sea Colors For My Braids

If you love going to the beach, why not give your hair a taste of the sea colors as well? You can go for an amazing bob cut and make way for thin braids. For the rest of it, use blue, green, turquoise blue and yellow yarn for making a funky and fresh hairstyle. You don’t need waves for a beachy hairstyle. Finish the look with a bright red lipstick. You can middle part of the side part, anything that works best for you.

7. Natural Flow

Let your natural hair flow with amazing yarn twists. A pulled back hairstyle with is a beautiful yarn braids styles. The twists look amazing, and this hairstyle works on every occasion. From a day in school to an evening out, from your cocktail dress to your sweatshirt; this style works for all. Take pictures and post it on Instagram to inspire everyone for these lovelies.

8. Half Top Brightness

For your tanned skin, you can opt for a brighter color on your hair. Blend in bright pink and white colors. Your long locks with the use of yarn braids tied up into a half topknot bun make this a fabulous hairstyle. Let your bun have the alternates pink and white. Finish the look with lipstick.

9. Braided Bun

Yarn braids not only account for funky and crazy hairstyles, but they can also be made into elegant and chic updo as well. For a straightforward and sophisticated look, you can choose the overall favorite color black for your yarn braids. You will need a long hair for this, certainly. Now, pull up your hair into a cute updo with a slight pouf at the front. Wear your dress and a pair of big silver earrings and go out for a fun day.

10. Blonde And Long

Thin braids are an excellent style statement. Obviously, you will need long locks for this. You should know smaller the braids, better refined the braids. After you have created a simple micro braids hairstyles that are middle parted, make use of yarn braids for highlights. You can use different colors for your twists. A picture for the memory of your fantastic hairstyle.

11. The Bun

My eyes just stopped at the intricate and exquisite bun. This hairstyle is the definition of bold. Simple shaved side add a great dimension to this simple half topknot hairstyle. Your long locks are first made into yarn braids. Now, create an oversized and detailed twirl on the top of your head for a bun. Wrap the bottom of the bun for a different look. Now, for the cherry on the cake are the shaved sides. Excellent lipstick and large gold earrings finish the look.

12. Pulled Up Pony

Who said yarn braids cannot work on blonde hairstyle? Although, the bases are kept dark and let the rest of your hair be made into thick braids. For a new style, add some multi-colored yarn to create spectacular yarn braids. Pull up your hair into a high ponytail and go out for the day where you don’t want your hair to be on your face.

13. Warm Colors

When you are looking for how to do yarn braids styles, you are also looking for hair color ideas. Why not pick a bright color that will leave every eye set on you?  Go for a combination of red, yellow and orange shades.

A tip to wash your braids is to do it while lying on the sink as yarns get heavy when it absorbs water.

14. Going Green

Box braids are a popular hairstyle. Why not choose box braids with a combination of threads? You can use a mix of different shades of a single color, maybe green. You don’t need to go for yarn braids for your hair completely. You can opt for it starting from a halfway.

15. Accents of Blue

Yarn braids in bob haircut are simply fabulous. Choose a navy blue color for your twists and add another shade of different blue for highlights. A style that is guaranteed for you to fall in love with and not wanting to get rid of for sure.

16. Short Yarn Braids

When it comes to yarn braids, you can go for a short hairstyle. Be it a Mohawk updo or a bob hairstyle; it works on all. This hairstyle offers a flat back and an incredible height on the front.

17. Skinny Yarn Braids

You can opt for thin yarn braids if you don’t like making a big and bold hair twists. It protects your natural hair and can look elegant with few strands pulled back and pinned.

18. Blue Layered Twists

We all love layered hairstyles, don’t we? So, of course, we will like it when it comes to yarn braids or yarn twists. Choose long and short strands in one layer. Go dynamic with one bold color for your hair. Color co-ordinate your top with your hair color and make sure to smile while you Snapchat or post a picture on Instagram. A smile goes a long way, girl.

19. Yellow And Red Peek-a-boos

Middle partition of your gorgeous yarn twists in an ideal length and thickness with red and yellow highlights on either side is wow. Want to learn to protect your natural hair and have a break from daily styling? Then, it is time you find out how to do yarn braids. Look no further for an inspiring picture.

20. Red And Green

Why stick with one color when you are considering yarn twists? Go crazy with red and different shades of green. Add an extra oomph to your look with some different fine threads in some part of your braids. The yarns are weaved in a circular manner in each braid. Your golden shades and metallic nail art take this look to a whole new level.

21. Coiled Gray Bun

Yarn braids are famous for its versatility. They look beautiful in any way you wear them be it let it flow or making a coiled bun. You can choose numerous twists or long, thin and coiled piled on to make an oversized bun. Add a strand of colorful braid in the middle to add dimension to your monotonous colored bun.

22. Big Twists

They say, go big or go home. So, when you want, great yarn turns why not go for supreme twists. Yarn braids look amazing on bob haircut, and numerous twists work just right. Nude makeup makes this look perfect. A pair of nerdy glasses to finish the look, maybe? Nerdy is the new sexy, you know.

23. Beads And Braids

When you want to take pictures of you in yarn braids, you will want to look beautiful with an incredible combination of colors. You can choose warm hues or cool tones. For new shades, you can use different tones of blue with gray color as a neutral to dilute the mix of colors. Add some beads to complete the look. This is hairstyle you will not get bored of surely.

24. Blonde Yarn

Yarn braids are particularly famous for African locks. When you google how to do yarn braids, you usually end up scrolling through pictures on African hair. But, you should know yarn braid styles work perfectly on Caucasian or merely natural black hair. You can choose for thin braids for your natural hair. This hairstyle reminds me of a spider web, not in a creepy way though.

25. Ombre For Yarn Braids

The extraordinary length of these yarn braids are one hairstyle you will want to keep taking pictures of love. But, the main highlight of this hairstyle is its beautiful ombre effect. The elegant updo on the darker side of the gray and the ends of yarn let loose at the concludes with a lighter shade of gray is beautiful. For a contrast look, wear golden jewelry.

26. Yarn Twists

Simple yarn braids styles include simple yarn twists. The solid collection of twists gives out an incredible look. Although, you should know center parting your hair makes your face appear round, but asymmetrical side-parting makes your face slim and chic. Complete the look with an eye-popping neck piece and a nose ring.

27. Colorful Yarn Braids Styles

Learn how to do yarn braids in a spectacular manner. Pink, turquoise, yellow, purple all mixed and woven throughout you hair could be a choice if you don’t want to pick just one bold color for your hair. Keep your bases your dark natural color for a more defined look. Let your hair flow for everyone to see the mix of all these colors that are obviously a delicious treat to anyone’s eyes.

28. All Down Red

Your great, surprising twists that are falling to your waist look bright with a dark red for its color. Middle part it and wears your spectacles. These big braids are a look you can try this semester.  A studded leather jacket, the warm color, a stylish scarf, this all makes up for an elegant look for this winter. Try this style alone or inspire your girlfriends.

Protect and style your hair, girl. Yarn braids are the way to go.


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