101 Unicorn Hair Ideas That Are Immensely Popular In 2021!


This article here is bringing to you the best of the unicorn hair ideas that you can try out. These hair colors are astounding in every aspect and are sure to get the inner child in you excited as well. It is safe to say that everybody has a fantasy to look as stunning as a unicorn and we dream of getting the look for ourselves too. This is possible now that everyone is interested in trying out these new and bold hair trends. No matter what hair length you have or what kind of hair texture you are blessed with, you can try these out.

You can experience a never before when you try these look. We have compiled a collection here that fits everyone’s needs. Even if you are looking to make the hair get a small piece of flair, you can do it with these fun colors here. So get to exploring and sorting out the hairstyles that you find fascinating. These are perfect for making you look extra special. You can even try it on with your kids as a mother-daughter combination hairdo. Here are some stunning unicorn hair ideas that you are sure to adore.

Living the Unicorn hair fantasy

Everyone has dreams and fantasies of their own. You can see these coming to life in these pictures here. There is a large section of people who love the idea of unicorn hair, and they are surely loving how these colors are showing up right now. If you were looking to try out the unicorn hair for yourself and get the dream of yours turned to reality, then you can try this out. The horns and makeup all add to the results!

Unicorn HairMix in the pastels

Here is a color combination that can steal hearts if you are a big lover of pastel shades. You can see there is pink pastel tone mixed in this unicorn hair. The bright hues of blue are something that we adore. There is a bit of volume and body to this hair added on by the waves that look effortless. Get to the salon today, and you can get the same for yourself.

Subtle and casual colors

We do understand that not everyone wants to try out the bright shades on when trying on unicorn hair. If you are looking to make the hair appear fun but also want to be able to carry it off to work and look well fitted in, then this is the section that can help you out. They are hues that have this beautiful charm to it and will be ideal for teenagers.

Use of blonde

You can mix in your favorite shades for unicorn hair with your blonde hues as well. If you have never tried this combination by now, you are surely missing out. Here we are bringing to you some images that show off the blend of colors well. You can find the variations you can get on board within here. These colors go well with any haircut and hair texture, which is evident in these pictures below.

Shinning through

You can see how well this color has worked out and the shine it has is something admirable. You can try on any of the unicorn hair hues and get the colors on for yourself. If you are looking to show off the texture, then this is the perfect shade for you. The luster it has in itself is enough to make you want to try the trend on of yourself.

Process of transformation

You can see the pictures here to get an idea of how your hair will look when you get them colored. You can see how the blonde here is transformed into a beautiful blend of unicorn colors, and they make the hair look amazing. If you are looking to change your hair and go through the transformation, then this is the image that can help you decide. The one on the bottom is astounding as well.

Lighter on top

Usually, we are suggested to get the shade that is darker on the bottom of your roots. That is done to add some depth to the hair, and you can find that most stylists recommend the same. But if you are looking to get a different color, here is an idea for you! You can take the top section and carry off this blonde on top.

Braided out hairdos

There is hardly anyone who has not tried on braids, and you may underestimate this stunning hairdo. But the truth is that there is a lot of potential in these twisted hairdos and you can look your best if you try them out for yourself. Here are ways to add them on to your unicorn hair.

Adding a bow

There are a lot of ideas that you can try out if you are looking to make the best of your unicorn hair. The shades in here are deep, and the bow on top is unique and has a charming appeal to it as well. You can recreate this look here or also try out some other ways to make your hair colors shine through. Keep experimenting and having fun with your locks!

For the summer

The best part about these hairstyles is that they work out wonderfully for the summers. You can see these shades on people and know how they are adding to the fun vibes. The colors here are stunning, and a must try if you are looking for bold options. Take all the inspiration you need from this image here. Take screenshots and save it for the time when you are ready.

Your pick

When you think of trying on colors that are as bright and fun as the unicorn hair, then you are sure to love these variations that come with it here. You can try adding them on sleek hair or even get them on textured hair like the one in the middle here. No matter what shade you choose to sport, you can carry it off with confidence if you are comfortable.

The half and half hues

This is a unique look, and you are sure to have noticed this making rounds on the social media platforms. You can try out the same if you are feeling a bit bold and want something fun for yourself. Here we have the blues greens and even lime shades on one side. You can spot the purple and pinks on the other side as well. This is one admirable hairdo.

Loved by kids

Kids are always high on energy and are optimistic too. They love the fairytales that we let them watch, and they love the fantasy of the unicorn hair. If that is the case with your baby as well, then you can make them feel special by helping them get these looks here. You can try out these ideas when their birthday comes up, and you will be thrilled to see them so happy.

Bubbly pink

This is the colors you get when you try on unicorn hair bunny shade on yourself. There are enough ideas in here, and the shade is the one to look out for this season. Pinks and peach shades never disappoint. You can get them to match your skin tone and make them look flawless as well by doing the bare minimum. So head out to your parlor today and get this done.

Black on the roots

Here are some images that can give you an idea of how lime crime unicorn hair on dark hair will up. You can keep the roots more mysterious as it is to give it depth and add that needed dimension as well. You are not going to regret the way your locks look after you get them done and we guarantee it. Take the ideas you need from these images here.

The up-top bun

The bun is one of the most loved hairstyles of all time. It takes little time to complete, and there is not a lot that you need to do to get this right. If you are looking to try on shades that set you aside, get yourself some beautiful unicorn hair. Then no matter what hairdo you pick, you will look gorgeous. They add this charm to the hair that you cannot get over.

Rainbow Colors

If you have a fun personality and are looking to get the funky side of you out onto your hair, then this is the shade for you. The rainbow hues are stunning, and you can try out the same for yourself this summer. The longer the hair, the better the colors will show up. Here are some ideas that can give you enough inspiration to try these shades.

Short hair

There are short cut hairstyles in here that you can try out for yourself. The best thing about this look is that you are never going to miss out. The shoulder length hair in here is stunning, and you can try adding the flair to this look by getting them in fun bright colors! You will be setting yourself aside from everyone once you get the hues like the ones in this unicorn hair here.

Add in the jewels!

These are the hairstyles that get the oomph to it by adding on some fun jewelry to it. You are sure to love this look. Here is an idea that we adore. You can try adding on the jewelry like the one here to your unicorn hair. They can style your hair beyond your imagination. You can take inspiration from this look here and get the same color on your locks as well.

Textured Hair

This is a look that is eye-catching and alluring. You can try on the blend of pink and blues like the ones here if you have textured curly hair. You are sure to get compliments for your look as you wear them out for a casual day. There is a liberating feeling to this hairdo, and staying true to your natural locks will make you feel good. There is a fun side to this hairdo, and we know you can feel it.

Glow in the dark

You can use neon shades to make them glow in the dark. The upside down braids in here are perfect for when you want to try on a youthful look. They work out for the short hair as well. So you can try them on when you are in a hurry and want a carefree no-nonsense hairstyle for a fun day.

For long locks

This section here takes the best of the unicorn hair for long locks in here. You can try out the ones that you are sure to adore. When you have longer hair, then you can try out a better mix of colors. Think of them as a blank canvas and you can paint them as any hue as you want. There are shine and luster in these hairdos, and they help you stand out as well.

Shoulder length hairdo

This is the perfect compromise between the long and short haircuts. You can try out any of these shoulder length hairdos if you are curious about this mid-level hairdo. Here are some ideas with the same cut and the unicorn hair color. The mix of colors here are sure to entice you into trying out the hair trend. Leave them sleek or add on some waves to give them volume and body.

Hues with pinks

These colors here can be attained by lime crime unicorn hair bunny shade if you are interested. You can intensify the shade as per your need and wear them as your unicorn hair. These styles are different, and they have a youthful vibe to them. Here are some ideas with ombre hair ideas with a mix of blonde hues as well. You can create fun hairdos when you get these colors as well, and we are sure you will love them.

Fiery red hair

If you have never tried on any of these shades before, it can be hard for you to choose as bold as this one here. You can decide on this fiery red hair and see for yourself why we are suggesting it to you. This look here can be a significant change for you, and it will make you look extra special. This will make your day for sure.

DIY hair

You can try out the trend of unicorn hair back in your home itself. There are countless ways to get them done, and you are sure to make it messy if you are not careful. You can choose the colors you want and take help from the internet to learn how to get the shades on with ease. These hair tutorials are readily available online, and you will also get an idea of how the hues may turn out on you.

Bolder than ever before

This is one of the unicorn hair pony looks that we are loving. You can see the bold side of this hair from a mile! The side shaved hairdo has this bright punch of color to it, and we love the bold factor here. You can get the same purple hues for yourself if you are willing to try out something fun and different. Braid the sections, and you will get this stunning do for yourself. You can see the top here has the dark base as well, so we suggest you try it too.

Adding the spark

There is some lime crime unicorn hair dye that we are in love with, and we are advising you get the same to gain a deeper color. Here we have sparkles on this hairdo, and you can try out the same. The pop of glitter makes this one a fun hairstyle to try out. If you want to add on the funk to your hair, then here are some hairstyle ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Add texture and body to the hair

There are ways to make sure you have the best volume on your hair. You can get them backcombed or even add on some waves and curls on them to help the process. You are sure to make this look your go-to if you try it out once. They are easy to add on to your hair, and you only need a good hair curler to get this look. Make sure you use the hair spray to hold the height.

Approachable yet unique hairdo

There is something unique and vibrant about this hairdo here. They are different, and you are sure to be setting you aside from everyone else. The colors here are stunning, and you can also get the braids and knots in here to complete your look. If you are willing to try on new things, then you can wear this look here. The twist and tied hairstyle are comfortable, and you can get this done a home.

The bob hairstyle

The bob is a look that never goes out of style. It has been around for decades now, and people still find ways to make them look popping! Here is an idea for you if you want to keep your bob looking smashing! You can try out the bright colors as the one in here. Getting the colors on your hair needs to be a task you set aside for the professionals though.


You can add hair accessories to make your hair look festive and fun. Here we can see that the hair has this stunning flower headband on it and it adds that fun vibe. You can get the same if you are looking to get a fun hairdo. This is the hairdo that seems approachable, and anyone can try it on. You can get the flowers to match the hair color of your unicorn hair.

Graphical Representation

There is a constant change in technology, and you are sure to have seen how more people are using them to make their lives easier for them. You can use them to make your hair colors shine through as well. One way to know how you will look with the hair color is to check out the graphical representation here. You can get the hues on the hair and manipulate it as well to get this look here.

These hairdos have a magical girly vibe to them, and you are sure to love them. You have to try them out before you dismiss the ideas out. You are sure to make the hair stand out with these bold and bright colors. The lime crime unicorn hair dye review is also sure to make you want to try these hues out. You are sure to want to go bold once you wear your hair in these unicorn shades. So the colors in here are not only attractive, but they are also approachable as the colors are readily available.

You can keep these colors on hair extensions as well if you are scared of hair damage. You will need to make sure that you get timely conditioning on your colored hair. Otherwise, you are going to be prone to hair breakage and damage for sure. Though it does require some extra work, you are sure to be thrilled about this once you see the shine in your hair.

If you have short hair, then this is the hair trend to follow. If you thought this unicorn hair article was helpful for you, then you can give us a thumbs up. You can also share your experiences with us in the comments box below. If you feel this was helpful for you, then help others out as well and share this article with them. We are always uploading new and fun content here, so make sure you stay tuned. You can check out other hair styling and coloring articles on our website here.


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