49 Perfect Curly Weave hairstyle That Turns Your Head In 2020


Weave Hairstyle is currently the groundbreaking and one of best hair trends of 2017. For those of you, who don’t know what weave hairstyles are, weaves are the artificial hair that we can sew into or weave into your natural hair.It’s gaining popularity because of the versatility and effectiveness you can have with the weave hairstyles. Given the choice of artificial to synthetic to even human hair extensions, you have a variety to choose from.

Most Popular Weave Hairstyles For Black Hair

For a more explained perspective, weaves are hair extensions that you weave into your natural hair. Your natural hairs are braided, and the weaves are simply sewn onto your natural hair. It’s basically like a wig, but a more versatile and gives you a more natural feel. However, weave has its setbacks that it has to be changed once a month as you cannot wear the same weave for more than 4-6 weeks. Your natural hair should also be properly moisturized and treated before being put into braids.

But overall, if you want to give your hair a break from all the daily damages from styling and heat and products, weaves are the best solution for you. Exposure to dyes and bleach as well as pollution might have damaged your hair. Thus, the best alternative you have weaves. Gaining popularity each day, you can go through our gallery and find out why it is as popular as it is.

1. Ombre Beach Weaves

Following trends can be a heavy setback when your hair is damaged and dry. But not to worry as you can see that this weave hairstyle is on point and looks and feels as natural as it can get. The simply ombre hair with beachy curls will be your best friend until the next time you have to change your weave hairstyle.

2. Pastel Pink Weave Hair

Want to go for those gorgeous pastels but too afraid to risk your natural hair to go through all the chemical damage? Don’t worry the solution is this pastel weave hairstyle you can go to. Perfect and pretty, you don’t have to damage your hair to get that perfect shade. Just weave it on, and you are set to go!

3. Long Permed Weave Hairstyle

Anything is possible with the weaves, and with minimal effort. You can go for this effortless weave hairstyle for natural hair. Simply braid it and weave it in. Your sexy long locks are ready. And unlike others, weaves are pretty easy to style with just like your natural hair. Heat, chemicals, everything is okay with it as long as you change it in time.

4. Goldilocks Curls

These pretty golden highlighted curls look as beautiful as it can get. But can you even guess that these are not real but weaves? Versatile as it can get, you can get any color, any style and any length you want. You can get weave hairstyles with curls, perms and even weaves with braids!

5. Copper Curls

The length you want depends on how long you want it. It is also the alternative if you want long hair, but you don’t have the patience to grow it out. Short hair? No problem, weave it out, and you can have the length, volume, and color of your choice. Perfect isn’t it?

6. Pixie Cut

Just like how long you want it, you also have the choice to choose a shorter length. Tired of your damaged long hair but don’t have it in you to chop it all off. Take a break both you and your hair and go for this short pixie cut weave hairstyle for short hair. Stylize any way you want, and you are set to go.

7. Curled Short Weave Hairstyle

Another alternative for the shorter length, you can go for this perfectly curled hair that will suit your edgy personality. You have both the cakes in your hand, easy to manage and when you get tired of it, simply take off the weave . Skip the cutting and growing out your hair and directly enjoy both of it at the same time.

8. Red Ombre Weave 

For longer hair, you can get this ready-made, or you also have the choice to get it simple and stylize it any way you want. Here you can see how natural it looks. Unlike wigs, these stick to your hair like the way your natural hair does and stays in place for a long time as well. This is the newest trendiest weave hairstyle for 2017.

9. Golden Blonde

Whatever style you prefer, get it in less than a few hours. Realistic and effortless, you can see the result of golden blonde ombre here. For a natural feel, you cam get this weave haistyle for natural hair! Unless you blurt it out, no one can see the difference, can they? Dress up, stylize; you can be the goddess you prefer.

10. Red Perfection

After you weave it in, try experimenting however you like. Here is an example of bleached red weave that you can get with the same methods as your natural hair. Skipping the damage to your hair, there is really not much difference. The perfect example of short weave hairstyle!

11. Beachy Weaves

What is really on the trend right now are these loose beachy curls. Perfect for any events casual or formal, you can get these with no effort at all. Rather than exposing your natural hair to the heat damage, you can now use these hair extensions to get these envious beachy waves. This is the best suitable weave hairstyle for natural hair look!

12. Thick Jet Black Weaves

If you want to test out a hair dye that you think you want to go for and are not sure yet, these weaves are the solution for you! These jet black long locks look gorgeous without any effort at all. And you cannot even tell these are weave hairstyle and not your real hair!

13. Black Weave Curls

You have the choice to stylize your weave any type you want. Here is another look at those lovely jet black hair. If big huge defined curls are not your call then try out these loose curls instead. It looks natural and pretty however you like to style it. One of the glamorous ways to stylize your weave hairstyles for long hair!

14. Platinum Blonde with Lavender Highlights

Another great way you can put your weave is this platinum blonde weave that looks absolutely stunning with the lavender highlights at the ends. Simple and yet bold, this hairdo will obviously be the envy of many anyplace you go!

15. Short Length Bob

You can also try out these natural looking short bob cut with bangs! Going for a RiRi inspired look? These are perfect. Casual and yet classy, this hairdo is easy to maintain and easy to wear on an everyday basis. If you are up for shorter length hair, try out this weave hairstyle for medium or short length hair.

16. Curled Bob Weave Hairstyle

Another look at the short bob with bangs, here you can see how elegant it looks once it is curled. Don’t limit yourself to just one style, with this weave hairstyle you can stylize it to your preference. Huge curls along the sides and front give you the class and elegance you have been missing with plain bob.

17. Weave Hairstyle With Braids

This hairstyle is one of the easiest and effortless to do, and it takes your weave to a whole another level. Simply part your dyed weave into two parts and plait it into huge braids. If you like you can fix it with a bobby pin or a hair tie. But here you can see, a lot of hairsprays is sprayed to fix it in place.

18. Jet Black Bob Weave Hairstyle

Another hairstyle that looks pretty impressive with your dark black weave is this short length wavy bob. This is the perfect weave hairstyle for medium hair. Simply blow-dry all of your hair in place or use heat to style it. Easy to maintain and even easier to achieve, this hairdo will stay in place all day wherever you go.

19. Uneven Golden Bob

The uneven bob is one of the trendiest looks you can get for shorter length hair. Added the extra highlights with lighter shades, you can see how well the weave hairstyle looks when combined. Not the fanciest but definitely worth the try you guys.

20. Curled Short Weave

For those busy days when you simply cannot afford that extra minute to mend your hair, this hairdo is perfect for your weave. Simple, elegant, and easy to manage and achieve, this weave hairstyle is your go-to when in haste. This not only adds to your chicness, the bold and edgy element this adds is to die for.


21. Pixie With Fringe

Another take on very short length hair, you can take a look at this jet black short pixie with bangs. Stylish yet easy to manage, this will take your short length weave to a whole new outlook. This is one of our favorite weave hairstyle for short hair and the reason to include this in our gallery.

22. Orange Hues

This weave hairstyle for short hair with orange highlights looks absolutely mesmerizing when combined with the bob. If you are the one for bold and edginess, try out this hairstyle!

23. Burgundy Highlights

If vibrant colors and boldness is not your cup of tea, why not go for this subtle hint of burgundy for your weave hairstyle? Fun but not over the top, the highlights add the missing element to your hairdo. Another weave hairstyle for short hair, this looks absolutely gorgeous.

24. Golden Blonde Weave

Here is another example of the hair dye that is to die for. The vibrant golden blonde seems to fit the perfect definition on edgy with a twist. The glamorous short length weave hairstyle gives you the killer look to die for.

25. Jet Black Weaves

If you are up for something that gives you more or a natural look, this weave hairstyle is for you. Jet black wavy long hair with perfect waves to accentuate the facial feature will be your best friend while your natural hairs are taking a break!

26. Platinum Blonde Weave Hairstyle

Another style you can try with your weave is to go for this light platinum blonde shade with perfect long lengths. The asymmetrical ends of the hair fall perfectly down your waistline making your loose curls the hair goals everyone dreams of. One of the best ways to stylize your weave hairstyle for long hair, we are mesmerized by this one!

27. Auburn Locks Weave Hairstyle

The same loose curls also have the option to go for this soft-hued Auburn hair. Suits perfectly with every formal and casual event you attend this is the most suitable weave hairstyle for long hair. After putting on this weave, we are sure that you will absolutely never want to take it off!

28. Mermaid Wedge

For a more trendy and vibrant look, why not go the mermaid style and go for this aqua blue color. You can see how the hair dye compliments the short hair length without making it over the top. I guess you can agree with us that this is the perfect weave hairstyle for short hair. Try it out today and ask your hairdresser for this short length aqua hair weave!

29. Natural Ombre Weave Hairstyle

Since you have the option to choose the length and style, why not opt for this very lengthy ombre effect weave hairstyle? The long length gives you the desired volume and attention to your hair that you have always dreamed of having.

30. Golden Curls

Need to get yourself ready for a date night but your hair isn’t having the best day? Well, take a look at these lovely curls. Ideal for your date or anywhere you are planning to go, these curls take your weave hairstyle to a whole another level.

31. Chic Red

This lovely chic red bob is the go-to look if you are the one to go after colors. Ask your hairdresser for this weave hairstyle and you are ready to shine bright like a diamond in less than an hour.

32. Mid Parted Long Locks

Need to get dressed to impress? Go for this never ending fashion of long hairs with perfectly curled ends. It will definitely leave a mark in all of the others minds as you walk around with your long flowy curls.

33. Shave it off

This edgy hairdo is for those of you who have shaved their hair off. Don’t fret because now you still have the option to go any way you want with this edgy weave hairdo. The pink and black combination is ideal for those on the wild and rough side.

34. Green Curls

If you don’t like the pink, how about the hint of color with this dark green hue on your weave? Suitable for anyone any place, this weave hairstyle shows off your edgy style with class. Easy to manage and effortless to achieve, get this weave hairstyle for you today!

35. Fancy Updo

If you are in confusion as to how to style your weave for the day, don’t worry, we are here to help you out. For an all natural look, go for this simple yet chic updo that distracts the eyes, off the weave and onto the updo.

36. Highlighted Ends

Add the funk to your short weave with the golden highlights that perfectly suits the shortcut of your weave. This fine weave hairdo looks incredible with the highlights and compliments your complexion as well.

37. Pixie Blue

Another short weave hairstyle for your short hair is this aqua blue pixie cut. Mesmerizing, the color looks absolutely stunning on anyone.

38. Wavy Weave

Simple and natural, this weave hairstyle is graceful as well as trendy at the same time. Ideal for a daily natural look, you will fall in love with it as soon as you don them.

39. Blonde Red Color Play

For someone looking for a new weave hairdo, why not go for this stunning looking color combination of blonde and red? Alluring and edgy, we absolutely love the combo of those two colors coming together at the roots.

40. Pixie with Highlights

If you are more into shorter length, why not go for this short pixie cut that compliments your sense of style as well as reflects your personality. Natural looking highlights add to the beauty of this natural looking pixie cut that we personally adore!

41. Unicorn

For those of you love colors but are too hesitant to damage your hair with strong dyes, go for this weave hairstyle. Colorful and fun, this ombre effect with blue and pink looks absolutely brilliant and alluring.

42. Faint Highlight

You have to agree that the combination of this long jet black weave along with a single faint blonde highlight is the look that you have been looking for. Stunningly beautiful, this weave hairstyle looks absolutely brilliant for any day or night out.

43. Corkscrew Curls

This weave hairstyle is for those who love the feel of volume and texture to their hair. Absolutely pretty, the corkscrew curls work perfectly and gives you this graceful and elegant look.

44. Bridal Weave

This bridal inspired weave hairstyle is your go to if at your special day your hair simply does not go your way! The added length and volume gives your hair that special treatment it has been seeking all the way!

45. Peacock Effect

Fan of bold, edgy colors to match your style preference? Glimpse down to these color play of blue and purple that stands out to your fashion sense. Love it? We know you do!

45. Pinkish Hues

Bored of old hairdo and want to try out something new? This piece of weave hairstyle is for you. The hint of this soft blushed pink is the essence that you have been missing to get that goddess-like look everyday.

46. Curled Mohawk Weave

The splendid color play of red and black in this partial mohawk looks incredibly gorgeous. This weave hairstyle is not only on the edgy side, but it also looks equally splendid and fun.

47. Huge Burgundy Curls

The long Burgundy curls are nothing short of perfection. You can see the reason why we have absolutely fallen in love with this weave hairstyle for long hair.

48. Light Platinum Blonde

For this particular weave hairstyle, the lightest shade is the best way to go. Make yourself the center of attention and the showstopper with this light blonde shade with a perfectly asymmetric bob cut.

49. Black Perms

Check out these lovely long black curls that perfectly falls over your shoulder with glory. This looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous and we are sure that with this weave hairstyle, you will steal the limelight, all the way.


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