27 Incredible hairstyle ideas for thin hair!


Hairstyle really is one of the most important factors comprising your overall looks. But sometimes our hair just does not agree with what we have in mind, doesn’t it? It’s more of a hassle when you have really thin hair. We know the struggle of wanting those thick luscious hair but we know that is not very easy to achieve. Especially given the pollution and damage our hair has to endure on a daily basis, not to mention the heat and chemicals we indulge our hair in every day.Some of us also have thin and sparse hair by heredity and we cannot help it. And sometimes our medical conditions lead us there. But whatever the reason, hair fall and thin hair has been troubling us ladies for a long time until now.

But just so you know, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Those hair goals that you have, you can have that volume in your hair given the right style. We have tried and worked out a list of hairstyle that looks amazing and absolutely gorgeous even when you have thin hair volume. And we are here to show you how. Just follow us through the gallery of hairstyles that are easy to do and will help stylize your thin hair into styles that look absolutely glam and fabulous! Bring out your inner goddess and be the beautiful princess that you deserve to be!

1. High-End Ponytail
The perfect and the easiest way to stylize your thin hair is to just tie it into a high ponytail. It looks chic and the ponytail helps to hide the fact that you, in fact, have less volume in your hair. This straightened out ponytail looks absolutely gorgeous as you can see here.

2. Taylor Curls

If you have length but less volume in your hair, go for this Taylor Swift inspired loose curls. Curls are always the best solution when adding extra volume to your hair. You cannot even tell the difference!

3. Pixie in Layers

If the length is not for you how about these short layered pixie? It works great with thinner hair as too much thickness creates the illusion of a bigger head which we obviously don’t want, do we? Perfect and easy to do this pixie will be your go to after you don it once, we can vouch for that.

4. Pinkish Platinum

If you are looking for more volume this layered work is perfect. The layers create this mesmerizing silhouette of the volumized and thick hair. The shorter length makes the hair look even more thick and luscious.

5. Blond Revive

Another tip that we can give you is that, if you have thin hair, go for lighter shades just like this platinum blonde. It gives the illusion of thickness and extra volume in your hair. Shorter hair looks better if you have thin hair.

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6. Wave Ready

For thinner hair, be sure to try out this great way to work with your hair. The simplistic beachy curls look absolutely gorgeous given the thin volume of your hair. The waves highlight the thin strands and turn it into stunning thick layers changing the texture and volume of your hair.

7. Bangs and Blonde

With longer hair, why not try out this chic looking bangs to go with your hairstyle to add that extra glam? Don’t go out all sharp on the edges and create more volume with straight blunt cuts. Experiment and go for the one that works the best for you.

8. Poufs and Ponys

The best way to accentuate that volume in your hair, go Snooki and pouf it out. Here is a perfect example of how the pouf works and why you should probably start including it in your hairstyle routine. Easy to do and with stunning end results, try it out now!

9. Simplistic Pouf

Another look at how a simple pouf can work it all out, here you can see the difference that the simple change has made. Add the light shade in your hair and textures with layers and you are set to go wherever and whenerver. Complete the look adding simple natural looking make-uo and you will be looking fresh and stylish.

10. Curly Craze

Like we have already mentioned above, another full-proof way to get the illusion of thicker and more volumized hair is to go curly. The curls not only creates the illusion of a more thick texture, it also looks absolutely stunning. So why not go curly today? Bring out the inner diva in you and make it happen today.

11. Big & Bold

I am talking about the curls, big and bold. To go with your confident personality, why hold out with your hairstyle? These huge loose curls are the way to go if you have long but thin hair. The face framing curls and the edgy bangs on front makes you look confident and aware. Be the fashionista you deserve to be and don this hairdo immediately!

12. Darker Roots

It is the universal rule that darker roots with lighter hair are the solution for thicker hair density. Here you can see the perfect example of this. The increased density with loose beach waves makes your hair look extra thick and stylish. Even on a casual or a formal event, you will be the one to stop the show with your ultra fine looking hair!

13. 90’s Bob

When following your favorite celebrity, you should definitely not miss out the style queen, Victoria Beckham. For her, simple is chic and best. Her take on her thin hair is this simple straight bob and it looks absolutely stunning on her! Bring out the 90’s back because this chic bob cut looks fresh out of 2017.

14. Choppy Layers

The darker roots and lighter hair gives the extra depth and the choppy layers accentuate it further. You can see that the combination of these two works pretty great with short length. Bold and edgy you can add more layers with sharp defined edges and it will look even great with this hairdo! Try it out and we are sure you will absolutely fall in love with this!

15. Pointy Ends

When working with thinner hair, try and get more layers and blunt edges. They work great together and creates this perfect hairstyle on the go for thinner hair. As you can see with thinner ends, pointy or blunt edges work best!

16. Blow Dry Waves

For more density in your hair, try creating perfectly arranged waves. The fringes on the sides that accentuate the face help create more depth and the lighter shades of the hair work in sync. The beautiful face-framing layers and bangs add the extra divalicious glam in you. Try this out today and never go back!

17. Bold and Beautiful

When in doubt, you the sure fire way to rock those thin hair, with curls of course. Your long strands will get the attention it deserves when you put it into these natural wavy curls. Highlights and with lighter shades increases the missing depth and density and you will absolutely fall in love with this hairstyle once you don them.

18. Edgy Bang with a Bob

For anyone looking for a hairstyle to try out this summer, why not go for this platinum blonde hairdo with the pretty bangs in front and short hair on the back? Perfect for any occasions casual or formal, you will be the showstopper after you don this hairdo.

19. Tay Tay 

Anyone who follows the country singer Taylor Swift knows that she looks flawless every time she steps on that red carpet. And if you are one to follow her, why not try out this simplistic braids through the sides? Effortless and gorgeous, this hairdo is the perfect solution for your thin hair.

20. Auburn Bob

This straight edged bob looks absolutely dazzling with the dark auburn shade. You can see how effortless and yet timeless this hairdo looks. The shade works out the perfect definition and the length work out the blend of depth. Don on this hairdo and we swear that you will never want to even look back to the past.

21. Timeless Curls

You can see that the light shade works best with naturally thin hair. Here is an example of how versatile your hair can be with this shade as well as this hairstyle. Creating the illuminating effect with the color, and length, this pretty curly hairdo is what you have been dreaming about until now. Bring out the Hollywood in you and rock this hairdo now!

22. Bridal Best

If you already have a naturally light and thin hair, why not go for this alluring hairdo to steal the spotlight. Working with waves and layers, this hairdo makes your hair build more volume and glam. Curled up and tied into a perfectly place bun, the added accessories not only beautifies it but it also makes the whole look complete and gorgeous.

23. Ash Blonde Wedge

While thinking of shorter length hair, try out this ash blonde wedge hairdo as well. Chic and easily maintained, this hairdo will make you fall in love with it after you don it once. Bring out the boldness in you with this edgy and bold wedge hairdo.

24. Fancy Loose Curls

If you love your hair and do not want to cut it off, your thin hair will look perfect with loose curls at the end. Easy and effortless to do, your thin hair texture makes this look even more perfect. The loose curls on the ends accentuates the hair volume and makes it look less thinner.

25. Wavy Bob

When working with bob, why just go for straight ones? For the added volume and depth on your hair try blowouts and waves to go with your short length. This absolutely stunning hairdo works perfectly when you have thin hair making it look thicker and more volumized.

26. Huge Waves

Another way to work with curls is to go for this natural looking huge beach waves. Be the absolute stunner in any crowd with this edgy yet casual looking hairdo and you will win over hearts of many.

27. Curly Pony

When curled why not get the best out of it and make it into this edgy yet classy looking ponytail. Perfect for your day at the office or any formal day out, you can clearly see the impact this hairdo has for you. The universal solution for thin hair being the curls, this makes up for the hairdo and hairgoals you have been craving for all these years.

27. Poufed Ponytail
This high end ponytail looks fresh and appalling with the rough edges at the bottom. Added the extra feature with tha bangs and pouf on top, this is the absolute faviorites that we have so far. Rock this hairstyle wherever and whenever, you will still be the star of ’em all.

With thinner hairs, you can work out a lot of different hairdo and what we have presented you with is just a glimpse at that. Try out different products and find out what works best for you. Make sure not to harm your hair with harsh chemicals or extreme heat. Experiment with hairstyles and find out your perfect one. Don’t limit yourself to just one look, be bold and make sure to try out each and every one in the gallery. Until you grow back your hair into longer and more thicker volume, try these hairdo’s out. Perfect for your thin hair to make it look more glam and more divalicious!


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