34 Effortless and Trendiest hairdos for short hair


When it comes to short and medium length hair, we all deal with difficulties stylizing it. We all had had days when we simply gave up and start missing our longer hair, regretting the decisions we took when we went all short. It’s sometimes a hassle when the hair simply does not turn out the way we want it to. And especially when dealing with short-hair, we think that there are limited ways we can stylize our hair. But boy, are we wrong!

Much to our surprise, the internet has come up with a huge number of short hairstyles we can try on a day to day basis. It is easy to do, and it takes only a minute or two to don each one. Some hairspray and bobby pins to set each one in place and you are ready to go. From a very formal hair updo to casual hair for the day, here we have a list of hairstyles you can try to make in your daily lives. No crazy products required and you don’t have to visit any fancy expensive salon, simply go through each instruction, and you will have salon like hair every day.

1. Curly Pimp

It’s simply a world of glamor when you go all out. For this red-carpet worthy stunning look, simply curl your short locks and layer it up on top. Spray the amount of hairspray to lock it in place for a night out, and everyone will have their heads turned.

2. Short Braided Bun

For a more classy look, how about this braided top bun? It gives the hint of the subtle classiness, and the braids help to lock the bun in place for hours. Perfect for any formal event out there, simply braid your hair from the sides and pin it to a top bun. Look, gorgeous girl, make it happen.

3. Red Carpet Ready

Another look we would love to steal from the red carpet is this layered curled low bun. It looks brilliant on any hair color, and it is easy to achieve as well. Curl your hair and simply pin it back. For a more classy look and feel, accessorize with pearls. Trust us; this stunning hair-do will steal the limelight from you.

4. Fairytale Bun

For more princessy look and feel, go for this stunningly gorgeous slick back layered curl bun. This hairdo not only gives extra volume to your hair, but it beautifies your entire look. Add the glittery accessories, for example here you see a hairband, and you are ready to be the hair goals of everyone who sees you.

5. Royal Curls

If you are getting ready for prom or your very own Quencenara, then take a look at this beautiful tiara look. Classy and pretty, you will love this hair do and trust us, everyone else will too.

6. Platinum Pin-Up

Platinum Blonde looks super gorgeous along with this pretty pinned up updo. Make it your go-to as it takes a very short while to achieve and the result will be this pretty updo to die for. Accessories and makeup accentuate the classiness, and you will be the topic of envy every time you don this look.

7. Pretty Side Braids

If you are one for the minimalistic look, why don’t you just go for this pretty short braids up the sides? Takes minimal effort and products, and the result is this minimalistic pretty short updo. Perfect for a day out in summer.

8. Three-parted Bun

With you short hair, don’t limit yourself to just regular ponytails. Try this effortless three ways ponytail bun, and you will never look back. Easy and fun to do, amazing after the result. Why three? Well, the combination of three looks extremely pretty, that’s why. For this simple and easy look, just part and tie your hair into three ponytails, pin it up, and there you have it, pretty in minutes.

9. Twist it Up

If you are up for a more sophisticated look, why not go for this easy low twist bun? Look gorgeous and party-ready in a minimum of 5 minutes. Simply follow the instructions in the picture, and you are set to go. Perfect for a night out, bring the classiness along with you.

10. Curled Funk

To match your edgy personality why not don this red-carpet ready look that we adore? It’s hard not to fall in love with the perfectly pinned up curls with the airy blonde shade.

11. Braided Bob 

Make the most of your short hair and look gorgeous every day. For this sophisticated yet pretty looking braided bob, simply braid the sides of the top hair and pin it up. For the finishing touch, add hair spray, and you are set to dazzle.

12. Flowery Beauty

For those of you with medium length hair, go for this prom inspired a flowery look. Add texture with curls in the front and beautify yourself more with flowery accessories.

13. Braided Beauty

Who said braids are only for long hairs? In fact, braids look even more gorgeous when working with a shorter length. Adding more volume is just a braid away. Start by sectioning your hair into two part. Curl and make the bottom half part into a donut bun. Braid the top part and pin it in place. Even though it takes a little more practice and effort to achieve this exact look, trust us, it is all worth it.

14. Triple Bun Fun

This simple to do buns takes the cake right off. Minimalistic yet sophisticated, you can achieve this simply putting your hair into three separate buns, one on top of the two. Make it your go-to, and you won’t regret it.

15. Classy To Go Braids

Perfect for those times when perfection is only the option you have, take a look at this gorgeous braids meant especially for short length hair. For this updo, simply braid the endings of your hair from the sides to the nape of your neck and finish it up with a pin. Accessorize, and you will fall in love with the hair-do you are left with.

16. Pinned Up perfection 

When going for glamor, go for this perfectly clean and chic look with this curled updo. Layer your hair into a braided updo. Curl the edges and pin it all up, add the finishing touch with hairspray and you are set to go.

17. Fishtail Braids for short Hair

If you think fishtail braids are just for long hair, you are wrong! Take a look at this brilliant braid play with fishtail braids on short hair. Perfect for any occasion, you will never look back after adapting to this hairstyle.

18. Crown Braids 

Another look at the gorgeous braid hairstyle and you will love the result. Added the diamond neckpiece, your glam is upgraded more, and you will dazzle the crowd.

19. Classy Glam

Twisted Buns are your way to perfection. Take a look at this prettiest twisted bun that we love. We think you might as well so try it out and be the prettiest in town for the night!

20. Twisted Fishtails

For a more classy and party look, go for this pinned up fishtail updo. Pretty to look at and easy to do, just twist your hair in sections and pin it in place. The finished look will amaze you at how effortless yet glamorous it looks.

21. Twisted Thrills

Another Hollywood Classic look is this pretty twisted sectioned look. Curl your way into sections making it all the way to the Red Carpet Worthy look. Tons of hairspray to lock it in place will be the finishing touch.

22. Curly Braided Updo

For those of you with natural beachy curls, why not turn it into this beautiful updo? Natural waves accentuate the layers that make up this beautiful hairdo. Rough yet pretty, this is perfect for you when you have the option to show off your carefree nature.

23. High as Heaven
If you have short to medium length hair, consider this summer hairstyle for the minimum effort. Simply tie your hair into a top bun, and you are set to go. Although sometimes very short hair leaves strands of hair down, don’t fret. Just use an old toothbrush and hairspray to brush it off and tuck in place.

24. Elegant Roll up Buns

Sometimes for short to medium length hair, ponytails and buns do not do the trick. It simply feels usual and old school. Try something new and add the elegance element with this braided rolled up buns. Be different and add the dazzle you want with hair accessories. Simple to do with crazy good results. Try it out today!

25. Bangs and Bun

With those of you with very short hair, just a low bun would do the trick. But to accentuate your facial features, why not add some medium length bangs? It looks beautiful added the medium toned hues in your hair.

26. Fantasy Curls

Are you afraid that your short hair only added to the flatness of your hair? Well, fret not, we have come up with the best hairstyle to give some life and fullness to your hair. Add the extra volume to your hair by curling your hair into big curls and poufing it out. Set your updo with hairspray and that is the simple solution for the dull and flat hair you dread. Try it out and thank us later.

27. Pinned-Up Perfection

Stylizing your hair got so much easy when you can just pin it up in place and still simply looks gorgeous. Roll up your hair from the edges to roots and pin it in place with any fancy accessories. Effortless and yet the one who gives you the most glamorous feel.

28. Egyptian Updo

With each new year, comes a new trend. But take a look at this gorgeous braided buns, and you know that this is it. Perfect for short to medium length hair, the braided top buns look naturally pretty. For that Egyptian appeal just add the accessories, and you are set to go.

29. Beautiful Bride Updo

If you have your wedding soon and you have short to medium length hair, do not fret because you too have the choice to look and feel elegant on your special day. Take a look at this gorgeous bridal inspired updo; we’re sure that everyone around will love it.

30. Bridal-Inspired Hairdo

When it comes to your wedding day, sometimes simplicity is just not enough. Even for short length hair, you have a variety of options to go for. Take a look at another of the bridal inspired look which will have the crown in awe. Curls pinned up in a perfect low bun is the way to go! Accessorize, and you are ready to dazzle the crowd.

31. Rosy Low-Bun

Another one of those fancy functions you need to attend? Don’t hesitate and go for this rose like the low bun that is perfect for any occasions. Simply bobby pin your hair into a low rose bun and you are set. Make sure to use plenty of hairsprays to keep it in place, all day long.

32. Hollywood Rolls

If you are up for more classy and glam look, turn towards this beautiful Hollywood-inspired hairstyle. Although it looks complicates, trust us that it is not. Big beautiful curls are your way to this elegance.

33. Twist and turn Braids

If you want something that looks and feels sophisticated but is easy and effortless to do? Well, take a look at this hairdo. Simply twist your hair and bring it to a braid, pin it in place with a bobby pin and you have this brilliant twist and turn braids.

34. Half Up Braids

For this elegant look, simply part your hair and braids half of it. Pin it in place and curl the ends to add the glam. Spray hairspray to keep it in place all day long and you have you inner diva come out.


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