25 Weave Hairstyles Inspired By Celebrities!


Going on the trend on and again, we came across weave hairstyle so often that we decided it;s time for another article on weave hairstyle! For those of you who missed out on our previous article, here is what the internet has been going head on heels over! Weave hairstyle is basically a kind of hair extension that we sew on to our natural braided hair. It is perfect for anyone of us who would like to give a little break to our natural hair from all the heat and pollution damage we put our hair through.

Our natural hairs are braided into tight braids and you can also apply hair treatments as per your choice. Then the weaves are sewn onto our natural hair and that is basically the idea of how weaves work. The reason for its popularity is because of its ease of accessibility and a wide range of versatile style we can choose from. But unlike wigs, we need to get the change of weaves every 4-5 weeks for sanitation purpose.

You also have the option to choose any color and any style as well as the length, however, you want it. However, whatever the reason, the weaves are gaining more popularity than ever! So here we are with, yet another gallery full of weaves that you can get immediately!

1. Curled Beauty

This weave hairstyle gives you the perfect natural blend of black hair and curls. Perfect for those times when you wish to go natural. Glamor and simplicity in the same hairstyle, we have absolutely fallen in love with this particular weave hairstyle.

2. Blonde Beauty

This pretty hairdo is the way to go if you love to add that extra touch of glam. This corkscrew curled hair looks even better added the orange blonde hue. If you think dying your hair permanently is damaging to your naturla hair, this is the perfect weave hairdo for you.

3. Permed Up!

Want to get yourself a weave hairstyle but can’t decide what to get? If so, why not check this hairdo out? Pretty with a perm, this is the best you can get. Perfect getaway for your natural hair, we absolutely love this hair weave. And we know you will love it too.

4. Volumized Perfection

Now you can get this extra volumizing gorgeous locks as your weave right away! Just ask your hairdresser for a medium length black permed weave and you will have the perfect hair! Be sure to change your weave every 3-4 weeks to keep it extra clean and healthy.

5. Long Wavy Weave

Another classy take on the weave, we know you will absolutely love! This classy looking long length weave will be your absolute favorite once you try it on. Like we have mentioned, you can choose any length, color or style that you want. Try this out today!

6. Golden Highlights

With a weave, you have the choice to choose whatever style you want. You can curl, straighten and cut it to whatever you like just like your natural hair. Going through the varities of weaves, we came accross this gorgeous golden blonde colored hair that we have absolutely fallen in love with. It’s the definition of classy and edgy at the same time!

7. Beyonce It!

Just like any other fashionista, our faviorite Beyonce is way ahead. Here you can see our iconic celebrity rocking the dark blonde weaves. Natural looking curls add the extra edge to this long length weave. Try it out today and you will be ready to dazzle the crowd!

8. Brunette Bangs

Another celebrity inspired look, we love this take on the natural looking brunette weave. Natural as it looks, the bangs add the extra glam that the hair is missing. Even the wavy curls give out the perfect definition to the hair making it look super glamorous.

9. Volumized Blonde

Another look that we would love to steal is from Beyonce again is this pretty blonde short weave. Blowed out to perfection, this wavy short length features the perfect highlights. The waves and side bangs add the extra runway glamor factor that we absolutely love!

10. Highlight perfection

Another pretty short weave look that we spotted on the internet is this perfectly highlighted blonde and brunette weave. The short length lob looks so natural that it is impossible to point out this is a weave. For that immediate gorgeous look and feel, switch your hair to these weaves immediately.

11. Sleek Straight

If curls and waves are not your thing, then why not go for this chic and clean look? The natural jet black weave is straightened to perfection giving you just enough glam and style to rock with.

12. Dark Roots

Want to look runway ready but you are not confident to cut your hair or bleach it out? Well, the perfect solution for you is here. Weave hairstyle gives you the freedom of styling your hair however you like without going all hams on your natural hair. Here you can see the example of the shoulder length weave that we find so appealing. With darker roots and lighter edges, this blonde weave looks absolutely stunning!

13. Large Wavy Curls

Another glamorous look we have lined up for you is this stunning long length large curls. The jet black hair looks absolutely stunning added the show-stealing curls. Perfect for those times when you have to add that extra effort, this weave hairstyle is the classic look that will make heads turn!

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