101 Elegant Taper Fade Haircut For Men


The Taper fade hairstyles usually feature long hair at the top and the downsides and back are trimmed for suiting look. The down hair gets thinner as it slops downwards and tends to show the layer of skin. The perfect fade appears very slender and neat without any mess on the edge.  Macho perfection is the core of taper fade haircut. It’s such kind of haircut that doesn’t require much maintenance and with minimum care, you can rock the fades in your head. You can also change the design as per your face shape or style you desire, its flexible for little modification.

The taper fade haircut is especially for middle-length hair, which is somewhere between 2 or 4 inches long. It is possible in longer than that also but you may not look as stylish as in middle inched hair.

Because of following reason you should choose Taper fade haircut:

  • Low maintenance hour
  • Easy haircut for any kind of design
  • Can blend the cuts in your hair with style
  • It looks stunning with a beard making you real macho man
  • Make you look clean and tidy
  • Suits in all kind of white, black or grey face

As this is shorter hairstyle it gets shorter at down part, so it depends on you to decide if its right design for you or not. But don’t worry you can always modify the design and make it perfect as per your style taste.  The standard taper fade is similar to the classical cuts.  A taper design is usually made with scissors while a fade is all about the clipper work- not so long process. And you don’t need to worry about your skin tone; if you are white any design would suit you and if you are black; we have a collection of the best taper fade for you.

If you are fading up with the same old design and are planning to have a fresh organic look next year, then you should immediately add taper fade haircut in your bucket list. This haircut works best for all kind of face texture, form white American to black Afro look. Before you visit your local barber, make sure to check these designs that we have carefully picked for you.

Below are the collections of 95 best Taper fade haircuts for you:

Low Fade Style 


The low taper fade style is best for white skin and if you have the beard then you can feature the best design of this century. The main core of this hairstyle is a long wave at the top. In the down for the part, hair is cut very short for unique look and best style.

Up Taper Fade 

If you are getting ready for the first date then don’t get confused regarding your hairstyle. Just try this brilliant look and maintain your beard in the same tone. This haircut would give you wavy top, serving to increase your height a bit.

Short Fade Cut 

Don’t worry if you have short hair, we have the collection of taper fade design for short hair too. Actually, this style is best for short hair ranging from two to four inch long. It may not look good in long hair, so if you are the short-haired man, then this post is for you.

Frankly High Taper Fade 

The frank updo would give you best look even in taper fade haircut, Soon you would find that this style is classified in two ways; simple and sexy. If you have small eyes go for sexy cut- for big try down-fade and look more simple.

Curly Taper fade 

The little curl in your hair would not make you look simpler rather with designed cut the curls can be used in many ways; for shaping the design and for man-like updo in a stylish way.

Comb Over Haircut 

If you want to boost your attitude then this haircut is for you, you can even comb the upper strand of hair as per your choice and modify the down hair. And with the beard, you can really rock this taper fade.

Simple Taper 

It’s not that the taper fade always needs to be in some rocky style, sometime this hairstyle can also have simple ways to make a person look more professional in the office. This style is basically for those who want discipline in life.

Mark Style 

If you are looking for new hair design then we have this marked style for you. The mark like the line will decorate the middle side of your head and with the taper style, you will look more manly.

Afro Taper Fade 

This is how taper fade actually looks like, a messy hair with a nicely groomed beard and black skin tone. You can notice the thin cut hair at back part of the head and closer it neck and ear, the hair is almost invisible as clean shaved.

Messy Hair-cut 

The flat line just above the forehead signifies how accurately the design a are made. In other words, your new hairstyle can make you look more professional and tidy without any special care.

Curly Flat Cut

The taper fade in flat structure border looks very unique as if the new design has just been introduced. If you are a man who is not afraid to try new looks then just go for this haircut and rock the day.

Desert Cut  

If you have minimum hair in your head, you can go for the desert cut. This is among the most unique taper fade style that will decorate your deserted head in such a way that it looks like natural design.

Mohawk Style 

Your Mohawk style can give you a different personality and brings out the man inside you in your complexion. If you have naturally short hair then you are lucky- just don’t trim too deep.

African Curl Fade 

The large flower-like Buffon in the upper part of your head may confuse you regarding the style but be sure that short hair is the best texture for this design.

Wave Black Style 

While this haircut is similar to the updo example we mentioned earlier, it stands out than other styles. The wave-like structure of hair would give you new look than other. The final outcome would be neat and macho look.

Short Spire Down 

The taper fade hair can give the best look to immature face texture also, even for cute skin without beard this cut can give the relatively handsome look to any man.

Slender Wave Hair 

Have you noticed the players hair in the basketball game? The way they groom their hair is highly influenced by taper fade. It gives you a clean and fresh look that can make your day.

Short Pointed Hair 

Want an original touch in your hair? Think about mixing the fade with the short pointed strand of hair. In fact, the taper fade suits best in colorful highlighted hair, such will bring out best out of you.

 Flux Design Fade 

You have already seen how the haircuts look with Curley and heavy style, now here we present the fade natural mess hair- this is among the rarest hair you can find in any head.

Default African 

The default African hairstyle is always stylish and since many centuries this has existed in South African societies. When there was no fashion of hair, those time also this haircut was there because of its natural look.

Short Bleach Taper

If you prefer keeping more hair then don’t go for this style, this haircut is for those who like to keep short and feature beard in the unique design. The subtle beard will draw the attention of every romantic eye.

Undercut Taper Fade 

Planning to go for friend gathering- you need to get this haircut for giving surprise to your friends. Make your friend envy your look with this unique design haircut. Just get it right.

Afro-Curl Hair 

This is possibly one of the simple haircuts for any man, if you have even minimum amount of bread in chin then you can make the best design with shirt cut hair.

Long Lock Hair

The side lock is one element to decorate your hairstyle, if you have colorful hair then you can go for the long cut and keep the updo in a slender way. Just get the right dress- that could suit your beard and hair.

Grey Shade Hair 

The grey hair is more on trend these days unless you encounter any black hair model you would keep on loving this grey hair. You can also consider this idea if you have red hair.

Mango Design 

The twinkling top in left ear looks great with taper fade, you may have noticed many models in same facial complexion. Don’t get tensed about the style, it is not as difficult as it looks.

Back Flow Hair 

Every Friday when you go for the movie, have you noticed the group of last bencher audience? the way they feature crazy looks- you can also have a similar haircut but in a gentle way. For more classic hairstyles, scroll down.

Liner Design Cut 

It is not surprising why this taper fade is so popular among fashion lover. The combination between the shaved portion of hair and flux updo is remarkable. If you want a similar haircut, get ready to keep long hair.

Small Taper Fade 

This haircut is inspired by the choice of summer design but you can have it during winter also, the season doesn’t really matter on your hairstyle. It’s just about traditional fashion ideas- you can create your own fashion sense.

Decco-Hair for Thick 

This haircut features step cut; at the top portion you need to make long hair then slightly move down with the minimum haircut and in the lower part the hair needs to be as short as the beard. With this very simple step, you can attain great hair design.

Up-Lock Style 

While talking about this lock, here is another best haircut option for men with beard. The fading is slow and the upper hair gradually moves down from the back for the gentle look. Don’t hesitate to make the low cut because it’s the organic design.

High Slide Fade Down 

Did you notice our earlier post where we talk about different lines in the haircut, Well this post again prove our design sense? Just like the Hollywood star you can also make a similar charming look.

Proto Vibe Style 

If you don’t want the down part of your hair, then get ready for this style. You can consider getting this kind of short hair on the downside and the long hair at the top remain same. In short, the best option for your hair design.

Coil Hair Fade 

Another good point of having taper fade is that you can also feature layer hair with the thick part at up and trimmed down part. And if you want to modify the design then you can keep the long hair as it is. This is the best style for a middle-aged man.

Taper Fade Throne

If you want overall good look then go for this design, the blossom suit best for girls but for men you need to have throne hair. The thrones in your hair gove you macho look and give the best look possible.

White Magic Tape 

Some men prefer stud hairstyle for their look, if you are among those people then this haircut is for you. As the name suggests the middle part of your hair need a white highlight, then rest design will be done by the haircut.

Afro- Spiral Coil 

Even the local barber in your city can make this style in the easiest way possible. It needs no polished design, just a little creative cut and you can get the best hair design in your head. Any creative hand can make this design in ease.

Best Taper Fade 

Get ready for the best Taper fade design that can decorate your hair in such a beautiful way that you would look like the on-screen character.

Combed Curl

When you comb the curly hair you would automatically add stunning look in your hair. You can have this hair in casual days.

Wedding Style 

If you are getting ready to be the best man at your friend wedding then this style is for you.

Spike Hair 

This is the most simple hair design, in this haircut your beard function more than your hair. So if you are clean shaved then don’t go for this hairstyle.

U Shape Design 

Here is the photo of taper fade style and you will exactly look same as you follow the steps in the right way.  Just don’t forgot to trim the beard.

Dapper Hair Style 

If you are thinking about this type of styling, we suggest you go for down cut hair and make the same design as featured in this photo. But the high hair may not look as expected.

90s Taper Fade 

If you are fond of 90s design then you must try this hair design. This style is based on stud fashion, especially the trend of style keep changing with time.

Curl With Beard 

The curl with the beard is the best design any man can have in the party. When you are wearing a professional outfit this curl suit you better. This style is evidence that some trends never fade.

White Circle

Make a small circle in your head with some strand of hair and trim the down part as alway in taper fade style. It would be best for new look and trending fashion too.

Ant Hair Bun 

The small bun like ant roaming around the hair is the best design for an afro-black look. And the downslide beard would add more stunning look in this haircut.

Buzz-Cut Fade 

The Buzz hair is often paired with the beard and well groomed back hair. But still, you need to keep small sized beard and mustache also play a great role to keep up the design.

Black-Haircut Style 

If you are trying to feature this hyper-up hair, go for it. But you need to have the courage for taking this step and rock style in your own way.

Slicked Updo Hair 

Have you ever been inspired by “The Godfather” hairstyle, if yes then now it’s the time to have the same design in your head? With very minimum effort, you can be the self-made godfather.

Fresh Cut Alex 

The fresh cut hair in its peak can give you one straightforward look, it is most common among today’s youth and moreover, in the football game, you can see the players featuring the same design.

Side Cut Curl 

To add a fresh vibe in your new look then you can follow the steps to make this design, combined fader with afro black style.

Updo Vines 

Don’t ever hesitate to try new looks for achieving best design, with the changed look you can get changed vibes.

Blend Curl 

The blended hair combined with taper fade will make you remember your childhood days, just try this without hesitation.

Afro-Spire Curl

It looks as if this is only the best design for African look but you can try this look in another textured face also. Not just blackface.

Back Bun Hair

For this modern rock and roll look, you need short hair and white face for the best result. Remember to have a small beard.

Rope Hair Design 

It’s not about hair or beard, this design suit best in long nose. You need to consider your face texture more than the style of hair.

Crew Cut With Taper Fade 

The taper fade appears to be best in any form, be it for black face or white face, it’s charm look same in any texture.

Back-Buffon Taper 

This is a bit feminine look but with a long beard, you will appear more manly than before. Be the man with female aura.

Dope Haircut 

This hairstyle is usually the default choice of music lovers, you can try this hair for an effortless look.

Small Cute Design 

The small haircut is part of professional hair design, and you can feature this hair for your first job interview.

Textured Wave Hair 

Among the best hair ideas, this is the easiest one that you can do at any context, ranging from your birthday party to outing trip- this style will serve you.

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Top Throne Style 

Any hairstyle can be taken to the next version of improvement by modifying it in a different way as done with this look.

Adour Taper Fade 

It is not different than other fading hairstyles as long as you keep long updo and trim short the down parts.

Flat Afro-Design 

This flat afro design grows naturally as it has not many specific layers and can be achieved easily.

Thin-Curl Curve 

Make your hair like the curve and keep it long, but not too longer than four inches. This way your design can last for more time.

Double Trim 

For this design, you need to once trim with the trimmer and then with scissors, the double cut will give you new look like this.

Pompadour Fade 

If you have cute cheeks with no beard, then this style is for you. Get ready for the new look.

Round Head Afro

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is for the round head African face. So if you are round and afro looks, then seek for a similar style.

Dawn-fade Hair  

If you are younger than twenty-four then you can have this style and remember to engrave some tattoo, it suits your style.

Half-Bade Hair 

Even the short beard in chin goes well with this hair design, you can always look stunning in the sad mood too.

Hair on Rock 

You need to shape the edge of your beard to suit this look hair.

Black Taper Fade 

This fade style can be tried during summer and best for a black look.

Undercut Pro-Style 

While some people like rocking big hair other prefer such professional styles.

Simple Taper fade 

The simpler you be, the better you look. This hairstyle can make you simple in a better way.

Undercut Afro

This Afro-undercut is not just for African look, even the European face can rock this.

Short-Down Simple Design

If you have short hair, we encourage you to try this look for the better style.

Porcupine Hair 

This hairstyle will make you look as of you are carrying porcupine in the head.

Falt Cotton 

Though the hair is in cotton shape, its arranged in such tidy way like flat ground.

Silky Updo 

Don’t think more for this, it’s the best way you can have simple and stylish hair.

Left-Turn Spire 

Sometimes you need to make the one-sided turn of hair for great style sense.

Taper Fade Spong 

Either make a low cut or with high updo also you can make this hair design in a few minutes.


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