55 Super Cute Natural and Short Hairstyles

Check some amazing natural and short hairstyle out and girl, go for it.


You like to keep your hairstyle natural and short?
I get it. It is the same with me, girl.
Chilling with my hair without putting any effort into it would be entirely awesome.
But you might think I am talking nonsense. It is not even possible.

Well, honey, it is. I don’t mean you will not have to take care of your hair. Obviously, nourishing and cleaning are mandatory. What I am talking about is, your daily hairstyle might need the least effort. That is possible when you keep your hair short and natural.

To some, this may not only be the reason. Some of you might be tired of experimenting with products leaving your hair dry, brittle and ugly. The only way to give life to your hair again would be opting for a natural hairstyle that allows its healthy growth.

Want to know which hairstyles?

Twists and turns: Want to control your natural frizz? Twists and turns are your options. They look fantastic with updos and cute when left loose.

Mohawks: Who said only men could rock a Mohawk? Go for the bold and the beautiful. Be the talk of the town, girl. A natural hairstyle, indeed that keeps it natural and short.

Puffs: African American woman love these for the replacement of buns. Add to its beauty with some braids and twists to be the center of attention.

Protective Updos: For some these hairstyles are all about protecting your hair. Go for such updos that not only locks in your moisture but nourishes your locks.

Finger coils: Make them lose their heart over your coiled locks.

Why don’t we take a stroll down our collection of photos of cute, natural and short hairstyles?

1.  Cute Red Curls

Different shades of red for your hair brings out the best in your look. You can go for copper red, plum red or burgundy shade. Anything works! Let your natural curls accentuate the color. This is one of the trendiest very short hairstyles.

2. Braid Them

When you are blessed with curls, you get the frizz in the deal. They don’t come to you alternately. So, if you are opting for a natural and short hairstyle, when you have a super frizzy hair, braids can help you. Braid the front part of your head and let the rest of your hair be as it. The frizz at the back becomes your style.

3. Mohawk

For a quick, natural and short hairstyle get yourself a Mohawk haircut. Now, this is a protective hairstyle with the least maintenance ever. Let the natural frizz do its charm and build its charisma. One of my favorite African American hairstyles, undoubtedly.

4. Very Short

This goes on the list of very short natural hairstyles. If you are looking for a complete makeover and decide to inspire from the book of African American hairstyles, this could be your look. Easiest hairstyle ever. The sidecut gives the hairstyle a whole new dimension.

5. Hoops & Loops

I love the natural look. Natural no makes up look at my face and no hassle haircut. If you have curls and don’t think short hairstyle works for you, you could not be more wrong. Look at her! Her loop earrings go hand in hand with her natural curled up locks.

6. Frizz to the Rescue

Did you ever think that frizz-ness would save your hairstyle? The V-shape at the back and the frizz on top is making this look utterly jaw-dropping. The ombre effect on her hair ties the look entirely together.

7. Highlighted Natural and Short Hairstyle

You have another great look for a natural and short hairstyle. This is a super quick style with highlights on the top. The sidecut makes it look WOW. Her bold red lipstick ties the look together. A definite YES haircut for the black females.

8. Coils

For this ultimately bold look, I would suggest you show this to your hairstylist. The mixture of black and brown hues is tying this look altogether. The coils are accentuated with the colors. What steals the show, is the balded look with two diagonal lines meeting at a point. Wow!

9. Natural Hawk

This is another hairstyle that goes great with a black female. This is long hair Mo Hawk hairstyle that can be pulled off by everyone. The hair needs some products to be kept in that position all day, but, hey, it is worth the effort. Don’t you think so?

10. Finger Coils

Natural and short hairstyles don’t only work in black females. Anyone can rock it! This is simple, get yourself a shortcut, keep it moisturized and you know take a selfie.

11. Thunderbolt

Create a stunning effect with a thunderbolt style at the back.
This is the hairstyle for the beautiful Potterheads.
Keep your curls moisturized and styled.

12. Radial Spikes

If you want people not only talk about curls but something else, I suggest you get some radial splits on the side. Shave off some chunks off your hair and create some slits. Your curls need to be kept bouncy and voluminous. So, nourishment and care of your hair are super important.

13. Ombre

Add some definition to your natural and short hairstyle. When you go for a natural look, it is essential to keep them nourished. Use least products and always moisturize. Now to add a burning effect, highlight the top of your hair strands.

14. Highlights & Slits

Make use of braids, spirals, and highlights to give your natural and short hairstyle an ultra-glamorous look. You can go for a red, brown, dark brown, purple, green or blue for the highlights. Work any color. Pick the right shade.

15. Very Short Natural Style

This is a classic and simple hairstyle. All you need is a pair of scissors. Chop Chop! I know the amount of sadness you will feel when you see your hair on the floor, but when you look at yourself in the mirror, I believe that sense of style will win your heart and many others’.

16. Simple

An Afro hairstyle with a slight bump can make it look modern and feminine. This style is trendy and forever classic. The frizz is controlled and given shape with the help of a bump. This is an example of classic natural and short hairstyle.

  17. Side Parted Natural and Short Hairstyle

If you don’t have small coils but have long curls, you can use them to your full advantage. The thing with such hair type is you need to know where to part it. I recommend part it at the side and let your long locks fall on your forehead.

18. Shaved & Slit

For a very short natural hairstyle, you can add to its glamour by shaving off the sides and creating a slit. This is a style for those who don’t want the word cute defining the hairstyle but bold and sexy.

19. Chic

If you have this type of hair, I think you should be auditioning for commercials. Nevertheless, for the rest of us who want such styles, I suggest doing some chop and keeping your locks moisturized. Let your curls have all the fun.

20. Extremely Short

When you follow an extremely short hairstyle, you have the freedom to use statement jewelry and makeup to give your entire look highlight. This is well a protective natural and short hairstyle cause you will need no products to style it.

21. Blonde Natural and Short Hairstyle

You can pick a look at African American hairstyles if you have blonde hair as well. The very short blonde hairstyle looks fantastic. The nude lipstick and voluminous eyelashes compliment the haircut great.

22. Small Coils

Small coils require some work and time. This is an excellent variation to the very short natural and short hairstyles. Strands of the hair are twisted into spirals and set with hairstyling products. An ultimately bold and glamorous look.

23. Control The Frizz with The Band

We love the frizz when it is at the back. It brings out a new style, but when you have frizz at the front, it is hideous. It makes you look dirty and untidy. So, use accessories. Keep your hair in check with a simple hairband at the front.

24. Inspirational Natural and Short Hairstyle

Michelle Obama, an inspiration to all out in the world be it black females or anyone. Her style is also always on point. As for herself, she keeps her hairstyle naturally beautiful. With the tricks of few layers, she keeps her short haircut quick and terrific.

25. Up and Above

Natural and short hairstyles require an afro look to give you a completely different style. The small coils are super cute. This voluminous short hair hairstyle with the red lipstick in one word is incredible.

26. Play It!

If you are a fitness freak or a sports enthusiast, you love a hairstyle that is hassle-free. That is where we have the natural and short hairstyle rescuing you. There isn’t much work to be done and protects your hair immensely.

27. Twists & Turns

The twisted style at the back is what makes this natural and short hairstyle cute and protective. A unique form of African American hairstyles, the hair looks like it is piled up on the top and the braids at the back add a new dimension to the look.

28. Coiled Up!

I love this style. Personally, I would go for it. The hairstyle is voluminous, fun and super cute. Her curls are the highlight of the entire look. She keeps them nourished and plays with them.

29. Mini Curled Locks

Big curls or small, they both work. This is a mini curled natural and short hairstyle that looks fabulous. The frizz is maintained with the help of mini curls. You can see in the picture how terrific this style is.

30. Braids & Buns

You can always go for an updo for your natural and short hairstyle. It doesn’t only need to be a bun. You can mix the style with braids. Braid from the front and let the ends be tied up into a bun. This brings no hair to your face and keeps you forever stylish.

31. Shades of Blonde

Play with the ombre effect even when you have picked a hairstyle for your from the list of African American hairstyles. The curls can be kept natural and perfect. What becomes the highlight of your look is how beautifully ombre hair color works in short chunks of hair.

32. Highlights

For a very short hairstyle, you might think there isn’t much to do. But well there always is. You can always add style to it and enhance it by adding colors to the top of your hair strands.

33. Suave

For the lustrous and straight haired beauties, if you are finding it a hard time chopping off your hair into a very short hairstyle, you can keep it up to shoulder length. Color your hair and give yourself a complete makeover.

34. Braided Style

This is another style that requires a lot of guts. First of all, you need to have the courage to shave off your fabulous locks and then keep a few strands to braid them. This is another protective hairstyle that will let your hairstyle be the talk of the town.

35. Combed At The Front

Small curls always kept against gravity might cut to boredom for some of you. Add some spice to it. Take a strand of your hair at the front and comb it to perfection. Diversify your look and come out drop-dead gorgeous.

36. Curled Up

Finger coils in a very short natural and short hairstyle can make you look sexy and beautiful at the same time. To add to your vibe, you can give yourself a vibrant pink lip color shade and a winged eyeliner look.

37. Long Coils

Long coils don’t only work with long hairstyles. You can make it work in natural and short hairstyles. Side part your hair and keep it pretty. Again when you go for a natural style always keep your hair healthy.

38. Natural and Short Hairstyle

Use your natural hairstyle to add to your elegance. Chic is a characteristic that always comes naturally. So, use your natural and short hairstyle to add some class to your everyday style. Style yourself with a statement earpiece.

39. Side Parted

A simple side-parted look for your small coils can go a long way. A cute and straightforward natural and short hairstyle like this will come together when you add big loop earrings as your accessories. A statement lipstick color can give you enough boldness.

40. Chic

A natural and short hairstyle can be styled into something incredibly classy and chic. This requires a little bit of effort to make it neat but the style, in the end, can turn any head. Try this look for your office dinner; it is bound to get you some reward points.

41. Messy Curls

Curls are always better if you highlight them. It adds a new dimension to your hair. YOu natural and short hairstyle should keep the frizz to a minimum. Shape your curls correctly and let them be funky.

42. Straight Natural and Short Hairstyle

Curls, curls, curls.
But what about the straight hair beauties?
Did you think I would forget about you gorgeous souls?
I have this incredible natural and short hairstyle for you. The fringes at the front and the slightly extended hair at the back is a classic style.

43. Shaved Sides

You can always take attention off your frizz by shaving off the sides. This is another very short and cute hairstyle inspired by your black females. But this styles kept a chunk of hair in the middle at the front and finished the look with glossy lips.

44. Style Statement

Are you ready to pull this look off? If you are the bold and dynamic type, I recommend you this. The curls at the front are rested on the forehead, and the side split makes it look incredibly stylish. The girly winged eyeliner look appears ultra-sexy and modern.

45. Comb The Curls

When it comes to having a curly natural and short hairstyle, all we think of is messy look. The sleek, neat look works miraculously as well. The combed curls look with a side part can win hearts. Try it.

46. Bouncy and Frizzy

The bouncy coils with the frizz kept intact is what makes this hairstyle effortlessly stylish. There isn’t much work needed on this style.  This is a perfect example of natural and short hairstyle that will work for your office or everyday look.

47. Tie It Up

You can always tie up your natural and short hairstyle. Twist your pony once to give a half bun effect and let the rest of the hair be. You can always go for hair color that is similar to your skin tone.

48. Raven

How many of you loved That’s so Raven?
If you could see into the future…..
If I could, I see you taking her hairstyle for your next look.

Raven looks amazing. She uses her curls for a natural and short hairstyle. What she does to make it look extra is highlight the strands that fall on her face, and it works magic.

49. Slit On The Side

Your curls and a slit on the side can create a super cute natural and short hairstyle. This again comes from the very short African American hairstyles that look super fun.

50. Sunkissed

Take a fantastic selfie with the evening sunlight showing off your natural and short hairstyle. This style isn’t much work but has kept the long curls intact with a side split.

51. Smile

Smile and show off your mini finger coils. You can side part your hair and keep your hair very short. Natural and short hairstyles can be deemed as protective hairstyles. As always, keep your hair healthy and nourished.

52. Natural

This is one of the natural and short hairstyles as it can be. The hair is cut awesomely and it doesn’t need any products to style it. It only needs the confidence to carry it off.

53. On The Top

I love bouncy curls. You can do so much with them. You can use bumps to give an extra volume and let your curls fall making you look spectacular. This is a look that is bound to draw some attention.

54. Coils Turned

If you want to completely change your look and are tired of your Afro hairstyle, you should go for something like this. Take this look to your nearest parlor and coil your strands with the help of products.

55. Small Bounced Up

If you have the hair texture for Afro hair, then keep them bouncy and hold them against the gravity. Side part them if you like. Add some red lipstick. This is another natural and short hairstyle you should try from African American hairstyles.


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