81 Cool Triangle Braids To Try In 2019


What Are Triangle Braids?

Triangle braids are the convenient box hairstyles that have now re-emerged with the twist. Traditional hairstyles usually used to celebrate rectangle or square shape designs as default choice but this is the new fashion. Does this fashion sense sound amazing to you? If you are also seeking a new trending style for an updated look then don’t hesitate to try this braids design. There are different types of triangle braids that you can choose each new braid on daily basis.

The triangle box braid may not be your standard box braids. These styles had been divided into a different shape so that you can have new triangles on your head. By using triangular design, you can decorate the face beautifully as any ornaments do. We have collected many different options for you to choose the best hairstyle.

Why Triangle Braids?

The reason to try these braids lies in its stylish look and creative design. Once you go for this braid you will never feel like changing the look for other braided styles. These stunning braids are available in different options with many color extensions. The only difference in traditional and this modern design is, the box shape would be replaced by triangle-shaped styles. Many have loved triangle shape braid because of its unique look and easy steps to follow. This is among the best style trending in Pinterest and also Instagram is celebrating triangle design these days. There are colorful braids, ornamented styles and many more surprises ahead.  Once you scroll to visit the designs, you will be confused to choose one for you!

If you are searching the best style hair for yourself, one that you don’t have to worry much about is triangle braids.  It is the right choice for any kind of face because of its wide design; it can incorporate any modification as per the look of the person. In gives you the noticeable best look for any season.

Some tips for best Triangle Braids

  • Protect your hair form night freeze
  • Avoid cosmetic to keep hair moisturized – use Herbal instead
  • Keep your scalp cool during the day
  • Avoid more color for lasting effect
  • Wash Braids twice a week for the best look
  • Leaving your box braids tightly pulled overnight may harm your hairline resulting hair loss.

Check out these 65 cool Triangle Braids that you will love to try:

Shade Color

triangle braids

One must accept the fact that this is the most influential among the braids because of its density and shady color look. If you are seeking for rocking Triangle Braids in the new design – try this.

Stylish Jumboo Triangle Braids

If you have thick braids then remember to make more tough curls otherwise your hair may end up looking just normal like others. It the most stylish pop design that you will surely find wonderful.

Pop look Triangle Braids 

In this modern time, the fashion world has evolved so much that even the hairstyles are classified in pop and classical looks. If you are looking for the best party design, then you can try the pop look.

Standard Rock 

Every rocking style is not in standard format but if you really want to look standard then you need to manage the spiral hair in such a way that it seems simple and stylish at same time.

Step Up Triangle Braids 

To make the step up triangle, one must possess long dark hair with natural curls for extra effect. As a woman she must also consider her look in modern ways otherwise the old fashion may invade her personality.

Pink Braids

Don’t go with the color just look at style, the design is what makes the braid look wonderful- colors are the extra element. It stays for more than three days without the need for any maintenance but after that, you need to work.

Long hair Dark 

If you have the long and dark hair, you can easily feature any design in a simple way. Just make sure to arrange the curl in ascending manner so that every part of hair look covered.

Process Braid in Fall 

The falling process braid is what you can have for this Christmas party. During the beginning of the year, you should always try something new and need to manage it in a quiet manner.

Spire Triangle Fall 

When Triangle falls in spiral design you tend to look as cute as a baby panda. If you have the white face then the design will suit more on you in the very different way, because its actually for blackface.

Round Style curl 

Round style triangle braid looks best for the child because only the child face can illuminate beauty and light to decorate this Triangle Braids art – Try it in your daughter’s head for a pleasant look.

Glourious Triangle 

The glory of the triangle lies in black hair because it is the secret to arrange diverse color in union form. A great hair design that you would surely love regardless of any color hair.

Small Messy Braid 

This is not among the best Triangle Braids but it can still make your child look wonderful in a unique way. For extra effect, you can wrap the strands with ribbon or colorful clips.

Updo Triangle Style 

This doesn’t really look like other updos but it is the best in a messy style. Just imagine the mess moving with the flow of air and falling curls decorating your head.

Child Triangle 

This is the best style for children because you need not worry about changing their look in every second day. If you make this once it will last at least for a week without any maintenance required.

Creative Braid 

This triangle shape on top is just another version of the best creative design ever made by any human hand. If you are looking for any unique design to surprise someone, the go for this look.

Stunning Design 

Are you planning something new for this year? then why not begin with a new hairstyle. Because it is so easy and less time-consuming design that can be done at home.

Triangle Part Box Braids

triangle braids

The Triangle Braids are later part, firstly there were lost of braids in box style and slowly same box design manage to evolve as the triangle and other stunning styles.

Small Updo 

These small updos are not really the style itself but its the extension of Triangle Braids that decorate your head in a unique way. The small ups feel like dots of hair making you look even more beautiful.

Working on Mess 

Have you ever think of decorating the mess? In not then start thinking about it because here we bring you some creative ideas to decorate messy hair and make wonder triangle braids out of it.

Cute Design 

Remember no hair is bad in itself, it’s just that you are not able to choose the best design for yourself. If you are good at selecting the best style then you can make the best design out of worst hair.

Special Braid Style 

As the name suggests this Triangle Braids certainly will take some more time for extra decoration in such a way the everyone who would look at you will get amazed by this design.

Spanish Wave 

The wave at upper part feels like 90s Spanish design that used to be made by using lemon water in hair. This style looks so slender as it is naturally made design.


The dead-knots are easy to make but undoing it make take the whole day. You need to be very sensitive while undoing the dead-knots because if you make mistake the is chance of hair fall.

Curvy Spiral 

When spiral hair moves upward in curls, no other style can match its beauty. It is among the best Triangle Braids that you can have in 2019. Just give try and you won’t regret.

Pink-Black Upbun  

The upbun of pink and black is the best combination any hair designer can suggest you. Moreover, both colors have cultural symbolism- Pink for girly and black for the daring look.

Sun-kissed Braid 

While making a braid out of sun-kissed hair you need to remember to highlight the grey part for extra effect and showcase black part of hair as triangle look.

Tough Triangle Braids

The more design you add, the tougher it gets. So to make it simple just minimize the degree of styling and design- just keep it over and safe for hair. Make less box as possible for a lasting look.

Artistic Updo Style 

The hairs are trending these days and many people have begun to make the different braids design as art. If you are looking for some new hair design – just go for it.

Thick Strand 

The great style with thick hair that will last as long as you make it tight in the end. With this style, your hair may get the new look for special occasions.

Bold Hairstyle

In this case, the size of a hair is really going to determine the look as if you have long hair you can feature best of this style but with short hair, the style may look old-fashioned.

Spring look 

The bold style that you should be rocking this spring for a great look. Don’t ever try to make this in colorful hair because its the default hair trend for black hairs. Just put it organic for a natural look.

Braid Empire 

When Triangle Braids are assimilated with grey color then it can give you the unique kind of look, in short, no other style can match the degree of style that you will feature in this design. Moreover, it gives you elite vibes.

Round-Up and Triangle Down 

triangle braids

The round design at up and triangle shape featuring at down gove you multiple beauty looks with both design in harmony together for great style. Just choose the best triangle for you, rest depend on style.

Circular Spire 

When you move the spiral hair in circular design you automatically will create a kind of braid that looks more like Spanish updo. This design is among the must difficult Triangle Braids.

Crab Design  

Just like the outer body of crab this hairstyle also gives vibes of the black strand of hair moving in down trail direction and the design of triangle in the upper part of the head for ensuring standard arrangement.

Slick Design 

This productive hair design always marks the beginning of new braided style and the end of box braids. The Triangle Braids are also the offspring of the new design before we could rarely find such braids in the fashion world.

Shiny Black 

You usually don’t get a chance to see shiny black hair but whenever it shine the beauty of light will illuminate for black hair. That’s why many people regard black as the best color for hair and avoid other contamination.

Sexy Triangle Style 

Triangles can sometimes be sexier than you have actually imagined- just try triangle sometime in your black hair and see how many eyes will be lured by your wonderful look.

Light Design Hair 

The light design hair especially those of sun-kissed color shin bright than other polished hair. Similarly, the light hair also looks beautiful as it often has color combination engraved in its default design.

Summer look 

If you are looking for light summer look this year, you can’t go wrong in blue hues style. It will give you light as well as color effect at the same time. Similarly, you can also modify by changing the color to red or probably grey for a new look.

Bridal Huge 

If you are going as bride friend then every eye will be targeted you, amid such context you need to have the stunning design to give justice for those eyes attracted to you. So without thinking more just go for this fabulous look.

Blond Black Fall 

The blonde black is always difficult to manage with color, it requires extra attention and also more care regarding the knots.

Pearl Down Coil 

This style really stands tall among others because of its coiled look and many other colors can also be added in this Triangle Braids. You are sure to love this design because of the color and combination of hair with facial vibes.

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Fabolous Triangle Braids

The triangle braid is always difficult when it is tight and most of the other braids remain loose in comparison to this design. Anyway, the loose looks less attractive and tight become more difficult to undo at last.

Fishtail Braid Triangle 

If you are looking for more summer look then we suggest you scroll up as we have already given more and more summer design hairs. The hairstyle you are looking for is the best option for winter, you need not to undo it for more than weeks and you can always remain beautiful with the same look.

Updo Small Twing 

It is difficult to understand the swing feature of any braid because the feature is the creative work of the artistic hand. If you can manage to slow down youtube video tutorial and see it carefully how the hands move. If you once learn the step you can always make this design by yourself.

Styling Option 

There are different options available for best styles and more of the unique looks can be featured in triangle tan box braids. The box braid was just the beginning phase and what we are seeing today is a much-evolved version.

Flower Bun triangle braids

No other look is better than the bun of hair shaped like the flower. If you have that style in any white kid’s head then the heaven itself will shake before the beauty. The kind of sublime feeling comes from this round braid look is very addictive to feel.

Add some Light 

Another kind of simple braid that you can wear with some light color. The great style with multiple tones in it – just get ready for this look with blue color and black spiral downfall. You can even try this look in college prom night.

Game of Star 

This style actually reminds the star game that is played with stones. In same was as shone in the picture the stars are arranged in the ground like it is arranged in the head. Such arrangements would make wonderful look out of this design.

Wave Hair Idea 

Haven’t you ever dreamed to look different than others? then this post is for you. You just need one video tutorial and hair dryer for the smoothy look- follow the steps shown in tutorials and act accordingly without any mistake.

Convenient Bun Style 

The convenient bun can actually make you look tall among your friends in college. A great style that is simple hand steps and easy maintenance without much effort. You can keep this style for more than months without any side effects in hair.

Para hugs Light 

If you are looking for the best style to decorate your small child then go for this para huge braid. It is one among the misy stylish Triangle Braids of this year. But remember to put a cute ribbon at back- butterfly shape would look better.

Rough Up Style 

Thsi style doesn’t actually look beautiful but it is more different than other casual styles we have seen till now. These days unique is new sexy so fo you want to be sexy with a good figure then try this braid style and expose your inner attraction.

Snake-Up Braid Triangle 

The triangle like the snake is great for long hair as it will move from the front, circling the entire head in many rounds and gradually ascend upward with braid. If you are looking for the winter look, you better try this design as it is flexible and last longer. No need for extra maintenance.

Black Style Plain 

The plain black style is also among the best Triangle Braids for the summer look. Why not go for this design? They are sure to draw many eyes wherever you go. Try this once and you will be addicted to thsi look.

Grey-Black Hair 

It is not as difficult as it looks in the picture. You just need to follow simple hand steps- firstly make the spiral strand out of long hair, each strand should be made separately. The let all separate strands of hair fall together at the same pace.

Dark Triangle 

A fabulous style that makes perfect by the black hugs in polished form. The shade of light brown color has also added extra beauty to this Triangle Braids. You can make thsi style during your first date- the impression will last long.

Memorial Shade Style 

If you want to look more unique with the old design then turn around and make this design. You can get the modern look with old vibes in the design and also make the perfect impression on those who notice your hair in an analytical way.

Rough Updo 

Some Triangle Braids look best in a messy updo because of its rough design. The nature of such hair is more like herbs in the jungle, rare and sensitive but found only in dark corner bush.

Grey Falls 

The fall of strands with gray hair at up would make you more like a bun-bun downfall. You can feature this look in ramp walk competition- the victory will surely follow you.

Twisty Knots 

The twist at the corner of knots makes it look more unique than other styles. Just make sure that you have a professional designer to make this style.

Summer French   

Under the design of french braid, this style is popularly known as summer look that is easy and flexible to make.

Braid Horn 

The horn-like braids standing in the base of grey triangle shaped hair is the best attraction of this design.

Tough Look 

This is not so simple like other Triangle Braids but still, it can be done in some minutes if you have a skillful hand or take designer help for best.



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