101 Wavy Hairstyles That Make You Look Stunning Every Day!


These wavy hairstyles are inspirational, and you are sure to fall in love with them! These styles have been around for a long time now, and you can see them on most women. You are sure to have tried them on yourself too. If you have not, then you are in for a lovely treat. These hairdos are stunning to look at, and they possess that simple and approachable vibe to them that we adore. Women love adding volume and texture to the hair, and this is one of the easiest ways to get the same on you!

You can find ways to incorporate waves on to your hairdos and make them pop! They are casual and can also double as a formal hairdo. The flexibility that comes with the look is what most women adore. You can wear them to your prom or to head out for a fun day with friends. No matter what your choice is, you are sure to be enticed by the coils here. Make sure you choose a look you can be confident showing off! Without delaying the process any longer, let us dive into the beautiful collection of wavy hairstyles that you can try on today.

Medium length wavy hairstyles

If you are looking for wavy hairstyles for medium hair, you can try out without any hassle, and then this is the part you want to focus on! You can see a plethora of hairstyles you can try out if you fall under this category of hair length. Make sure you take a good look into these hairstyles before you get them. Show them to your hair stylist to get the colors right.

wavy hairstyles Short Hairstyles

Getting your locks chopped off can be a hard decision to take, especially if you have never had short hair. Once you get them, they will be your favorite thing to try out. Here are some wavy hairstyles for short hair that can give you an idea of how your hair will look once you get them cut. It can be just the push you need to try them.

For colored hair

There are many ways to make you wavy hairstyles stand out, and this is the easiest of them all. They can take some time and effort, and you may need to make decisions about how to get them done as well. If you have never colored your hair before, you need to take help from a professional. Make sure you choose the hue that helps you stand out and shine in the crowd.

Long ombre hairstyles

Now that we have enlightened you about these short hairstyles, let us take you out to explore the ones that involve long hair. These hairstyles are different in the sense that they are colored in the ombre fashion here. You can try out the same for yourself if you are looking to add oomph to your choice of wavy hairstyles. Check out these ideas to get you inspired.

Balayage hair coloring trend

Many hair coloring trends are going on in the world. You are sure to love the one in here, though. The balayage hair coloring method has been around for a long time now. You can try out the same on your wavy hairstyles if you love adding on the highlights on your locks. Here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Youthful and vibrant

You can look young and stunning when you are wearing these wavy hairstyles. You are sure to love these collections we have in here. When you keep things minimalistic, you tend to look younger! These hairdos here are simple, and you can notice that the makeup is also fresh and has a bit of vibrancy to them. Here are a couple of images to check out for you.

For the long locks

Having long hair is a trending hair goal right now. There are images on Instagram that entice us towards these long locks. They are gorgeous, and we tend to make things a bit more stylish by adding the waves on them. Here are some ideas that show you how you can add on wavy hairstyles to your Rapunzel hair and look fabulous each day!

Braided hairstyles

Adding braids to your hair has that feminine and polished vibe to them. You can try out countless ways of braiding and perfect the one that you think is most flattering for you. Try the side swept waterfall braids or even get rope braids and pin them to the side to get this look.


Ready to head out

When you have wavy hairstyles on yourself, you are always prepared to head out! If you have a party to attend to or want to look polished for a good night out with your pals, then try out this hairdo here. These are looks that celebs approve and sport themselves from time to time. Get inspired and get ready to look your best as you wear them.

Wedding day hairstyles

Getting married is a big day in every girl’s life. We all want to look stunning and have everything look perfect for us on our big day. These are the best wedding day wavy hairstyles that you can finalize for your day. Check them out and decide on the best one for the blissful event.

Keeping it simple

If you believe in keeping things plain and simple, then these wavy hairstyles will be adored by you for sure. These have a touch of liveliness to them and are favored by women of all ages. You can slash your age by decades when you try on a look similar to this. So give this one a try.

Colors we love

You are sure to have noticed that stylists are bringing out a lot of colors on hairdos nowadays. There are tons of hairstyles that you can try on with colors for sure, and we are suggesting this one for a change of colors in the fall. The colors transition well, and they pop through as well. The roots are dark, and the rest goes on to a brown and then merges into a yellowish hue on the bottom.

Angled Bob

These are for sure one of the best short wavy hairstyles 2018 had seen. It manages to keep going on strong even as we enter 2019. You can make them as short as you want to. Adding curls to them can be tricky for you, though. So there are chances you may burn your scalp as you get closer to them. So make sure you take precautions.

With the bangs

Stylists have been adding bangs to hairstyles for a long time now. You are sure to love them if you are in the hunt for a youthful hairdo. They are not only an excellent option to frame the face, but they help to hide your flaws as well. You can conceal the fine lines and even wrinkles on the forehead. This also works to make your forehead look smaller.


Celebrity Inspiration

There are hairstyles that our favorite celebs try on that we adore and try to recreate for ourselves. This is the section of our article which can make you feel star struck. We have collected the best of these wavy hairstyles out for you so that you can make an informed choice. Take cues from Drew Barrymore, Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markel here.

Prom hairstyles

These wavy hairstyles in here are sure to work out when you are heading out to your prom. If you are in a hurry or want a look, you can get done in a matter of minutes, and then this is the one to try out. You can add waves on your hair and then braid the sections off to get this look.

The back view

When you choose a hairstyle, it is essential you check them out from all directions before you make a decision. So here is back view that you can expect to see when you get the wavy hairstyles for yourself. You can try to make the waves appear more evident by holding on the curler a bit more and making them heat out as well. Check these hairdos out for reference.

Beachy waves

There is something peaceful and loveable about these wavy hairstyles in here. You can see that there is a lot of oomph to these looks and they help you look your best as well. These beachy waves are stunning, and they are perfect for a romantic look. You do not need much time to get them done as well, so that is a bonus. There are options to use heatless methods to get the same results as well.

Rihanna’s wavy hair

Rihanna is a style icon and is an influencer as well. There is hardly anyone who is not familiar with her name. She has had a successful music carrier, and her new ventures into the makeup industry have also been revolutionary. If you are not following her, then you are surely missing out on a lot. Here are some of her wavy hairstyles that we are recommending to our readers.

Shoulder length hair

Getting your hair cut to make them reach the shoulders is nothing new. They are a flattering look for most women, and you are sure to love them as well. Here we have collected the best of these hairdos, and you can choose the one that flatters you the most. No matter what hair color you have, you can try on these wavy hairstyles. You can get them done professionally as well for a special event.

Pop of color

The reddish hues in here are stunning, and they sure pair well with the deep black base that you can spot on the roots here. You will be amazed at how beautiful wavy hair can look as when you color them in this hue as red is a color that cannot be missed or ignored. If you are looking to keep yourself slaying every hairstyle you try, then this is the best option for you to try out.

Longer on a side

There are beautiful ways to wear a side swept bob, and we love this one here. There are some ideas here for you, and you can try out the color combination that you like the most. The asymmetrical bob has waves on them, and it has added body to the hair that would otherwise be lacking. Some of our favorite looks are here for your reference. They are immensely popular, so now is the time to try them out.

Demi Lovato’s hair

When you look back at a singer or a celebs hairstyles choices, you are sure to see how things have changed over the past years. You can spot Demi Lovato in her long wavy hairstyles here. There is a lot of change to notice in the singer herself. But she sure seems to enjoy the wavy hair look on herself. You can take ideas from her to get your new look.

Natural curls

Here is the section that deals with the wavy hairstyles for black hair. If you are looking to keep your natural hair balanced, then this is the section for you. You can try out this liberating hairdo on yourself and know why we have been recommending it for you. Here are the looks with the big waves on them for you to enjoy. Accepting the natural look you have is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Side swept look

You can try out any of these sides swept hairstyles if you want to keep a liberating feeling to your hair. Here is the section for you if you wish to your wavy hairstyles to be swept off to a side. You are sure to make the most out of these hairdos when you need to look and feel special. The flow of these hairdos is inspirational for all the ladies out there.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair

Jennifer Aniston is everybody’s favorite! She has this caring and friendly vibe to her personality that shows off whenever she makes an appearance. Her hairstyles and fashion choices are loved by all, as well. Her iconic Racheal haircut was a big thing back in the day. Here we have a couple of her best hairdos that you can try out for yourself. They are as stunning as the ‘Friends’ actress herself.

The evergreen Beyonce

The queen B hairstyles are held in high regards for sure. She is an icon, and her personality is lovable for sure. You can try out this stunning side swept wavy hairstyle of hers if you are looking for an everyday glam look. The colors she has on here is what sets this look aside from every other look. There are layers here as well that give body to the hairdo.

Variation here

We do understand that one look may not please everyone. You can see this section here has the varied options for you to try on. There is no need for you to get disappointed if you didn’t find a look to get on board with before this. You can take inspiration from these wavy hairstyles out here to look your best always. Make sure you try them out once.


Perfection for you

To look flawless is what we all aspire to do. This is one look that we are sure you will love to recreate on yourself. There are these stunning colors on this look that we suggest you try on as well. Adding shades to your hair can make the hair look better on all occasions. These wavy hairstyles are often seen in magazines and movies, but it doesn’t mean you cannot recreate them.

Reese Witherspoon’s looks

We always take ideas from celebs to try out different hairstyles. Their hairdos are stunning from every angle, and we cannot get over them. Here is a look from Reese Witherspoon that we adore. Her wavy locks are the center of attention here, and we also love the puffed up section of hair she has on the top. You can try this one out if you are looking to get that glam look.

Middle parted hair

The way you part your hair can make a lot of difference. You are sure to love this look here if you have around, chubby face. Adding a mid-partition can make your face look well transitioned and chisel it out as well. You can surely get the front sections colored as well to add to this effect. Make sure you check these center-parted wavy hairstyles out for inspiration.

Natural texture

If you are looking out for natural wavy hairstyles to try on for a change in your look, then here is the best section for you. There are ways to fake natural waves as well, and you can get an idea about those from the tutorials online. It is not a hard look, and it has this charm to it that we love. These are hairdos that we recommend to everyone who wants a flexible look.

Stunning hair

There are a lot of factors that go into making a hairdo look stunning from all angles. You are sure to love the way this one looks though. The angle at which the image has been captured makes it look even better. So here is your chance to look your best. Get inspired by the hairdo here and get a look that is admired by all. The same may be hard to achieve, though.

Messy ones

When you get wavy hairstyles, they can look messy at times. You are sure to make the most of this look in the days when you need to head out in a hurry. This bun will take only a matter of minutes to perfect. You can be a beginner and try out the look as well. The loose section of hair on the front is adding to the romantic vibes here too.

Get the volume

Ladies love adding volume and fluff in their hair. If you are looking to add somebody to your thin hair, then you are sure to love this section. There are a couple of ways to add that fluff to your hair. You can backcomb it and also add waves to them to make them look healthier and thicker.

Perfect for photos

When you have wavy hairstyles on you, you are sure to look stunning in each photo that you take. There is perfection in these images here as well. You can take some time in the morning to get this hairdo completed. Check out some of these hairstyles in here to get a better idea of the style that you can try on. If you are interested, you may even try these out.

When you finish this article here, you can try out the hairdo that you found to be helpful to you! You can sport them for even a casual day out. If you are looking to wear them on your wedding day, you will surely look your best. Keep the screenshots of the images you loved the most, and you can recreate them when you please. If you are not interested in looking too polished, then these wavy hairstyles are the ones for you. You can wear them with confidence and rock the look no matter which style you have chosen.

In case you are confused, you can take help from your stylist to choose a look for yourself. If you thought this article to be helpful, then you can show us some appreciation and give us a thumbs up. If you are looking to share your thoughts, then you can do so by using the comments section below. Share it with your close ones and let them experiment with their looks as well. There are a lot of such fashion related articles here, so make sure you go through our website and check them out. Stay with us for more on such exciting content.


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