31 Wedge Hairstyles Meant for the Bold and Edgy!


If you are into the 80’s and would love to incorporate those styles to the modern era, these wedge hairstyles are perfect for you! For the ones edgy and bold, these hairstyles are modifications to the simple bowl cut hairstyles with bangs and layers. The modern cut to these vintage hairstyles gives you the edginess you are looking for.

With this hairstyle, you not only have the option to style it however you like, you also have the freedom of ease. Although it works better with straight edged hair, it looks good with curls as well. For a reference, you can take a look at the gallery to find an inspiration and get it for yourself!

1. Curled Wedge

Before we move onto the basics of wedge hairstyle, we just wanted you to look at this gorgeous curls incorporated wedge hairstyle. This magnificent looking hairstyle will take your look to a whole another level! Effortless and easy to achieve, you can see how effective the simple wedge hairstyle can look right here.

2.  Simple Straight

With wedge hairstyle, even if you go simple with just straight edges, it looks incredibly classy. Accessorize and dress up to your style and the wedge hairstyle adds to it. Simple, effortless and very easy to manage, this is the hairstyle for you!

3. Layered Wedges
For those of you who love layers, take a glimpse of this awesome wedge hairstyle. The asymmetric layers on the back and the fringe look absolutely brilliant when combined together. Easy to get, this is the hair you can rock on a daily basis with minimal effort.

4. Pixie Wedge

The layers in this wedge hairstyle add the extra volume that you will appreciate. Want to spice up your hairdo to the next level? Try this ultimate short wedge hairstyle that you will instantly fall in love with.

5. Auburn Layers

With the short wedge cut, try getting more layers as it adds to the volume and depth of your hair. Here, you can see the vibrant auburn color coming to play. It looks absolutely incredible


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