Amazing Short Hairstyles for Girls for Fall and Winter 2021!


Short hairstyles for girls is all the craze in the year 2018! For us girls, it means more manageable and stylish touch to our lovely luscious locks. Although chopping it all of is the one thing that us girls dread, these edgy and beautiful styles of hairstyles make us wanna go for it already!

It is now the season for fall and summer is almost over, the craze of short hair is still on. Whether you wish to go full on short or you wish for a shoulder length, here are examples of some great short hairstyles that you can try out immediately! Personalize them if you want or get customize them to your liking, but as a whole, be sure to try out shorter hairstyles for this season.

1. Colored Mohawk

short haircut for girls

This season of fall why not go trendy and super fancy, with this one-sided mohawk? Add the extra touch of fashion by adding the colors to the ends of your strands and you will get this edgy and bold look that will steal the show. Not only will this hairstyle bring out the boldness that you have been missing, but you will surely love all the attention that this hairstyle will bring to you!

2. Blonde Shoulder Length Curls

This is a great example of how you can stylize your shoulder length hair so that it is manageable and super-stylish at the same time. Don’t want to make it obvious? Why not go for this short shoulder length hair with extra wavy curls to add the touch of natural hair. The blonde shade also works perfectly to cut off any extra weight, but don’t worry! This hairdo will make any hair color stand out!

3. Short Blonde Pixie

If you are daring enough to chop it all off, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Wear this short blonde pixie confidently and show off your edginess to all the world out there. Manageable and effortless, this hairstyle makes the bad hair day go away in shame. Why? Well, because this awesome hairdo will never have a bad hair day will it? Not only is this hairdo super awesome to look at but well, your time consumed styling your hair is now your past!

4. Red Curly Locks

Flaming Red, the perfect color combo when you chop it all off! Bold and attention-grabbing, this short hairdo will put all the hair to shame added the natural waviness of the hair. Whoever said Red is so 90’s, well, take a guess again! Because Red is officially back this season and we are in love with it more than ever!

5. Platinum Bob

While thinking of going short on your hair, you have obviously considered the bob cut, haven’t you? Well, bob and lob hairdos are also in this season and they surely are going nowhere. This platinum blonde short bob cut is the perfect getaway for your hair this season. Make it super short and add to your hairs flexibility and manageability. What’s more is that it not only looks super cute but your short hair will be the envy of all once you get them!

6. Curly Brown Short Hair

Who said you cannot stylize your hair if it is short? Proving the whole statement wrong, this curly hairdo for your short hair is the best way to steal the show once you get it all short. Versatility is the key to being a fashionista and this edgy hairdo for the daring ones will be the way to go! We just love how the curls look and feel, don’t you?

7. Short Sideway Bob

Here is another cute and girlish hairdo for those times when you just feel like letting it go! This pretty shade looks dauntingly gorgeous with the sideways bob hairstyle. Who says short hair is hard to stylize? Just part your hair sideways and this pretty hairdo is set. Effortless yet droolingly beautiful, we are just falling more and more in love with short hairstyles.

8. Braided Beauty

For your shoulder length to mid-length hair, why not go for this elegant look that you can achieve in just minutes. Just section your hair into two parts, upper and lower. You can then section the upper part into two more section and braid each side. Once done, secure the braids in place using bobby pins or a hair tie. Simple to do and yet elegantly gorgeous. Perfect for those times when you need to add in the effort, this hairstyle for short hair is the way to go!

9. Volumized Curls

When it comes to short hair, anything looks almost perfect. For those of you with naturally curly hair, take a look at this pretty short hair-do. Easy to achieve and effortless to stylize, this hairdo takes only minutes to arrange and set. For those of you with straighter hair, this lovely hairstyle can be achieved by getting your short hair into volumized curls. For this fall, why not try this hairstyle out?

10. Blonde Mohawk

This trendy hairstyle is for those of you who like to keep updating their fashion profiles. Mohawks and blonde are the two things that are in this season and together combined, it makes this hairstyle that is just out of this world. Miley Cyrus, Pink, and all the others have already joined in, the question is, when will you?

11. Layered Bob

If you wish to switch from your boring thin, straight, long hair, check out this awesome new hairstyle that helps add the extra volume and boost your hair needs. The short length and the layered hairdo gives your hair that much needed volumized look that you have been gawking at for so long. Get it done today and you will surely love how your new hair wears and feels.

12. Golden Crown

What if we say that there is a way to stylize your short hair to make it look extra fancy yet effortless. Well, after looking at these pretty golden curls, we can say that there is a way! Natural big curls in the golden shade look pretty amazing don’t you think? Now all there is missing is a big golden crown to remind you that this hairdo is certainly fit for a queen!

13. Super Short Bob

Want something more fathomable and manageable for you at work, or simply just tired of taking care of your long luscious locks? Well, this hairdo is certainly the perfect solution for you. Why? Because casual or formal, you can wear this hairdo wherever you want. Convenient and effortless it takes less than a minute to even stylize your hair. The blonde shade even adds to the lightness of your hair making this even more suitable for you! So what are you waiting for? Get it for yourself today!

14. One-sided Bold Mohawk

It seems that the craze over shaving off half your hair still is the coolest and trendiest fashion that you can follow! While in doubt, just look at how awesome this hairstyle makes you look. A great thing about this hairdo is that it is efficient, convenient and looks super edgy and bold. Bring out the confidence and this season why not shave it off? We can guarantee it will be worth it!

15. Twisted Braids

For those of you with natural fluffy and curly hair, why limit yourself to one hairstyle? Take a look at this gorgeous twisted braids that make up this short shoulder length hair. One can seriously die for this look right here. Easy to achieve and convenient to wear, you can even stylize the hair the way you want. You can opt for half up, half down look similar to this, or you can leave it all down or tie it all up. Either way, with this hairdo, be ready to stun the world because we are sure that you will look amazing!

16. Platinum Pixie

For those who think pixies are so 80’s or 90’s, the good news is they are back and us for one, certainly love that fact. Why? Because everything is great about pixie cuts. They are short, easy, convenient and very very stylish to look at. It can be elegant or edgy depending on what you wear and how you accessorize but either way, this example of the platinum blonde pixie is the reason why we have fallen to shorter hairdos this season.

17. Chic Shortness

The edginess mixed with the girlish trend comes off as a great hairdo one can have and the perfect example is this short sideways hairdo. The simplistic aspect of this short dark hairdo is what makes it so appealing. Edgy yet with a hint of cuteness from a more girlish side, this is the perfect way to execute your two sides when you decide to chop off your locks.

18. Wavy Bob

2017, it’s the season of blonde and wavy but did you know it looks even better with a shorter length? Well, now you do. Just look at the little Modern Family star rocking this drop-dead gorgeous hairdo that looks just awesome. Perfect for even red carpet events, this casually stylized hairdo makes the lengthy hair length go to shame.

19. Smiley Miley

So what else is trending in the year 2017? It’s Miley and her daringly short hairdo with lighter ends and darker roots. She is rocking the look and we have no doubt that everyone else has fallen in love with her hair too. But are you daring enough to copy the same exact look and rock it? Well, one thing is for sure, if you get this done, you will certainly not regret it.

20. Icy Cold White

It’s fall and winter is on its way. While other go for darker and warmer tones, this season, why don’t you add that extra effort and go for this icy white hair color? The short length adds to the edginess and if you wish you can add the element of elegance with the braids. We are absolutely loving this look, thus this look has made to our list of the best short hairdos for girls this fall.

21. Braided Brunette

The age-old tradition of going for darker shades for fall, you can certainly continue the trend. However, this time why not stylize your boring hairdo with a shorter length? The darker shades look brilliant with a shorter length and of course, the natural waves brings the whole look together. Perfect for any occasion, this look is the best way to ensure you stay fashionable even during the cold seasons. For a more sophisticated look, braid the top half of your hair and pin it in place. Ready to grab all the attention? You better be.

22. Curled Haven

Short blonde hair and curls seem to be the craze all over this year. To prove the fact, here is yet another great hairdo which seems perfect for even events like Red Carpet. Elegant curls with the platinum blonde shade, the short length makes it come to life even more.

23. Sleek and Straight

Although curls have won over the whole fashion industry, straight hair has always been the trend to win over our hearts. Here is the perfect example why? The sleek short straight hair makes the whole look even more edgy and sexier.

24. Hint of Purple

If you are in a confusion of how to stylize your short hair, we suggest you add a hint of color to make the whole look come to life. Here, for example, the short hair length is complimented perfectly by the hint of lavender shade added on the edges of the hair.

25. Retro Curls

While natural looking curls are raving all the attention, these huge retro curls are also not far behind. Winning our hearts for the extra elegance that these curls provide, the short length is certainly the way we wish to go this season. Perfect and dauntingly gorgeous, these short length curls are what we love!

26. Boys Cut on girls

Who said these short haircuts are only for boys. While women are rocking these shortest hairdos, it surely seems the right time to change the name of the hairstyle from boys cut to girls cut. Who doesn’t agree? We surely do!

27. Braided Blonde

Sweet as it is girlish this short blonde hairdo is certainly the one I would get for my daily wear. Stylizing it is also a matter of minutes. How? Well, for this look, just section some parts of the top of the side-parted hair and braid it into small braids. Simply pin it in place and you are set to go.

28. Edgy Whiteness

The icy cold and edginess of this look, you can almost feel it. Perfect for those who love going bold and edgy, this white hair color perfectly compliments the short hairdo. Not only will this bring out your inner edginess, but this hairstyle looks super cool and amazing once you get it for yourself.

29. Bob & Bangs

Who doesn’t love bob hairstyles? From celebrities to fashionista, all of them have rocked this hairstyle from time to time and yet another year, it refuses to go out of trend. This season why not add a twist and get a bob cut with bangs? Perfectly silhouetting the facila feature, this hairdo will stand out in a crowd for sure!

30. Mohawk with a Twist

Mohawk is yet another trend that does not seem to ever go out of style. While you can find other ways to stylize them, we have absolutely fallen in love with this hairdo that adds the touch of elegance to your daily mohawk. What do you think?

31. Retro Punk

Want to experiment a bit on the wild side? Well, this hairdo is the perfect getaway to the wild side of yours if you are daring enough. The short hair with the retro cuts all over the hair adds the fun. The colorful edges and roots are the added compliment. Cool and retro, this season, why not go for something fun?

32. Brunette Beauty

If you have a more simplistic aspect and want to go for something simple yet elegant, check out this gorgeous short hairdo with volumized curls. Easy to achieve and fit for even formal events, this hairstyle makes even the longer length awe in admiration!

33. Jennifer Honey Blonde

Well, if you are looking for what Hollywood is bringing in this season, it is obviously blonde shade and shorter length. To prove it, here is a picture of Jennifer Lawrence rocking these honey blonde waves at an event. Simple to achieve and red-carpet ready, without doubt, this short hairdo is one of the best short hairdos that you can get this fall.

34. Layered Layers

For shorter length and thin hair, we suggest you get one of these layered looks. Awesome to look at and simple to achieve, this hairstyle is convenient and fairly easy to manage. For shorter length layered hair, the added compliment is the extra volume it can provide to your hair.

35. Pretty Shade of Blonde

If you are going for a short hairstyle, check out this awesome hairdo in the lightest shade of honey blonde that you can find. Pretty to look at, you will find people gawking at you with envy once you don this pretty hairstyle. This fall, why not go for this pretty little hairdo that we absolutely love?

36. Ombre Side-Braids

Who doesn’t love ombre and in this case, the braids look extra stunning with the mix of darker and lighter shades playing with the short length hair? Elegant and gorgeous, you can opt for this short hairstyles for girls if you want to steal the limelight of wherever you go. We will guarantee you that!

37. Selena Curls

Why did we name the hairstyle that? Because of course, none other than Selena Gomez is rocking this short curled bob hairstyle that has obviously stolen the show already! If you want to do the same, make sure you get this short hairstyles for girls immediately!

38. Jet Black Rock

Why go fancy with all the hair colors when you can rock even your jet black hair with this rocking short hairstyles for girls? For a glam look or a rocking one, this jet black hair with Mohawk is certainly the way to go!

39. Pixie

When it comes to Pixie, we must take our style count obviously from none other than the queen of pixies- Anne Hathaway. Here you can see how a simple and short pixie can be stylized as sleek and chic short hairstyles for girls. One of the best ways to have short length hair, we fall in love with this hairstyle everytime Anne dons it.

40. Natural Blonde

Do you have naturally wavy hair but tired of the long length that you have to always take care of? Well, the solution is much simpler than you think! Just cut it off! Your natural waves fit perfectly with the short length creating this pretty awesome and illuminating look that will have heads turning wherever you go!

41. Japanese Curls

Who can forget the iconic Japanese curls that Taylor Swift used to rock while starting off her musical career? Well, we certainly cannot, thus listing it under one of the best short hairstyles for girls. Simple and elegant, we simply cannot get enough of this look, ever!

42. Highlighted Bob

Bobs are one trend that our generation can never get tired of. Here is one last example of the bob haircut that all of us can rock! One of the best short hairstyles for girls, we absolutely love the effect of the highlights on the hair!

With all of the examples we have given, we hope that you find the perfect short hairstyle that you wish to don immediately! This fall, why not chop it off and go bold and short?


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