84 Soccer Haircuts That Will Make You Look Like A Superstar


Soccer Haircuts have been catching the eye of every fashion enthusiast in recent years. Why is that? The answer is simple; Who wouldn’t want to follow the athletes living the dream in the most prominent sport in the world!

Whether it be man buns, mohawks, side curls, bangs or simple straight hair, these soccer giants have it all belted down in their grooming vocabulary. After all, they need to maintain that crisp persona and dazzling look over the course of the 90 minutes.

So the next time you tell yourself,”Maybe I need to change my look”; hop into your nearest barber’s shop with a trademark picture of the hairstyle from some of the most acclaimed names of the game.

And here is a list of some of these captivating soccer haircuts that you can try out:

1. Lionel Messi’s Golden Razor Fade Sides


If you have a round face and fair complexions; sun-kissed highlights with side fades over a reddish-brown beard may just be the perfect haircut to go. The extreme contrast between the top and the bottom may not be your cup of tea but if Messi pulled it off, maybe you will too!

2. Sergio Ramos’s Scanty Bowl Cut

If you’re like Sergio Ramos and like to play around with unconventional styles until you give them a modern take, this is the haircut for you. Lifting a classic bowl cut with a short upper part can provide the people around you a neat and tidy watch.

3. Neymar Jr’s Fluffy Mohawk With Beads

This South American likes to dance as much with his hair as he does with his feet. Beaded tails over a mohawk will give you this spicy look. Add a generous amount of gel and bring these Samba flavors back to life.


4. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Messy Spikes with Undercut

Almost any style suits the current best player of soccer. With that beautiful tan and a clean shaved face, Ronaldo wears every hairstyle to perfection. You could take a page out of his book by cutting the sides to the edges and leaving the front part long. Add a copious amount of gel to keep that messy look intact.

5.Soccer Haircuts Basic: Ronaldo’s Semicircular Tuft

This unorthodox haircut is one of the founding soccer haircuts to storm a nation-wide trend. This 2002 World Cup cut by Ronaldo drew mixed reactions from soccer fans all across the globe. This idea to shave the head altogether leaving behind a semi-circular chunk above the mantle is genius as well as strange at the same time. Nonetheless, thousands of fans in Brazil took it, and this style caught on throughout the tournament. Hence the next time you are looking to go outside the box in terms of hair, round this one up.

6. Chris Waddle’s 1990’s Mullet

You are a touch of class if you can impress people equally with your hair as well as with your play. That is what Chris Waddle did in the 80’s and 90’s. Wear this unique mullet with a short front and long frizzy edges in the back from the archive of best soccer haircuts. Bring the 90’s back in style with a trip down memory lane and wear this style to perfection.

7. Sergio Ramos’s Straight Back Sweep

If you are a man who enjoys long hair, then this could be an option for you. Shoulder length hair pushed behind the ears go well with an oval face with fair complexions. For a person with long hair, this style is a relatively easy one to maintain. The hair can be brushed easily and pushed back. Add a band to it to obtain that perfect charm of an athlete like appearance.

8. David Beckham’s Blonde Wispy Fringe

Who better to advertise one of the best soccer haircuts than the face of modeling of the footballing world, Mr David Beckham. Try this hairstyle whenever you opt for an amalgamation of a formal and a messy look. You can also add a touch of class to this creative look with a short, frizzy and messy beard.

9. Paul Scharner’s Red and Blue Rainbow Cut

If there is a fine line between good hair and bad hair, this ineffable haircut must fall somewhere in between. Shaving the sides leaving a slightly more extended part in the middle will leave you with a great Mohawk. Dye the hair in shades of vivid colors to obtain that all elusive ‘Scharner Rainbow’.

10. Hector Bellerin’s Ridiculous Corn-Row

This is one of those bizarre haircuts that will leave anyone scratching the back of their heads. However, if you are in love with something funky, you had better wear this hair next. Round face over fair complexions and a clean shaved face would go really well with this modernized corn-row. Get up and dive right into this gem from this list of soccer haircuts.

11. Angel Di Maria’s Short Spikes

For those of you that have a long beardless face with olive complexions, Di Maria provides you with the perfect option. Shave the sides down to right behind the ears and gently make spikes on the front part with the help of any gel. Sooner or later you’ll start looking like this Argentine superstar.

12. Neymar Jr’s Wavy Curls with Mohawk

When you are in the mood for keeping a light beard following Neymar Jr is the right thing to do. A perfectly oval face and brown complexions can wear curls easily by shaving the sides and leaving behind a classic mohawk inspired by this Brazilian king. Applying gel will give you the added bonus of a wet look.

13. Oliver Giroud’s Simple Raised Bouffant

When you have been voted the most handsome man in the premier league for a couple of consecutive years, you need to maintain that perfect bouffant and make sure that your hair never falls out of place. Oliver Giroud has managed to do just that with some fantastic hairdos over the years. As a matter of fact, he has been voted the best hair as well so taking one of the recipes out of his cookbook for hair might keep you pretty popular among the ladies.

14. Paul Pogba’s Shaved Sides with Highlighted Mohawk

Paul Pogba is the one who takes the time out in perfecting all his hairdos. If you love colorful and crude lines basking the top of your head, you must follow this superstar. Anyone with dark complexions and a small nose can stand out with shaved sides and a spiked up mohawk. Just a touch of brushed in highlights will allure everybody around you.

15. David Luiz’s Coiled Up Bobcut

A round face with fair complexions and without any facial hair calls for coiled up curls. David Luiz does this brilliantly with long curls stretching to the side of his shoulders. This hair needs intensive care and is hard to maintain, but that excellent look is worth the required effort.

16. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Faux Mohawk

Cristiano Ronaldo is the pioneer of style and class. This layered trim up to the scalp with pulled outlines over a beardless face and a shiny top on the ears will draw the much-needed attention from the opposite gender. Lift your sex appeal with a sprinkle of magic added by this haircut from the list of the best soccer haircuts.

17. Alexis Sanchez’s Side Slicked Cut

Alexis Sanchez knows how to wear a good hair with that baby face of his. The sides are undercut while a sizeable amount is left in the top part. Then the hair is gently slicked to the side with a wax or a gel. Consequently one can easily obtain the perfect Alexis Sanchez look.

18. Neymar Jr’s Faux Bleached Mohawk

This is one of those haircuts that will suit anyone with an olive complexion. Take it from the Brazilian star himself. The hair bleached over the edges and the bangs pulled over to a little above the eyes results in the perfect faux mohawk. Put this on trial to obtain the trademark Neymar look.

19. David Beckham’s Shaggy Cut

If any of you are looking for one of those low maintenance easy do-overs, try the classic Beckham Shaggy cut. After all, it is effortless to look after. In addition to that, it can easily be lifted to a faux hawk with a hair wax. Add a little beard with thin lines to add a Beckham touch.

20. Sergio Kun Aguero’s Wavy Spikes with Undercut

Sergio Aguero is another one of those people from the soccer world who likes to experiment now and again with remarkable hairstyles. The upper part is pulled up to give you spikes while the sides are trimmed down to a 2. Shave off all of the facial hair, and you’ll get the perfect hair to go along with your baby face.

21. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Spaghetti cut

Ronaldo arrived in England with a funny highlight over loads and loads of curly hair. This hair doesn’t go entirely with such disoriented teeth. Nonetheless, for those of you that are looking to enter the realms of the curls, this could be the place to start your journey from. It might just be the haircut that works for you.

22. Dani Alves’s Blonde Crew Cut

Dani Alves is a humorous man with explosive potentials both on and off the pitch. He has picked off on the explosion in terms of haircuts as well with this marvelous blonde crew cut. This is one for those of you with a rough square face and brown complexions. Dye the hair in a perfect golden color and stand out in any crowd.

23. David Beckham’s Angular Comb Over

Whenever you want to razor the sides down a bit but want the front part looking gorgeous, try one from the Beckham book. This is one for those of you that are in love with a moustache. Comb the front part at an angle while still keeping the wet look intact.

24. Fernando Torres’s 2000’s Spiked Mohawk

Fernando Torres figured out how to make his blonde hair stand out with this 2000’s classic. A long-haired mohawk with layers of outward blonde and an inner layer of dark color became a sensation back in the day. See if you can revive this classic soccer haircut.

25. Mathieu Debuchy’s Side Slicked Undercut

Whenever this star isn’t injured, he finds a way to entertain us with his stylish haircuts. This is back from when he was playing for the national side. The sides are cut into a round undercut while the front part is kept long enough to push them over to the side leaving us with this well-done cut. The best part of this is that you can even keep a light French beard.

26. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Tapered Sides with a Comb Over

The tapered cut offers a cutting-edge option and is a fascinating way to rotate between different haircuts. The sides are trimmed while the front part is kept long. You can part the hair or flip it either side. Consequently, you get three different hairstyles in a single cut.

27. Gareth Bale’s Highlighted Top Knot

You can easily keep a man bun but can you do it like Bale does? Extreme maintenance is required to grow a coral black silky hair. In addition to this, the edges need to be highlighted with a flaky golden touch. If this wasn’t enough, a knot needs to be tied down at the top part. This do-over is difficult to maintain and is for those kinder souls with loads of time to spare.

28. Gareth Bale’s Razor Sides with a Slick Comb Over

This is another one from the Welsh Wizard. The transition from his long hair tied in a top knot, Bale keeps surprising all of us with his unique fashion sense. This is yet another of those top-notch hair makeovers in which the sides have been razor down while the upper part is folded into a straight sideways way using a comb. This is for those of you with a fair skin tone and a clean shaved face.

29. Gianluigi Buffon’s Tapered sides with an Angular Bang

We don’t usually associate this great Italian brick wall with an admirable haircut but Buffon outdid all expectations with this brilliant portrayal. The side is trimmed down very short and the middle part kept reasonably long. The hair has also been pushed slightly down an angle. If you want to look a lot younger than the way you do now, this is the haircut that will render all others obsolete.

30. Karim Benzema’s Short Crew Cut

Karim Benzema’s hair has to be the easiest to clean, manage and maintain. You are in luck if you want to appear sharp but can’t find the time to groom your hair. There can’t be a better hairstyle then this that will make you look neat and tidy. Add a full face beard to go along with this haircut to obtain that crisp manly look.

Here are some other honorable mentions from the world of soccer haircuts :

31. Marcos Rojo’s Spiky Mohawk

This is for those of you that are in the mood for going all extreme with mohawks. Trim the rest of the hair to a minimum living behind long hair in a half of the forehead. Use some wax and gel to push the hair towards the back. And there you have it, the Marcos Rojo style of mohawks.

32. Kevin De Bruyne’s Angular Spikes

Kevin De Bruyne is one of those players with a light blond hair color and a fairly triangular face. He doesn’t have much facial hair but is still able to impress the world with an army of spikes running all over his head. So if you want hair as prepossessing as he has, go with a slight razor on the edges with a slightly bent wave of spikes all over the head.

33. Paul Pogba’s  The Red Devil Mohawk

Paul Pogba announced his arrival to Old Trafford presenting this sassy haircut. People with a perfectly oval face and black complexions can do a Pogba by performing a complete undercut whilst leaving a smaller trim on either side. Then comes the longer middle part with a light blond highlight separated parallel on edge with shades of red.

34. Stephen El Shaarawy’s The Faraone


This nickname was given to El Shaarawy by fans as a tribute to his distinct hairstyle. The Faraone is a modified form of mohawk. The length of hair is gradually increased from the edge in a symmetrical manner as it reaches the crown. The front part is conjured into heavy spikes while being slightly bent. This hairstyle is perfect if you have fair complexions.





Soccer stars have shown us that when it comes to style and class, they won’t fall behind from the rest of the world. From thin to full beards, short hairs to tied knots, straight hair to wavy curls,faux hawks to mohawks e.t.c; they’ve given us a glimpse of every style known to us(also creating their very own styles in the process). We presented you with some of such soccer haircuts and hope that you enjoyed our list of the best hairstyle combinations from the finest soccer stars of the world.




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