53 Strawberry Blonde Hair At Its Best


Strawberry isn’t just the favorite fruit anymore. We girls love the flavor so much that we want it everywhere; in ice creams, champagnes and even in our gold jewelry. Why stop at the flavor?

The color seems to be so much in demand for outfits and even our hair. Yes, strawberry blonde hair is the trend of the season. Strawberry Blonde is a warm reddish blonde hue that looks even better with a few variations.

Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johannsen to name a few have flaunted their strawberry blonde hair. From beige to natural neutral tone with a pinkish hue to reddish shades, strawberry blondes has many variations from which you can choose.

Will strawberry blonde color work for me?

Strawberry blonde will not be the best for everyone to be honest. These tones don’t occur naturally but seem to go very well with pale skin and freckles.

The perfect strawberry blonde is more flattering for women with fair skinned tones.

But good news loves.

Well… Times have changed.

Today with the help of professional colorist and hair dyes we can get any color we want. So we can get strawberry shades with a neutral tone or even a bit cooler tones like beige.

For the natural dishwater blondes, you can always opt for beige tones.
For dark skin beauties with dark hair and dark/bright eyes, more colored versions of strawberry blonde work best for you. The lighter shades of strawberry blonde can give you a ‘washed out’ look.

We have picked out our favorite variations of strawberry blonde color for you. Be the popular girl in town.

It is 2017 yo!

1. Red Bob

Want a little variation for your bob haircut? Mix up a little bit of blonde and red for a beautiful look. You can see how perfectly the red and golden streaks blend.

The flattering shoulder length haircut seems to show its best version with this blend of red and golden streaks.

2. Waves for Your Blonde

Strawberry blondes go perfectly with brown tones as well. For those girls there, who don’t want to go for too much fire and brightness for your hair, adding a bit of this warmth hue for your redness would be amazing.

The waves for another shoulder length haircut go so well with the red shade of the blonde.

3. Black and Red

If you want to get the taste of both dark and light hair color in the same look, go for this look. You don’t need long hair to play with both the hues. Have the best of the both world with your short haircut.

Keep your bases dark, maybe black and let the rest of your hair flow with beautiful reddish blonde tint. A low maintenance look for girls who don’t have much time to give to their hair.

4. Shiny and Natural

For your beautiful long locks, add some golden highlights around the face. Give yourself a natural look with reddish brown hair and add dimensions with the gold.

The dimensions bring out the features of your face.

5. Blonde and Red

You want another look to play with the colors red and blonde? For that keep your bases red, gradually move on to blonde and for a subtle ombre effect keep your ends brown.

A soft look, for all the darlings. Don’t forget to put on your dark lipstick for the perfect finish.

6. Lustrous Red

You don’t need a stunning color for a bold look. Get a luxurious look with a bright strawberry blonde color.

You never know you may be asked to do a shampoo advertisement. (winky face)

7. Chop Chop Red

Want a funky look? Go for the shaggy bob cut with long bangs. To add to that funkiness, use the strawberry color with a hint of orange tint.

The straight and waves combination in a short haircut are one of my favorites.

8. Love

Want a lovely hairdo? You can start with a light red color at the roots and gradually shift to light strawberry shades.

This hair color gives a beautiful ombre effect. We all love ombre effect, don’t we?

9. Extreme Love for Pink

This look shows immense love for pink shade. If you want to show commitment for the pink hue, look no further.

There is a blend of orange and red that gets lighter in the ends. A hot and lovely vibe, isn’t it?

10. Retro for your Red

For a classy look, give your hair angled waves.

These waves provide you with a retro look which goes amazingly well with strawberry blonde color.


11. Brown, Pink & Cream

Her pink skin tone compliments her brown based cream hair. The addition of pink highlights just brings out the best of it.

The creamy ends and dark base, voila an ombre effect that we all love.

12. Feathers

Feather haircut is beautiful. To make it more elegant, you can add pink highlights. The dark base color with pink highlights all around, the lighter feathers give a stunning look.

13. Layered up Red

Straight hair with long layers is amazing!

This hairstyle flatter any face. With these long layers, guess what goes perfectly? Soft strawberry hair color, of course. Darker base, lighter ends, you can go  for ombre look that has a new natural tone to it.

14. Peek-a-boo Purple

This hairstyle is my personal favorite. Make your base color golden strawberry, add some twists to your twists with purplish pink highlights.


15. Copper Red

Adding a copper tone to your red hair color can flatter your bronze skin tone.

These hair colors are for women with green eyes. And for the cherry on the cake, curls!

16. On The Side

Not all the hair colorist can help you achieve this look. You can see how amazingly the pink hue mixes up with the strawberry blonde base.

This type of coloring is mastery of the coloring arts.

17. Beachy Look

This hairstyle and color can be a hit at the beach or the school.

The brownish waves with strawberry blonde highlights are a perfect combination for young girls.

18.  Middle Parted Pink

For a very sexy look, middle part your hair. Add to it with pinkish hues, a perfect combination loves!

19. Sunny Side Up

Want to make people’s head turn? Pick a bright sunny color for your short haircut. The haircut is so trendy and dominant.

The color seems to take the haircut to a whole new level.

20. So many highlights!

Want an excellent way to maintain a neutral look by playing with many highlights? Look no further, loves. Try this one!

21.  Oh So Blonde!

The classic blonde look is incredible. For a simple and eased up look, you can pick this hair color.

A low maintenance look that doesn’t have a lot of work done on it.

22. Pop!

Light strawberry blonde streaks can pop out your darker natural color. The curls at the tips of the hair accentuate the colors.

This hair color is a play of dark, medium and light colors.

23. Orange & Long

You can always play with orange and pink color for a bright, fresh look. The long wavy colors are all our favorites.

24. Shiny Pink

An elegant hairdo with shiny pink colored hair always looks gracious. I am in love with this look. I would add a dark lipstick to this look.

25. Swirled Red

Swirl up your warm red hued hair. Wear this hairdo with your evening gown and your finest jewelry.

Grace the event with your gorgeous hair.

26. Mix them up!

If you love darker shades and want to try lighter shades for a change, go for this look.

Break your darker shades with strawberry blonde tones.

27.  Tan and Strawberries

This warmth of reddish blonde is perfect for dark skin beauties. The straight hair is accentuated with reddish blonde color.

28.  Sunset

Want a beautiful shade of strawberry blonde? This shade of strawberry blonde looks like the setting sun.

29.  Simple and Pink

This pink hue can give you a very cute and straightforward look. Maybe, bangs? A ponytail can never go wrong.

30.  Bright and Deep

For more radiant look, you can completely color your hair dark red. The wavy and layered hair cut looks amazing with dark red color.

31.  Layered Red

Add a splash of redness to your layers. It can bring a remarkable change to your look. Tuck in your hair behind the ear for an elegant look.

32.  Not So Much for Red

Choose a subtle red color for your hair. If you are not so much for red, just want the reddish effects, you can do this.

33. Gorgeous Red

Damn! She is pretty. Her eyes! The red hair color seems to bring out the beautiful eye color and skin tone.

34. Another Neutral

A dirty blonde is a shade you can pick from neutral hues of strawberry blonde. This neutral hue brings out your gorgeous eyes. Bangs, we all love them, don’t we?

35. Almost to the Red

If you want to become a complete redhead, go for a darker shade, but this can give you a red hair look if you want to keep it a bit neutral.

36. Ice Red

To make a new look, keep your bases white and darken your ends. Add some strawberry highlights to it.

A reverse ombre effect at one of its best. A reddish frozen effect.

37. Classy

Another look to try if your want to mix up blonde and strawberry shades. You can also add some brownish hues for a fresher look.

38. Blonde & Straw-berries

Strawberry color is for light skin. Curl up your locks and damn girl! Put on a bright lipstick to finish the look.

39. Double Toned

For the blondes, who want to add something to fancy up your look, all you have to do is get strawberry blonde hair color with golden shades around the face.

40. Nice & Soft

Stick to the reddish hues with the thinner ends for a nice look. Waves are just amazing, aren’t they?

41. Striking Red

Why don’t you choose a new level of strawberry blonde? Play with the reddish hues for a striking look.

42. Natural and Neutral

Neutral tones allow you to keep a natural look if you don’t want to spice up your look too much.

A neutral shade lipstick goes perfectly with neutral hair color.

43. Bun And Red

A very straightforward and classic look, isn’t it?  A combination of blonde and red with a bun for the style is the way to go!

44. Light All The Way


This hue is not for dark skin. For light effect, use this shade of strawberry. This goes perfectly for fair skinned beauties and freckles.

45. High for Red

For dark skinned girls, the dark side of strawberry blonde is perfect. Want to transform yourself into a redhead? Try it!

46. Pretty

For green eyed beauties, reddish hue can bring out the best in you. Simply smile and get ready to take on the world.

47. Spring

This is such a spring look. The amazing hairstyle with a pink dress- A+
This hair color is another example of sticking with neutral shades.

48. Power

I love this hairstyle. Such styles give you an incredible dominant look for the girls who want to run the world.

The strawberry blonde color is cherry to the cake, my loves!

49. Orange

You can play with the orange tones of the strawberry blonde color. These orange tones give a copperish color which brings out a charm in your face.

50. Love for Neutrals

This color might not be that big of a change for natural blondes. A color for the fair skinned beauties.

51. Creamy Love

Strawberry color can go amazing with cream colored hair. For a more casual look, you can flaunt a messy braid as well.


‘ But I set fire to the rain
Watched it pour as I touched your face…’

Sing to Adele’s tunes with this fiery look. This hair color can go with any skin tone.

53. Light and Sleek

We all loved Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever, didn’t we? But we love her more in her strawberry blonde hair color.

Nicole Kidman here manages to pull off strawberry hair color with such ease. Her skin tone compliments the pink tone.

Choose the best strawberry blonde shade for you and red up this season of your life.


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