101 Classic Side Swept Bangs For Every Type Of Hair


Bangs are one of our favorite looks which helps to change your hairstyle drastically. If you are looking something different for your hair and want to get a new look without losing the length of your hair, then you should try bangs. There are different varieties of bangs such as full and bold range bang, small fringes, baby bangs, and side swept bangs are one of them.

You can get an entirely different look with the help of bangs but you should know about your facial structure and what kind of looks suits you the best. You can get hits by going to the near saloon or hairdresser who uses the right equipment. If you are interested in having a new look, then you should consider side swept bangs.

Side swept bangs are those types which go well with all kind of facial structure and gives you a smooth look. It is one of the styles which is bold and straightforward at the same time. You can carry this look in any way you like as it is versatile and easy to take. You don’t have to worry if side bangs suit you or not because it looks good in every kind of face and hair length

You can have side swept bangs in short hair as well as long hair. We can see various celebrities flaunting swept bangs in the red carpet and different events. It is one of the most famous types which can be choppy, frizzy or polished. Celebrities such as Emma Stone, Miley Cyrus, and Jenna Dewan are rocking this look in short and long hair.

So Below are the side swept bangs on both the short and long hair which are elegant and sexy at the same time. It gives you a beautiful look which helps to clean away the attention from the crowd.

Classic Side-Swept Bangs On Medium Length

It is one of the classic and straightforward lengths where the bangs are in long sideways and give you a look which makes everyone turn their head. If you don’t want to change way hairstyle too much and want a slight change only then this hairstyle is for you. You can try this hairstyle in any length of hair whether it is short, long or mid-length.

side swept bangs

Long Side Swept Bangs on a Lob

Lob is one of the popular hairstyles among women because it is easy to maintain and is a mid-length hairstyle which is neither short nor long. It gives you a classy and elegant style which looks perfect on a blonde hair. The side swept bangs on a lob perfectly frames your face and make it look slimmer and longer.

Cherry Red Side Swept Bangs

The red color and red lipstick go so well that we can seriously die for the look like this. If you want to try something unusual and want some color in your hair, then this hairstyle is for you. The side swept bangs on the hair looks perfect and is suitable for the women who have a fair skin tone.

Sleek Silver Bob


The Side Swept Wavy Mess

If you are looking out for a glamorous look and want to build some volume in your hair, then this hairstyle is an ideal hairstyle for you. The waves start from the mid-point to the end of the hair which helps to make your face look longer and slimmer. If you want a low maintenance hairstyle which you can fix in a few seconds, then this one is for you.

Smooth Side-Swept Bangs On Straight Hair

It is not necessary to have layers in your hair if you cut a medium length hairstyle. You can have soft, sleek straight hair with the side-swept bangs where the bangs help to frame your face in a right manner. This hairstyle is suitable for women and girls who have an oval or long face shapes with a big forehead.

The Side Layered Bob

If you want a low maintenance hairstyle which you can have for an entire day and won’t need much time, then this hairstyle is a perfect match. The layered bob helps to frame your face in the right way and make it look slimmer which suits your facial structure. It focuses on your cheekbone and makes them stand out in the crowd.

Long Side Swept On A Sterling Bob

If you want a mid-length hairstyle which is versatile and goes well with your personality, then a sterling bob is the one you are looking out. It suits a lot of facial features and frames your face accordingly. The side swept bangs incorporates the weave with all the love and style which it needs. It is one of the beautiful looks which is simple yet elegant.

Heavy Layered Hair and Highlighted Bangs

It is the medium length bob hairstyle which is gorgeous and gives you a cute look. This look includes heavy layers at the front of the head and continues to the tip of the hair. The highlights and balayage effect adds different texture and dimension to your hair and gives you a stunning look. If you have a round face and you are looking out for the side swept bangs, then this look is for you.

side swept bangs

Tapered Neck Razor Cut

This hairstyle covers the neck and seems to be short, but it includes more area and texture gives you a chic vibe. This hairstyle may look new and awkward to many, but it surely gives you a modern touch.


Bangs and Bun In Dark Chocolate Hair

You can style your hair any particular way you like which matches with your personality and the facial features. You can create bun and bangs in chocolate hair which gives you a stylish and chic look at the same time.

Wavy Chin Length Cut With Side Bangs

We can see a lot of celebrities flaunting this look such as Keira Knightly and Jennifer Lawrence. This hairstyle is sassy and sexy which can be pulled off by younger as well as older women. The side bangs emphasize the eyes and the makeup and help to frame your face.

Dimensional Brunette With Bangs

If you want some versatile look and want to change your hair length and color, then it is one of the perfect looks for you. The brown lob and the dark brown highlights in the hair is the best combination anyone can ask for a hairstyle. This color looks good in every skin tones and women with different facial structure.

Contrasting Highlights On Side Swept Bangs

If you want to do some experiment with the hair, then this color is for you. This picture shows that you can use your chestnut color as a transition color because this color can use used as a middle ground color for high contrasting dark or light shades of color. We can see the contrasting color in the side bangs which give your look an entirely different and chic style.



side swept bangs

Cute Baby Side Bangs

Those are one of the cutest hairstyles in medium hairs. It gives you a baby look and is a perfect hairstyle for the college or school days. The bangs compliment the whole look which makes you stand out among the crowd and gives you a stunning look. It sweeps the blow in the side and makes your forehead visible to others.

Swept Side Bangs in Light Brown Hair

Bangs look gorgeous in light brown hair which gives hits the limelight it deserves. If you want a beautiful bright color for the bangs, then you should try this hair color as soon as possible. The waves or curls at the end of the hair gives well with the bangs and frames your face beautifully.


Graduated Layered Medium Bob

This look is carefree as well as feminine. The graduated layers help to maximize the volume of the hair and its movement. This short hairstyles for women are perfect for the fine to medium hair texture and look great on any age women. This look is one of the versatile looks.

Bangs With Cute Bob

The bold set of bangs goes perfectly with a messy high bun which enhances the look and gives you a bold look. By pulling the long hair up the shoulders by making it wavy at the end, those bangs help to frame your face in the right way.


Blue Side Swept Bangs

This look is extra, and we love it. The alternatively styled Bobb is a blue color which will steal the limelight from the crowd and makes you stand out in the group. The style includes side swept bangs which starts from the thick part and almost covers the forehead. It is one of the different and unique looks.


A Slightly Edgy Cut With Side Bangs

It is a fun hairstyle which is easy to manage and works great for both days as well as night time. This haircut is a modified version of hip-hop style and adds a fun element to the look. This hairstyle can be done by leaving some length on the top and bringing the rest of the hair as a side part.


Medium Choppy Side Bangs

When you want to do something different with your mid-length hairstyle, then you should try this hairstyle as soon as possible. The choppy bangs at the front of the hair add a lot of charm to the entire look and make you look amazing. The choppy bangs are the ever famous and timeless style which is always the right choice for any haircut.

Vibrance Side Swept Bangs

Sometimes we all need is a tint of color which changes the way we look at things, and in this case the lavender and blue color make the hair look stylish and fabulous. It provides you with an edgy hairstyle which is in trend and makes you look good among the crowd.


Wavy Bob And Bangs


textured Black Side Swept Bangs

A Side sweep style is one hairstyle which never goes out of trend. It looks a sexy style, and those textured layers complement the look very well. Every age group of women should try this hairstyle. The shiny black hair with the proper make-up adds a lot to the look and gives you a bold and sexy style.


Chic Medium Bob Haircut With Highlights

We are entirely in love with these hairstyles. The perfect cut and color can boost the confidence level of women. The straight but curved shaped created by numerous layering gives you a super-chic style with the highlights in the hair. Some different color and a side section can add a twist to the hairstyle and gives you a new look.

Layered Curls

If you have a naturally curly hair and want to get the best of it, then you need to make the curl limelight which helps you get a messy look but manageable. The layers of the hair help you to show off the coiled locks and help to frame your face correctly. If you want to get a beautiful look like Angelina Jolie, then you should surely consider this hairstyle.


The side bangs always provide some twist to your simple hairstyle and make you look stylish and beautiful. The side bangs work like magic if you have medium hairstyles and transform your simple look to a stylish one. The light curl or wave at the end make it look more amazing and stunning.

Textured Side Swept Bangs

A Side sweep style is one hairstyle which never goes out of trend. It looks a sexy style, and those textured layers complement the look very well. Every age group of women should try this hairstyle.

Side Swept Ponytail

You have to spritz some spray to texture your hair, the pick a chunk of hair and tie it at the back of the nose. The side swept bangs is in the front of the head which helps to magnifies the beauty of a simple ponytail.

side swept bangs

Straight and straightforward With Side Long Bangs

It is one of the simple yet classiest look you can find in medium hairstyles. The side partition is in the side of the hair, and the hair is cut down into layers which helps to provide your face with certain texture and dimensions. The long side bangs help to frame your face and are an ideal style for day to day look.



Heavy Smoky Purple Side-Swept

If you are a fan of purple hair like we are then this hairstyle is for you. The baby bangs on the front, and the purple highlight is the perfect combination of any style for coming summer. It includes the ashy undertones and baby bangs which shows half of the forehead. If you have a small face, then you should try this hairstyle.


The Lob With Subtle Side Bangs

It is one of the most straightforward and trendiest looks you can carry in this summer. If you are searching for a mid-length haircut with some twist, then you can add some side bangs in the hair which will completely change your look and give you a fantastic makeover.

Simple Graduated Bob With Bangs

This hairstyle is simple but with an edge. This style varies according to the face structure and should adjust according to length, fringe style and the degree of graduation. You can use a paddle brush to get a nice texture and to increase the volume of hair.

Neck Length Hair With Long Side Bangs

The long bangs are cut in a one length bob with the layers, while we can see the long fringes blending it into a face which helps the maximize curl hold and make your face look slimmer. This hairstyle is an ideal look for the round-shaped face which allows the minimize the sides.

Long Sweeping Side-Swept Bangs on a Balayage

Look at this beautiful look. It is one of the gorgeous looks you can get if you have a long hair and you have sweeping side-swept bangs with the balayage effects. This look is from Demi Lovato and we love this look. It focuses on the light makeup and balayage effects on the hair.



side swept bangs

Bangs for a Round Face

If you have a round face and is looking for a hairstyle which suits you the best, then it is what you are looking for, and you should try this look as soon as possible. The bangs help to shape your face and give your jawline a more extended look which makes your whole face look slimmer and provide you with a gorgeous makeover.


Side Swept Wavy Ends

If you want to get a bouncy and chic look, then this look is perfect for you because the waves at the lower half of your hair give a beautiful texture and make it voluminous. This hairstyle can be opt-out for parties, events which helps you sweep all the attention.

Hillary Duff Inspired

We love Hillary duff from the new younger which gain popular demand among the mass. It is one of the beautiful and straightforward hairstyles which create the fashion statement on its own. The layers and the side swept bangs goes perfectly well with each other and makes you look stunning.

Light Brown Waves

Light Brown Waves are the look which can go with any outfit, and you can carry it in different events. To get this look is effortless, you don’t have to put much effort to get this hairdo. This hairstyle is simple as well as stylish. If you want this look, then light curl to your hair and add some caramel highlights which will already bring out a new look in you.

Center-Parted and Layers

Parted and Layers is one of the hairstyles which never go out of fashion and is our timeless pick. The center part helps you get a little grace and frames your face perfectly. This cut suits if you have naturally straight and thin hair.


Voluminous Side- Swept Bangs On Long Hair

We can see the volume on her hair and heavy layering in the haircut which is gorgeous and stunning. The Light brown side swept bangs gives life to the hair and frames your face in the right way. The side bangs add a lot of volume to the hair and are suitable for the women who have an oval or heart-shaped face.



If you want to keep your hairstyle easy yet gorgeous, then side swept bangs are the one you are looking. It gives a finishing touch to your entire look and frames your face accordingly. It suits in every face structure and with different hair length whether it is long short or medium.

It is one of the versatile looks which is simple and elegant. You can add your twist to the hairstyle and make it your style. You can carry these look for the casual events as well as for your formal programmes.


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