100 Short Hairstyles For Thick And Thin Hair for 2021


Short hairstyles help you create the sassiest fashion period of your life more than ever. They are low maintenance looks that have high styling possibilities. If you are looking to develop such a period in your life, you have come to the right place.

Don’t worry if you have thick hair or thin hair, black hair or blonde; short hairstyles cover them all. We have short hairdos for different types of face shapes such as round, oval or triangular. 2018 will be your year as the hottest time of your life. Brace yourself; you are now about to see spectacular hairstyles.

-For Thick Hair

These type of short hairstyles will be high if your hair texture is thick. If you have natural curls, you will look great with this hairstyle. If you don’t and want to replicate this style, you can always add curls. The choice is yours. This hairstyle is not really for the round faces because you will have a focus on your hair. There are no strands that seem to shape your face. It is simple and easy to do. All you have to do is braid your hair on each side and join them together using an elastic band. You are done.

-Highlighted Short Hair

So, you want colors on your hair but are not fully committed to the idea? You want some colors but not brown, blonde or red. I get it. You want to look unique. Coloring all of your hair could create a lot of drama. So, you can go for similar hair color. Pick a hair color that compliments your eyes and your undertone. As for the short hairstyle, it is fun and messy. I love the bangs on her face. The hairstyle has its natural texture, and that is what makes this look fun and young.

-Rolled Out Of Bed

I love the simplicity of this hairstyle. This hairstyle reminds me of the 90’s. If you like, you can call this hairstyle the 90’s hairstyle as well. The hair works excellent on wavy or straight hair. You will need a few products to give your hair this kind of shape. The hair shape is what keeps this hairstyle fun and vivacious. If you feel like a free spirit these days and need a look that shows it off, go for this hairstyle. You can finish the look with pink lipstick and earrings to add a feminity to this look.

-Short Hairstyles With Bangs

If you want to add a little bit of spice to your short hairdos, you can do so by adding some bangs to the look. Fringes are a great way to shape your face and soften the edges. If you have round face, I suggest trying the short hairstyles with fringes. Make sure you find your right fringes shape before you get yourself this hairstyle. I love the one shown in the picture. It is fun and easy to do. You only need to take care of your hair to pull off this look. Oh yes, do not forget that confidence. That is essential to pulling off any look.

-All The Curls

Braids and curls make for an outstanding combination. We have seen that already in so many examples. I think we talked about this duo in other articles as well. Anyway, this combination manages to set its foot even in the world of short hairdos. Can you blame it? They look incredible everywhere. So, why wouldn’t they become famous? The front of her hair has been made into a lovely braid while the back of her hair has large curls. I love her earring. They add a beautiful shine to her entire look. You can wear this look for any fancy event.

-Side Braids For Your Short Hair

If you loved the hairstyle, we just showed you and are disappointed that you don’t have the curls then stop. First of all, if you have straight hair, you always have the curling rod to give you your desired curls. Next, if you don’t want your hair to be treated with heat every day, you can see that this hairstyle looks great on straight hair as well. Wavy hair also works excellent for this hairstyle. This short hairstyle works on your hair no matter if it is short or long. The texture of your hair even does not matter. This hairstyle flatters the thick and thin hair type.

-Sleek On The Side

The sleekness of this hairstyle is sexy and hot. I love how the hairstyle compliments her dress. The hairstyle and her dress look like a match made in heaven. The haircut is short, and her hairstyle is straight. An extra volume is given to the hair in her crown area. To highlight the amount, the hair from her side is neatly combed and tucked inside the size. That is the simple way to do this look. You might need to straighten your hair to achieve this level of straightness. If you have round face, don’t go for this hairstyle. This will show off your entire face shape.

-Add Some Braids

We talked about the braids on short hairstyles for curly hair and straight hair. Some of us have the hair shape that is in between those two, i.e., waves. Waves are a great hairstyle to have. They look effortless, and you can enjoy the best of both world. Now, let us talk about how your short hairstyle will look gorgeous with braids. You can see that beautiful picture. The hairstyle is easy to do, and you can do it by yourself. The twist at the front can be simple, or you can opt for fishtail braid. Keep the look messy if you like.

-For Your Big Day

Your big day is coming up, and your hair has not grown to the length you always wanted. Well, first of all, you have hair extensions. If you don’t want that and find extensions uncomfortable, you always have a broad range of short hairstyles wedding that will help you. Short hairdos are favorite as wedding looks. You can still create beautiful buns even with a short length of hair. The curls and your hair accessory can be focused on if you don’t like your hair length. Trust me; no one will know the difference. You can see how stunning this look is.

-Short Hairdo

This is a unique short hairstyle that you can do quickly. It will work great if you have round face. The hair texture can be a thin type for this look as you can see that this hairstyle is made to increase the volume. The hair is cut short, and then the strands of her hair have been curled. The curls are only focused on the ends of her strands. For the front part of her face, strands of hair are kept long to given shape to her face shape. You can straighten the strands of hair near your face. This is a natural hairstyle. If you have hair colors, it is a great way to show them off.

-Wavy Ones

We have one of the purest and most natural forms of short hairstyles for you right here. The picture shows how a hairstyle can be fun and easy. All you need to do for this look is to cut your hair short. This haircut will work great on thin hair type and round faces. It will give an excellent shape to your face, and the waves of the hair will look fantastic. I think this is an excellent look for the summer. You can see how the sunglasses and the cool tank top works on her. If summer has knocked the doors where you live, I suggest you go for this look.

-An Accessory

This short hairstyle is also easy and breezy. You can feel the wind on your face and your hair. Windy days make for a great photo day. Your hair looks beautiful in the wind. Talking about the hairstyle, it has been cut it such a way that you have the relatively long hair strands near your face. The hairstyle has been cut so that there appear many layers all over her hair. It looks fun and sexy. I love her outfit as well. The hair accessory is optional. I prefer this look without the accessory. I think it will look fun and vibrant that way.

-Statement Hairband

This another short wedding hairstyles that I know you will love. This is one of my personal favorites, and I am saving this look. You would think that short hairstyles mean edgy and bold, wouldn’t you? Don’t worry. I thought the same too. When I researched this article, I had to think otherwise. This short hairstyle for a wedding is exquisite. The layers are fun and all over her hair. Her hair length is concise. The cherry on the cake for this look is that beautiful hair accessory. I love her makeup. The red lipstick manages to steal the show for me.

-Black Hair

Look at that statement neckpiece. That neckpiece can make all the head turns for the right reason. I love how her outfit has the neckline made for that accessory. Talking about her hairstyle, it looks great. This hairstyle is great for the thick hair type, and if you have round face, you can opt for this look. The hair length is not very short, and there are bangs. The hair type is messy. You can wear this look for office as well. It will give off nice bossy vibes if you wear this look for office as well. The side partition looks beautiful. Her makeup is perfect for this look.

-Thin One

This hairstyle is ideal for thin hair type. It will add a lot of volume to your hair. The factor that combines the amount to your hair is the thin hair that acts as a base to this hairstyle. The hair color is a stunning ombre effect. I love this look for a summer style. It will be an excellent way for you to remain cool and let no heat bother you. The layers of her hair are straight and simple. They look fun. If you want to go for a short hairstyle that will work great for the office as well, I suggest trying this look. Keep your makeup and accessories to the minimum.

-For Volume

This is another easy and straightforward short hairstyle. Her hair color is chocolate brown. The layers of her hair are long. You can go for this hairstyle if you have round face and thin hair. It will work great on any occasion. The layers of in front of her ears are the ones that frame her face. So, these strands manage to give a great shape to your face. Keep the strands bouncy and fun. The hair color can be anything you want. If you’re going to wear this hairstyle for the office, you can go for the same hair color.

-Eye-Catching Color

This shape of her short hairstyle is great. It is one of my personal favorites. Everything looks angular and dominating. It gives off killer vibes. If only looks could kill, I guess the girl wearing this hairstyle would be the culprit. Don’t you think so? The hair color is unique, and you need to have the right undertone to pull off this hair color. So, don’t go for this hair color if you like it. You need to do a lot of research before you get yourself the right hair color. You can use bright red lipstick to finish the look. A matte nude lipstick will also look great with this hairstyle. If you have round face, you can go for this look as well.

-Short Hairstyles For Curly Hair

This is another fantastic combination of curls and braids. The front of her hair is kept neat using beautiful braids. The twists can be simple, but I suggest going for something detailed. You can go for Dutch braids or French braids. The curls can be shaped correctly. Everything about this hairstyle can make you look like a doll. The makeup needs to be a focus on your eyes. You can go for such a makeup that uses a lot of highlighters. It will make your cheeks glow and give a great shape to your face. Take a beautiful photograph and post it on social media.

-Pointed At The Back

If you go for this look, I am sure you will feel like a Marvel superhero. Could this look be any cooler? The mohawk shape given to her short hairstyle is stunning. The hair color to highlight her hair shape is also perfect. It goes great with her undertone, and I am sure it brings out her eyes. This also makes a great ombre effect. The base color is dark, and her sides are shaved. This brings focus to the mohawk characteristic of her hairstyle. The ear studs are also high. Use your fingers to style the look. Go for this look if you are feeling bold and sexy.

-Waves And Fun

This is the easy and breezy hairstyle that you always wanted to have. The hairstyle is beautiful. It falls under the bob hairstyles. We have a bunch of articles based on bob hairstyles and its variations. You should check them out. Talking about this hairstyle, if you are a Modern Family fan, you know who this looks reminds you. Claire Dunphy! She is a cool character who makes everything great. She wears this look for the office. I think she creates a working office and environment cool with this hairstyle. If you want to be the ‘SheEO’ of your life like Claire Dunphy, I suggest you go for this hairstyle.

-Not So Short

If you have straight hair and thin hair type, you can go for this hairstyle. You can go for the shorter version of this hairstyle. It might look more refreshing than the one shown in the picture. Your short hair will look like this when it grows. I like the subtle layers on her hair. They add a feathery touch to her hair. You can add feather layers near your face. This hairstyle will work great for the thin hair type and will suit the round face as well. The slight waves near the ends of her locks give a great shape to her entire hairstyle.

-Kristen Style

We all know Kristen Stewart for various reasons. Some of us have not gone out of the Twilight zone for other she is known for being a great actress. You should watch more of her movies to see her brilliant skills. Well, other than that she makes for great style inspiration as well. This short hairstyle she wears is excellent and unique. The entire hair is of a single blonde color, and the roots of her hair are kept dark. I like the addition of tree braids near her braids. The hairstyle is different and something you should put on your bucket list.

-Dazzling Red

The hair color she wears is eye-catching. Her hairstyle and haircut are perfect as well. The edges and shape of her hair also make for a great look. I love the layers on her hair. The shape of this hairstyle is secured to frame her face. This hairstyle is mainly designed for her face shape. You should get a hairstyle that compliments her face shape. This short hairstyle works great on thin and thick hair type. I love the hair color. It looks great on her skin tone and brings out her eyes. You should take a great photo and Snapchat. This style will make you look dazzling.

-Retro Look

If you want a retro touch on your short hairstyles, you can go for this look. It is a great look. This look works great for summer. Her shirt is in trend this season. This hairstyle works great for thick hair type. If you have curly hair, you can smoothly go for this hairstyle. The hair has been parted from the side. Use hair styling products to give this hair a great shape. Finish the look with a stylish pair of sunglasses and bold red lipstick. Get yourself great accessories for this look.

-Lustrous Brown

The chocolate brown color of her hair is gorgeous. I love this hair color. It is perfect for you to get a great makeover and is not loud. The hair color will steal the show. It will change your look the perfect amount. The messiness of the look is great. I love the short hairstyle. It has been cut to flatter her face shape. To finish the look, she keeps it messy. This hairstyle will look great on thin and thick hair type. You can wear this look on straight hair and curly hair. It will work great on wavy hair as well. The hair color is one of my personal favorites.

-Red Shine

Look at this hair color. Is there anything more dazzling than this hairstyle? Talking about the hairstyle, it is a great look that will make you look like a celebrity. If you go for this look, I know people will think of you as a celebrity. The hairstyle has bangs and a lot of shapes. If you have thin hair type, you should go for this hairstyle. It will give your face a beautiful frame. You can modify this look for round faces as well. The hair color is optional. Although, I think the hair color is what makes this entire look stunning. The makeup focuses on her eyes. You can complete the look with nude pink lipstick.

Check out some variations of short hairstyles where we have some of your favorite celebrities showing it off. Keep on scrolling.

Hope you have decided which is going to be your hairstyle for 2018. Don’t worry short hairstyles never go out of style. You will look great on them.


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