68 Long And Short Shag Haircuts For 2020


If you want your hairstyle to be upgraded to the next level, you should go for the shag haircuts. These hairstyles work in any hair length. Long shaggy hairstyles are great with layers; medium shaggy ones give you disheveled look, and the short ones are sassy and sexy.

The best thing about shaggy hairstyles is excellent for thick and thin hair type. They give volume to your thin hair type whereas for the thick kind it settles down the frizz. You can even provide your classic bob hairstyles magic with the shag haircuts. Now that you are caught up about the shaggy hairstyles, shall we go for the journey?

-Curly Ones

This hairstyle is fun and young. The medium hair length with a lot of curls and waves all make for a great haircut. The hair is let to be as it using its natural textures. This shaggy hairstyle with many layers works beautifully. The hair is all kept back, and you can easily enjoy the view. All you have to do is roll out of bed and use your fingers to style this look. You can also color your hair if you like so that it gives your face a beautiful glow.

-Medium And Wavy

This long shaggy haircut is beautiful. The colors of her hair are made for her undertone. When you think of shaggy hairstyles, you automatically think of many layers. You should know that layers work for every hair shape be it curly, straight or wavy. They can give your hair whatever it is missing from being perfect. Finish the look with bangs that shape your face. It is an excellent look for the summer of 2018 that has a flavor of the 1970s.

-Simple One

This long bob hairstyle with the shag haircut all put together a beautifully layered lob hairstyle. Her hair color is black, and you can see that it is of the thin type. So, you need to make your hair fun and vibrant. For that, take the help of layers. You can quickly do them and pull them off. Take this photograph to your stylist and show them what you want. If you like, wear fringes that are made for the shape of your face. You can go out wearing this look for a college day.

-Shaggy Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you want your short hairstyle to have a flavor of the 1970s, you should go for the quick shag haircuts. It looks great in the curly hair. If you have frizzy and curly hair, you can go for this hairstyle to tame your hair. It will give you a perfect hairstyle. Usually, curly haired girls don’t get to try many short hairstyles. The curls look great in length. But, if you have the right short hairstyle, your curls will look great in that too. Finish the look with glossy lips. You can complete your look with bangs that suit your face shape.

-Over 50

With age, comes grace but also invites hair fall. Hairfall leads to thin hair type. That means you usually end up tying your hair into a pony or a bun. You don’t have the guts to show off your hair and think that no hairstyle will suit you. So, go for the shag haircuts if you have the thin hair type. It will give your dull and thin hair the life it needs it. There is no age for you to get bangs. If you go for fringes, make sure it suits you. If it does, you can go for it any age.


I love the shag haircut in this look. Can you guess this hairstyle?
Okay, let me tell you. It is an angular bob hairstyle. Check out our article on this hairstyle. As we mentioned before, shaggy styles can give you a significant variation in your bob hairstyles. Angular bob hairstyles already are edgy and bold. To the ones who want it to be punk and better, you can go for its shaggy variations. You can get yourself a grey hair color to give yourself a unique look. This is also a great example of grey hairstyles. Your hair color can be pastel as well.

-Kaley Style

I don’t remember in which season exactly Penny (Kaley Cuoco) was first shown with the short hairstyle. I think it was after Sheldon ran away and decided to come back. Kaley/Penny always manages to give us serious fashion goals. She wears cool outfits and has the best hairstyles. Even for the short hairstyles, she gets the shag haircut. It looks great. I love it! To be honest, Kaley inspired me to get myself a hairstyle that is short once in a lifestyle. You can surely guess that I have saved this picture. Her makeup for this look is perfect. The nude lipstick and simple eye makeup look flawless.

-Short Shag Haircuts

Shaggy hairstyles don’t need to have layers if you don’t want them to be. You can keep the layers to the minimum. Yes, shaggy styles are known for their layers. This example shows otherwise. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it? She has a short hairstyle with a few layers. The hair is not neatly tucked in. It is parted from the middle. You can finish the look with bright and glossy lipstick. Keep the eye makeup to the minimum. Highlight your cheekbones if you like.

-Medium Shaggy Hairstyles

Shag haircuts look great in medium hair length. The one shown here has a modern-day touch on the 70s hairstyle. It has many layers. I love a hairstyle that has a lot of layers. This entire hairstyle has a lot of messiness. If you like to tell people that you rolled out of bed looking great, go for this hairstyle. For the hair color, the choice is yours. If you go for highlights, it will work great for your layers. The shades of your highlighting color will enhance your hairstyle.

-For Thin Hair

You can see that her hair is the thin type. We have already mentioned that shaggy hairstyles are made for the thin hair type. Not only that, you can go for this hairstyle if you have a round face. The layers need to be ordered in such a way that it frames your face and gives your face a beautiful frame. Your face is already pretty, but it will provide you with the perfect effect you want. If you have straight hair type, you can go for the long wispy bangs. They will look amazing. Try it.

-Super Short

Her hair quality is fantastic. I love her hair color as well. It looks great on her skin tone. If you get a hair color make sure you find the color that suits your undertone. For the summer of 2018, you can go for a short hairstyle. You don’t need to go for a concise one like a pixie. You can also go for the one shown in this picture as well. This hairstyle also does not have many layers. Some bangs look great on her face. She goes for side bangs. I love the makeup on her face. It seems natural and enhances her facial features.

-Long Shag Haircuts

Now, we come to the long hairstyles for the shag haircuts. Shaggy styles have a lot of layers. So, if you have a thick hair type, you can go for this look. I know having a thick hair type means you will have a lot of volume. If summer has just knocked where you live, you will have a hard time beating the heat with that hair type. Your hairstyle will either be a pony or a bun. So, if you want to let loose of your hair, I suggest you go for the long shaggy hairstyles. You can also add fringes if you like.

-Long Shaggy Hairstyles

This is one of my favorite hairstyles. To be honest, I think this is the hairstyle I will be going for next. It has lots of layers, just as many as I would like them to be. It has a beautiful length and gives a great frame to her face. Her hair color is gorgeous. I love how it has a few highlights and enhances the shape of her hair. The layers are perfect in number. This is a hairstyle that frames your face beautifully. There are also wispy layers in the middle which looks beautiful on her.

-For Thick Hair

This is a great shag haircut from the 1970s. She looks bold and ultraglamorous. This picture proves my point that you don’t need to be young to look sexy. You need to feel great from the inside to look perfect from the inside. For the hairstyle, she picks a look that has been classic for a long time, i.e., shaggy hairstyles. Her hair color is also beautifully blonde. For the bangs, she goes for slanted A-shape fringes. You can look at Dakota Johnson’s photo for more examples of A-shaped bangs.

-For Thin Hair

Her hair color is beautiful. The maroon red color is fabulous. As for the hairstyle, you can go for this look. This is a medium shaggy hairstyle with lots of layers. Her hair is of the thin type. Imagine this hairstyle, without the layers. It might not look as high as it does now. It will seem dull and flat. So, that is how essential layers are. The layers are significantly shaped as well. You can go for the side bangs as well. The hair color, hairstyle, and bangs all put together a great look. You can match your hair color with the shade of your lipstick.

-Medium Shaggy Hairstyles

Look at the casualness of this look. She has a medium length. Her hair color is natural and hair texture is thick. It looks great. The dark color of her hair makes her hairstyle looks full. So, you can go for the shag haircuts if you such hair type. This hairstyle has lots of layers, and all the layers sit beautifully. The hairstyle is messy. She finishes her hairstyle with side bangs. You can also go for a no makeup look. Sometimes, you need to go for a no makeup look. Let your skin breathe once in a while. Finish your entire look with a relaxed top and matching accessories. You can wear this hairstyle to the office as well.

-Shine On

We have shaggy styles without the bangs. Not of all us like fringes. Some of us don’t want hair all over our forehead. It might irritate us. You should know that, if you think it will be annoying, it won’t. Truthfully, initially you will not have a habit of the bangs, so you will need time to adjust. Talking about this look, it is the shaggy hairstyles for an evening look. The highlights are beautiful. Her makeup is on point.

-Shag Haircuts For Thin Type

You can see how the layers of her hair give her face a great shape. It softens the strong jawlines. She has a square-shaped face. This is an example of the long shag haircuts. The hair type is thin. It doesn’t have many layers, but it is cut in such a way that her hairstyle looks fresh. Her hairstyle also comprises fringes. The length of bangs is more extended than her forehead. This type of fringes will not suit every face type. It looks great on the square shaped face. The color of her lipstick is one of my favorites.

-Wavy Ones

If you have wavy hair or curly hair, you may go for the shag haircuts because it gives you many layers. If you don’t have like layers on your hair and hate it when short strands fall on your face, you can go for this hairstyle. It is a shaggy style without layers. It looks beautiful and amazing. Her hair has been parted from the middle. The hair shape is maintained beautifully. I love the hair color that suits her undertone. She keeps her makeup minimum. You should know shaggy hairstyles look great in a casual look.

-Keep It Casual

Her off shouldered top is excellent. You can go for a top that falls on one side as well. I love these kinds of the outfits. They look stylish and make for a great photo. As for the hairstyle, she goes for the medium shag haircuts. Her chin seems pointed and makes for a different shape. To give her face an ovalish structure, she goes for the shaggy hairstyles with shaped bangs. I love the easiness in her look. She finishes with the makeup that focuses on her eyes. Her lips are nude colored, and it looks beautiful.

-With Bangs

If you have round face, you can for this short shag haircuts. Look how beautiful she looks. This is a great look if you live near the beach and you want a new hairstyle to flaunt at the shore. I love her hair color. Different shades of red make for great hair color. I think this hairstyle will look better with the red color. This shaggy hairstyle has many layers. The shape of her layers has a lot of wisps, and it is pointed outwards. You can also go for bangs as well. Her bangs are straightened.

-In The Beach

Shag haircuts look great for a beach look. It looks fun and vibrant on the beach. The theme of any beaches all around the world is to chill and let loose. So, can you think of any other hairstyle that works better for such an environment other than shaggy styles? I love her hair color. It matches the color of the sand and is made for her undertone. If you are going to the beach, I suggest a no makeup look. If you want some enhancement, I recommend going for nude lipsticks.

-Frame Your Face

Thin hair type without layers will give you a hairstyle like the one shown above, provided you go with the shaggy hairstyle. If you like your hairstyle to be fun, young and vibrant, you can go for the layered version of this hairstyle. This hairstyle works great for you if you want a hairstyle that does not have hair falling on your face. You can also go for the bangs as she does. Finish the look with a statement neckpiece and an outfit that compliments your accessories. Make sure your makeup focuses on one thing either eyes or lips.

-The Office

This hairstyle shows a lot of edginess and bossy vibes. It is a style that is made for the office look but has a feminine touch to it as well. You can go for this look if you want a modern day hairstyle with the 1970s touch. I love the layers that frame her face shape. It arches into the shape of her face. She also has bangs that look great on her. For the rest of her hair, she keeps it vibrant and messy. Use your fingers to style your hair. Her makeup is flawless. The correctly done eyebrow, pink lips, and pure eyes all work great for her.

-Red Paint


Shaggy hairstyles look great with red shades of hair color. This beautiful maroon color is bright and nice. Her hair has many layers. She keeps the length of her hair long. It has majorly two layers. The first layer is used to shape her face, and the next one gives your hair life. All the layers give a lot of fun and young vibe to her entire hairstyle. You can wear a lipstick that matches her hair color. The dark-colored outfit draws a lot of attention on her hair. If you want the focus on your hair, you can go for a minimum makeup look.

-Golden Shag Haircuts

So, shaggy styles are cool and fun. They look great with a lot of layers. It is a look that you will not consider for an office look. Remember when I told you, every hairstyle has endless variations. Even if I haven’t, well you should know that. This is the hairstyle you can wear to the office and falls under the short shag haircuts. It looks chic and stylish. Pair this look with a formal shirt. You can also get yourself fringes if you want. Finish the look with a pair of sunglasses. Keep your makeup to the minimum for your office look.

-Keep It Casual

This is a modern-day shag haircut with a flavor of the 70s. If you have watched ‘The 70s show’, you can look at Jackie and Donna’s hairstyles. They look like today’s hairstyle. If it is anything sure in the beauty industry, it is that hairstyle and trends always come back. So, that is why shaggy hairstyles came back and are popular. If you love this hairstyle, you can go for this look. Finish the look with pure lipstick color. I think nude lipsticks or glossy lips are the way to go. Wear a vibrant colored outfit.

-For Thick And Thin Hair Type

She knows her face type and understands which hairstyle is made for her. Her face shape is round. So, if you have the same face shape, you should take her as an inspiration. This short shaggy hairstyle has layers. Her layers are put in such a way that it frames her face. The bangs are long and manage to bring out her eyes. The focus lies mainly on her eyes because of her hair color, the shape of her bangs and the makeup. This subtle and beautiful look is an ideal hairstyle. Her glossy lips look gorgeous. You can wear shaggy styles for a fancy event as well. Make sure you wear the right makeup, matching accessories and perfect outfit.

Check out some more shaggy hairstyles from the 1970s with a modern touch. You can quickly do them. Just google how to do shaggy hairstyles. We have guides for you as well.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Try the shag haircuts for long and short hair. You will love it for the year 2018.


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