101 Stunning Tribal Braids You Can Wear For a Bad ass Look!


Are you in need of a new hairstyle? Then you have landed the right article. You can wear these tribal braids in ponytails and buns and updos as well. You can also add on some vibrant shades and get them to look popping! There is no limit to these hairdos, and that is why we love them so much! Add on details as you go along. And there are options of adding on yarn and rings on the hair as well. You can do what your heart desires and decide on a style that makes you look and feel lovely. Here we have a collection that will force you to book an appointment today!

When you start these braids, they are surely going to take some time. It has been known that there will take at least six hours long to finish these up. You may also need to add on hair extensions to get this look. It will also cost you a bit to get this finished style. The cost differs from time and the artist you get it done with for sure. The length you decide on also makes a big difference. If you choose some intricate style, then even the prices change. Usually, takes about $150 to $200 to get them ready!

Tribal braids with beads

The tribal braids with beads is an exciting and intriguing style for women who love the bold look and express their personality with their style. The use of bread is your choice, and you can choose a broad set of options there as well, something that matches with your outfit or some color that you prefer.

With the options you have in selecting the hair color, style of braid, and beads by yourself, you might be in a real dilemma over which to choose. In that case, you can be experimental and try from the ranges of style that we have provided here. If not, you can decide to go with anyone that feels like your style. So, let’s dive into the options we have to offer.

These hairstyles present you with a simple way to make the tribal braids with beads your hairstyle. The long tribal braids are beautifully managed by just letting them hang down straight, and beautiful beads are used over the tips that reflect the different style and makes the hair look like a beautiful piece of art.

And, as you know the braids don’t have to be just that way only, instead you can opt for various ways to show those beautiful braids, some of which are shown below. The styles presented below show a different approach to flaunt your cute tribal braids with beads.

 Colors to love with tribal braids

The tribal braids hairstyles can be made more fun by getting the different shades that you want in your hair. With the application of different color hues in your chosen style of braid, you can present the dashing style that you always wanted for yourself. The shades of colors make your braid look dashing. The popular choices of color are the shades of golden, red, brown, purple, pink, or any other you wish to go with would look ravishing with the beautiful African tribal braids.

The ones for thick hair

Tribal braids are suitable for both thin hair and thick hair. For thick hair, the tribal twist Updo, as shown below, is one popular choice for women who love long hair. The beauty of the hair is eminently visible. The beads can be optional on your hair, and you can choose some beautiful bead which you feel suitable for your hair or one that matches your style. If you have thick hair, then it is almost like having a big canvas. This way, you can get the braids to look thick as well. Add on some hair extension if you do not have that natural look.

These are a great way to represent your culture and tradition, as well. So be assured that you are also taking a part of what you are and expressing it well. It is also becoming a big thing in the fashion industry, so we are sure you will want to try it out! Here are some stunning ideas for you to check out in our little section here.

Majestic styles that you can try for parties!

This is a wide variety of tribal braid hairstyles which is perfect for the party. It presents with the magnificent style of braiding which can be done differently than this as well. Also, the beads can be replaced by other ornaments. Imagine having this style with the hair color of your choice and rocking the party you are attending. You can take any piece of jewelry with you to make your hairdo to a whole new level. Here we have an intricately detailed piece of hair jewel, and we love it. These are a rustic feeling ornament for sure.

You can add them to any of your looks, and it takes them to a whole new level of awesomeness! It is fantastic not only because of the ornament but also as it has these braids on them. They are pulled on at some level of the hairdo that gives them a boost. You can also see that they are flat on the way they are done. The whole level of design that we see here is a work of art. This is one look that can be perfect for theme parties as well. So make sure you screenshot it now! So that you can head to the salon and get it to your stylist.

The braids in the middle

You can see a section of twists in the middle in most of these hairstyles. If you have witnessed Fulani braids, these are a staple in them. You can see that there are some full braided sections in these tribal braids as well. When there is a braided portion on the middle of the hair, it is good sectioning done. You can see here we have some vast options and they all look stunning on these ladies. It has a definite vibe, and it makes you look fun and vibrant as well. So you need to try out such a different hairdo.

You can see that by adding a nice layer of thick braid on the middle, you are not letting that scalp be bare! That can be flattering when you do not leave that skin empty out there. Add on some hair clasps and rings, and you can get it to look much more attractive. There are also some rings and yarn added on to the braids. These can make all of these tribal braids perfect for teens. By doing this, you can steal the show as you walk around as well. This will make everyone’s heads turn for sure.

Try on the ponytail

The tribal braids ponytail is another exquisite style that one has to try out. When the weather is hot, and you have to look cute, you need to check this out! You can see how cooling and fresh this look is here! The pattern of braids is also different. You can see there are boxed up sections on the bottom and there are spiral sections as well.

When you get the braids done, make sure you sweep it to the side and get an angle. Most girls love the idea of a high pony as it adds glam features! You can add on rings on these braids and secure them too! You have yarn options as well. There is a bolder option out here also where you can get the front sections of the hair to look wavy and classy!


The ones with beads to try

Women love to flaunt their beautiful hair and also fancy the use of any accessories that go well with their style. Even why not, when it’s about getting that new look or an edge over other similar hairstyles. Your hair is one of the precious ornaments that you wear all the time, and at times you might be tired of having it the same way. Here, we have one such great combination of braided hairstyles that make great use of beads to take their style to the next level.

The tribal braids is a new and gorgeous hairstyle that can offer you with a fresh look and reflects your charming personality. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. And we welcome you to try this for the newness and freshness in your style that you always wanted.

Tribal braids with long hair

Who does not love the idea of long tribal braids? There is hardly anyone who hates long hair with some pattern on them. You can set them braided at a tilting angle and achieve a new look for yourself as well. If you want to get that sleek appearance, then skip this portion and head on to the straightforward, free-flowing hair as shown here.

Tie them up with yarn or get a middle section on the hair and you can enjoy the hair as you like it. You may have a hard time with these styles as it takes that maintenance with it. But you can take your time and get to know your locks as time passes on and get better at it.


Designs that you can create

There is so much you can do with tribal braids hairstyles. We will show off the ones that are most loved by women of all ages. There is usually a design that the artists create with their hair. You can see maple designs and also some shaved look when you look for African hairstyles.

You can see that there are no restrictions what so ever and you can do as you please. If you want a bold outlook, then you can try shaving the side of your scalp. That way, you can get that daring portion of your personality to shine through as well. Check out the options you have here, and you are sure to love them!

Medium length hairstyles with tribal braids

African tribal braids can be of any shape and size. You can go from having a close look at a short and thin hairstyle as you like. The important part is to get the hair to look good on you. So if you desire that feminine touch in your hair without it being too bold, then go for these mid-length hairstyles out here.

They are chic and have a flirty side to them. What more can you ask for? There is a portion where you can get your hair to shine by adding on some beads as well. The bolder you make them, the better it is. You can also get it to look festive if you add these beads in multi-colors.

Side swept style you need to try

There is nothing like the liberty of having your hair swept to the side. When you get that chiseled effect on the locks by shaving off the entire section, it makes a good look for most of us. You know that there is a difference in your look and you can cherish that as well.

There is a certainty that you can look good with any style when you can shave everything off! Here we are showing some hairstyles for you that are unique and have a charm of their own. If you want to steal the show, you need to try something bold. And this is as bold and as big as it gets. So what are you waiting for? Head on to the salon today!

Braids with thin sections

One can say that these are the best tribal braids 2018 has seen. They are small and precise, and they seem to have that finesse on them that no other look has. You can also check out the baby hair on the front here. There are some excellent options to choose from, and you can make them as thin as you would like.

There is an added advantage for women who have thin hair. You can get your hair to look thicker when you get these braids on them. Since these can take a long time, you need to clear out your schedule for that period. Make sure you have had a good meal before you sit on that salon chair. So are you ready to wear these fabulous styles?

The extraordinary ones to try

The tribal braids Pinterest suggests to us can be tricky for several reasons. You can see that there are some new hairstyles out there. These are hairstyles that are not sported by women on an everyday basis. But rather as a thing to do when they have no option. You can also spot these looks on the magazine covers with the best makeup and clothes!

Since they are a bit over the top, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. But they are surely an inspiration for those of us who want to learn more about fashion and glamour. Here you will see the use of hair color, beads, and strict work on the scalp. There are some unusual ones here that you can enjoy looking at!

Head to the salon

Braids are not new things to try for sure. They have been around for a long time, and the creativity you see with them is lovely! You can decide to create these back home as well, and that is what teenagers try! But they are not so successful. If you want that perfect style, then you need to book an appointment and get it done professionally.

You also need to think about the time that you invest in this hairstyle. You may be in that chair at the salon for quite some time to come. So make sure that you have a bit of time in hand when you head out to the salon. So get yourself the series you always wanted to watch. You also need to be ready to eat there so you will need some time in hand.

Everywear style with tribal braids

If you are trying on these hairstyles, then you cannot wear them in a glam style each day. You want to get a natural look once in a while as well. You want it not to get a bold and over the top when you head out. So make sure that you choose a style that you can sport without feeling too extra!

Here we are looking at some of the styles that these hairstylists have created, and we love them. If you are looking to get that girl next door look this summer and keep it basic, these are the ones to look out for. Make sure you add on your personal touch by adding hair accessories. You can also get some patterns on your hair. These are best if you add them to your temples.

For kids and youngsters!

Tribal braids are a natural choice for a lot of teenagers. Some so many young people are loving the idea of getting these neat braids. You can see that there are some casual styles here for your everyday wear. If you are wearing them for a cheerful appearance, then your stylist will also suggest you try it out.

As there are celebs who love these hairstyles a lot, it has left an impact on young minds. There are undoubtedly different points of view for each of these styles. Some think that they are stunning and some think it is too much of work for a hairstyle. So we are not sure what your preference will be. We can only encourage you to enjoy the one that you try out.

The updo to try out

If you have not laid eyes on the tribal braids updo, then here is a good one! You can see that there are so many elements on this look. You can see there are some thick braids on the top. It has been carefully placed on the back. And you have to get on board with this style if you have an event to attend. The sections of loose hair on the front are stunning, and you can see that these are taken as an influence from Fulani braids.

The sectioning done in the middle is what sets this one aside. You can keep the thicker braids on the front the same way this hairstyle shows off. The beads on the bottom of these tribal braids are very festive. The ring you see on the twist on the middle is also an edgy touch to this hairdo. With this hairdo, you can feel the inner strength of your personality as well.

Choose the one you love!

We showed you so much in this article, and we are sure you have had that desire in you now! We did this mainly for all those ladies out there who want that long hair idea for themselves. Even if you are not sure till now, we are sure you are a bit relieved by these ideas! There are colors and some common styles as well that is perfect for anyone! So what are you waiting for? You need to take a picture of the hairdo you want, and then you can book an appointment. Head out soon to get this glam style!

Many stars love these ideas too. You can see that these are tight braids and they have a sleek appearance to them. You will not see any frizz and flair with these hairstyles. They will keep your locks on a leash and not let it fly away as the wind hits it. This is one lovely idea for teenagers, and they are perfect for parties. We showed you the options that we found to be most inspiring and soothing to the eyes. Check them out once more and decide which style you want to show off!


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