91 Shellac Manicure Ideas You Need to Check Out Today!


Shellac manicure has everyone excited! There is so much interest in this one style of manicure that we had to bring up the conversation about it. They are the best thing to try out for anyone who desires their look to last for months without any chipping. If you are someone who gets manicures regularly, you know that they do not last more than two weeks. And that is also after you are careful with a lot of your ways. But here is the solution to that issue of yours. We are showing you how to get these shellac nails now!

They are a particular type of gel treatment that will not fade away or chip for months. You can set long-lasting, beautiful nails and keep them that way for a long time. Sounds very promising for sure, but we are not only going for the good talks. We will also highlight the pros and cons of this shellac manicure. As you are reading, you will see what they are and how you can get them. And if you should get it as well. Here we made sure to show you the ideas to inspire you too.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into this collection of ideas, and you can get any nail style that suits your personality.

shellac manicure

What is a shellac manicure?

This is a manicure that was developed by CND SHELLAC, and it has the best combination of gel and nail polish. Together it provides the glorious shine and the hues you want and also gives your nail the protection it needs!

They have a base coat, color, and a topcoat as well. You can try anything from their collection since they have a big range. There are soft, feminine pinks and some dark metallic shiny tones as well. So the choice is all yours when it comes to these shellac manicure ideas!

The specialty of these nail ideas is that they last for days on end without damage. So you are ever ready to make an impression. They are cured with a kind of LED lamp as well that can give you quick drying time. So you are not going to have the time to wait here.

The way they dry and cure the nails is what makes is different than any other manicure style. We can assure you will love the process and then the results of this manicure. Once done, make sure you keep them shining for days. Here we will also show you the procedure to follow with these manicure ideas.


How is the shellac manicure done?

Shellac manicure is done with some simple procedures. There are not many steps to follow. The first thing to do is to take care of your nails. If the nail beds have issues, then you need to take care of those. The trimmings and cuttings required need to be done in this part.

After this, you can take the nail paint and add it to the well-shaped nails. When you put the colors on, they shine through and give you a polished look. After you are done, you are put through UV rays.

These rays can dry out the nails. You will see how fast they cure and get this balanced look. But the thing to consider is these lights can give you age spots. So you can apply some sunscreen to the hands twenty minutes before you go to get your nails done.

Another thing you need to consider is that the skin around the nails can get dry when you use UV. With continuous use of these rays, you need to make sure you use a well-conditioned moisturizer. It will keep the nails looking shiny and well maintained. Check it out in this collection here.

How can you remove shellac manicure?

This manicure has a unique formula. It has a mix of gel and nail polish. So it can be hard to remove as well. You need to go through a process of its own to keep the skin around our nails safe.

As your nail starts to chip, you may feel like you want to pull it off. But if you do that, the layers of your nail will also come off. That can be risky for you and even bad for your nails. Do not do such activities if you want good nails.

You have to head to the salon to get your shellac manicure removed. You want to soak your nails in a bowl where they place a mix of nail polish remover when you do that the acetone starts to loosen the top layer of your gel nail polish.

Once it gets loose, your salon artist will help to take it off. After which you can see your bright nails. If there is something left in the nails still, they will scrape it off. They have a small drill-like tool that can take out the hard top coat of the nails.

The cons of having shellac manicure

These gel nail polishes can be durable and will stay longer for sure. The shellac nails’ pros and cons will be discussed in this section. You can take the shellac nails on your hands and enjoy them for long. The colors will take you to a new level.

There are some limitations to these manicures as well. You need to firstly have the length you want when you get the gel nail polish. These nail polishes cannot lengthen your nail, and neither can it make them look bigger. You will only have the same length of nails as you did when you go to the salon.

Another thing to know about these shellac nails is that they cannot strengthen your nails. Yes, they will last for a minimum of two weeks, but they cannot make your nails stronger. They will break if your nails are not as strong on their own. So you have to be careful when you get your nails done. They will not chip easily, but they will also break if you are rash with them. As there are some UV lights on them when the painting is done, you also need to protect the nails.

Some questions about shellac nails

There are certainly some most asked questions about these nail polishes. We are trying to answer all of these things in your mind as we talk about the shellac manicure. You can go through it and see if we have answered some questions you have as well.

How long do shellac nails last?

These shellac nails are made to last for a month. If you are careful, they will last longer, and if not, they can chip from the second week.

Does shellac nail hurt your natural nails?

There are a lot of ladies who think that nails like this can harm you. But if you go to a salon artist who knows their task, they will not hurt your nail.

What is the difference between gel nails and shellac nails?

The main difference between the two is that the Shellac nails are a brand of gel nails that was developed by a company called Creative Nail Design. This manicure was made to last longer and give outshine and luster to the nails at the same time.

Are there harmful rays used in the process?

No, there are no harmful rays used here. You have to cure the nails with some UV rays, but to protect yourself from that, you can use sunscreen before the process.

How much does it cost to get shellac nails?

The minimum price we can attach to the shellac nails is thirty dollars. You can also see some salons giving this service for more than this amount.


Some styles of Shellac manicure to try

Here we are showing you some remarkable ways to have your nails done. Check out the collection to see if there is something you would like to try this season. This collection is all about the colors and designs to work.

The glitter ones

You can buy yourself some shellac nails kit if you want to do this at home. They do not cost much, and they are an excellent investment if you want your nails to look polished every day. We love the idea of these pure white base with some chunks of glitter.

The simple and beautiful one

When you do not add too much color and glitter, it will look perfect. You may not want to keep it too loud if you are going for a date. The white in the nails here are giving us some peaceful vibes, and we adore the style a lot. The shape of the nails is also excellent, and the way the picture has been clicked makes us feel nice too.

Dark purples are our love

There is some mild shine in this look, and the size of the nail is perfect. You can see how the dark hues are laden well on top of the nail. You can see how they add this sexy and profound effect on the fingers. Buy this color if you want to break the monotony.

Shiny pink nails

The shine in this shellac manicure can be seen from far. We love how it gives this chic effect to a woman. It is perfect to wear for any fun occasion. You can see the oval nails here and how they make for a gorgeous style. Get the same for you this year.

Plain white shellac nails

White nails are peaceful, and they are beautiful when you pair it with other shades. If you want to make your nails the talking topic of the town, this is the way to do it. Here you can take some clues as to what is trendy.

Grey and glittery

Grey shine and glitter on the nails are a classy way, and they are also getting a lot of love by the ladies. You can take the time to choose the darkness and undertone and get the glitter. They will spice up your whole look with a straightforward touch.

Red and white polka-dotted nails

The red nails are sometimes a color that makes you look fierce. So you can tone down the thing by adding on some polka dots. It makes sense with the full look and gives you a youthful style. They are also suitable for Christmas and such festive occasions.

Royal blue shellac manicure

Royal blue is a stunning shade. If you are into dark hues, this will be the color you want to try out. The lovely dark nails complement all skin tones. You will find a lot of nail styles on the internet to get inspired by in there.

French nails with a clear topcoat

French nails are an excellent way of making your nails shine. They are great for any occasion, and that is the reason why they are famous for so many women. You can try the same this year with shellac manicure. The charming effect of the white and black has us wondering how easy it is.

Blue spiral nails with silver shine

This looks like a hypnotizing method, and we adore how they are different than anything else. You can see the royal blue with the holographic silver glitters here. So decide what you want, and you will feel good.

Some muted shades of pink

Pink is a subtle color that can also be a big bright, and bold shade. There are some subtle ones here that you can replicate with shellac manicure. The index finger has the design on the nail, and it looks great. Here you can take ideas and get inspired by it soon.

Add on your touch!

Some manicure nails require your personal touch. This one here with the blue and blacks is good with any dark dress. They are not too long, and neither are they short. So we want you to be able to wear these nails on a day out with your friends.

Simple nail art ideas

Nail art is the right way of making you feel good. There are some helpful ways to uplift your feeling. Once you see the dark hue and shine on the fingers, you will also want to show them off. So keep them on your Instagram, and let the world see how beautiful you look and feel!

Red loves

The red color is the one hue that can make anyone look good. No matter what shape of nails you have and how long they are, red can accentuate it and take it to a new level. Here we are showing you some adorable tones of the red hues so that you can get the fierce and feminine vibe on.

Dark pink with purple tones

The dark colors add a touch of sensuality to the ones who wear them. You will feel good once you get the shellac manicure and receive the compliments for the hues. The shaping of the nails is significant when it comes to this style. If you do not shape them well, the dark colors will highlight them perfectly.

Subtle shellac manicure

There are beautiful colors in the shellac manicure, and you will adore them for weeks. They are suitable for a casual day out. And you can also wear them for a formal event. These shades are loved by youngsters nowadays, and women are getting interested in these more. So try the blues and the pinks with the white base.

Bright nails

Shellac manicure shows off a lot of vivid hues. When you look at these hairstyles, you can see the charm of it. The shades are great for the summers. The blues and the reds make a big statement. The purples are a new addition. They all make a good look once you finish the shellac manicure.

The purple attraction

Purple is a hard color to get on any cosmetics. They are hard to produce, as well. You cannot get these pigments in nature itself. Wear the shellac manicure with ease, and so we are showing this available color for you. The darkness and intensity of the shades are stunning.

Black and white mix

This is the look that works for most women. The black dotted look goes well with the white on the top. The shape of the nail is beautiful. And we can see the shine on top of it as well. There is a lot of depth in these shellac manicure ideas. You will love how stunning this is once you wear them.

Nude nails we love

Nude colors are so pretty, and we love how they are subtle and now too bold. The way you present them makes all the difference here. The color here has a bit of pink tone to it and is perfect for when you want to head out looking classy. They go well with any dress you wear, which is a bonus as well.

Dusty blue manicure

The color we have on this shellac manicure is stunning. We can see how the blues are looking at the medium nail. The look of the dusty shades is working so well. You can see the name of the nail paint in this image. If you want, you can take the same color off the market and wear it at home!

Gold and black nails

The nail we have here is stunning, and we all love the patterns on this one. You can see how there are black on the tips, but the golden ones are the show stealers. If you are looking to get yourself a lovely nail to show off this week, try this, and you will love it.

How to decide on one look?

They are the kind of manicure that can get any girl excited. Especially if you are a bit clumsy at times, these easily last two weeks and are much more robust than your usual gel nail polish, this can be the life-saving trick for all the busy ladies out there.

We all know how you want your nails to shine and look stunning for days. You can see the ideas here and ask your salon artist for the replica of it. If you want, you can also get creative and add your touch to it!

This is the fun part of knowing how to get these shellac manicure done. There is so much you can do and experiment with. It is beautiful once you are done, and how it shows off well for you is the highlight.

Here are some nail ideas that are worth your time. Make sure you know the good and the bad that comes with trying these forms of manicures. We do not want you to regret it later. You will be cheery and happy for a long time.

The choice is in your hands!

We can go on about shellac manicure for days, and still, the decision will rest on you. You are the sole person who can decide what you want to do. So check out these options and see what works best for you. If not, you can go for some other styles out there. But we suggest you take the time to get to know the ideas here before you make the decision. Take the chance and try it once before you throw the idea out, though. In case you want to try it, look for a good nail salon in the areas near you.

We tried to bring you the collection that can inspire you and also give you courage. If you found this to be a lovable choice, share it around with the ones you wish would try shellac manicure. There are so many colorful ideas here which can work for vibrant personalities. And if you want to keep it on a hushed side, here are the muted tones too. So you need not worry about the options you are presented with, you can mold them into anything you love. We hope you enjoyed our presentation and will come back for more!


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