68 Senegalese Twists You Should Try


Senegalese twists known as rope twists, not only protects your hair but are an incredibly cool additional style to your daily styling routine.

Tired of straightening or curling or using chemicals on your hair?

Use Senegalese twists for a new look with versatility and elegance. As for hairstyles, you can wear the twists up or down, braided or knotted; this style is one you have to try in your lifetime.

 Here are a few questions about Senegalese twists.

-How to do Senegalese twists?

This style can be done at home or the salon. Firstly your hair is moisturized, parted and then strands of other hair [Marley or Kanekalon] are attached to each section as twists are created.

-What kind of hair to use for Senegalese twists?

Found in any beauty supply store, all of these styles use Marley or Kanekalon hair.

-What styles can you do with the twists?

You can try many creative hairstyles including an updo, free-flowing and half updo styles.

Check out all the styles you can work with your fabulous twists.

1. Artistic Touch

This hairstyle is a piece of art. Her twists are created into a beautiful crown, and the colors have made her entire look vibrant.

2. Elegant Twists

Crochet Senegalese twists look beautiful. The twists are big near the roots and small at the ends. To add a feminine touch, color few strands a beautiful red and make it into a chic twist at the back.

3. Crown On The Head

This is such a unique hairstyle. If you want to try something completely new, you can go for medium Senegalese twists and make it into a bun at the top of your head and let the rest of your hair flow. Pair it with gold earrings and paint the town red, girl!

4. Crochet Twists

Give a twist to your twists! You can go for medium twists and create an elegant updo. The perfect hairstyle for your cute summer dress! Finish the look with an eye-catching earpiece. Pink lipstick is perfect!

5.  Bun for Twists

For your Senegalese twists, you can go for a high bun for your evening look. Create some tree braids at the front if you want something different. This adds a new spice to your bun. Wear a unique shade of lipstick with your extra large loop earrings.

6. Icy Frost

Icy frost coloring on your little Senegalese twists can be pulled into an extra high ponytail. This adds a cool effect to your look for a hot summer day. Wear your tank top and go for the perfect summer day with your girlfriends.

7. Pretty You

Middle part your twists and create side twists and pull the entire hair into a low ponytail. This is one of my personal favorites. Posh! This will go perfectly with a dress or a t-shirt. Wear a beautiful shade of lipstick.

8. For The Wedding

Your little Senegalese twists can be made into a side braid. This look is perfect if you have to attend a wedding. Your pearls will go perfectly with this look.

9. Twists for Crown

Go for an infinity shape bun on the head with your small Senegalese twists. Ready for the day out? Put some beautiful makeup and wear your unique top for the day.

10. Bun or Let It Flow?

Color your Senegalese crochet twists completely bright red. You can let your hair flow or create a nice big bow bun. Anything works! Wear a subtle smokey eye makeup and cute earpiece.

11. Tree Bun

Color yourself pink! Tree braids your front and goes for a high twisted red bun. Wear a glossy pink shade, and you are ready for your day.

12. Pink

Use pink lipstick to finish your Senegalese crochet twists pulled up into a top knot bun. She looks amazing and darling, so will you. Make sure you go to the right salon and pay the correct price.

13. Shy Yourself Away

Your twists can be made into an elegant updo by creating a loose side ponytail wrapped at the top of your hair. This style is perfect for your date night with that red lipstick on point.

14. Unique Updo

Her skin glows like the sun! I love her skin. This is such an awesome updo. The twists are used to create a fabulous hairstyle. Get the help of a professional hairstylist for this updo. Finish the look with a beautiful subtle makeup.

15. Bun

Create a sweet twisted big bun at the back of your head. This is such a fabulous updo that will go perfectly with your evening gown or your cocktail dress. Who said Senegalese twists cannot be chic\/

16. Highlighted Red

Pull up all your twists in a high twisted bun giving it an infinity shape. You can highlight half the hair red and keep the rest black to adds some definition. Finish the look with a pearl necklace.

17. Another Top Knot

A simple top knot hairstyle cannot go wrong with your Senegalese twists. A simple look that cannot go wrong for your day out. Have fun!

18. Fire or Ice?

Create a high bun and let the rest of the hair flow. You can choose for warm color or fresh color. Purple or red? Pick your choice and make sure you do your makeup right.

19. Blonde Bun

Want a look for your evening look with your Senegalese twists? Color your hair brown with blonde highlights and create a beautiful spiral bun. A pouf at the front is beautiful and puts the entire look together. Be the girl boss!

20. Large and Small

You can keep big sized twists and small sized twists at the bottom. Create a side partition at the top and then pull it back into a sweet updo. Let the small sized Senegalese twists fall and add some highlights to brighten up your face.

21. Ponytail Crochet

Pull all your hair into a loose ponytail. These Senegalese crochet hairstyle is effortless and not at all at a high price.

22. Red and High

Find the top of your head and pull all your Senegalese twists into a ponytail. For the back of your head, you can create some funky patterns. Color your hair and have fun, girl!

23. Twisted Top Knot

Create a twisted top knot on your head. This is a hairstyle that is very much popular this season. Finish the look with a bright red lipstick.

24. Blue For You

For your medium sized Senegalese twists, you can color it blue for this summer. This hairstyle adds to your coolness. The nose ring is eye catching. Wear your funky jewels and go out, girl!

25. Blue Bun

For an icy effect, color your twists blue and create a twisted updo into an elegant bun. Wear a  headpiece with funky earrings. A princess like a look! You can star in a Disney movie with this hairstyle.

26. Tree For A Pose

Your great twists can be showed off as it is with a few highlights to brighten up your face. Side part your hair! Create a lovely curly effect on few strands to add some definition to your hair.

27.  Medium

Senegalese crochet hairstyle also looks amazing in its natural form without any hairstyle or colors. Finish the look with a subtle makeup.

28. Princess

Treat yourself like the princess you are. Make a updo with your Senegalese crochet twists and complete the look with a good hairpiece. Wear your cocktail dress, and you are ready to go.

29. Wow!

For a simple look, go for medium sized Senegalese twists and create a high effect at the crown for a cute hairstyle.

30. Big Crochet Senegalese

Create a blend of ponytail and braids with your significant twists. This is a perfect hairstyle for the summer that keeps your hair off your face and still very stylish. Put on a bright red lipstick.

31. Blonde Highlights

Big Senegalese twists with brown highlights and beads all together create a very elegant hairstyle. Smokey eye makeup and lipstick will finish this look completely.

32. Purple Bun

Create a twisted bun on top of your head for a graceful look. You can choose anyhair color. Go for a nice bright purple. You can match your lipstick with your hair color.

33.  Maroon Twists

Go for maroon hair color and create a slightly twisted, raised hair on your front. Let the rest hair flow with a nude shade of lipstick. Don’t forget to Instapost this look.

34. Twisted High

Pull your hair into a high ponytail and create loose curls from your Senegalese twists. Pick a nice hair color and finish the look with a bright lipstick. Loop earrings are the way to go.

35. Nice and High

Your medium Senegalese twists can be made into a great ponnytail hairstyle with a nice twisted high at the front of your head. Smokey eye makeup with nude lipstick. An eye-catching pair of earpiece looks perfect.

36. Exotic

Go for an exotic look with beads and cowry shells. Use many variations of accessories as you can. Small sized twists work perfectly for this look.

37. Little Senegalese Twists

Go for the smallest size of twists and create a nice updo at the back of your hair. Add some highlights and beads and voila an Instaworthy hairstyle.

38. Braids for Crown

A nice updo to create a crown with your hair adds a feminine touch to your twists. This is such an adorable hairstyle that goes hand in hand with your pink lipstick. Beautiful!

39. Braids for Twists

A loose braid made from your Senegalese twists look amazing! A fishtail braid looks beautiful. These braids will look prettier with small twists.

40. Zigzag

For a bold look, you can first create a simple high bun with your twists and then make a zigzag pattern near your neck. Big sized twists are perfect for this bun. Go for this look, if you want a completely new look.

41. Chic

Create a beautiful hairstyle with your long twisted hair. Use nude makeup and pull it into a nice updo with just a few strands of her hair. Gorgeous!

42. Braids and Curls

Use a combination of curls and braids if you don’t want too for a complete Senegalese twists look. It will cut off some of your prices as well. Make sure to keep your curls moisturized. Pull this into a half ponytail to show off your curls and your braids.

43. Stylish High

This is a trendy hairstyle that is created by braiding at the front of your hair and then pulling the rest of the hair into a nice and high ponytail. Her makeup is flawless. This hairstyle looks amazing on anyone.

44. Beads for Twists

Add some style to your nice Senegalese twists just with the help of a few beads.  An amazing hairstyle that cannot go wrong for anyone!

45. Bright Pink Day

Brighten up your day with your pink lipstick that compliments your small sized Senegalese twists. You will look gorgeous. Choose this look if you want a complete makeover.

46. Top Knot

You can try medium length hairstyle for twists and can do anything with your twists and braids. Sweep back some of your hair to create a top knot and let other hair just fall. One of my personal favorites!

47. Golden Fishtail Braids

Combine twists and braids to get a fantastic hairstyle. Create small Senegalese twists which are always build to last. AFter that all you have to do is create a loose fishtail braid. Color your hair blonde and you are good to go.

48. Love for Pink

We all love ombre effect, don’t we? This hairstyle with a dark color for base and popping pink color combined with twists leave a stunning effect. Try this for Senegalese twists.

49. Red and Black

With long Senegalee twists, you have so many options for hairstyles. You can let your hairstyle be as natural, high bun or a high ponytail. To add effect, you can color a part of your hair red to give red and black stripes.

50. Simply You

Show your simplicity with your Senegalese twists by letting it be as it is.  The size of the twists can range from small, medium to big. This is nice and cute hairstyle that will go right for everyone.

51. Braids And Bun

Style your hair into a high twisted bun on the top of your head and make braids from the rest of your hair. Create loose braids. Finish the look with a subtle makeup and you are good to go.

52. On The Top Shaves

This Senagelese twists hairstyle has a combination of braids and Mohawk. Her braids are put on the top of her head beautifully and to define her boldness are her shaved sides. This hairstyle is an example of bold and beautiful.

53. Out and About Girl

Create a nice and high bun for a nice top knot hairstyle. Wear your cutest crop top and skirt and girl you are good to go. Finish the look with your sunglasses and a funky neckpiece.

54. Big Twists And A Big Bun

Your big sized Senegalese twists look amazing when pulled into a big bun. A hairstyle for this summer!

55. Half Ponytail

For a nice touch to your Senegalese twists, you can create a half ponytail and twist the end of your ponytail into beautiful curls. Go for a feminine color if you want to show off your girly side. Her eye makeup is simply stunning.

56. Purple Touch

Try Senegalese crochet twists with a huge bun made on the top of the head. The rest of hair are let down as they are. Choose any color you want, but purple seems to be one of the right choices. Smokey eye makeup to finish the look, maybe?

57. Hair Fall

Let your small sized twists fall like a waterfall. Add color to your hair and your day with the color of your choice. Maroon color cannot go wrong.

58. Golden Pony

Color yourself gold that adds a new glow to your Senegalese twists. Pull it all into a high ponytail and walk the day. Brighten up your day loves!

59. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys shows us how to rock Senegalese twists right. She pulls out small twists at the front and styles them with beads. For the rest of her hair, she creates a beautiful bun and looks fantastic. A fabulous hairstyle for the summer! Her top spills summer vibes all over.

60. Curl Your Twists

Use small sized Senegalese twists to create a hairstyle that will make a few heads turn. Create an elegant updo and let the rest of your twists fall with curls. Keep your locks moisturized. Get yourself this hairstyle at some reasonable price, though! (wink)

61.  High Bun Low Hair

Try the big sized twists and create a high round bun with the half of your hair and let the rest of the hair flow. A top knot bun is on the trend, and with your twists, it can never go wrong.

62. Red For You

Get yourself Senegalese crochet twists with a beautiful lustrous burgundy color. Put all your hair at one side and take your best selfie. A beautiful nude matter lipstick adds definition to your look.

63. Blonde Highlights

The simplest way to style your Senegalese twists is to add some highlights. It won’t add much to your price and looks very stylish with some blonde highlights.

64. Hair Ad

This hairstyle is perfect for a hair ad. The hair looks shiny and soft, all to die for. The twists go from big to small. Let the hair flow. This hairstyle is an addition to my personal favorites.

65. Big Twists

Create a pattern on the side of your hair and let your twists be amazing as it is. The size of twists can be big, medium or small. Wear your spectacles and a nice shiny earpiece, and you are ready to go.

66. Round Bun

A simple high round bun will look cute as well as chic. Finish the look with a nice earpiece and nude lipstick. A straightforward and easy look!

67. Green Is The Color

Create little twists on your long hair and let it be as it is. This looks amazing with colored hair. This hairstyle looks even prettier with an ombre effect.

68. Out and About

Put your medium sized Senegalese twists into a high round bun. This is a fresh look for the winter with your beautiful overcoat and animal print scarf. Wear a bright red lipstick. Your twists can give you a professional look as well.

Twists and turns, style your hair in any way you want. Whatever you do, you are beautiful.


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