110 Best Shoulder Length Hairstyles To Try


Like every cut and style, shoulder length hairstyles – neither too long nor too short shoulder length hairdo also have its own history.

Shoulder length hairstyles emerged during the 1970s. Young adults of the 70s were looking for self-reflection and personal empowerment; they experimented their hair, there they got the true essence of their selves! And these innovative shoulder length hairstyles become timeless haircuts.

So girls, if you ever want to touch your soul, touch your hair first; hair reveals your nature in many ways if you are bold, freedom lover, independent!

It is convenient to all – girl to a lady to woman over 50 and

Suitable for all hair type – thin hair or thick hair; get short length or medium length – it’s your choice! It gives you multiple looks; straight or sleek, wavy or fun and curly or cute – you are gonna love it, darling.

Here are 110 chicest varieties of shoulder length haircuts you will want to go for it:

1. Red-brown Texture

You don’t like long hair! You want to look younger ever! Because you don’t have time for your hair to care! At that moment you must choose shoulder length hair!

2. Side-swept Layers

If you love to play with bangs consider short length haircuts. Side-swept fringe makes all the difference!

3. Go For Black 

Black is rich! Black is beautiful! It highlights your blue eyes and your complexion! Make ‘Go For Black’ your style!

4. With Side Swept Bangs

When you have a pinkish complexion, you don’t need to think much!

5. Shoulder Length Curls

Whether you believe it or not but shoulder length curls are the chicest haircut of 2017! When you go in the town most of the time you could confront this medium length hairstyle!

6. Purplish curly Texture

Darling, do you really love purple hair? Common girl, no time to wait and see! Wear it now! It exposes your creative and caring personality.

7. Braided Knot Balayage

OMG! These two braids create magic! Knot them beautifully – super versatile style ever!

8. Shoulder Length with Fringe 

Hairdresser never minds cutting your long hair to give you a chic style to let you stay in the world of fashion!

9. Side Parted Hairdo

Short to mid length hairstyles are the hotcake of 2017 – easy peasy to manage! Side parted black hairdo is one among!

10. Golden Sleek

Hey dear, What are you looking for? 70s hairdo is back again! It gives you a vintage look.

11. Easy-peasy Shoulder Length  

Versatile hairstyle – perfect for you, sweetie!

12. Side Parted Straight  

What kind of haircut are you really looking for? Fine and effortless, right?

Well, here is the chicest haircut for straight hair!

13. Highlighted Shoulder Length

She looks glam with this timeless highlighted waves and deep side part

14. Chocolatey  

Everything is chocolatey! Delicious curly locks give you an elegant look!

15. Curly Bob

This is why girls love micro curls – get the phenomenal look with!


17. Golden Look

With short length, you get flawless charm! None can compete with your bright hazel eyes!

18. Messy Shoulder Length 

Achieving amusement isn’t that much hard. Let your tresses run through your face when it’s windy; there you achieve tickling sensation!

19. Brown + Black Bob

Hairstyle for your personal empowerment! Don’t believe my words? Try out yourself and feel your power, girl!

20. Silky Bob

To change your appearance, break your hairstyle! your side-parted sleek and straight hairdo make you look prosperous and luxurious!

21. Curly Ombre

If you have thought of switching your hair style, think of short length curly ombre! Because it is one of the trendy hairstyles! Lengthy side bangs add perfection!

22. Curly Side Bangs

Want to achieve feminine vibration? Curly side bangs deliver the perfect amount of cuteness on your fair complexion.

23. Shoulder Length for Thick

Thick eyebrows with dark blonde hair dye!

24. Three Layers 

If you take a little time and count you don’t find more than three! Straight strands will never go out of fashion – gain gorgeous look ever, honey!

25. Pinkish Back

Light blonde with pinkish highlights

26. Center Part

Looking medium length hairstyles for thin hair? Great idea central parted medium is neither too long nor too short! Every girl wants to achieve once in their life. It suits more when you have a fair complexion with black eyes!

27. Cut for Thin Hair

It completely explains the 70s style. If so why don’t you wear in 2017 again, honey!

28. Brown Ombre 

Short length haircuts are the hottest trend of this year – polish your curly hair with ombre shade! The result is chic, easy peasy look!

29. Feathered Hair

Want to look young and beautiful?

Yes, of course, almost all darlings in the world want some fabulous look! That’s reason shoulder length feather hairdo exists.

30. Four Sorts 

Which image would you choose? Of course, it’s very difficult to choose!

Sometimes we let pictures speak – an image speaks a thousand words.

31. Black Roots 

If your hair is thick, it’s a bonus! What a magic you can create with your thick hair!

32. Snowy White 

Another safe option to make you fit everywhere! To avoid free-flowing hair take two section from the front and secure it with bobby pins!

33. Burgundy Highlights 

Sorry girlfriend, the burgundy is the best highlight for you!

34. Red+Gray+Ash+Brown

It’s very difficult to choose – all short to mid length hairstyles give you a natural texture!

35. Gray Highlights Ombre

Medium length hairstyles for thick hair is often considered one the most attractive hairdo! You get the more noticeable look when you dye gray hue!

36. Long Bob

If you have a rich dark brown straight hair, a long bob is only hairstyle suitable for you, girl!


37. Messy Curls

What is the definition of messy curls? Of course, it gives you a feminine look and power!

38.  Half Way Gray Layered

Fun and empowering, you don’t have to invest your time on hair much!

39. Swept Bangs

Thick hair is always a big bonus! You can experiment with it. Darling, you can choose in-between short to mid length hairstyles – create your own signature!

40. Dimensional Highlights 

No secret! Central parted shoulder length is the cut of 2017!


41. Curly End Straight   

Curly end straight is a classic! Straight and sleek offer you a vintage personality!

42. Long Bob with Bangs 

You look more flattering with your bangs! Don’t believe me? Do it and feel it!

43. Gray Balayage Bub

Your hair smooth and sleek, it is the quality to have a bob style! Add gray balayage to achieve elegant personality!

44. Shaggy Shoulder Length

This is fun to look! But brilliant to have! All young darlings look amazing!

45. Wavy Shoulder Length

We can compare it with the wave of a river – smooth and artistic!

46. Braids Silky Blunt 

Create your style and stand out of the crowd!

47. Blunt Bob

Exposes your sexy nape – totally adorable!

48. Colored Shoulder Length Thin Hair 

No secret, darlings love hair dye! But what you use really matters! When you appear with colorful shoulder length it means you are bold and active! So what do you think?

49. Four Shaggy Shoulder Lenght

Shoulder length is absolutely adorable! But many sweeties prefer shoulder length shaggy! You can choose one among four!

50. Layered Ashy Brown

Women over 49 tend to be obsessed with the Layered Ashy Brown – it’s timeless and easy peasy! Suitable for your hectic routined life!

51. Shoulder Length Thin Hair

Thin hair? Super pretty shoulder length is here for you, darling! It makes your hair bouncy!

52. White Fringe with Blunt 

You look not only pretty, but it makes you look incredibly beautiful – suitable for young adult!

53. Pinkish Bob 

This pinkish bob is easy to achieve! Ask your hairdresser! Your contrastive outfit adds brightness in your face!

54. Grayish Shoulder Length

This is an adorably classic choice. It is for those who want to achieve the healthy and fresh look!

55. Layered Shoulder Length

Again so many choices! Yes, darling, these delightful hairstyles would be an impressive and aesthetically pleasing choice for you! Pick one be chic!

56. Shoulder Length Ponytail 

Nape length pony! Bright hazel eyes! Honey, you look seductive the way are!

57. Side Swept Straight Shoulder Lenght

This is gonna be one of the perpetual hairstyles! Soft and cute to wear!

58. Shoulder Lenght Feather

Let your long bangs fall all through your face on shoulder length hair – it gives you a fabulous look.


59 Naturally Curly

#Red+Light Blonde+Black+Highlighted Front

Super tight curls create magic in your daily life! Let’s be practical, girls!

60. Golden Blonde Roots 

No matter even if it is an effect of light on her top! Bleach your roots and achieve golden blonde! All thanks to your straight and sleek tresses!

61. Side Parted Bob

We don’t mind to fulfill our passion! What about you? Make your thick hair look amazing – side parted bob makes you look elegant.

62. Shoulder Length Messy  Layered 

What if someone asks to give your long hair a little mess? No worry beb, Shoulder Length Messy Layered gives you strong sense of your personality ever!

63. Crown Braid

Wow! What a cute look you get with a braided crown! Give it a try – you look super cute, sweetie!

64. Short Length Hairstyle 

Free-flowing short length hairstyles with bangs are the pop among all, irrespective of age! Give it a taste of sun-kissed dye – it gives you back vibrant look!

65. Curly Bun

Want to bring change to your everyday hairstyle? Make a loose low bun, result, you get a fabulous personality!

66. Brown Highlights

From your informal life to formal – this hairstyle is adorable for everywhere!

Brown highlights give you dimensional look!

67. Light Blonde Wave 

Rich and luxurious – light blonde shoulder length hairstyles for fine hair is an awesome idea to make you look younger and healthy! Basically, suitable for darlings over 30!

68. Side Braid

The side braid is her style! If you are also obsessed, make your signature look! It makes you damn bold and powerful! Be you, sweetie!

69. Short Bangs Shoulder Length


70. Curl+Straight 

You have great number of varieties shoulder length hairstyles! If you want to change your appearance constantly, these images could help you out!

71. Straight and sleek Bob

Looking for a current hair trend? Bob haircut is a decent solution. It is always easy to maintain.

72. Curly End

What do flippy wave give you? Nothing, but a great amount of satisfaction!

73. Medium Length 

If you want to look well-groomed but you don’t have much time to decorate your hair! We have an answer! Medium length – nourish your half way end with dark blonde!


74. Gray Ombre Shoulder Length 

Timeless straight and sleek tresses – light blonde highlights ombre makes you look super pop!

75. Medium Length Shaggy Haircut

Thanks to layered strands Everybody is watching you, beb!

76. Soft Hairstyle

Remarkable – light brown adds volume to your look! Light make up makes you perfect.

77. Light Blonde 

Girlfriends, don’t think much! Either straight or curly – it’s your taste!

78. Light Blond Straight 

Straight hair is the big solution – you can decorate it as your wish. Straight entertains light blonde hue!

79. Shaggy Blonde Balayage 

It creates the feeling of versatile – lovely and decent!

80. Reddish With Curly End

What do you call this hairstyle? Let’s say Reddish With Curly End! This cut is great for women over 40!

81. Short Fringe to Medium Length 

The color is vibrant! What about this cut? It’s an amazing!

82. Yellowish Short Length 

If you want to play with soft texture, embrace shoulder length fine hair! Center part gives you a perpetual look!

83. Light Vs Dark Blonde Shaggy


84. Short Haircut

If you particularly love short hair, these images could be perfect sample! This is the hairstyle that makes you look different!

85. Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Long bangs look cool! Your shiny gray hair is adorable!


For this messy strands, you need to let the wind to pass through your hair, let them fly!

87. Light + Dark

Her straight hair wouldn’t look as much beautiful as this, light and dark brown palys a significant role to make it noticable.

88. Straight Layered 

Straight and sleek hair helps you to manage your wide face – let your straight hair fall freely through your cheekbones – you get your desired look!

89. Asymmetrical Bob

Looking sophisticated and chic hairstyle of 2017 – ideal for young!

90. Short to Mid Length Hairstyle 

This look is especially great for anyone long neck – eye-catching hairstyle ever!

91. Dark Roots 

This style is all about enjoying your soft curls in a shoulder length version! Enjoy your darker roots – brings contrastive effect to your blonde hue!

92. Dark Layered Shoulder Length

Dark layers are timeless – make you look delicate and glam!

93. Light Blonde Balayage

Her Light Blonde Balayage is reminiscent of the 70s. Her pierced nose makes us remember counter-culture movement of the 60s and 70s!

94. Fringe with Medium-length 

Sometimes being fond of fringe is ok! Actually, it makes you look younger and chic! Straight hair is a bonus!

95. Mix-up Haircut

These are for, cuties sweeties!

96. Ashy Brown Ombre 

The best thing about having shoulder length hairstyle? You can shift hue as your wish! But Ashy Brown Ombre is more casual!

97. Short Length Haircut

Want some universal look? We are here to help you! Short Length Haircut helps you achieve timeless look!

98. Loose Bun Balayage 

Bun is the chicest hairdo among youngs these days – especially Loose Bun Balayage like this! It makes you stand out of the crowd, hon!

99. Symmetrical Light Blonde Bob

Let your hair make you beautiful! Sweetie, it’s time to rock with your – Symmetrical Light Blond Bob – chic hairstyle of 2017.

100. Upto Nape Haircuts

Because you want to expose back of your neck, well, with the help of Upto Nape Haircuts you the desired look! The lighter highlights add magic – makes you fresh ever!

101. Bang With Short Pony

Pony adds variety to your regular shoulder length hairdo! Sweep your short bangs to the side – get a dimensional look!

102. River Wave Medium Length 

You always look healthy and full of bounce with the River Wave Medium Length! Cutie, you!

103. Blonde Ombre Blunt Bob

It’s delectable! It’s chic! Blonde Ombre Blunt Bob empowers your personality!

104. Straight Bob 

Darling, you look already young and energetic with your straight bob! Add little gray to gain pop among your colleague!

105. Half Way Curls 

Here is another shoulder lenght haircut! Decorate your short hair by curling it slightly towards the end!

106. Open Nape 

If you have a long and sexy nape, expose it – it is where beauty lies not in the eyes of the beholder! If you really like this idea, short length haircut is a solution!

107. Keep Back 

A girl with shoulder length haircut is more practical than one with long hair! In your day and night hectic life, you have less time for your hair to decorate – short length haircuts could be practical – everlasting haircut!

108. Reddish Brown Layered Cut

You have reddish brown hair and you are looking medium length hairstyles with bangs?

Ok, no problem!

Multiple layered cuts can give you a satisfaction!

Later on, you can freely let the shortest layer fall over your forehead or sweep it to the side – it works as bangs!

109. Make Your Crown 

Take a section from Your side and braid it. Take it to the other side and secure with a bobby pin – there you are with your intended style! Make sure, you have to manage to hide bobby pin!

110. Spiky Layered Haircut 

Want to change your personality into bold and stunning? Spiky Layered Haircut fulfills your demand. Your golden hair dye makes you look more vivid, let alone your hazel eyes!


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