107 Side Bangs You Need To Try Before You Die


When you push your hair back to the side and get it tucked behind the ear, it is helpful to have side bangs for sure. You can try cutting your hair in short sections on the front, and it makes your face look framed. If you like that feminine touch to your hair, then this is a great way. You do not need to chop off a lot of your hair, you can get it trimmed on the front, and you are ready! There are many options for side swept bangs as well. You can also get it done at home if you are confident enough!

We are showing off options for side bangs long hair and some bob hairstyles out here as well. You can take the inspiration you need from these photos. Here we also paired some of the styles of celebrity side bangs. These are great for everyone, and so you can also try your hand in this! You can try out the wispy bangs too. If you want to get the needed inspiration for these hairstyles, stick on to this article. And we are showing you some fantastic ideas!

Here are 107 side bangs images that can get you an idea of what to try this season.

Bangs and layers go together!

When you have bangs, they are layers on your hair. These are short layers of hair that cascade on top of each other and fall on the side. Women with thick hair tend to tilt more towards these ideas. As side bangs add that feminine touch to the hair and it also sets a style out for them. The thickness of the hair is also well managed with them. When you get your hair cut like this, you are sure to enjoy a youthful appeal that lasts long! So make sure you try them out at least once. If you are looking for side bangs that work well without layers, then you can try out a bob hairstyle as well. Here you can work with single layer bangs or also get them cut into short, frail sections.

We are showing you a short hair option here so that you can get a clear idea of how it will look. You can try it out for days when you want that beautiful everyday look as you wake up. The bob has also gained popularity for being easy to style. So women who are always in a hurry to head out will love this idea! Check out the colors in this idea as well. The platinum blonde is going well with the whole short hair. And we are fans of such short hairstyles. No matter what skin tone you have, you can try out these hair colors, and that makes it unique!

How can you get these side bangs at home?

If you are in a budget and need to know how to cut side bangs at home, then we are here to help you out. You can follow some guidelines, and that can help you get that perfectly chopped side bangs that you have always desired. You can take the hair on both sides and separate them to do this on either side if you want that chiseled effect. So without any more ado, let’s start the steps to gorgeous hair!

  • Start by making sure that your hair is hundred percent dry. When you have wet hair, it tends to dry out to a shorter length. So we suggest you take your blow dryer and make sure your hair is dry!
  • If you have a wavy texture in your hair, make sure your hair is straightened. This way, you can get a clear, crisp cut and make fewer mistakes.
  • Now start by taking the section on the front and take a triangular shape out of the top! This is the portion you will cut off to make your side bangs.
  • Secure the rest of your hair on the back with a hair tie. This way you can get your locks out of the way and get to chopping!
  • Choose a sharp pair of scissors so that it doesn’t slip. A blunt one will move and get you to cut the sections you do not want!
  • Take the section to cut out and take it to the other side. If you want the bangs on the right side of your face, take it to the left!
  • Now start by taking the section closest to the nose and hold is straight. After this, you can start cutting it in short sections carefully.
  • Take your time and hold the scissors at an angle and start cutting! Start slowly so that you can get precise results.
  • Take the bangs on the side and see how it has turned out. If you are not happy, get it over and start again!


Long hair with side bangs to try

Women with long hair tend to like the side bangs even more. It adds that needed texture and definition to the hair after all! If you have that single layer hair, then you need to get on board with the full-frontal bangs. That makes everything look better. If you like that same sized bang, then this is ideal for you! If not, you can try out the layered version throughout the hair. This way you can get that portioned hairstyle to flaunt around. Here we are showing you all the options that you can choose. There are flared out sections as well that makes everything work out. It is also great when you want to get that face-framing effect on yourself.

These are hairstyles that even celebs have endorsed over the years and we would love to see you try them out as well. It almost seems like one cannot get a haircut completed without adding bangs on top! You can check out the ones that we thought to work out well with an extended length of hair! Take your pick and head out to the salon to get them done when you are free! If you have colored hair, we suggest you get that darker shade on the top. This way, it will also get on the bangs and add the needed dimension. We love the idea of brown hair color on bangs for sure. If you want that fresh and youthful vibe, we suggest you go for that shade!

Medium length hairstyles with side bangs

Have you ever tried to pair medium layers with side bangs? If not, then we suggest you try them out as soon as you can. For that is one hot trend at this moment. Many love the idea of a medium length hair and love to pair it with side swept bangs. This is a look that has been worn by hundreds of women, and it still manages to look fresh on everyone each time! It adds that shape and dimension that works out for almost all face shapes, and that is what makes it unique. You can try to get the same effect with your hair by getting some nicely trimmed sections on the front.

Here we are showing some side bangs medium hair options for you. These are sure to entice you when you try it out! We can spot a lot of teenagers working out this style. If you check out your Instagram page, we are sure you will find countless ideas out there as well. There are hashtags with the same name that are trending as well! You can check them out there as well. You will notice that these are the choices of young Instagram models too! That fun, flattering idea looks good on everyone. It also manages to take a simple haircut to a whole new level. We are in awe of the soft layers in this hair! When you pair that with a ruffled curly look, it manages to steal hearts!

The side bang styles we adore!

This article here is excellent as we are not only mentioning the side bangs 2018 was famous for, but we are also showing you how to get that style! You can look amazing when you pair it with a well-formed style! When celebs like Kiera Knightly, Taylor Swift, and Kristen Bell endorse and idea, you are bound to want to try it. We also love the way they carried off their looks. They are not hairstyles you cannot wear! They are simple styles that anyone can try out. The approachability of these styles is what makes it so desirable. You can try out these when you need to look extra special. If you have a night party to go to, these will be a savior!

The style that Kiera has worked for everyone with medium to long hair. And if you are someone who has that short hair, then you can follow Taylor. Her back to the ’80s look is inspirational and would be a trendsetter as well. You can take the easy way out with the hair that Kristen has on her. These are the everyday wearable hairstyles that most of us look for. So if you want that carefree, relaxed hair, follow this style! We sure want you to share your experience and preference about these hairstyles. So do that in the comments section below! We will be looking forward to hearing about the choices our reader like to make!

The variety you have with bangs!

There is so much to try with side bangs! When you heard the topic, you may have thought only about the conventional style. But we are assuring you that there is so much more to try than your regular side swept bangs! There are styles in these categories as well. We will tell you how to style your bangs and also the ways you can get them cut in here. You can go through this portion and understand the options you have with these hairstyles. You can pin it down or let it loose, but every style looks good when you have a hairstyle that is as classy as these! From the first picture here, you can see the techniques you can adopt!

We are also an advocate of wispy side bangs, and thus we want you to try them out. You can go from an everyday style to a formal look and then to a glam avatar all with the help of side bangs. The best thing you need to do is keep these sections layering on top of one another. That way, when you look at it from the side, it appears super beautiful! They look good with any color and texture as well, so there is no need to worry about that. Here are some of our most loved ideas. Check them out and find the one to try as soon as you can. We are sure you will slay the look when you get to it!

The bob hairstyle with bangs

These are the hairstyles that fall under the side bangs 2019, and you need to get them if you want that short hairdo for yourself. Bob is the right choice as it never goes out of style and also remains a classic choice for many as it looks good on any face shape! You can stay trendy as you get these hairstyles as well. The bob has been around for days, and we would love for you to check it out as well. Women use these hairstyles to use as a glam portion. When you get a beautiful shade of color on your locks, you can rock any style in itself.

But the thing about these hairstyles is that they need to be maintained from time to time. You can only look good when you have that hair trimmed off to get rid of the split ends and other such issues. You are sure to love the look, but you need to put in the effort as well. So make sure you book an appointment for your salon from time to time. This can be costly as well so. We suggest you follow the steps we indicated how to cut your bangs on top of this article. You can follow these steps to get that ever-ready hair that looks good every day! Go through this section, and you can find a lot of short bob ideas to get on board with this season.

With the waves and textures!

We, as women, love the idea of some curls on our hair. So we are showing you a way to get that beautiful polished look this season. All you need to do is get your hair on the side curled up using an excellent hair curler. We suggest you get a good hair curler and get these waves on whenever you need to look good. You can get them at discounted prices from time to time, so make sure to check them out! Here we have some beautiful side bangs paired with wavy locks. We are confident you will get that picture-perfect look when you try it out. So what are you waiting for? You need to understand that look on your hair as soon as you can!

We have the gorgeous Selena Gomez, Reese Witherspoon and Emilia Clark with these hairdos. You can get the same for yourself for a festive event. If you are not that good in hairdressing, you can get these done on the salon. Take a peek at these pictures, and you can see that there is a feminine charm to it. You can wear it to look extra cute for a date or also try it out as your everyday glam style! They are also great for the holidays.


Everyday casual style to try out!

When you want to look good every day, you need to try out hairstyles that can support you. We all want to look fantastic as we wake up. It may seem like a dream for many, but we can give you some hairstyle ideas that can get you close to looking like an angel when you get out of bed! These are the hairstyles that have that soft and full appeal to it. And we want to tell you that you can get the excellent look if you pair the hairdo with the clothing and make it stand out. We do believe that you need to make your attire work for you to get that picture-perfect, gorgeous look.

You can sweep your hair to aside, and if you have colored them, you are halfway done! There are some natural curly hair ideas with side bangs here too! So you can express yourself fully and freely with these styles. If you are more of a no-nonsense girl, then you can try out the high ponytail that we showcase here as well. When you have that ponytail, you can get the bangs to cover your forehead, and it looks stunning! The rest are styles here with a medium-cut bob, and we are sure you will slay the look! Take the styling tips from the youtube gurus, and we are sure you can get it done!

Face shapes and trying on the bangs with it!

A hairstyle becomes popular for many reasons. The first being that it is advertised or worn by women who we admire and love! They could be celebs and stylists, and we follow them for that same reason. And the other purpose is that they are flattering on everyone! When you know that a style fits you perfectly and makes you look as good as the next person, you can try it without any doubts! You can also try to get your hair in that voluminous style by adding on layers on the back. Here we posted some techniques that are perfect for a soft, feminine touch! The second thing to love about these styles is that they are perfect for every other girl out there and not only celebs!

Do you have a round face shape? Then you can try the bangs that stay on both sides of the face. These are side swept bangs that can make your forehead look smaller. You want to create a ‘V’ shape on the top if you’re going to get the broad forehead hidden! We have Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, and Jennifer Lopez showing off their version of the everyday hairstyle. These ladies have different face shapes, and they are all looking great in them. They are going to have the same effect on you as well! Make sure you give it a try if you can!

The idea behind bangs is to get the face to look stunning by adding on a framing effect on top. If you have a forehead that you think is too high, then you need to try this one! It would not be as popular as it is if it weren’t for these stunning celebrities. You can check them out to see how they have the perfect layers on hair. Try to keep these sections as beautiful as you can and that way you can get the hair to stand out. There are some casual ways to style them as well, which we showed in this article.

When you have bangs, you can make your hair look as romantic as you want to. You can also pair it up with some curls and you are done. You need to make sure you have the balance with the short sections. If you keep the rest of your hair in total isolation to layers and keep the bangs short, it may look bad. You can start at the top and create short segments throughout the hair. You can get a voluminous look this way, and it will also look well done. These are some of the ideas we thought were lovely to try on for anyone. If you find that these are a cool hairstyle and this was a helpful article, make sure you stay in touch for more!


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