66 Hairstyles With Light Wispy Bangs

Let feathers fall on your head and feel light as air.


Wispy bangs are a great way to give yourself a little makeover.
We all had had those times in our lives when we thought,’ Hey! I need to change my look a little bit.’ Answers to these problems are wispy bangs. They don’t need a lot of work and are easy to maintain.

Another great thing about these bangs is they suit everyone. They look great with short hair and long hair.


How To Style Using Wispy Bangs?

Yes, wispy bangs work for everyone. Even if you have bold features or cute face-type, you can go for these bangs. You will always find the right type of fringes that work for your face. Once you have picked it out, even if you have long or short hair, you can use the bangs to give style to your usual hairstyle.

1. Messy Top-Knot

The half up and a half down hairstyle look amazing with bangs. Wispy fringes add a certain flair to your short hair. If you have short, straight hair, adding excellent frills makes your look extraordinary. Keep your top knot messy and neat.

2. Korean Wispy Bangs

We all know that bangs and buns always compliment each other. They have been a particular fashion mantra that looks amazing. This style has been opted in workstations as well as in red carpets. Korean wispy bangs are fabulous.

3. For A Bun

Here we have another example of buns and fringes. I told you even celebrities love this look. This wispy look makes her look chic and sexy at the same time. You can make your bangs layered by cutting long on the sides and short at the middle.

4.  Black

Wispy bangs for long hair are such a treat to the eyes. They look terrific, and you can see it. Her brown highlights add definition to her hair. This style of fringes is perfect for the oval-shaped face.

5. High Bun

She does look like she is promoting that brand of foundation, doesn’t she? But, why is it that I keep on staring at her hair. I mean high, messy buns are all our favorites. They make us look cute and sexy at the same time. So, apparently wispy front bags will make the entire look terrific.

6. Microblunt Bangs

Microblunt fringes cannot be pulled off by all the face shapes. You can even add a wispy cut to your bangs. If you have long hair, you can go for this style. This is the perfect example of wispy bangs for long shaped face and extended, wavy hair.

7. Shorter Than Usual

You can even make your short bangs (shorter than the length of forehead) wispy as well. They make stunning wispy bangs for an oblong face. Your hair can be long or short; it works both ways. Finish the look with bright red lipstick. Smile and post your gorgeous selfie.

8. Layers and Bangs

You can go for such wispy bangs for an oval-shaped face. Even if you don’t believe the statement, bangs, and buns go hand in hand, you can see them now. I have shown you a lot of examples. Keep your entire look messy and keep it layered. I am sure people will compliment you on your style.

9. For Short Hair

This is an excellent wispy look for your short hair. Her hair is wavy. So, to spice up the entire look, she adds a lot of bangs. You can see how her look is ‘just rolled out of bed’ but is casual and stylish.

10. Long and Short

Long wispy bangs are also very trendy this season. Who am I kidding? They have been in since 2017 and are still ruling our hearts in 2018. If you have a square face, you can pick up this style of wispy look where the fringes have a lot of layers.

11. Wispy Bangs for Square Face

We have other wispy bangs for square shaped faces. Girls with square-shaped faces have a strong jawline. So, layers are one of the best options for them to round off their strong features. You can search for messy bangs for short hair if you want the wispy cut.

12. A-shaped

I love the A-shaped bangs. They look amazing on the suitable face shapes. Those fringes appear like a layer of the entire length hair. If you have long hair, you can go for a wispy cut on your fringes as well.

13. Little Bit Short

Wispy blunt bangs are sexy and awesome. They give you the boldness you always wanted. If you go for all black look, the fringes will do great justice to your entire look. Be careful when you pick this type of bangs as they only suit the certain type of face type.

14. Reese Style

Reese Witherspoon is a funny woman. Noone can doubt that, but she has amazing fashion style as well. She can inspire you to your everyday look. Witherspoon is one of those beauties who can pull off an everyday style on the red carpet. Look at the wispy bangs cut for the heart-shaped face that she does complete justice too.

15. Golden Glow

I love that hair color. The golden glow of her tresses adds warmth to her face color. She again justifies my statement of bangs and buns. She goes for a layered wispy look. Her bun is a professional look, and her layers are messy.

16. Naturally

Wispy bangs look best when they are kept in their natural state. Her natural hairstyle is medium length, wavy and messy. So, she goes for a wispy cut that compliments her face shape. Look at how everything falls into place effortlessly.

17. For The Selfie

The wispy look is made for long hair. You can google up how to cut wispy bangs if you don’t want to go to the hair salon. If you have steady hands and the guts, I suggest you try it. After you have cut it, you go on searching how to style your wispy bangs which depend on your face shape. She shows you a perfect example of how to style bangs for round face.

18. Light Wispy Bangs

Bangs that are feather-like in texture perfectly justify the ‘wispy’ name. They look amazing light and do not add any pressure. You can go for this look if you have been searching for fringes idea for short hair. I love the messiness of the entire hairstyle.

19. For The Thin Hair

The blonde highlights on her black hair look great. But they do not look as great as her light wispy bangs. She shows us great ideas for light wispy bangs for the long shaped face. Her long hair looks fun with those fringes.

20. Angled

Here we have Reese showing us another example of great bangs. Her heart-shaped face is complemented by those angled wispy bangs. She has thin, straight and short hair. Those bangs add some edge to her look.

21. Wing It

She has a thin and long hair. Her face shape is heart shaped. It appears so from the angle of her selfie. I may be mistaken, but you feel free to correct me. So, she goes for fringes that are longer than the length of her forehead. Her warm blonde hair color matches her skin tone.

22. Wispy Bangs for Short Hair

Her disheveled hair is fantastic. I guess, you have guessed by now, that I love the messy hair look. Why wouldn’t I? They look amazing and do not require efforts. So, if you are a lazy girl like me, you obviously love this. You can go this wispy bangs if you have layered short length hair.

23. Exotic

Her makeup is top notch. Those blushes add a natural glow to her entire face, and her lipstick is fabulous. She goes for a bun and bangs look. Yes, now that is what we are calling it. Well, at least I am. Her face is long, and she goes for long fringes for her face shape.

24. Black and White

When you have a great hairstyle, it comes out great in any photo, even in black and white. She has a classic look with a cute messy bun. Her pose for the photo is cool and sexy. For her fringes, she goes for wispy side bangs.

25. For Long Hair and Short Hair

I love the design of her fringes at the bottom of her forehead. They appear to fall in the pattern of a fork. You can go for the wispy cut for your entire long, straight hair and fringes as well. Red lipstick can do all the makeup for you. Pick the right shade.

26. Wispy Ponytails

If bangs and buns go hand in hand, ponytails also do not fall short. You can go for a ponytail if you have long hair or short. Add some fun to your look by choosing appropriate wispy bangs. Have fun with your carefree style.

27. Wispy Look

People born with red hair are rare to find. But, thank God for technology, we can get the style if you love the color. Now, for her long hair and her face shape, she goes for an A-shaped wispy bang. She compliments her face shape with her hairstyle and softens the edges.

28. Wispy Bangs With Medium Length Hair

She shows a great example of wispy blonde layered hairstyle. I mean look at how fresh the look is for your everyday look. This can be converted into a chic bun if you have to attend a dinner. You can pick this hairstyle if you have a thin hair texture.

29. Wispy Layered Bangs

The circular shape of the bun is inspiring. Look at the perfection of that hairstyle. But we are here to talk about those full bangs. They look incredible on her oval shaped face. Go for this comprehensive look. Wispy fringes do not need to be light; they work great even when they cover your entire face. The sidelong layers frame her face amazingly.

30. Wispy Parted Bangs

Jennifer Lawerence is fresh as it gets. That is why she manages to pull off the most relaxed styles of all times, wispy cut. Her medium length hair would another wise boring if she had not added wispy side bangs.

31. Shades Of Wispy

Dakota Johnson is a splendid actor. She does divine justice to all her roles. Anastasia Steel is a character; we cannot forget quickly. Her signature style is her bangs. Did you know, she first got bangs because she did not like her forehead.
Well, whatever is her reason, she is an excellent example of wispy bangs for an oval-shaped face. Her long hair and her fringes look glamorous at the red carpet.

32. Wispy Full Fringes

Blunt hairstyles look great on long hairstyles. Her hair has an ombre effect. Black and brown make a great hair color. She goes for a more prolonged version of micro blunt bangs that make a fabulous wispy look. The layers of her hair soften her strong jawline. Go for this wispy look for a square shaped face.

33. Korean Wispy Bangs Part II

Korean girls can carry off the wispy hairstyles with ease. She looks stunning. It is like the bangs are made for her face and her hair type. She has a long hair, and her wispy bangs go great for her long face. Even her fringes are more extended than her forehead. They all pull together a great look for your everyday appearance.

34. Wispy Light Bangs

This is the perfect example of light wispy hair. These were the style of 2017 and is reigning our hearts in 2018 as well. Her hair color is fantastic. She goes for a full fringe on her face that goes great for her round face shape. Her long straight hair is gorgeous.

35. Straight Hair

They say who have the straight hair always want curly hair and vice versa. I don’t blame the curly haired beauties for wanting liquid gold falling straight. They look amazing. What makes it more fabulous, is the A-shaped wispy bangs. They look great, and the entire look is nothing less of perfect.

36. Full Fringes

Okay, you know what I will talk about first.
Don’t you?
Wispy Bangs?
Apparently, I will talk about the fringes but firstly those eyes. Those eyes are gorgeous. She is blessed, and her lips are quite remarkable.
Now, coming to the real deal. She goes for a wispy full fringed look for her long hair. Her bangs cover her entire forehead and then

37. Run The World

The fringes do look uncomfortable to me, personally. But, if you love the style, you can go for it. You will get a habit of it plus looking stunning all the time will always be an inspiration to adopt this look. Her straight hair with her long wispy bangs looks excellent for her entire look. Wear a strapless dress to show off your awesome hair.

38. Parted

We have another terrific A-shaped wispy look. Her hair is a wavy and medium length. She adds a lot of layers to her hair to make it look fun. To finish her look, she goes for wispy bangs for oval face. You should always go for fringes that complement your face shape. Believe me; there are tons to explore. You will get a style that makes you look fabulous.

39. Wispy Pixie Bangs

The pixie cut is naturally sexy and bold. They give you a complete makeover. If you are feeling for it, you should go for it. I believe, every woman should experience this style once in a lifetime. Why wouldn’t you? One lifetime. Try all the techniques you want to.
For those girls who already have a pixie cut and are bored, wispy bangs are answering to your prayers. You can go for a blunt wispy look which will give you a mini makeover.

40. Wispy Bangs for Curly Hair

She looks like a doll. That curly hair and her fringes all pull together something spectacular. She has a short length hair, and her curls are defined. You know, if you have curly hair, make sure you keep it healthy so that your twists look dazzling. Sometimes, curls just are not enough. So, you will want the wispy bangs. Go for side bangs for curly hair with a wispy look.

41. Blast From The Past

She has a style that goes back in time. We know that fashion industry loves to relive the old ways. So, one thing sure is you will get to live through all the eras of fashion from the past. Wispy bangs add a great flavor to your entire hairstyle. She has a flat haircut, so her feather-like bangs add a lot to it.

42. Go For It


Her complete hairstyle is made to cover her face completely. It takes out all the sharp jawlines of her face and makes her look soft and symmetrical. Bangs have a significant role to play in that task. She goes for wispy bangs for the heart-shaped face. Her hair color is blonde and gorgeous. I love her look. Go for it. I promise you; you will not regret it.


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