56 Stacked Bob Hairstyle for the Style Year 2021

Whether short or long, stacked bob hairstyle always looks good!


Stacked Bob is the haircut that seems to be the talk of the town this year. Whether you decide to go for long, short, super short or the one with the bangs, it will not go wrong, trust me.
This limitless hairstyle, stacked bob or graduated bob, is a trick to use layers to give full-bodied, rounded shape hairstyle. Although, it gained its popularity back in the 60’s, what is keeping it so trendy till date is its magic. Having no bad hair days is no less than magic, right ladies?
Why don’t we see if it is true?

1. Highlight & Layer

All of us are not blessed with thick and lustrous hair.
So naturally, thin hair problems.
Here comes stacked bob to rescue. It adds so much of volume. To add more depth and texture, make use of highlights.

2. Blonde & Strong

Keep it blonde and just almost-shoulder length long. (:-D)
Beautiful deep blonde hair color gives this stacked bob hairstyle the chic that cannot be matched by any other hairdo. This hairstyle can go from a stylish office do to the trendy clubbing style.

3. High ‘End’

Adding high volume on the parietal region of your head gives you the most excellent effect! You can straighten the rest of your hair to draw more attention to the size. This updo is for the ones who want to go bold every day.

4. Brightened Stacked Bob

Brighten up your hairstyle with some fun highlights. Short stacked bob hairstyle with some side bangs at the front has all the dimension you need.

5. Short Stacked Bob

Tan your hair and get yourself some short stacked bob. This is THE hairstyle for thin hair!

6. Curl up and Stack up

Don’t worry you curly haired beauties; I have not forgotten about you. You can see yourself how curls look so gorgeous in the bob. The asymmetricity is adding an oomph to the entire look. The side bangs, well, are the perfect cherry on the cake. Curls and bob another solution for thin hair problems.

7.Purple Bob

If you have the undying love for purple as I do, then it is time for you to use the hue for your already cool short stacked bob. Another haircut for the thin hair, bob hairstyle is easy to manage and has limitless variations.

8. Brown & Blonde

The A-line cut with the mixture of dark and light blondes looks fantastic! Slightly waved hairstyle, this short stacked bob is one of my personal favorites.

9. Best of Both

Can’t decide whether to choose either dark or light hue? Who said you have to? Have fun with both! Go for a majority of bright hues and splash some purple or you know vice versa. Of course, super short stacked bob is always neat.

10. Purple or Pink?

Asymmetric and waves are love. Love is always better with colors, so add some colors! Pink, purple, blue or green. Any which way, finish this super short stacked bob with bangs.

11. Dark Chocolate or White?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you found a big chunk of dark chocolate in the middle of your white chocolate bar? That would be a treat. So, give your hair that treats and be the talk of the town.

12. Iconic

This look to me is iconic. The super short asymmetrical bob hairstyle looks perfect with grey hues. The dark eye makeup looks ‘WOW’ with the haircut. Add some contour to your face and walk with style.

  13. Kris Jenner Look

This hairstyle reminds me of Kris Jenner a lot. Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot deny them, Kardashians are this generation’s famous family. They are known for their sense of style, and this hairstyle is so the mom of the clan. Opt for it!

14. On Point

The hairstyle is so on point, and I mean literally! The stacked bob hairstyle is put in such a way that it looks like it is all directed to one end. A new way to style stacked bob hairstyle. I wasn’t lying about the limitless variations.

15. Bouncy and Fluffy

If you are blessed with straight and voluminous hair, you can use stacked bob hairstyle for creating a fluffy effect on your hair. This look is fantastic for office and makes you look super cute every minute.

16. Bad Photo? Good hair!

It would be great if your hair looks drop-dead gorgeous even in a bad quality photo. I mean look at it! Look at how this hairstyle with die-for layers looks terrific!

17. Next Up!

The next hairstyle that I know you will want to try is the short stacked bob hairstyle. Pay a visit to the salon, add some layers and make sure you Snapchat and Instagram this look.

18. Keep It Simple, Silly!

I have said it, keep it simple, girl! Another short stacked bob hairstyle that has minimal layers. Simple side bangs with a hint of layer complete this look. Rock this style and get yourself a makeover. Sometimes the easiest of the techniques make the new trend.

19. Side Swept

Side sweep your short stacked bob hairstyle to add more volume to your hair. If you like a nice and a neat cut, go for simple bob hairstyle. Make sure you side sweep it and color your hair like it is a canvas. Maybe dye it any shade of the art.

20. Sunset Bob

If you have a warm undertone, you probably will go for bright and red colors like this. Super short bob hairstyle looks impressive with long locks at the front of the head.

21. Side Part

Side part your short stacked bob hairstyle. If you want you can go for a super quick funky look. One of the ways to spice up the look is by using highlights at the ends of your hair. Layer them up!

22. Simple

A simple short stacked bob hairstyle can get that extra look with dark hair color at the occipital region. This can save you money and make you look fantastic. Go for this stacked merely bob.

23. Red and Brown

Layered and stylish is what I would call this look. Once you get this short stacked bob hairstyle at the salon with the highlights, all you need to do is carry it off. Looking gorgeous with no effort is the dream.

24. Slightly Messed Up

The somewhat messed up look and super short stacked bob hairstyle look great with this bright brown hair color. The style has been kept to the minimal and does not require a lot of effort.

25. Combination for Perfection

Dark and light hues are the hair color combination of short stacked bob haircut. Messy look, the layers, and the A-line creates what the new look that you always wanted to try.
Bold and beautiful!

26. Rainbow!

If you love mixture, mix your curls and colors. You don’t need to decide on a single color, paint them all. Pink, green, blue, yellow and purple. This hairstyle is bound to make a lot of heads turn.

27. Lustrous Red

A short stacked bob hairstyle looks royal with the lustrous red hair color. This bob hairstyle does not have many layers but the hair color makes it look beautiful!
Again, simple and classic!

28. Red Highlights

Super straight hair only needs highlights and an A-line stacked bob hairstyle to look more than amazing! Add a hair snip on the side for some extra bulk or just let it flow as it is, it will not go wrong. College girls or high-school teenagers can save a lot of time with this hairstyle.

29.  Shades of Blonde

Use many shades of blonde on your long stacked bob haircut and keep it simple. This can be a perfect hairstyle for office and for the ones who don’t want much drama for their hair.

30. Straighten & Wave-en

The mixture of extended straight bangs and short voluminous creates a gorgeous stacked bob hairstyle. Add some streaks of color, maybe red and complete the perfect full look.

31. Dark and Light

Use the magic of dark and light colors to add dimension to the long stacked bob haircut. This color combination works to give you an entirely new look.

32. Brown Curls

This hair color has a beautiful golden touch to it.  Short stacked bob hairstyle can always look better with asymmetrical light curls. Keep the look messy for the perfect effect.

33. Side Bangs

This is the haircut for thin hair. This hairstyle doesn’t have much done to it but still looks impressive. The layers are its magic. Highlights complete the look!

34. Black and Stacked

If you have super straight and thin hair, you can go for this simple short stacked bob haircut. Simple and classic, you can add some bluish hues if you want some fun.

35. Perfect Office Look

I know I hadn’t described the stacked bob hairstyle as an office hairstyle. I wouldn’t let you complain! Combination of long side bangs with full up layers at the back is terrific. Use different hair colors to add more texture and drama.

36. Purple Splash

If you love the ash hair color, just get it! While you are at the salon, why don’t you go for the A-line stacked bob haircut? And if you are up for it maybe add a splash of color!

37. Curly & Bobby

Plain black hair can have a lot of texture and dimension with lovely curls. This is a super short stacked bob hairstyle, that looks funky and sexy at the same time.

38. Love for Blue

If you love blue or shades of blue, go for this bold, dramatic look. The other streaks of blonde and blue with a splash of purple at the front adds drama to the short stacked bob hairstyle.

39. Curls and Volume

If you like your hair color the way it is, have some fun with it. Go for some layers and super short stacked bob hairstyle. Curl them up!

40. Out of the Box

Okay, I am going, being honest, this hairstyle needs guts! This cannot be achieved by looking at somehow to cut stacked bob hairstyle. NO! Go to your salon and go for it if you want to do something wacky! Make sure you can pull it off.

41. Super Short Stacked Bob

A super short hairstyle with the kiss of playful colors looks fabulous. The messiness is what keeps the look vibrant and fresh. The hoops compliment the look perfectly. Use some gel and fingers everyday!

42. Strands of Gold

Get your hair a golden treatment by keeping the bob look with minimum layers and giving them highlights. This type of highlight is difficult to pull off, so before you try make sure you look great on it!

43. Ash Blonde

Everyone seems to want to pull off ash blonde hair color. So, if you are one of them use bob hairstyle to compliment it. Make sure you take a picture on a nice windy day, that makes your hair look perfect!

44. Some Long Some Short

Bob hairstyle allows you the variation of keep some part of your hair long and some short. Again, use bangs if you want. Bangs need to be according to your face cut. Do some research before you get yourself fringes. Color the hair as you like or bleach it to white.

45. Funk Purple

Use the power of asymmetricity, layers and super short bob hairstyle & draw them to one point. Remember pick your color according to your skin tone.

46. Spiky

Golden streaks and spikes look great with super short bob hairstyle. This is for the busy ones that have a lot on their plate and cannot handle the pressure to maintain your hair. Everyone wants to look fabulous! So, keep it short and spiky!

47. Highlight & High-light

Stacked bob hairstyle and highlights are perfect together. A match made in heaven. Choose the color that suits your skin tone and add color to your hairstyle.

48. Super Short Highlights

Use highlights to add dimension and texture to your super short stacked bob hairstyle. Even feather earrings will not go wrong with this look.

49. Blonde and Slightly Long

Bob hairstyle looks chic when kept simple. All you need to do is add some layers and colors. Side sweep it or part it in the middle.

50. Chocolate or Caramel?

Layers and colors, they can create magic! When you go for an asymmetrical stacked bob hairstyle, color your hair with two shades. Look at the all the layers with different colors. Another haircut for thin hair!

51. Damn!

This super-short pixie stacked bob is pure gold just like the hair color. To me, this is nothing less than perfect. This look is classic and sexy!

52. Part it!

Who believes in ‘Keep it simple, keep it classic’?
I do! I do!
The picture speaks for itself, right?

53. Steep & Stacked Bob

Bob hairstyles have its charm due to its layers. But if you are not a fan of layers, you can keep it to the minimum. This is a two-layered hairstyle, where the hair color is used to give the perfect dimension. The asymmetrical cut is pure beauty.

54. Shine Your Bob

Give yourself a rose gold hair treat. The slight waves of the hairstyle keep it simple and classic.

55. Funk It Up

Funk up your stacked bob hairstyle by keeping it short! The beauty of the bob hairstyle is that it can be pulled off by any age group with slight variations. Use your fingers to keep it messy.

56. Bluish White

The main highlight of this hairstyle is the color. The haircut is simple and perfect for thin hair. Keeping it blue and white, this hue creates a cooling effect to the already ideal hairstyle. The bangs are there to frame the face making this the haircut for thin hair.


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