25 Best Short Black Hairstyles Ideas For 2021


Short black hairstyle is the demand this season!
Its fierceness, confidence, power and coolness is what makes it all our favorites.
Short hair, don’t care! Right, girls!

Not just this season, short black hairstyles have left a spectacular mark in the year 2016 and they seem to be back again. These hairstyles are perfect for keeping you cool in the summer and more importantly saves you a lot of time in the morning getting ready. Moreover, they compliment your natural texture beautifully. And if you have curly hair, short hairstyles will look great on you. Trust me!

If you think short hairstyles are just for men, then be ready to be proven wrong, girlfriend!
Girls can look awesome and chic with these hairstyles as well.
Don’t believe me?
I have got Rihanna and Fantasia proving me right.
Not just them, many other Hollywood celebrities have showed us how to pull off short black hairstyles amazingly.

Here are 25 ways showing you how to show off your short black hairstyles right.

1. Rihanna Style

The style diva shows it all. Not only do I love her songs but her individuality, her style and her confidence, she owns it all. Rihanna shows us how to rock a short black hairstyle for men. She keeps her black hair short with some thickness at the front. She keeps the sides of hair thin in comparison to entire hair. This hairstyle looks so natural yet so stylish.

‘Go on and take a bow!’

2. Color Me Blonde

If you are not up for a lot of natural hair color, you can color a part of your hair to get the eyes popping. This short black hairstyle has a lot of style in it. Just look at it properly. The back of her head is shaved, the mid section is left natural, the hair near her crown is spiked up and colored. Last but not the least she keeps bangs. This hairstyle is a blend of four styles with the colored crown on top. ( Cherry on the cake) Finish the look with funky earrings and nude lipstick.

3. Love for Spikes

When men put up their hair into spikes it is stylish, but when a lady goes for spikes ‘Dayum!’. This is perfect for thin hair type who want a short black hairstyle. You just need a few moments to pull up your hair into spikes. You need a minimal amount of hair products. If you want to add a feminine touch to this look, you can wear a matte red lipstick. One of my personal favorites!

4. Simple Short Black Hairstyle

This is one of the simplest short black hairstyle that any woman can carry. Her hair is styled into a triangular sort of way keeping the natural texture alive. After you get this haircut, all you need to do is use your fingers to style it. Apply some cream to keep your hair in that shape. That red lipstick pulls this look together. Who said short black hairstyle can’t make you look sexy?

5. Beyond Your Imagination

Darling ig you want to go bold, go for this. Her curls are to die for! She knows how to maintain it. So, honey if you have got natural curls first thing you need to know is you have got to keep it moisturized. Now, for the bold part, go for this style that looks like rays going out from a central location. You will need to take this picture to your salon and make sure you go to a professional. Wear your sunny dress, your metallic neckpiece and let the heads turn.

6. Short Black Hairstyle From All The Angles

Look ath this hairstyle from all the angles. This is a very simple hairstyle that keeps your natural texture alive. The hair is side parted and that is it. When you get the cut, make sure to keep your hair long near the neck. Simple and chic. Go for loop earrings and you can go for a no makeup look this summer.

7. Bang!

Under my Umbrella…ella… ellla… eh eh…..

If you don’t want a really short hairstyle you can keep a Thai cut hairstyle like our girl Rihanna here. She keeps it simple and straight. This hairstyle is so easy but very trendy. If you want you can add some bangs for the look. Now, make sure you get yourself correct style of bangs. Fringes are usually dependent on your face shape. Put on some shiny lipstick and open up your umbrella.

8. Crown For You

Another short black hairstyle that keeps your natural texture alive. This is a good way to style your hair if it is naturally and dry. The shortness cuts off the frizziness and the dryness looks like a beautiful texture. Add to the look by creating a braid that fits the front of your hair like a hairband. This hairstyle is perfect for summer 2017 keeping the hair from falling on your face or your neck. Beat the heat with this gorgeous style.

9. Streaks of Blue

Keep it shiny and simple. Let your hair shine like you do girl. Now for your tank top and pastel colored makeup, girl go for en elegant hairstyle that is side parted. Add to the look by coloring the hair with just a few streaks of pastel blue hair color. For this you need to go to a salon because pastel hair colors require a bit of professional hairstyle. I love it!

10. The Bob Cut

Not so short but not at all long, this hairstyle is for the girls who want to keep their short black hairstyle on the feminine side. This is for the naturally straight and shiny hair type. If  you want you can straighten your hair and get this bob hair cut. And that is it! Side part and wear whatever you want whatever you like.

11. Crispy And Soft

This hairstyle has simply blended her natural hair into covering up her forehead, A simple style statement this hairstyle looks better on her than any man. If you want a hairstyle with a low maintenance you should opt for something like this. Just let your natural hair flow. Finish the look with your best dress and earrings.

12. Oh Wow!

Talk about making statement without words? Your looks can do it and this type of short hairstyle certainly can.  Rihanna manages to looks shimmering and glamorous with her hair length upto her cheekbones that is side parted. Some of her hair in the front is cut short .to give a bang like effect. Go bold or go home!

13. Afro Look

If you love the afro look, try it! It will look fun, naughty and sexy at all the same time. Just remember as I have been telling you multiple times keep your curls moisturized. A very interesting way to style your naturally curly hair. Curly hair requires care for an amazing look.

14. Larger Sized Afro

You can keep your afro hair cut upto your shoulder as well. Well, less than the shoulder if you want a ‘short black hairstyle’. The key to this style is its maintenance. Keep it natural and let it flow. Finish the look with a shiny red lipstick and your sphagetti tank top.

15. That’s So Raven

If you could look into the future…
You could see it in 2016 that short black hairstyle would still be the trend in 2017!
Raven shows us how to keep your small bangs all messy and stylish. Keep the hair in the crown elevated and then peek into the future.

16. Side Swept Bob And Short

Go for a longer version of short black hairstyle by choosing an A-line bob hairstyle. Keep it poufed at the back for an amazing effect. The lustrous hair is to die for, truly. Keep some hair at the front. Wear your summer top. Since it is summer you need to keep your makeup simple and subtle. Have fun!

17. Hairstyle On Point

Just like her eye liner, she knows how to keep her hairstyle right on point. She keeps it simple, naturally black and short and side swept. Finish off the look with amazing makeup and purple lipstick. Her simple earpiece ties this look together. A look that works for your office.

18. Curled Up

Style your curls amazingly with a short black hairstyle. Notice how the curls are put netaly at the side of the ear. This hairstyle has some details. Notice them and if you want copy them. This hairstyle requires some time and some careful styling. The natural texture of the hair is its essence.

19. Side Waved

If you don’t want a lot of curls, but just a few waves for your short black hairstyle, this is the hairstyle for you. This is also another way of showing off your natural wavy hair. For this year 2017, go for a side parted hairstyle that keeps it thin on the sides to let the breeze flow and for the front, it is all about your waves flowing. Now, lastly who doesn’t love loop earrings? Wear your sundress, put on your sunglasses go for the nude makeup and out girl!

20. Blue Highlights

If you want a hairstyle that does not give it all away, go for a combination of pixie and feathered bangs. This hairstyle keeps your secrets safe.(winky face)
The long bangs fall below the eyes keeping your introvert side alive. Highlight your bangs for an extra dimension. Short black hairstyle with a sky touch!

21. Spirals

If you have curly hair, you can go for a short black hairstyle. The thing about small curls is that if you are able to maintain it you can get one of the most unique hairstyle. You have to nourish it and keep it clean. If you want to kind of cut down on the hassle of your hair care you can go for a short black hairstyle. Just keep your hair fluffy and curls moisturized. Add colors to your look with a bright lipstick and gold earrings.

22. Up And Up

Neat and chic! Talk about beating the boys at their own game. Now this is hairstyle that is fabulous. Keeping the front all spiked yet polished and curved with the sides thin, this hairstyle is the one that can make any dress instantly bold and beautiful. And more than that it can even go with your funkiest pair of earrings. From hippie to classic, this short black hairstyle is all for all.

23. Curls

Those are some gorgeous curls! Curls and messiness compliment each other wondefully. Her curls are well maintained and slightly puffed at the crown. A few of her curls fall on her forehead to keep that messiness and innocence alive. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words, this shows all the beauty that needs no words.

24. Chic And Neat

Look at the shine! Definitely worth taking a picture of, don’t you think? Talking about the hairstyle, this is a short black hairstyle that is chic and perfect for your ladylike look. The hair in the front is side parted and tucked in behind the ear at a curve. The hair at the crown is kept kind of elevated. Finish the look with perfect makeup and go out for your evening dinner.

25. Messy & Spiky

This spiky hairstyle is more of to the natural side. There is not much done but is a natural beauty. She keeps her hair short and slightly curved. Use your fingers to style your hair if you want to go for a hairstyle like this. Those loop earring add a beautiful touch to this look. The best thing about this short black hairstyle is that it keeps your neck free from all th heat for the summer. Keep your makeup subtle and take a selfie. Know your best profile though! 😉

Keep it short, style and go wild!


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