101 Time-Saving Side Braid Hairstyles for All Occasions


Braids are most probably the first hairstyle that you learned to do as a child. They are easy to do yet have such a polished look to them! Braids can add elegance to any hairstyle. These side braid hairstyles are not only easy to do but are also time-saving hairdos! You are surely going to enjoy the way your hair looks in these braids.

Here we have braided hairstyles for all hair lengths and textures! Find your solution to a bad hair day and opt for braids. They are the style that never goes out of style. You are always going to find a way to make these braids look fresh and new! Here are 90 side braid hairstyles for you to choose from for any day of your life!

Polished look for medium hair

This side braided hair is an elegant and refined look. You can see that the braids start from the top of the head here and ends at the back. They are pinned down at the back above a bun!


Loose side braids

Side braids are the most comfortable look that you can ever try on! As you braid your hair, they do tend to fall to a side. You can see that the hair has been tugged on to make them look fuller and thicker!

Romantic braids

This look here has a romantic vibe, and we love how effortless it looks. You can see how these braids here are fluffy, and they are the results of some light tugging on the sides. The hair on top has been tucked away as well, and it makes it look well put together!

Keep changing it up

You need to keep changing things up always. When you try on the same look every day, you tend to get a bit bored! There are so many options out there, and all you have to do is try on some of them for a fresher look.

Frontal Braids

There are braiding on the sides here, and this is a trendy look that you must have noticed. These braids work well on all hair partitions, and we love the way it has a youthful vibe to it!

You can make the braids as thick as you want or as thin as you like for sure! This look works well for all hair lengths as well. Choose your look from here!

Triple side braids

These blonde side braid hairstyles are trendy. This look has a very bold and stylish outlook for sure. You can see that these braids are smaller and the results are fantastic. This look has been sported by many celebs and influencers as well.

Fuller braids

This thick side braid is giving us major hair goals. The fishtail braids here at the base are an excellent addition to the simple three strands braids on top.

Twist and braid!

You can add a lot of twists to your braids and make them look different! You can wear this to your college or school and even for a casual day out!

Here is a variation for you that is simpler too!

Keeping it simple

There are times when you need to keep it simple and plain. When you are looking for an easy to do and hassle-free hairstyle, this one is the one to go for!

Night Out!

Try side braid hairstyles when you need to head out with your friends for a night out! They need to be precise and pretty and can look great even when you mess them up at the end of the night! Here is a look that will surely encourage you!

Messy hair

The messy hair look is sure to make you feel relaxed. There are not many elements to this look, and we can see why such ruffled hair looks are getting popular. They add an edge to the whole look that seems very desirable.

Paris Hilton’s look

Who has not followed the iconic styles of Paris Hilton? There were days when teenagers would copy all of her looks! This side braided hair of hers is still very wearable!

Side Fishtails

The ombre hair in this hairstyle has us swooning over the fishtail braids. These braids are classy and elegant and are not as hard as they look! You can do this for your school day or any other casual event!

On the bottom

Here we have some intricate braids on the base, and the hair seems to look great as they fall on the sides! These brownish shades of hair add depth to your hair and make these twists shine through as well!

Side Braid Hairstyles for weddings

Wedding is an extraordinary occasion for sure, and you need to look great on your big day! These hairstyles here are going to make sure you look your best on the day that matters the most!

Blonde braids

Blonde hair color has been favorite for a long time now! These hues are not new to the fashion industry. They make any hairstyle shine through and is a flattering look for so many women!

Back view

Side braids are a great view from the back as well. Here we show you how your hairstyle will look great from all angles. You can make sure your pins and hair ties are hidden when you look at your hair from this view!

Stunning look

This upward braid has been making us go wow over how great it looks. You can see that these braids are one of the most comfortable options for a casual hairstyle!

Selena’s Dark deep hues

Dark hair has a mysterious vibe to them. Who can deny that dark tones do add a lot of depth and dimension to the hair? If you are a fan of Selena Gomez, you surely must have seen her dark hair and admired it! Here she has them in a braid with loose ends on the front.


Intricate details

When you observe carefully, you can see the braided details on the front of the head. The shade of colors here are also very alluring. The sections added to the main braids are exceptionally delicate, and we can see why this one can take a bit of your time!

Auburn hair

Auburn hair has the perfect mix of reds and browns. These shades can be your inspiration for fall! These shades are great for pale skin tones. Add some warmth to your face by getting these tinges!

Casual Wear

This diagonal braided look has been french braided. These are one of the most natural braids to do, and you can easily do this one for yourself. You can wear this braided look for a casual day out as you go through your daily chores.

Wavy hair

When you add texture to your hair, they tend to look well put together and elegant. Here we have a side braid hairstyle for you with some slight waves on the bottom. You can try this on one for a date or some special occasion as such!

Multi braids

When you fall in love with braids, doing just one is never enough. Opt for multiple braids like this one right here and enjoy the perks that come with them. This is a fun, and flirty look and you are surely going to love them!

Buns with braids

You can wear buns any day but try to add some flair to the hair and get yourself a braided bun! They are simple yet elegant and can make you look chic and well styled for any formal occasion!

Here are some braided bun ideas for you to choose from!

Broad big braids

The best way to get a fuller looking braid if you are not blessed with thick hair is by tugging on the sides of them! You can slightly pull on either side of your twists to make them appear bigger and broader.

The middle parted braids

The braids here are unique and not a style you will see very often. The middle-parted hair on this one is admirable. There are darker roots on here with burgundy shades on top that works well to give a charming look.

Dark Hair

Dark hair looks good no matter what hairstyle you try on! Here is a very relaxed and laid back look that you can try on. Have some hair out on the front and add some bangs to complete the look.

Tiny side braids

These small side braids are the perfect thing to the add to your hairstyle. Women of all hair lengths can try adding a tight side braid to make their hair look great. These can be worn to a party or music festivals or even casually for a day out!

 For black hair

A middle part and a fuller looking braided hair is a perfect Indian look for sure. The braids are thicker, and they grow narrow as we reach the ends. This is a very traditional look and is undoubtedly looking fabulous here!

Shakira’s rocking hair

Shakira has a very spunky and captivating personality. There is no way that you can be unaffected by the singer. Her rockstar like hair here is the perfect one to copy if you are going out for a concert!

Thin Hair

If you are not on the thicker side of hair, you can try on this sleek side braid hairstyles. They look great on long hair, and the sections are pretty easy to do as well. It has a breezy vibe to it that we love!

Red carpet looks

If you want a versatile and beautiful look that can be worn to a red carpet event and also to a mall, this is the one! These hairstyles here are pretty great and have been sported by many celebs over the past few years. You can see that these braids can give you a romantic or a daring outlook as you style it!

Simple and beautiful

Side braid hairstyles can be effortless as well. These looks can be achieved with some minor work, and the braids are just perfect for everyday wear! Try this one when you want to add some good elements to your hairstyle!

Twisted braid hairstyle

Side braid hairstyles can have many variations. One of such beautiful style that you can try on is the twisted braid! These have to be the most comfortable style you can try on. You can look you best when you try on this look, and it hardly has any strict instructions that you need to follow!

Dutch Braids

These outwards side braid hairstyles are perfect for everyday wear, and we love how bulky they make the braids appear. There is no doubt that you can try this one on for a stylish look when you head out with your friends!

The colors

The ash blonde here is a perfect color to accentuate the side braid hairstyles. They make the twists shine through. Opt for a hue like this to leave an impression on everyone!

Knots with a single braid

One of the best variations of side braid hairstyles is the knotted bun with a twist on the side. The easy to do hairstyle will amplify your beauty for sure and give you a youthful vibrancy!

Crimped hair

Crimping your hair is an easy way to add a lot of texture to your hair. These were a huge rage back in the days and models, and the general public alike were seen wearing this look. Get on to a braided hairdo after you are done.

Lilac hair

This lilac shade is a craze among many currently. You can see why so many women have loved this shade. The light shades are perfect for a fresh outlook. Try any side braid hairstyles when you get this hue on!

Short side braid hairstyles

If you have short hair and love side braid hairstyles, then this is an option for you. The blunt edges on the ends here are pretty, and we love how the braid adds a lot of femininity to the look.

Long side braid hairstyles

If you have long hair, you sure are lucky! You can try on a lot of hairstyles and experiment with your hair as you like! These braids are surely going to come handy for a day when you want to look and feel special.

Fierce looks

Hairstyles are a great way to bring out your inner personality. There are many hairstyles that you can try on to achieve a bold look as well. You can see why we love this braided hairdos. They have a diva like a vibe to them, and we recommend it highly!

Blonde with highlights

Highlighting your hair has been a trend for long. They bring the needed dimension to your hair and transform your hair completely as well! Here we can see the blonde highlights and how they make the braids look flawless!

Icy shades

These icy shades with the darker base on the bottom are the shade that we want on our hair today! These shades are admittedly trendy, and we do recommend you to try this one on at least once!


These side braid hairstyles run from one side to the other and form an all-rounder look. You can see why this look is famous. You can see the braids create a hassle-free look and are perfect for a busy long day!

Ponytails with big braids

This hairstyle is eye-catching. The braids on the sides are big and voluminous. You can get this done on yourself or even try doing it yourself. It will only take a matter of minutes for you to do!

Cara Delevingne’s hairstyle

Cara has a bold and fun look here. The braided side hairstyles that she tried on has made a lot of people decide on this look. You can see the edge that this hairstyle has.


Be extra

If you are all about the bling and being extra, you need to try this one on! There are not a lot of elements in this one, and still, it makes such an impact. It has its charm, and you can pair it with any look that you are going for!

Vertical braids

Here is something exciting and unique for you to try on. These braids are usually done horizontally on all side braid hairstyles. But you can see that here they are vertical! This is a look that is sure to make you stand out!

Full braids

Try on a fuller look and try this braided hairstyle. You can see that the french braids here are started from the very top and they slowly turn in to a three strand braid as you go down!

Dark and light

These chocolatey shades of the dark hair match well with the light blonde shades. This play of colors makes a big difference on the way your braids will look at the end! The diagonal braids here are a must try.

Colors and tones

There are varied colors and tones that you can try on your hair and make them look as pretty as this one here! This takes the side braid hairstyles to a whole new level for sure, and we love how these hues work together.

Diagonal braids

Try diagonal side braid hairstyles once, and we are sure you will try them again and again. These twists here are big and fuller looking. The ends are slightly turned into waves to create an elegant look.

Tight hair braids

If you have layered hair, you need to braid it tightly! This tight look can make all the difference and help to keep your hair strands in place too.

Majestic hair

Youthful vibe

These side braids have a fun and flirty side to them. You can achieve a girly youthful vibe from trying on these side braid hairstyles. We have rounded up a couple of stylish looks for you to try on!

French braids

The tugged on French braids are a classic look. This updo can be worn to any formal or informal occasion. You can try this on when you want to make an impression and look polished as well.


Being stylish is a braid away! There are thicker braids sections here, and they fall on the hair perfectly still. They can make all parts of the hair appear well and can make you look fantastic as well!

Amazing braids

Shailene Woodley has rocked this look a couple of times, and we love how amazing they are! They start as tiny small braids and then turn into fuller thicker braids. They are not only stylish but are also a hassle-free look.

Ruffled hair

A messy look has its charm. If you have a liking for rough hair, this is a look to try on! Do not mistake this for a shabby one, for a few imperfections makes the look more natural!

Tiny braids

Thin braids are also a type of side braid hairstyles that you can try on for a casual occasion. They make you look polished, and it seems like you put on a lot of effort for this look for sure!

Straight hair

Silky and straight hair has been loved by many. You can make use of a hair straightener to make this look come alive. If you have no layers in your hair, you can achieve a sleeker look at the end!


Your hair needs some texture and volume to make them look great. The curls on these looks are stylish and elegant as well. If you have natural curls, you need to be counting yourself lucky for sure!


This hairstyle is unique, and that is the only way to describe it! The use of the cloth has made the twisted braids even more evident. You can see such looks being worn on the runways by models!

We are sure that you have fallen in love with some of these hairstyles. Make sure you try these on cause some hairstyles look good only when you try them on yourself! Keep trying new things and break the monotony of looking the same each day! These braids are time-saving and hassle-free hairdos that you can wear to your office or even to your wedding! That is how versatile they are!

If you have gained some knowledge about braided hairstyles, make sure you show us some love by liking and sharing this article as much as you can! Share your experience with side braid hairstyles in the comments section below. We will be coming up with more on stylish hairstyles and interesting fashion topics so stay with us. Till next time, this is a wrap!


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