41 Of the Best Sew-In Hairstyles To Be Inspired From


Sew-in hairstyles can be a new way to upgrade your hairdo? Why not go for these trendy new sew-in hairstyle? In our day and age, it is no surprise that we do not need to have those lengths and colors and textures in our hair to achieve those hair goals. Don’t fret girls, if you don’t want to chop off your hair to go to a shorter length or if you want a damage free and hassle free solution to change your style. Because we bring to you, the option that is damage-free and easy to do! You will have versatile choices and you can choose the length, color as well as depth and volume of your hair with sew-in hair.

Exquisite Sew-In Hairstyle For Curly Hair

For those of you who have no idea how sew-in hairstyles work, sewn-in hairstyles are basically hair extensions that are attached to your natural hair by sewing it into your braids. Your natural hair is tied into tight small braids and the hair you choose will be sewn onto the braided hair. Although it is similar to crochet braids and weaves, it is more secure and more manageable as it is sewn on.

So what is the delay for? Check out this damage and hassle free option to get that dream hair that you always wished for. Go through our collection of stylish and trendy sew-in hair extensions and make up your mind right now!

1. Golden Pixie Sew In

Tired of your damaged and frizzy long hair? Why not try out this brilliant looking blonde pixie look. The short length makes your hair hassle free and you will skip the part where you have to chop it all off. Another great aspect of this hair look is the blonde dye to the hair which looks not only on the edgy style but it also blends in with all your natural outlook. Try it out today?

2. Straight With Bangs

Want to go for something different? Why not try out this cute hairdo which will immediately make you look more beautiful? The blonde and black color play in this straightened out lengthy hair is the perfect definition of chic. The bangs in the front play the main role here framing the face perfectly enough to make heads turn! Why not get it for yourself today. Say goodbye to your unmanageable frizzy hair and look beautiful in hours without the hassle of cutting your hair.

3. Sleek Lob

With sew-in hairdos, you can choose whatever length you want and you can stylize it whatever way you want. Here you can see the jet black hair cut to a perfect length of a lob. Pretty to look at, you can achieve this look easily with the help of the sew-in hairs. If you want you can even go edgy and dye your hair, but this natural look and feel are what this is all about!

4. Curled Bob

Want to change your hairstyle but cannot decide which to go for? We are here girls, to solve your hair dilemma. Elegantly gorgeous, this curled bob is your go-to if you have to present yourself in a more dressed-up way. Simply get the blond and black sew-in hair and curl it to perfection. Simple as it is, no one can tell the difference between your natural and sew-in hair.

5. Edgy lob

Another way to stylize your lob is simply to straighten it out. With sew-in hairs, you don’t have to worry about chopping off all your locks or damaging your hair with chemicals and dye. Your natural hair can take a rest in treatment while you rock this edgy and pretty lob cut. If you are edgy enough, go for more colors, and be as creative as you want!

6.  Jet Black Lob

Here is an another example of how stylish and trendy the lob look is. If you are not the one for colors, you can see how the straightened lob cut looks in plain jet black hair. Natural and very very easy to manage, this is the best look for shorter length. Add bangs to go with it if you wish but sometimes simple is the best!

7. Blonde Beauty

Want to try out those bleached out look or want to go all blonde but too afraid of the chemicals that will ruin your hair? Don’t worry! Full head sew-in hair has got your back. Easy to do, hassle free and damage-free, this is the best solution if you don’t want to ruin your hair with bleach or strong chemicals. It gives you the natural feel and you can see how brilliant and gorgeous this blonde dyed hair looks!

8. Platinum Blonde

This is 2017 and shaved off hair is the hottest trend now. If you are in for more funkiness, why not add a shade of color to your hair. But not to fret since you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair or dying it back to naturals again. Just get yourself this short platinum partial sew-in hair. Easy to achieve and looks super natural, you can add the missing essence in your hair with this partial sew-in hairstyle!

9. Punk Bob

Talking about shaved head, side shaved hair has been the trendiest of ’em all. But if you think you have gone too far with it, don’t worry! Partial sew-in hair is here to the rescue. This short length bob does the perfect job to blend in with your side shaved hair. It’s the perfect match like two peas in a pod.

10. Ash Gray Wedge

Another great color recommendation we have for you is this pretty ash gray hair that we have absolutely fallen in love with. Subtle yet hauntingly pretty, this gorgeous shade of gray makes your hair define the depth and texture that you have been craving for. The short length of this pixie cut also compliments the hair color and makes it suitable to wear as an everyday look.

11. Long Loose Curls

Tired of trying to grow out your natural curls and nothing seems to be working? Fear not, sew-in hair is a great way to add the length and definition to your hair. This jet black sew-in has the perfect length and volume to make you look red-carpet ready. Straighten it or curl it, however, you prefer to style it, this hairdo looks pretty in whatever style you like.

12. Wavy Black

Another natural look that we have absolutely fallen in love with is this wavy volumized hair. With the natural short length and loose huge curls, this look is the ultimate chic and trendy look that will steal the spotlight straight away. Make it yours today and ask your hairdresser for a short length jet black sew-in hair! Perfect for any style and any day, you will not regret getting it for yourself.

13. Beachy Black Sew-In Hairstyle

Another look at those jet black hair and we have this long locks curled to absolute perfection for you. The face framing waves along with the loosely hanged curls on the bottom are the look that is perfect for casual or even formal occasions.

14. Opposite Curls

For this runway-ready look, try getting a long length jet black sew-in hair. Make it glamorous with curls faced away from the face. This way you create the silhouette of perfection with the wavy curls. Steal the show by bringing out your inner diva and shine like a diamond on any occasion. Make this yours today!

15. Poufed Up 

This natural looking brunette long length sew-in hairstyle is your way to glamor land. Picture perfect, for a more volumized and classic look, go for this Amy Winehouse or Snooki sized pouf! Sexy and mesmerizing, you can curl the ends and blow-dry the bangs just to add that extra vintage vibe. It looks absolutely gorgeous, doesn’t it?

16. Subtle Highlight

This pretty hairdo gives you the best of it all. Length, volume, style and glam, you name it. This gorgeous long length sew-in hairstyle in jet black looks mesmerizing. You cannot deny how natural and flowy this looks and you cannot tell the difference if it is your natural hair or a sew-in. The loose curls on the bottom add the depth to the length of the hair and this hairdo is the perfect hairstyle for any occasion.

17. Partial Sew-in

The solution for your short hair can be this chic partial sew-in hairstyle. The brunette hair parted side ways is your way to a more popular and fresh look. The side shaved hair adds the missing edge and the half sew-in completes the full look. Pretty to look at elegant looking, this is one of our favorite look from all of our gallery so far.

18. Sleek Sideways

Styling your sew-in hairstyle can be a pretty hard decision to make sometimes. When in doubt just a simple slicked sides can be your way out of your hair dilemma. This little detail makes a huge difference and you can see how elegant it looks. Any hairdo after this will have that element of elegance. Keep it straight or tie it up, or you can let loose with curls, it is entirely up to you. Be creative and stylize your hair however you want!

19. Ombre Sew-In

Another pretty sew-in hairstyle that we recommend that you should try and we guess will love is this gorgeous ombre hairstyle. The brilliant color combination of lightest to the darkest shades in an ombre effect is what that has won the internet over. And you can see the reason why? But if coloring your hair is your problem then fret not, sew-in hair is on its way. Achieve this gorgeous hair worth of mentioning as a hair-goal with a sew-in hairdo. You can rock this gorgeous ombre and no one will even notice that this is not your real hair.

20. Braided Front

This jet black hair with long length and volume is the reason why we absolutely love sew-ins. The long black hair looks absolutely gorgeous and natural. If color is not the way you want to go, then why not just add the volume and length to your hair making it more appealing. For this pretty hairdo, just tie the sew-in hairstyle in front into small face framing braids. Simply curl the remaining hair and you are ready to shine!

21. Sleek Side Blonde Ombre

The sleek sides add the missing part in your hair as we have mentioned before. But the main attraction of this particular sew-in hairstyle is the blonde ombre play at the edges making this hair look fresh and attractive. It will suit your complexion and make you win over hearts of many. The dark edges add the illusion of a more depth and volume which you will love!

22. Curled Bob

A classic look, this bob curled to perfect Hollywood inspired curls is one of the most glamorous looks you can achieve. Timeless and elegant, this hairdo adds the twist of colors with the ombre blonde effect and invisible part. Blonde with dark edges make this an effortless yet sophisticated look. If you want to make this pretty hairdo yours, simply get yourself the bob sew-in hairstyle. The ombre effect with blonde and black looks even accentuated with the gorgeous curls. Get full head sew-in for yourself today!

23. Blue Gray

The trend that never goes out of style is color and agreeing to the statement we have this trendy and edgy look that we can’t take our eyes off. The striking blue in this hair has the inspiration from mermaid hair. The ash gray color adds the blunt edge that the striking blue is missing. The combination of these two makes this the perfect hair color. But for achieving this color, you don’t have to get your hair under the harsh chemicals or damage your hair. Simply get yourself this pretty colored sew-in hairstyle. Rock the colors without the damage!

24. Colorful Afro

Whatever the season, the afro is one trend we can never get over. Natural short length perms have the option to look elegant or casual. But once again, just to get these perfect afro as natural looking as possible, you don’t have to put in the effort. Simply get yourself into this sew-in permed afro hair with the invisible part and you are set to go! And you can see the variety that you can have. Choose whatever color that compliments you and gets it for yourself.

25. Goddess Braids

Another gorgeous pretty sew-in hairstyle that you can try is this mesmerizing goddess braids. Don’t worry if you have short or thin hair because, in this day and age, your hair goals are just a few sew away! For this pretty goddess braids, simply go for volumizing and lengthy hair sew-ins. Add the goddess braids and you are set to go.

26. Golden Locks With Invisible Part

For a more natural feel, go for this golden blonde sew-in hairstyle with the invisible part. The huge curls add the depth and volume that we cannot deny that we absolutely love. The sew-in weaves are the way to the gorgeous and natural looking hair without any hassle. Just ask your hairdresser for this particular blonde hairdo and you will be glamor goddess that you always dreamt to be!

27. Whitish Gray

Another subtle color that we love is this fox gray color that is not too bold but is still trendy. But if you have a darker shade of hair, don’t worry, you do not have to go through the whole long process of bleaching and dying your hair. Simply go for this easy to don and easy to manage sew-in hairstyle. You will love the end result, we can guarantee you that.

28. Rainbow Rain Sew-In Hairstyle

Another edgy look that you can try is this rain of colors in your hair. The color play with blue, red as well as green, this sew-in hairstyle adds the missing edge to your hair! Love it already? The best part is you do not have to make your hair go through all the damage with chemicals and harsh heats. Simply ask your hairdresser to get you these colorful rainbow sew-in weaves. Make yourself the edgy and bold that people are inspired from.

28. Jet Black Waves

One of the gorgeous natural looks we have for you is this pretty sew-in hairstyle that we cannot take our eyes off from. The curls at the end make it look more lengthy and volumized. Natural side swept waves framing the face adds the missing elenment that brings the whole look together. For those of you who wish to go natural, try this perfectly styled sew-in weaves.

29. Colorful Hues

If you are up for colors but do not want to go that bold, why not give this sew-in hairstyle a try? The subtle cool toned colors make this rainbow hues pretty and edgy. Follow the unicorn trend that we love and be the one to steal the show every single time you present yourself.

30. Ash Blue Sew-in Hairstyle

Another one from the ashy colored hues that we have for you in this gallery is this ashy blue color. The earthy ashy feel of this hair hue is what we have absolutely fallen in love with. You can choose to just color your edges or use it as a highlight. And if you wish, you can even color your whole sew-in hair just to add that extra edge.

31. Permed Perfection

This pretty sew-in hairdo is the perfect substitution for your natural hair. Permed to perfection, this hairstyle makes for the afro hair that we absolutely love. Get the length and volume as you wish because this sew-in hairstyle can be customized as per your preference.

32. Sew-In Hair with Braids

If you wish that your hair was as long as Rapunzel’s? Well, here we are with the solution, sew-in weaves! Is growing out your hair is too long of a process and a hassle for you, you can enjoy the feel of long locks in just hours. To achieve the hair goals of your dreams, all you need is a little extra time and this gorgeous looking sew-in hairstyle. Simple and stylish get it for yourself today!

33. Side Swept Waves

Another way to stylize those long locks is to curl it! Curl is the trendiest and most fashionable way to stylize any hair, especially, sew-in weaves! Pretty in jet black, you can get the hair of your dreams right away with this hairdo!

34. Invisible Part Sew-in 

When done the right way, sew-in hairstyle can make a huge difference. The invisible part long weave is your way to glamor land and we absolutely love it!. Perfect for any day for night out, be the center of attention!



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