120 Elegant Waterfall Braid Styles You Need To Try Now


Need a hairstyle which you can carry anytime and anywhere effortlessly? Yes, our all-time favorite – Waterfall Braid. A waterfall braid is a revised form of the ever famous and traditional French twist. This beautiful braid is the quintessential hairstyle for your special day, date night or for your ultimate wedding look which certainly brings an entirely different aura and adds a charm to your look.

It goes well on straight hair, short hair, long hair or curl or wave which certainly gives you a perfect look for any event. This hairstyle may look complicated and confusing at first, but there is no hard and fast rule. With basic technique and some practice, you can possess this hairstyle. There are various types of waterfall braid which you can try during everyday activity, office look or for any formal events. Therefore, Pick the braid type from the gallery below to find out a perfect waterfall look which suits you the most.

How To Do A Waterfall Braid?

Step 1: Take a big section of your hair and divide the section into three strands.

Step2: Take the back strand of your hair and intersect it with the middle one.

Step3: Then, take the front hair and cross it over the middle strand of hair.

Step4: Now, pull the back strand of hair and adjust a little part of the hair and cross the back strand with new part or section of hair with the middle one.

Step5: Leave the front part as it is and pull a section of hair beyond the front strand.

Step6: Cross the new part from the middle and continue the same step till the last end.

Step7: Then continue to braid the hair in a form of a ponytail.

Step8: Roll the remaining hair in the shape of a flower.

Step9: A flower shaped bun is made at the back which is managed with the help of bobby pins.


waterfall braids

Complex Braids

This hairstyle is one of the creative styles which need time and effort to manage. If you are up to something different, you should try this hairstyle.

waterfall braid

Waterfall braid on Curly Hair

Concerning the various tutorial, we have always seen the twist done in the straight hair or wavy hair, which is kind of sad because this hairstyle looks lovely in curly hair and much more relaxed than braiding a straight hair.

 Braid on Short Hair

Most of us are afraid to try new kind of hairstyle in the short hair but finally, you can make the most of your short hair by working different looks, and this picture is a proof.

Braid with Flower Bun

This waterfall braid with a decorative flower like bun is the perfect look for the romantic date and gives you a delicate and feminine feel. Likewise, the bun brings a different twist to the hairstyle and makes you look stylish.

Five-Strand Waterfall Braid

This hairstyle may look confusing and awkward at first, while with a slight twist to the normal braid hair, you can get this beautiful look.

Multi-Colored Half Up-do

This bold mix of color hair gives you a vibrant feel and make other girls want the same hairstyle. This hairdo is suitable in the straight hair as well as wavy hair with various bold colors such as blue ombre color, fiery red and cool blonde hues.

Straight Braided Hairdo

This hairdo is simple and elegant in its way. Similarly, it is suitable in the long and straight hair which can be an excellent option for the day or night outing.

Long Half-Up-do

Confused between fancy up-do or romantic down-do look? Then, you should try this hairstyle. It looks is done for the formal events, but then it starts to get more casual.

Middle Tied Waterfall Braiding With Curls

This hairstyle can give you a royal look or make you look and feel like a princess. This hairstyle is similar to the excellent half up-do, but tie it at the middle. The braiding started from two sides of the head and tied at the center with another section of hair.

Circular Side Form

This hairstyle goes from one side to the next making a circle in the middle. It is made into the single circular braid as well as circular double braid.

Waterfall Braid With Wavy Hair

It is one of the classic looks prefer by all age group of girls. This hairdo is easy to make and give you a  fresh look for any occasion.


Silver Braided Hair

One of the trendiest look you can create is silver braided hair as it shows the hair in such a way that the darker base colors to the surface are seen in a way which gives you nice contrast of the braid.


Two Side Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

The only difference of this waterfall braid hairstyle is that the braiding is done from both sides of the head and then those two braids are joined together with the help of bobby pins on one side instead of the central position.

waterfall braid

Double Waterfall Zigzag Cascade Look

This hairstyle can surely get messy if you don’t follow the right method and technique. When you do, you can sport this hairstyle for any function.


Waterfall Braid With A Ribbon Look

Make a simple one-sided waterfall braid and tie a ribbon at the end. This look is easy to make and to carry yourself with any apparel.

Merged Braids

You don’t always need a lot of effort to look good. This merged braid provides you the natural and fresh look. Braids are formed from both sides and joined in the backside.

GOT – inspired Hairstyle

Big fan of Game of Thrones (GOT) – Yes, we are! The double waterfall braid looks complicated, and this hairstyle needs effort, but it is worth the time and if you know the right way, saves the money too.


Waterfall Headband Into A High Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for the girls who need to make ponytails and also to get ready for the school or college. It provides the braid as a headband which gives you a natural look and prevents the hair from falling in the face.

Other Varieties

the pictures below down are some other unique varieties of waterfall braids which can be flaunted in the different occasion by the girls.

waterfall braid

Side Waterfall Braid With Long Plaits

In this hairstyle, the hair is not left open instead all the hair is involved in making the braid, which tied at the end. This looks give a classy vibe and can add massively to the appearance of any women.

Side Water-Fall Braid With A Side Bun

This loose side waterfall braid with a side bun is a quick hairstyle for the outing, shopping, and casual activities. This hairstyle is easy to make and stunning to flaunt among your friends.

Side Water-Fall Braid With A Side Ponytail

The difference between the previous hairstyle and this hair is that the first one is into a side bun whereas the end formed into a ponytail which gives you a slight difference in the look.

Side Waterfall Braiding

This look can be great for the parties and get together. The hairs have parted from one side of the head, and the next side of the hair straightened or kept loose.

Angular Back Covering Waterfall Braiding

In this hairstyle, three waterfall braid from three different sides has been covering the sides and back of a head angularly. It is unique and generally carried by the girls who want to experiment with their hairstyle.

Unique Waterfall Braiding With A Floral Clip

This picture is one hell of a unique hairstyle which is supported by the floral clip at the end and this hairstyle where the loose waterfall braid flows in an inclined way covering the back of the head. The rest section of the hair is left loose which gives a natural look.

waterfall braid



Slanted Waterfall Braid

This inclined version of braid from one side to another gives you a fresh look with a hint of brown highlight. It’s an emphasis on the hair highlights which provides the color with a new look.

A New Version

It is a modified version of the plain braid. In this hairstyle, two braids from two side of the hair are tied up at the end making it a single twist.

Simple braid

It is a classic braid for girls of every age group. It gives you effortless style and makes you look tidy and classy. It is suitable for long and straight hair.

Loose Braid and Curls

This style focuses less on the precise braiding method and focuses more on the overall sense of style. Similarly, the loosely twisted brain which makes the shape of the crown will give a fancy look without any extra effort.

Double Side Braided On Short Hair

Yes, you can carry double side braid on the short hair too. Here, two part of strands collected from the two sides of the head, and those braids are combined in the middle with the help of bobby pins.

Half-Up Pancake Braid

This look can be created by starting the water-fall style braid on both sides of the head and adding a pancake braid where it meets in the middle. It includes different kinds of twist for a hairstyle and takes a half-up hairdo as shown in the picture.

Sunset-Hued Waterfall Hair

Do you want something different? Here is the sunset-hued hair which gives you loose braid that can magnify the cool factor with the beautiful unicorn colors with unique patterns in big hair.

waterfall braid

The Double Waterfall Braid Lock with a Bun Look

This kind of hairstyle is generally famous for the corporate or office look which goes along with your personality. This braid helps to keep the hair away from the face and help you to focus on your work.

Fish-Bone Waterfall Braiding For Long Hairs

This hairstyle covers the entire back of the head by the waterfall braiding with sleek sections of hairs in a straight line. The length of hairs moving down from the waterfall braid at the back is used in making the fish-bone plait through the middle of the head.

Blue in a Platinum

The blue color itself is a beautiful color and gives you a vintage vibe and spreads a lovely aroma among others.

Vintage Curls

Do you want to stand among the crowd? This classic hairstyle makes you look presentable and stand-out among the group.

Waterfall Crown With Bangs

There is a myth that braid is for long hair which is false. The hairstyle below gives you a fresh and chic look who are bored with the short hair problem. You can carry this waterfall crown with the bangs.

Numerous Braid

This hairstyle is sporty and gives you a fierce look. Numerous braid is done from the front and added at the end as a single braid.

Half-Up, Half-Down

Yes, you can have your waterfall braid half up and half down. After managing the plaits from both the sides, tie it in the middle as knot and leave the other part as it is.

Front Waterfall Braid On Short Hair

This braided hairstyle on the front hair gives the vibe of a headband on the short hair.  As a result, this look is perfect for the day to day activities which prevents the front hair from coming to face.

Circular Double Form

This hairstyle can enhance the beauty of the hair and is appropriate in any hair such as straight, curly or wavy hair. The braid starts from one side and ends in the next part of the hair.

waterfall braid

Single Side Braid

There are numerous varieties of the waterfall which can be done and provide different diversities. The only side braid is one of the favorite kind.

Flaunting Waves

The waves in the hair are perfect for date night look which certainly provides you a classy look for the evening.


Spiral Braid

Spiral braid style is for all the girls out there who are looking a gorgeous yet straightforward hairstyle for their date night.

Blond Messy Braid

We all love blond hair, don’t we? Give yourself a chic loose blond messy braid which can be your go-to hairstyle for any outing.

Circular Waterfall Braid

Bored with the same braid style? If yes, then get yourself a circular waterfall braid. It is classy as well as need proper precision to make this hairstyle.

Easy Waterfall Braids

One the easiest among the varieties of waterfall braids. Not only this one is easy to make but looks extremely charming on anyone with long hair.

Braid and Bun

Need a hairstyle for girls trip? Here, it goes. This braid and bun is the go-to look for every girl out there. You make the twist from both sides of the hair and tie the part at the middle making it a bun.


Lovely Curls

For this, all you have to do is curl your hair and taking a few strands of your hair, start making a braid as the figure below suggest.

Net Front Waterfall With A Braided Bun

This net front hairstyle needs a lot of time but while the result of this hairstyle is worth the time. It gives you the feel of a finely knotted net front waterfall with a braided bun at the back.

waterfall braid

Longer One

This type of braid is a style for the ones having longer hair. Longer hair, on itself, looks beautiful but this type of hairdo adds an extra charm on your long hair. You need to form a waterfall braid on your long hair.

Double Braided Hair With A Side Bun

This hairstyle looks complicated, but it is easy if you know some trick and proper practice. It is made into the double braided hair, and the rest of the hair nake into a side bun.

Platinum With Different Color Shades

This single side braid looks gorgeous on this platinum hair color. First of all, apply a blue tint over a platinum side and use various color shades to make it eye-catching and form a loose braid from the front.

Middle Part

This hair looks so good if you have long wavy hair. First of all, you have to make a roll continuously from a side then combine your first roll with the second and tie it at the middle.

Waterfall Braid Medium Hair

It is always challenging to think about a certain hairstyle for a medium hair, but this particular braid allows you to make your medium hair look good above all other hairstyle.

Loop Waterfall Braid

This style is different from other regular waterfall braids because it forms a specific loop-like structure around the middle of your hair. It is easy to make and looks fantastic on anyone.

Shoulder Length Braid style

For this style, you first have to cut hair to shoulder length as the name suggests. Then start making the braids over the middle part.


With different variation in the hairstyle, one of them is S-shaped. The below look gives you a trendy look and you can dedicate this to your loved ones having letter S as their initial.

Three-Strand Braid

After two- strand, four strand and five strand hairstyle, three strand hairstyle is in trend now. This hairstyle is cute as well as fancy.

Flower In The Hair

This flower look is the same usual waterfall hairstyle; the only difference is the flower along the braids which make you attractive and stand-out in any occasion. Consequently, this hairstyle is famous for a wedding ceremony.

A Braided Ponytail

In the first step, tie your hair with a rubber hand and start to loose braid your hair. Then again tie your hair with rubber and follow the same process till the end.

Blonde Braid

In this hairstyle, form braids out of three strands of hair and give your hairstyle a chic look.

waterfall braid

Combination of Waterfall and Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle is the ultimate combination of waterfall and Fishtail Braid. First of all, join the middle part of your hair with a different range of hair. Likewise, continue the braid till the last end.

Front-Side Waterfall Braid

First of all, place your hair in the side partition and continuously make the braids from the front side. The back side can be kept straight or curly.

Purple Tint

Purple itself is an attractive and eye-catching color which gives a refreshing look to your face, and as a result, those dutch braids formed gives a beautiful view from the side.

Blonde Tint

This haircut is as similar to purple tint, but it is made from the center. To have this look, you have to make a side partition and start from the middle, leave the sides as it is.

Messed Hair

Sometimes it is good to be messy, Right? Yes, it is necessary to have a tidy hairstyle, but in contrast messed hair can be fun during some occasion.

Brown Shade Side Waterfall Braid

Side braids are the most natural hairstyle to make because it adds a lot more fun with side braids which are appropriate in Brown Shade.

Two-sided Braid

It is done in the middle partition, and two different braids from two different sides done which are not tie in the middle. Hence, this hairstyle gives you ponytail vibes which you can carry in your day to day activities.

With a Flower

This hairstyle is the combination of various side braids, circular braids, single braids which is complicated by a flower at the mid-point. This hairstyle is famous for the summer.

Rainbow Hair-Color

This braid is similar to the water braid where two sides of the hair joined at the middle, and probably the hair is in rainbow color.

Dutch Braid

You’ve to backcombed your hair and raise a bouffant in the center. After that make the Dutch side braid to get an elegant look.

Waterfall Braid with Curls

This hairstyle provides a volume to your hair, and the last end is in perfect curls. The braids go through the middle section containing a beautiful peek.

Joined Double Braid

This hairstyle looks promising if you have a long and straight hair. The small braid joined from both the side to the significant twist which is joined in the middle.

waterfall braid

It is tiresome to have the same hairstyle for all the kind of events. Girls and women of different age can use this variation of the waterfall braids during a various occasion such as date night, formal events, wedding look, casual events. The hairstyle can be suited for different kind and style of hair which is easy to carry and manage. As a result, this hairstyle provides you with bold, classy, cute as well as sophisticated looks. You can get your hairstyle according to your style and personality.


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