154 Easy Updos For Long Hair And How To Do Them


Updos are essential for many occasions, and updos for long hair look the best. It will be a hairstyle that relaxes you and makes you look classy.


Updos for long hair can not only be styled for formal events but for casual day looks as well. Here are a few hairstyles that will change your mind if you are planning to chop off some locks.

-Easy One

There is nothing better than high updos for long hair. The hairstyle looks beautiful. I love the mixture of curls and its layers. The combination of blonde color and black roots makes for a treat to the eyes. The tone and the hairstyle blends in beautifully. For the hairstyle, you can easily find a step by step guide on the Internet. Although, I suggest you look for Youtube tutorials because you will easily able to do them. Finish the look by pulling strands out of your updo and let the curls fall.

-Blonde Highlights

The twists of this bun could make anyone fall on their knees. If fall has just kicked in where you live, and you want to do something great for your hair, I suggest go for this low bun. You will need to find tutorials to get this look perfect. It will take you some time and effort, but you can see that it is worth it. The result is fabulous, and you know you will look great in it. Your hair color if has a lot of highlights will look¬†great with this bun. Trust me on this. I know what I am saying. The highlights on the intricate bun make it stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have hair color, I mean add accessories.

-Dramatic One

This hairstyle is a treat for the eyes. If you are planning to chop off your locks, I think this photo will make you decide not to do so. Look at this beauty! Who would not want this hairstyle? If you don’t, then please tell me why do you not wish this hairstyle? Why not? If you are saying you don’t have the time, I suggest you take away your laziness for one day and try it. Try it, and I am sure you will love it. The waves all are arched in such a way that the entire hairstyle looks elegant. The layers of hair that fall adds perfection to look like this whole.

-For Your Wedding

Your wedding day should be all about you. People should only stare at you. I know it is about the groom, but we all know who steals the show that day. The groom himself knows it. Anyway, so for everyone to look at you all the time, you need to have everything perfect. Your dress should be gorgeous. Not only that, your makeup should be on point. For the hairstyle, if you have long hair, I suggest you go for this beautiful updo. Take this picture to your hairstylist, and she will get it done. You will look great.

-Classy One

Updos for long hair can be simple and straightforward. You don’t need to make it complicated. I love bun hairstyles for long hair. For this bun, you have to follow the step by step tutorials given in guides. You need to do it step by step. You can keep the hair in the middle or at the side. Make use of pins and pull out strands. When you pull out your strands, you can see that the hairstyle looks even better than before. Try this look for a gets together with the family or you could pull this look off at an office.

-Low Prom Bun

Wedding days can have easy updos for long hair. The trick to look good in any look is to follow the rule,’less is more.’ You don’t always need to light up like a Christmas tree not even at your wedding. For your look, you need to coordinate everything beautifully. The dress she wears has beautiful lace. The makeup should be subtle and have romantic colors. Since the dress is gorgeous, she goes for a simple bun. The step by step for these type of updos for long hair is first to pull your hair back. Twist it and make it into a bun. Secure the bun with an elastic band. Pull out a few strands to frame your face.

-Buns And Braids

If your prom is coming up, I hope you have got your dress ready. Have you? If not, get your girlfriends together and go dress shopping. It is time you treat yourself right. The makeup, I know you have it covered. The big problem is the hairstyle. What do you do for your hair? How about trying the look we have shown you in this picture? You can use braids to style your bun as well.  The twists will add intricate detail to your hairstyle. Add pearls to enhance your hairstyle. The accessories should be matched with your dress.

-Another For The Prom

Buns and braids don’t need to be a fancy hairstyle. They can be comfortable and casual updos for long. The one shown in the picture is beautiful. The simple braid that is made from the front is first pulled back. The rest of the hair along with the ends of the braid is then drawn into a messy bun. To finish the look, she pulls out hair near her face to frame her face. This is the step by step guide for this hairstyle. It is so simple that anyone can do it. Try it. You will get the hang of it after some practice.

-Easy One

If you are going out for a fancy dinner to celebrate your anniversary or if it is just a regular date night, the best idea would be to dress up. You will want your date to look at you and only you. So, to make him stare at you all night, go for a dazzling outfit. If you have great gear, I suggest wearing a hairstyle that is simple. You can curl your hair and then pull it up into a high bun. Make sure your bun shows all your curls. The red tint in her hair looks great for this look.

-Casual One

Here is a casual updo for long hair that you can do for any occasion. You can wear this hairstyle to your class or a red carpet event. I know you don’t have to attend any red carpet events but why not treat yourself like a celebrity? You are royal. So, love yourself. That is extremely important. For this look, you can follow any tutorial or step by step guide to make a low bun. Pull out some strands at the end of your preparation so that it brings your look together. Finish the look with glossy lips and perfect makeup.

-For Big Day

Updos for long hair is a popular option for wedding day hairstyles. Why wouldn’t they be popular? They look fabulous and elegant. Who would not want to look elegant? Wedding day looks are about looking chic and drop-dead gorgeous. This means everything about your appearance should be nothing short of perfect. I will leave the gown and the makeup up to your choice. For the hairstyle, I say go for this type of hairstyle. This among the easy updos for long hair which is accessorized using a beautiful hair clip. You should wear an accessory with white rhinestones.

-Intricate Updo

If you are planning to go to any fancy dates or any great night, I say go for this look. Her laced black dress looks beautiful from the back. I love this beautiful dress. Maybe it is time for me to get some shopping done. Hmm, when is my payday? I am going to check my calendar after I finish talking to you girls. So this hairstyle will be my perfect inspiration. The combination of French braids with a low bun makes this hairstyle one of my favorites. To finish the look, I will pull out my strands to frame my face.

-Easy And Casual

For easy updos for long hair, we have finally brought you this idea. We have only been talking about elaborate hairstyles. Wedding hairstyles have also been covered. So, now it is time for us to show you something relaxed and casual. The quick step by step tutorial for this hairstyle is as follows. You will need to get yourself some beautiful large curls. You can get small ones if you like. If you have a naturally curly hair, this will be a piece of cake for you. Then, pull strands from the ear side and clutch it in such a way that it creates a slight bump in your crown area. Voila! You are done.

-Try It

Messy looks are fantastic for any hair length. They look effortless, and you will want to do it. It is the perfect hairstyle for the casual day out. The hair bun shown in this photograph is not easy to do. You will need to find tutorials to achieve the design shown in this bun. When you decide to get yourself a bun hairstyle, get many packets of bobby pins so that you can secure all the strands. Don’t let any of the strands become loose and fall. It needs to fun and beautiful.

-Side Braids

I love this hairstyle for summer. You need to find a way to beat the heat. Wherever you live, I am sure you love summer. Not only cool treats but you will need a great hairstyle to cool yourself down. Plus you need to look pretty. For these type of updos for long hair, you will need to follow the following step by step. You can start by making a simple long braid. Then pull it back and twist it to create a beautiful bun. The braid can be simple or intricate. Go for French braids or Dutch braids. They will look beautiful.

-Bump It

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your hair and keep it casual even on your big day, you can go for this look. These are easy updos for long hair that you can do it yourself. You will not need to spend a lot of money on your hair. Get your accessories ready and make sure you practice. You can get hair bumps to achieve the volume shown in this photograph. You can let your hair loose. I think waves and curls will look great with this hairstyle. You can also use braids as a headband to make yourself feel like a princess.

-Caramel Highlights

Her hair looks like it is melted chocolate with caramel toppings. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? I love the hairstyle. Hairstyles that look effortless and gorgeous are my favorite. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can wear it for office, red carpet events, and prom. So, such hairstyles work great on any occasion, and you will have everyone looking at you for the right reasons. Make sure you first get your hair curly to achieve this level of beauty. Finish the look with a gorgeous outfit and perfect makeup.

-Casual Doughnut Updos For Long Hair

This bun type is also known as the ballerina bun. It is not precisely a doughnut bun but looks like one. If you want a clean and neat look for any event, I say go for this hairstyle. This is easy to do although, it might not be great for a casual day out. The hair needed to be neatly style and pulled into a bun. Make sure you use hairstyling products and control your flyaways. This hairstyle will not look great if it has short strands of hair flying. Pair this look with a formal shirt and skirt. You can wear this look to the office.

-Easy And Breezy

You can go for these types of updos for long hair. This is casual as well as chic. You can wear this hairstyle to the office, to the red carpet day event or even at a picnic. The haircut will work for every occasion. You don’t need to find many tutorials. You can wear this hairstyle to the prom and let yourself dance your way to the night. Pull all your hair together and twist it up into a high bun. Finish the look by pulling out strands. Put some accessories to finish the look.

-Types Of Braids

If you love combinations of braids, then you will love this hairstyle. This picture shows a beautiful blend of the fishtail braids and Dutch braids. The Dutch ones are woven from the side and are elongated. For the middle part of the hair, she goes for fishtail braid. The ends of each braid are joined at the bottom, and a beautiful low bun hairstyle is made. Finish this look with a beautiful dress and a perfect makeup. Do subtle makeup that highlights the best of your face.


The inverted braids hairstyles are popular this season. The hairstyle looks great as it is not something that you will do every day. So, trying something new is perfect for a day out. You can find many tutorials online to help you achieve this style. I think you will need help from your girlfriends to make this hairstyle. Pull all your hair to the front and then start braiding from the opposite directing. Let the braids end at the top of your head and let it create a beautiful bump on the top. Make sure you take a photograph of this beauty.

-Simple One

Braids can be made into a beautiful bun. We have shown you a great example in this photograph. Your hair needs to be long and healthy. This is one of the most natural updos for long hair from the ones we have talked about in this article. The hair needs to be made into a beautiful long braid. The braid length is then shaped into an intricate bun and then put in place. Pull out the hair strands to finish the look. You can go for the regular version of this hairstyle or a sleek one. The choice is completely yours.

-Easy Updos For Long Hair

This is another hairstyle that you can do. If you get the hang of this hairstyle, you will find this look easy to do. The main thing that you have to do to achieve this look has the curls. You can try this look with straight hair as well. Try it; it might look beautiful. The main trick to making any look appear attractive is the way you carry it as well. Once you do this updo, you will not need to put any accessories. The curls will design all the hairstyles and make you look fabulous.

-Three In One

This photo here shows us three different ways to get yourself easy updos for long hair. I admit it is not technically easy. If you do practice these hairstyles, you will find it easy to do. For the left one, the hairstyle is mainly about the braids. Fishtail braids are made into a crown, and a bun is created. Hair near her face is pulled out to frame her face. The photo in the middle shows a retro look. Huge curls are created near her face, and she looks fabulous. You apparently will not do this hairstyle for an everyday look. For the one on the right side, we have talked about this hairstyle before. Scroll above, darlings.

-Nina Style

Nina Dobrev is gorgeous. She had ruled our heart when she played Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries. I know many people liked her as Elena, but I loved her, even more, when she was Katherine. Katherine was better looking than Elena. She is not Elena or Katherine in this photograph. Here, the stunning Nina Dobrev sets you an example for updos for long hair. She goes for a side low bun and wears it with a beautiful sleeveless dress. She finishes the look with subtle smokey eyes and nude lipstick.

-The Flower

This is the final wedding look we will be discussing. Mind it; I said talking. You might find more pictures for you to save down. So, make sure you scroll down and look at all the pictures. The design of her dress at the back is gorgeous. For her long black hair, she decides to make an intricate low bun. Before making the bun, she goes for curly hair. The hair is pulled back and made into a low bun. To finish the look, she puts a white rose for a hair accessory.

-Casually Beautiful

This is the hair design that you can with if you are going to prom this year. The prom dress and makeup are usually covered by all. Hairstyles are tough. If you want to do something detailed, you will require a lot of effort. You want something beautiful and amazing. The hairstyle shown in this photograph is fantastic. She makes a simple braid on the side and pulls it to the back where she makes a beautiful low bun. To finish the hairstyle, she puts a flower in a hair accessory.

-Easy Updos For Long Hair

The final among the updos for long hair we will be talking about this hairstyle is this one. The hair design is different and made into a side bun. There are many layers in this bun. You will need to find a tutorial or a step by step guide to get this hairstyle. Find some help as well. Pull out a few strands near your face to finish the look. You can put hair accessories if you like.

Scroll down for more ideas and step by step tutorial on how to do updos for long hair.

Enjoy updos for long hair! You should try all the shown here. You can easily find a step by step guide and tutorials to help you pull them off.


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