101 Side Shaved Hairstyles To Set You Aside From Everyone Else!


Side shaved hairstyles are the new bold hair trend that you need to get on board with! They are as exciting as they sound and we promise you will have a lot of fun choosing a look and trying them on for yourself! They are daring and help to show off the flirty side of you as well. Usually, they are done on short hair, and most people think that that is the way it works. But there is an option to look as stunning in these side braids as ever in long hair as well.

If you desire a carefree look that shows the world that you are bold and strong on your own, then this is the look you need to try! You can try out adding patterns and designs on your hair as well, and they look great! There is room for experimentation here, and you can squeeze in any little detail you want on your hair as you like. If you have colored your hair, then this is sure to make you stand out in the crowd! Here are some astounding side shaved hairstyles that we have put together to aid you in finding the one for you!

Side shaved hairstyles with the curls

If you are a fan of adding curls to your hair, you are going to love this look here. You can have such natural coils on your hair too, and they look stunning when paired with these side shaved hairstyles as well. The longer sections of the hair here make an impression along with the texture in the hair! You can get this look done every morning in a few minutes.


Rihanna’s Side swept hairstyles

If you are looking for shaved sides haircut women’s section, then who better to inspire you than Rihanna herself? She is one celeb that is never shy of trying on the hairstyles that are a bit out there. You can check out her long hair deep side-parted look here. The side shaves in here is what sets it aside. You can find more of the stars’ side shaved looks on Instagram as well.

The bold one

This picture has a dark side to it, and you can see that the shave brings out the better side of her in here. You can try out the same for yourself if you want to look a bit different than the rest. There is a rebellious and strong woman vibe that comes from this look here. Get ready to be complemented with a hairstyle as magnificent like this one.

Short side shaven hairstyles

If you are a lover of short hairdos, then here is one way to make them pop. The sides here are more concise, and you can keep them even more precise if you feel like it. You can style them in colors and also add body to them by adding some waves. There are ways you can wear them too. Keep them on the sides, or you can spike them up as well. Here are some ideas for you!

Red hues on hair

What can make a bold hairdo even bolder? A fiery red hue on top is the answer! You are sure to have never seen something as stunning as this look in here. You can try out any shade of red as you want to spice things up a bit. This is the look that shows your passion and the bold side of yours. Make sure you get the hue to match your skin tone first though.

Scarlet Johansson’s hair

Scarlet Johansson manages to make every look as stunning as ever, and you can count on her to look good in any hairdo. You can see her short side-shaved hairstyle in here has the same alluring factor as the actress herself. If you are looking to try on a simple haircut and keep the style going, then this is the look for you. You can follow them shorter if you want too.

Black hair

When you have dark black hair, you can try out any of these hairstyles. You are sure to love this long side swept hairdo in here. This is no-nonsense, to the point look and you will appreciate it surely. You can keep the sides as clean shaven or even let them a bit denser.

Pink tones

One of the best hair colors that are trending right now is the pink toned hues! They are lovely and have a youthful charm to it. If you are a teenager looking for a bold cut and a subtle color, this is the look you want to get on board with. There are blonde hues on the side, and that works out well with the pink!

Edgy look with side shaved hairstyles

There is an edge to all of these hairstyles here, and that is what sets them aside. You can try out the same if you are a teenager who is feeling a bit rebellious and daring! You can see that the colors here are deep and alluring, but the cut in them is what makes them stand out. These are hairdos that have a bit of gothic vibe to them as well.

Spikey hairdo

Spikey hair will never go out of trend for sure. They are always going to around whether it is in the hairstyles for boys or even for women of varied ages. You can see that this section deals with the spiked up hair that has side shaves on them. The colors here are stunning. And you can try out the different ways to get the hair up high. Here are some ideas that you can get inspired by.

Brown tones with side shaved hairstyles

There are brown to blonde tones in these hair colors here, and you can try this classic combination for yourself. You can see that the hair has the section the front that is relatively longer. They are colored in parts, and they add that pop to the whole look that we adore. These are colors that work out for women of all ages and all skin tones as well. The versatile nature of this look is what stuns us!

Casual look

This is a familiar look for most women, and it does not have complex layers to them. You can see that the side fade is beautiful and is a look that many would be happy to get on with. You can colors the hair in any fun color like the platinum blonde in here and keep the sides and the roots of your hair dark. That way, you can create the depth in your hairdo.

Braided ones

Adding braids to your hairdos are one of the easiest ways to make them look stunning. Here we have a full section dedicated to adding twists on the side shaved hairstyles. You are sure to love this look in here and enjoy the look yourself. These are looks that are ideal for wedding days as well. So if you are a bride to be, you can try any of these hairdos down here.

The pattern on the back

When you get a hairdo that needs as much precision and dedication as this, you may want to take help from someone who knows how to do a side shave. The back in here are all filled with patterns that look stunning, and you can check them out for yourself. Take your time and get the one that speaks out to you the most. Make sure you take professional help before starting this look here.

Stars and heartbeats on the side

You can get the side shaved hairstyles and personalize them to fit your needs. Here are some ideas that can show you how. The sides here have the stars and the heartbeat signal, and they can mean something emotionally valuable to you. You are sure to have something meaningful in life that you want to carve out in your hair. They are like a form of tattoos, and they can be removed easily, so it’s a win-win deal.

All the way

This is one hairdo that most women would shy away from. You can see that they are extremely short, and the sides are not done well too. You can try this out if you are feeling rebellious but other than that there is no reason for you to check these out. They are not flattering and is an instance of how a hairdo can look bad even though it is edgy. So make sure you take a rational decision.

Long hairdo

Here are the best long hair with shaved side pictures you will find on the internet today. You are sure to love how they are the perfect blend of perfection and femininity. There is not much you can do with the regular hairstyles but with side shaved hairstyles, and you can achieve new levels of fabulousness. So what are you waiting for? Book the appointment today and get started on your path to looking edgy!

Cut at an angle

There is an angle to this cut here on the back, and you can see how they are unique! They are curved when you look at it from the side, and they are chiseled and sharp on the back to form a ‘v’ shape. The lilac shade in the hair makes it stand out and gives it an edge over everything else. The fade that follows is as stunning as the color itself.

Pink’s hair

The singer has her hair always on this entire short sections, and we adore it. You are sure to have spotted her in her classic side shaved hairstyles when she makes an appearance! You can take cues from this look here as well. The platinum blonde shades work well with the side shave and give it an edge.

Longer section

One of the best parts of hairdos we have for you is right here. You can take the section of the hair on the side and keep the central section longer. This is a look most celebs love and have sported as well. You can see them on Miley Cyrus and even on Pink. You can take ideas from these images and these stars before you try them on. These hairstyles look beautiful and well done even when you wake up in the mornings.

Unique ones

Some cuts make you look and feel different, and this is that look here! The edges here are stunning and are different from any other look that we have on in here. You can see that the edges in here are of varying lengths, and the one on the top has a bowl cut like an appearance here. Make sure you get the cut that you desire. They are surely a look that not everyone would get on board with.

Side shaved hairstyles with a pop of colors

Some colors touch the heart and make you excited as well. You are sure to love this pop of color in here. These hairdos are as bold and daring as the side shaved hairstyles themselves. You can see that these are not your ordinary hairdos; they are unique and have a striking appeal to them. Choose the colors from bright pink to rose gold to reds and get the edge over everyone else in the crowd.

All Angles of side shaved hairstyles

When you are looking to get a hairdo that is as daring and bold as the side shaved hairstyles, then you need to check out short hairstyles shaved sides and back for sure. You want to see the hair and how they look from all angles. This is an image that can show you how stunning you can look from all sides when you get your hair colored and shaved on the sides. We are sure you will find the inspiration you need for your hair in here.

Shortest one

If you are looking for side shave short hair, then this is the section for you. There are ways to make them short and keep them closer to the base of your scalp itself. These are the shortest and the most precise looks you can try on for yourself. This hairdo frequently needs maintenance as the hair tends to grow soon, and the precision fades out. They need attention for sure, but they are eye-catching as well.

Event ready

If you are heading out to attend a particular program or an event, then you can try out this look here. The side shave on the long hair looks beautiful. And here are some ways to amp them up and make them stand out! Adding waves to the hair sure makes them look festive, and the one on the latter has the side stripe shaved as well, which adds to the attractiveness of the look. Make sure you are getting a clean cut!


Side shaved hairstyles

There are ways to get the side shaved hairstyles, and here are the three styles that showcase the range you can get into! The pattern on the first one here is stunning, and similarly, you can see that the second one is a shorter trim in here. The last one is a bright colored hair that has the faded back with tapered ends. These are the best of the side shaved options you will find for sure.


Designs to love in the side shaved hairstyles

As we said earlier, you can find any design you want and add them on to your side shaved hairstyles. And if you have not figured out what to get done by now, then you are in for a treat here. You can find the best of these shaved designs on this section here. From a simple line on the side to intricately detailed design on the back; it is all in this category here. So feast your eyes and enjoy!


Graceful one

There is a gentle and elegant touch to this look here. You can see that the side shaved hairstyles can also turn out to be less aggressive and have a charming effect if you give it a try. The amount you want to shave off depends solely on you. So make sure you decide this beforehand. The top bun in here is chic and keeps the hair away from your face too, which is great for days when you have a lot to do.

Different patterns

There are styles here that may not be so mainstream. These are looks that you may not even come across that often. Thus it means that you can look different from everyone else when you try such patterns on yourself. Here we have a bat, and a subtle side cut for you, and it shows the range that you can decide on! There is a lot you can try on, so keep up the spirit and get to choose the one you want!


Twists with a side shave

Side shaved hairstyles are gaining immense popularity, and you must have seen this look in your Instagram feed as well. The clasps added on to the hair makes this look even more authentic and traditional. There are small detailed patterns on the side, and it has a half section in the middle as well. If you have braided hair, then you need to give this look a try for it won’t disappoint you for sure!

Chilled and relaxed

There is a chilled vibe that this image depicts and we are sure you will want to try this out. Some celebs don the same look and look stunning. So this can give you the inspiration you need. If you are to head out in the summer heat, this is the ideal look for you to try out. The platinum blonde here is beautiful, and the shorter sides are working well with the whole hairdo!

Bigger foreheads

There are ways to add space on the forehead area as well. You can see that the section here has been cleared off and they are creating an illusion of a higher forehead. The blonde hues in here are adding to the effect as well. You can get the braids on your hair the same way as this picture depicts as well. This is one of the shaved side haircut female category that anyone would be willing to try.

Selecting the one for you

When you get through with this article, you can have a lot of thoughts in your mind! If you are deciding on a look that you can try on, that is okay! You can take screenshots of the hairdos you loved and then show it to your hairstylists; who can then help you get the look that suits you the best. It can be daunting to try out these hairdos as it requires you to shave off the sides of your hair, but you need to trust your inner instincts and go with it to achieve a freeing look!

Let the inner passion show through your looks! You can share the side of your personality with the world when you try on a new hairdo that you love! So make sure you feel comfortable in what haircut you are picking out for yourself. You may need to get the colors that you like, and your stylist will help you with that! If the coloring of your hair is a home affair, then you can take reference from the color chart readily available on the internet.

If you thought this article was informative and entertaining, make sure you hit the thumbs up button down there! You can share this with all of your friends to make them try out these daring side shaved hairstyles as well! You can share your coloring and hair cutting experiences with us! They can help out other fellow readers as well. So write to us using the comments section below. You are sure to look fabulous in these hairdos so make sure you feel confident as you try them on!


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