57 Great Weave Ponytail For The Summer


People usually think that ponytail is an underrated and straightforward hairstyle, but you can provide some twist to your ponytail by weaving it. If you want to try something new then weave ponytail is one of the options which is a great and stylish look to start the summer. Weave Ponytail is one of the natural and straightforward styles which need less time and maintenance.

Weave Ponytail helps to keep your hair away from the face and let you focus on your day to day work. It is not just a relaxed style but a stylish and sexy one too. It is one of the convenient hairstyles which you can wear for the casual look, formal look or a party look. It is one of the versatile hairstyles to date, and we are glad that we can still try new things with the ponytail.

One of the perks of having a ponytail is that you can go to the gym and the party with the same hairstyle. It provides you both the polished as well as the messy look and makes you look glamorous every time. There are several types of styles you can try in a ponytail where it is a braided one or weaved one.

You don’t always need to try complicated and hard things to look good; sometimes simple ideas are beautiful and practical. There are various hairstyles which are straight and plain, yet they are classy and stunning. One of the examples of simple and elegant hairstyle is the weave ponytail. It is a new style in the hairstyle fashion industry which will make everyone fall in love with it.

It goes well in every kind of occasion and gives you a fantastic look which will make everyone stare at you for all the right reasons. It provides the simple and plain hair the extraordinary touch. Below are some of the examples of weave ponytail which are making the right noises in the fashion industry.

Pasta Bun

What a look it is! The pasta bun gives you a fresh and refreshing look which is different from other hairstyles. The blonde pasta bun is our favorite just like pasta. The style goes perfectly with the glittery highlighter which makes both the hairstyle and the skin pop out.

weave ponytail

Hieroglyphs Look

These hieroglyphs look is such a princess look which gives you the ancient Egyptian vibes. The weave ponytail on the ash blonde hair color looks so gorgeous and stunning that everyone should put this hairstyle in their list right now. Everything about this picture is perfect.

Bubble Weave Ponytail

Bubble ponytail is one of the trending hairstyles in the hair fashion industry which is stylish and fresh and will suit anyone with any type of hair. To create this hairdo, you need some hair rubber ban and hair spray. You have to tie your hair after a specific bubble and spray it to hold for a long time.

Sleek Ponytail With Weave

Such a classy hairstyle it is, and we are so in love with this elegant ponytail with weave look. The sleek ponytail look provides you with the glamorous and chic look which is suitable for any events whether it is a formal event or a casual event. The side partition provides your entire look a retro vibe.

Fuzzy and Cool Ponytail

You can get this fizzy and fuzzy hairstyle in a few minutes which is cute and stylish as well. It is one of the natural hairstyles where it takes less maintenance and less time to create this beautiful look. You don’t have to spend much money to get these gorgeous hairstyles which will help you to save time and your money.

Tight-knit Braids With Sublime Ponytails

It is one hell of a different hairstyle where you can see the hard work and creativity. This hairstyle looks complicated and needs much more time than the other hairstyles, but all the hard work and efforts are worth it when you see the result. We can see various custom made braids with the sublime ponytail.

Nina- Inspired Ponytail

We have seen Vampire Diaries, and we are a huge fan of Nina Dobrev and her ponytail style. It is one of the classic and cute hairstyles which can be an excellent option for the college as well as schools. If you want a simple style which can go with any type of outfit, then you don’t have to worry because we got you.

Disney Style

Do you remember the Elsa Hairstyle? Well, this hairstyle reminds us of the Elsa hairstyle from the Disney style which we have been dreaming from our childhood. The ash blonde half ponytail gives you all the real vibe of Disney character and makes us swoon on those hairstyles in real life.

Knotted Textured Tapered Ponytails

Want to give some simple twist to your entire hairstyle then knot it up. Knots looks great on ponytails which add some charm to your hair and make it look more presentable among the crowd. It gives you an authentic look which helps you to steal away the limelight from the whole group.

Weave Ponytails With Tracks

This weave ponytails with tracks might look complicated and confusing, but with some trick and technique, you can ace this hairstyle. This style doesn’t go with every kind of outfit but with the one with bold and sexy dresses. It looks good on the people who are the bike riders.

Side Wavy Ponytail

Such a royal look it is, and we love the combination of fur jacket and those big earrings. It is one of the most glamorous hairstyles where the thick and long hair falls in a wavy manner and gives you a stunning look. The fur jacket adds extra elegance to her look and gives her a classy style.

Popstar Look

Do you ever look at an absolute star and wonder if you could look like them and rock your college or office. You don’t have to worry about the problem because we got you the popstar look where the partition is from the middle with the side swept bangs and with the volume ponytail at the back.

Sleek Ponytail With A Weave

A weave ponytail is a classic and ironic hairstyle which is on the trend for an extended period. It is the combination of flashy and sleek style which can draw the attention of people and provides your hairstyle the limelight it needs.

Fizzy Voluminous Style

Can we adore this hairstyle as much as we like? The combination of the blonde and frizzy voluminous style is a treat for all the people who want to try new hairstyles. The black base color and the blonde curly hair is the weave ponytail we want in your life, and we will make sure to try this hairstyle.

weave ponytail

Half Updo Messy Bun

Summer is coming, and we can’t get better hairstyle than this one, and we are absolutely in love with this look. The shade and the messy bun at the back match well with each other and complements each other. This half updo is one of the ideal hairstyles for the coming summer. The outfit and the hairstyle coordinate well and give you the summer feel.

 Flashy Weave Ponytail

This flashy weave ponytail provides you with a full look where this braided ponytail gives you acute as well as a bold look. You can get this gorgeous look in a few minutes which is perfect for any casual events or some formal events.

Warm Chestnut Ponytail

Do you want to look like a diva? Then, this is the ideal hairstyle for you. This warm chestnut hair goes perfectly well with the messy bun and compliments your outfit for the party nights. The red and golden touch to the slightly auburn colors adds a lot of glow in your face.

Beautiful Weave Ponytail

This beautiful weave ponytail will surely sweep all the attention from the crowd and make you the limelight of any function or events. This hairstyle is messy yet stunning at the same time which looks good on the women with sharp facial features and long hair.

Short Chestnut Hair

This short chestnut hair is the ideal hairstyle for us as it gives you an ultimate look for the short hair. How we love the curly hair in the chestnut color, and the shade provide some extra charm to your entire look. This short hair surely sweeps away the attention from the people and provide you with all the limelight.

Ginger Bread Fold

This gingerbread fold looks give you a sophisticated and powerful look which goes well with any outfit whether it is a casual one or the formal one. It is a sleeked look where the ponytail is wrapped by some strand of hair and keeps your hair away from your face which will help you to focus on your work.

High Ponytail With Weave

We just love how her facial features complement the hairstyle so much. Everything is in a perfect place, from her hairstyle to her eyebrow and the highlighter of course. It is a messy and unique style which you can opt out for a casual event. This look is cute as well as bold at the same time, and we love it.

Red Styles

Such a bomb color this is, and we are so in love with the color and the hairstyle. You can create this look by coloring your hair into ginger red color and making a top ponytail at the top of your hair. This red style gives you a fresh and bright look which is perfect for the coming summer.

weave ponytail

Bold Colors

Life is short, so we must experiment with new things and add some charm and color to our life as well as hair. It is always fun to play with some colors, and this picture is proof. The top made ponytail gives you a charming style which is bright and fun. The base hair color is black where some plum red color is added to give some extra look.

Side Thick Braids

It is one hell of a natural and refreshing look which you can carry for your prom night or date night. The braiding is from the side of the head which continues till the end and wrap up with another section of hair which provides you a beautiful side braid. If you want you can try some hair accessories to add some extra charm to your look.

Fashion Styles

As there is a saying that black is the new black and we couldn’t agree more. This gorgeous black look would make sure to turn every head if you went out for any events. The eye makeup and the dress matches perfectly with the hair and gives you an awesome look for the party.

Backward Braid

Such a fancy and beautiful hairstyle it is, and we can have this hairstyle in a few minutes if we know the trick and technique to create this style. You have to braid the hair from the opposite side or backward and join the braid with the ponytail to create this look. After completing the ponytail, you can wrap the rubber with a few strands of hair and complete the entire look.


Unique Braids

If you are bored with the same repetitive types of a braid and want to try something new and different with your hair, then this hairstyle is for you. It provides you with a unique look which you can carry in your prom night or for different events. In this hairstyle, the loose top gives you a thick braid to the end and make this hairstyle a bomb.

Tons of Volume

It is always great to see a lot of volume in your hair whether it is a simple ponytail style or the weave ponytail style. If you are going to try weave ponytail, then you should surely keep this hairstyle in mind. It gives you a stunning look which we will love and make you look gorgeous among the crowd.

Messy Weave Ponytail

The shade and hair match well with each other and will allow you to get anything done in a day and gives you a fresh and natural look. You can carry this look for your school, college or for your casual events.

The High Top Look

We can see from the picture that the ponytail is created at the top of the hair which makes it look thick and smooth. The wrap of hair in the ponytail gives you a fashionable style which goes well with the long and silky smooth hair. It is a cool style to go out for summer.

Cultural Look

If you don’t want to overdue with your style and want a subtle, simple form then this hairstyle is for you. The ponytail with the crisscross look gives you a cultural vibe and provides you with a sophisticated look. You can wear this hairstyle in a casual as well as formal events.

Plum Curl With Chestnut Overtones

The brown ash shade of Chestnut hair gives the mood to the autumn color and bring depth to an end. The short hair gives the texture to the style while keeping it light and subtle. Mid-Length Hair people, listen to this hairstyle and hair color is for you so try this hair color as soon as possible.

Simple and Elastic Look

The side swept weave ponytail gives you a stunning and beautiful look which will surely sweep the attention of thousand peoples. It gives you an alluring look which is simple yet gorgeous. These hairstyles are famous all around the world by the varieties of people who want to have a plain yet beautiful hairstyle.

Weave Ponytails With Tracks

Whether it is cornrow hairstyle or the box-braid hairstyle, the tracks look are never out of fashion and are never-ending. The smile provides extra charm to her hairstyle and makes it an elegant look to carry. You don’t have to carry complicated and hard style to look good, sometimes simple and messy form looks better on you.

Voluminous Black Hair

Everything about this picture is gorgeous. The look from her face, her eyebrows, and her voluminous black hair. Every element of her look complements her hair, and that golden necklace adds some extra charm to the entire look. The hairstyle provides her the right attitude which is needed to carry this pretty look.

Tight Bubble Ponytail With Bangs

Such a bold and beautiful hairstyle is this. The bangs on the first compliments well with the bubble ponytail. To create this look, you need to have some rubber band and hairspray. This look is natural to develop and gives you a stylish look in exchange.

Weave ponytail is the modified version of a simple ponytail which adds some twist to the style and gives a unique and beautiful look to the entire look. It is one of the practical methods where it helps to keep hair away from your face and let you focus on your work correctly.

It is one of the simple and effective hairstyles which take less time and effort to make. You don’t always need complicated hairstyles to look good, and this hairstyle is proof. It is plain and simple yet still gives you an effortless look.


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