71 Wedding Hairstyles for Short, Medium & Long Hair


The big day is coming near.
The theme, colors, flowers, music, food, location all are decided.
But what about you, love?
Decided on the dress, makeup and more importantly your wedding hairstyle?
It is your day honey, the day for you to shine. Of course, it his big day too but you are the BRIDE! Plus we care about you more. (winky face)
So, let us talk about you, shall we?
Have you decided on your wedding hairstyle?
Do you want it curly, straight, bun or left loose?
Oh, too many options! It is a bit difficult to decide, isn’t it?

Are you attending your best friend’s wedding? Want to set a hairstyle for your gorgeous bridesmaid gown?

It doesn’t need to be your big day. Weddings be yours or anyone else’s are very special. A day to celebrate your commitment to the love of your life. Beautiful day.
And we want your special day to be perfect. So, relax loves, we want to take some tension off your shoulder. We have put our favorite wedding hairstyles for you to choose from because when it comes to hairstyles sky is the limit.
So, sit back and chill, you need to stay beautiful.

1. Big Day Locks


 For the most stunning and elegant hairstyle, you can middle part the front and stitch your loose curls to create a beautiful bun. Hair accessory accentuates this updo.

2. Celebrity Hairstyle

You are the celebrity of your big day, but it is paramount to look like one too. Add a golden crown to your hair bun and be gorgeous!

3. Tiara & Smokey Eye

A pulled back bun with a golden tiara. [love][love][love]
Smokey eyes, all our favorites.

4. Greek Wedding Hairstyle

This hairstyle is such a Greek themed hairstyle. For this look, put all of your loose curls on one side. Add some white flowers.

5. Frizz & Curls

For your natural frizzy and curly hair, you can side part your hair and add a large headpiece at the middle.

6. Braids

Braids look amazing with on wedding hairstyle. Make a braid on the top of your head and add a pink rose to complete the look.

7. Novia Hairstyle

High hair updos are stunning. Curls and stitches of pieces of hair for a high bun are amazing.

8. Roses for Hair

Indian wedding hairstyles look so sophisticated and beautiful. The texture of the hair is similar to the flower buds added to grace the hairstyle. Black curls and red roses, gorgeous!

10. Princess for The Big Day

Loosen up your curls for your gorgeous wedding gown, add a tiara and kiss your prince charming to seize the day.

11. Wedding Hairstyle for The Kids

This is such a cute hairstyle for the adorable flower girls.

12. Simple

Young brides can opt for this simple, loose wedding hairstyle.

13. Short Style

This hairstyle is fabulous for girls with short hair and also who love the curls. A flower on the side can never go wrong.

14. Jewels On The Side

You can create a side swept bun with gems in the middle for an incredible look.

15. Pearls for Your Hair

For half up and a half down hairstyle, curl your ends and add beads for a romantic finish.

16. Casual Style

For an outdoor wedding, you can choose a casual hairstyle that is loosely curled and tucked into the side.

17. Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Pin your curvy hair on one side. The asymmetricity keeps this look updated. Finish the look with a beautiful hair accessory.

18. Short Style

The soft curls make a short bob hair vintage. The curls are in alternate directions for the vintage look. Add an eye-catching hair piece to it.

19. Princess

Easiest Updo for a medium length hair is curls and a beautiful accessory. This thin hair accessory adds a whole dimension to the lovely hair updo. A sparkly hairstyle!

20. High Updo

The contrast of the roots and bun looks amazing. You can add a floral headband for a crown.

21. Volume for Hair

You don’t need any hair accessory for a voluminous hairstyle. The hairstyle looks complicated, but it has all pieces tucked in. The hair on the sides gives a very soft look.

22. Small Bun

It doesn’t matter if the flowers are real or fake, they always create romance wherever they go. Floral headband rested on the little bun created a stunning look.

23. Big Round Bun

This is a very sexy rounded bun which has the pearls to pull the look whole together.

24. Classic & Gems

This is a perfect hairstyle with loose curls pulled up into a bun. Jewels, we all love them, don’t we?

25. Gorgeous

For anyone who wants an elegant and classy style, keep the top sleek and the bottom a mountain of curls. Add in some flowers and beautiful!

26. Perfect

Twist your loose curls to the side for a voluminous, stunning wedding hairstyle.

27. Twisted Sleek

This hairstyle is something we can’t get enough. Twist your sleek bun for an extraordinary look.

28. Love for Ponytails

This bun looks like a ponytail. The loose curls create a very bouncy hairstyle.

29. Twisted Hairstyle

A very straightforward and old hairstyle in which the hair is twisted.

30. Creative

This hairstyle is incredible. For such a hairstyle loosely curl and attach pieces of your hair in different places. Add pearl headpiece on the side for this creative updo to be complete.

31. High Up

If you don’t want a full veil and a fancy updo, you can go for a high updo.

32. Sleek

For a unique, wedding hairstyle go for a sleek and polished hair updo.

33. Royal Wedding Hairstyle

Large and loose bun for girls who have thick hair. The headpiece adds to the royalty of this wedding hairstyle.

34. Wow!

High curls for your royal wedding would be perfect, wouldn’t it? One word- Wow!

35. Icy Wedding Hairstyle

For a cool look, use a frosty hair color with am elegant hair updo. The hair accessory is perfect.

36. Medieval Wedding Hairstyle

For a legendary hairstyle, you can choose this type of hairstyle. A hairstyle from the time of Kings & Knights.

37. Small & Classy

If you don’t have a lot of hair but still want a bun for a hairstyle, you can always opt for a little updo. Don’t forget the accessories.

38. Stunning

To create art for your hair, you can curl it and piece it into a updo.

39. Rose for A Bun

This is a work of art, and you will need a very talented hairstylist for this. A very simple twist to your regular updo, create a rose for your bun.

40. Spins & Braids

You can add a few twists to your updo for a great finish.

41. Classy Bun

For a classic bun, pull back into a sleek design. The bags are left separately, and few pieces in the front are left loose.

42. Messy Love

Her hair is lustrous. For a messy look, loosely curl your hair and sweep it up in different pieces for a great look.

43. Short Hair Style

I f you have thick, black short hair, you can leave it straight with a half up and a half down hairstyle. This gives a very soft look with a headpiece to complete the look.

44. Beautiful Bun

This is one of my personal favorites. This hairstyle is for women with thick and voluminous hair. Her hair is pulled up into a high bun to reveal her neckline. A gorgeous wedding hairstyle!

45. Curls & Headpiece

For the girls who want to leave your hair down for your wedding, you will love this hairstyle. The hair is curled and let loose with a vintage headpiece to set the tone.

46. Half Up and Half Down Curls

Tighter curls look amazing for a wedding hairstyle. It gives you a unique look with a crown to make you a queen. If you want a new look, you can opt for tighter curls.

47. Flowers

You can add power to your hairstyle with some flowers.

48. Side Swept Curls

For a dazzling wedding hairstyle, you can side your lower curls to the one hand. Side swept your bangs as well.

50. Crown for The Princess

Half up and a half down hairdo with many curls needs a glamor addition to it. For that add a crown. You are the princess!
Her bangs are swept to the side.

51. Part Your Curls

Part your top hair and leave the rest to lose. Add the accessory on the side to create a beautiful hair design. This one will not go wrong for your big day.

52. Long Hair

Half up and a half down hairstyle is the favorite hairstyle for weddings. You can add a netted headpiece for the complete look.

53. Curls

Use your curls as your hair accessory. You can opt for big curls.

54. Feather Wedding Hairstyle

Another example of a half up and a half down hairstyle. You can add a featured accessory for this casual yet elegant hairstyle.

55. Fairytale Wedding Hairstyle

Pull back your natural curls into a bun and use a headpiece with large jewels. A fairytale hairstyle for your fairytale wedding.

56. Elegance

You can always choose for a casual and elegant hairstyle for your big day.

57. Messy Pulled Back Look

This casual wedding hairstyle is for the long hair beauties. This type of hairstyle looks amazing for the bridesmaids as well.

58. Beachy Wedding Hairstyle

For a beach wedding, pull up into a loose bun with Hawaiian themed wedding flowers.

59. Bangs for The Bun

If you want to keep bangs for your wedding hairstyle, keep them soft by curling it.

60. Curls & Bun

You can use your curls for your hair accessory. Curl your hair and put it up into a casual bun. This hairstyle goes with any dress, trust me.

61. Classic Hairstyle

For vintage hairstyle, choose a swept up style that is finished with some large flowers.

62. Braids

For a little bit of more casual look, you can choose a free type of bun with fishtail braid on the crown.

63. Starry Eyed

For a luxurious look, pull back your hair into a messy bun and add a shiny headpiece for the glamor.

64. Brown Curls

Not sure if your want an entire half up or half down look? Why don’t you do both? You can add some curls that are left loose and a flower to compliment the look.

65. Braids & Flowers

Adding flowers to your braids that go way down to your back is a unique hairstyle you can choose. You can also add a thick braid around the crown for a finished look.

66. Half Updo Braided Hairstyle

Braids help you create half up and half down hairstyle. Braid your crown part of your hair and create a beautiful half up and a half down hairstyle.

67.  Antique Flower Crown

If you are going to have a timeless wedding with antique silverware, golden candelabras,  and other vintage-inspired elements, you should go for pale pinks and cream for your flower crown. These colors will match the romantic and faded theme of the wedding. Just stop by a thrift store and see the flowers in the China, replicate them for your crown.

68. Accessorised Updo

For the brides who love accessories, adding a beautiful piece of artwork to the side of your gorgeous updo would be the cherry on the cake.

69. Flowers for The Bridesmaid

It is your best friend’s big day. You would want to look gorgeous for her or just to catch the bouquet. Bridesmaids can also opt for stylish and classic updos with elegant accessories. Updos compliment those sexy backless bridesmaids gown.

70. Vintage

Brides with very long hair choose updos for their big day for an elegant and beautiful look. Updos add that perfect touch to the gorgeous, white wedding gowns. Whatever vintage updo you choose make sure you accessorize. Fresh flowers add class to the vintage look.

71.Wavy Locks

Long hair is one of the favorites. More for wedding hairstyles, because you can create so many hairstyles. Side parted modern, comfortable or elegant; vintage hairdos are one of the popular wedding hairstyles. Add a beautiful accessory to finish this look.

 Pick the styles that compliment your look and personality the most. It is your day to shine.


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