64 Easy Sock Bun Hairstyles You Should Definitely Try


There are various types of hair bun which you can opt-out in day to day basis. Some may be classic updo bun where some may be a messy-chic bun. One of the all-time favorite hairstyles is sock bun hairstyles which never goes out of fashion. If you want a low maintenance hairstyle which you can have in a few minutes and which is equally chic and beautiful the sock bun hairstyles are the perfect hairstyles for you.

If nothing works in your hair or you are having a horrible hair day, then you can tie your bun in the sock style which is cute and formal at the same time. These hairstyles go well with the casual wear as well as with the formal wears. If you need a haircut which goes with every look and every outfit, then you should try the sock bun hairstyles.

Sock bun hairstyles are the feminine hairstyles which you can do in a few minutes and give you a professional look. You don’t have to waste much time, and this hairstyle doesn’t need more maintenance. You can create your version of this hairstyle where one hairstyle is sleek and well maintained which gives you a professional look.

Where the other hairstyle can be in the form of messy which goes well with the casual wears. If you don’t have much idea in hair styling then also you can create your style as it is easy and straightforward.

How To Do A Sock Bun Hairstyles?

Step 1: The first step is to prepare for the sock where you can use your old socks to make a bun, or you can roll those socks to make a donut on the hair. You have to care about the band of socks as it should be tight to hold the updo hair.

Step 2: Make your hair into a ponytail and brush the strands of hair to make sure it is smooth.

Step 3: After preparation of the ponytail you can hold the ponytail upward and pull it towards the donut. Then tuck the ponytail inside the donut and wrap it around.

Step 4: Now we should make sure to wrap the donut properly with the hair so that the socks won’t show up. You have to wrap the hair on the bun evenly and try to cover the socks.

Step 5: After covering the socks you can use a hairband or the bobby pins if necessary to manage the loose ends.

Round Braided Sock Bun

It is the usual sock bun where the donut is from the socks and hairs are there to cover the updo in a polished manner. The twist to the usual hairstyle is the round braiding. The twisty braid gives you a fun and chic look which you can carry to different events and functions.

sock-bun-with -tutorials

Black Simple Sock Bun

It is the simple sock bun in the black hair which is relaxed and casual. The sock bun hairstyles go well with your formal outfit as well as a casual outfit which will help you to steal away the limelight from the crowd.

Twisty Hair

Similar to the round braided socks bun this twisty hairstyle provides some twist and fin to the entire look. The hair is not braided but wrapped with each other which provides the casual look to your hair and make it stand among the crowd. The picture below shows the 17 steps where you can create the twisty donut style and rock the hairstyle.

Messy Socks Bun

Sometimes it is good to be messy and to have messy hair. It goes well with the casual outfit and gives you a fresh look. You can also create side swept bangs with this hairstyle which will help to frame your hair and give you a beautiful style.

Folded Updo On Golden Blonde Hair

The main limelight of this look is the golden blonde hair with the light brown highlights in the strands of the nose. For this look, you have to combine all your hair and make it in the shape of a sock bun and lock it with the help of bobby pins which helps you to create a beautiful updo.

Casual Updo With Braid

It is a casual top bun style which you can use in your day to day activities. It is a messy hairdo which provides you with a fun and crazy elements. You want to change your hair for day to day school or college then it is one of the ideal styles. The tiny braids in the bun make you look more stylish and stunning.

Slanted Sock Bun

It is not always necessary to create a bun in the middle of the hair. You can make a bun at the end side where it looks slanted and gives you a different look. The side bun look is famous among teenage girls which helps them look amazing and beautiful.

Double Braided Round Bun

In this picture, we can see the double braided round braid which is chic and polished. The twist provides you with some funky look, and you can carry this style in your formal wear as well as casual wear. The round bun goes perfect with the shades which match your facial features.

Short Hair Twist and Rolls

These updos for short hairstyle provides your hair a gorgeous style and keeps hair away from the face and use various twist and rolls to gives a beautiful haircut at the back and allows your hair to provide a perfect roll.

Simple Angelic Top Sock Bun

The bun is in the top of the head which helps to keep all the hairs away from your face and gives you a sleek and perfect look. This hairstyle is for the girls who have thin hair as it keeps all the hair in the top making a small bun. This hairstyle is suitable for the party to look where you look classic and sexy at the same time.

Messy Bun With Long Divided Fringes

The messy bun gives you a chic style which provides you with a bold and sensational look. The long divided fringes add an element of cuteness to the method and make your look a bit fluffy.

Ballet Bun With A Twist

We all know about the conventional sleek bun which was used by the ballerinas to perform their act. This sock bun hairstyle is the modern form of traditional ballet which is a proper look with some edgier twist and turns. The bangs on the front add a lot to the entire look and give you a party-ready style.

 Bridal Voluminous Updos

If you think you can look good or have a colossal hairstyle in long hair only then you are wrong. This bridal updo is a perfect example to show you all that you don’t always need long hair for the distinctive hairstyle. It is an ideal hair look for a wedding if you have short hair.

Gorgeous Romantic Side Braids

This romantic side braids hairstyle is fun and romantic yet specific which is a perfect hairstyle for date night or prom night. The side braids are the most relaxed look to create and manage effortlessly. It is one of the best hairstyles if you have shoulder-length hair and looks great for every kind of occasion.


Messy Casual Sock Bun With Folds And Twists

For this hairstyle, you can twist your hair into little parts and make a casual bun with it. Then you can wrap the nose with the twist and fold it around itself to create a messy look. Messy hair is the trendiest look nowadays which can go out with any outfit.

Braided Crown With Volume

This French braid looks like a crown or headband at the front of the hair and ends with the back hair which then made into voluminous curls or twists are tucked in the nose. The back of the hair is tucked in beautifully which give your hairstyle a whole different look.

Braided Updo and Textured

Braided Updo is one of the fun and versatile look and a great hairstyle for anyone who wants to keep their hair away from the face. This hairstyle is super easy and fun to manage. This braided look great on any hair even if it is straight, curly or wavy.

Low Messy Bun With An Accent

We can’t get enough of this beautiful hairstyle which is eye-pleasing as well as appealing. It is messy and sexy at the same time. It is different than another haircut as it is in the lower end of the hair where other hairs are made at the top of the nose. This low messy bun hairstyle is perfect for the bridesmaid hairstyle or the formal events.


Messy High Side Bun With Stray Hair

This messy hair look is similar to the high bun made at the top of the hair, but the only difference is that this look is relaxed and casual at the same time. A stray hair will be perfect for this kind of hairstyle.

Braided Updo Bun

Braided Bun updo is the chic and casual style which makes you look fresh and beautiful as well. You can flaunt this hairstyle in a casual outfit. It gives you a messy look where hair strands are braided and gives you an awesome look. It helps you to steal the limelight from the crowd.

Classic Sock Bun

The voluminous bun at the back of the hair gives you a classy look and make you stand out among the crowd. The pouf is then formed in the front section of the head, and it uses hair accessories or pins in the side of the bun.

The Pouf

This Pouf is one of the iconic looks from the 70s hairstyles which exactly gives you the feel of that era. The pouf suited with a winged and eyeliner and nude lipstick. If you think you can carry the weight of the hairstyle, then you should try out this. To have this look, you’ll need some hair accessories which will manage the importance of the hair and gives you ‘the’ look.

Rocker Updo hairstyle With Braids

This sock bun hairstyle is different than other bun hairstyles as it includes bangs and braids in the same hair. All sock bun doesn’t need to have the same technique and signature style. You can change the hair type according to your choice and preference. It is one of the stylist and sexiest sock bun hairstyles which you can opt out in style.

Dutch Braid With Buns

The combination of braid and bun in a hairstyle is what we need in our life. It is one of the famous Updos short hairstyles which is flaunted by various celebrities. The mix of lace braids and top bun give you a chic look.

Beautiful Multi- Braided Bun Updo

The new fashion trend in hair is all about the bun, and this hairstyle provides you with a multi-braided bun look where all the hair is separated into multiple sections and braided into a cute bun at the end of the nose.

Waterfall Braid and Bun

If you want to get creative with your hairstyle, then you can create the combination of braid and bun which is classic and chic at the same time. You can carry this look for the formal events as well as a party look. This combination of waterfall and braid will surely grab much attention in the crowd.


Fun Braided Bun

It is one of the fun hairstyles which you can carry even if you have short hair. This braided updos for short hair is an elegant hairstyle which can be suitable for any occasion. This hairstyle is fun and stylish at the same time which is perfect for all the age women.

Messy Updo With Multiple Swept Strands

This Updos for short hair includes a usual small bun in the middle where it is covered by a various section of hair from left to right and right to left. The front part of the head is voluminous, and a little messy finish is given to the look to make it natural.

Modified Crown Sock Bun

Crown Braid is comfortable to wear hairstyle and gives you a cute look which is manageable and fit in any outfit. The modified crown braid includes double row braid which then joins to the bun at the back. The end tucks into a bang or ponytail according to your wish.

Extra Large Bun With A Braid Around

You should never be afraid to try and explore new things and experiment with new styles with your hair. If you want some different hairstyles for your prom night or date night, then we got you. This hairstyle creates an extra large bun with the braid around which gives your look an entirely different style and make you stand out among the crowd.

Formal Bun With A Wrap

It is not a difficult task to make a sock bun for any formal or casual event where you can add a particular twist to your hairstyle by wrapping a section of the hair to the updo which gives you a flawless and sexy look.

Scarf Sock Bun Hairstyles

It is one of the fresh and chic hairstyles which is perfect for the coming summer. The scarf adds a lot of elements in the entire look and gives you a fashionable statement. This scarf sock look goes well with denim jeans and a simple t-shirt which is simple yet creates a stylish mark around the crowd.

60’s Style Wrapping Bun

We can see this type of bun in old pictures and movies. If you ever go and look out for the images of your grandmother, then you can probably find this hairstyle. Now it’s time to bring those funky hairstyles back in style. You can have a round bun and wrap it with the hair with the help of a sock which is possible. You can manage the loose ends with the help of bobby pins and hairspray to settle the terms.

Elegant Roll Sock Bun

This elegant roll bun is simple as classic hairstyle which is famous for the official look. It gives you a formal look which is easy to make and manage for various events. This sock bun is sleek and polished which makes you whole look presentable among the crowd.

If you haven’t tried the sock bun hairstyles, then this article may be something new for you as you can try it at home. This hairstyle may look difficult at first, but with some technique, you can ace this style. You can try the bun hairstyle with other garments also, but the sock one is an easy and simple one. There is the different variation you can work in the sock bun styles as there is nothing structured.

To try this style you don’t have to spend hours as it takes less time and is manageable. You have to get your old socks and make a bun of it. This hairstyle helps to keep hair away from your face and let you focus on your work correctly.

There are plenty of ways of updos for different hairstyle where people should know what kind of look suits their face or match with the outfit they want. Updos for short hair is easy to do and manage which helps to save time. You can accessorize the hair with many items such as headband or hairpin which is one of the most natural methods of updos for hair.


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