63 Selena Gomez Haircuts That Will Inspire You 2020


The Dinsey star has been in our eyes for a long time so, we have to talk about Selena Gomez haircuts. Gaining her popularity from The Wizards of Waverly Place, she has today established herself as an actress, singer, and producer. Not only that Gomez, at the young age of seventeen has become a UNICEF ambassador as well. Talk about an achiever!

Amongst all her achievements, she is a fashion inspiration, which is what we all love. Many girls look up to her and aspire to become like her. So, for the ones who love her, here are what Selena Gomez haircuts that you will love.

-Focusing On Lips

Selena sets one of the most significant examples for black hairstyles. She keeps things simple and straightforward. Her hair length is long. If you have medium length hair, this hairstyle will work for you. To be honest, there is nothing to describe here. She lets her natural hair be as it is. It is gorgeous. Gomez uses her fingers and runs them through the front of her hairline. That is it. She finishes the look with a cute sweater. For her makeup, she goes for a nude lipstick and winged eyeliner.

-Black Hairstyles

Here is Selena Gomez setting us hair goals. For this haircut, she keeps things simple. The length of her hair is same throughout her face. Again, for this hairstyle, she lets her natural texture and style take the center of attention. This one of the easiest black hairstyles. Girls, who have black hair, can look up to Selena Gomez haircuts for the best of the styles. For her makeup, she goes for subtle smokey eye makeup and nude lipstick. She matches the color of the outfit with her hair color.

-Highlights For Black Hair

Gomez looks sultry and gorgeous in this look. Everything about this look oozes sexiness and glam. I love it. If you are planning to go clubbing with your girlfriends or dance your way to your boyfriend’s heart, go for this hairstyle. She keeps her natural locks as it is. The hair is parted from the middle. You can side part it as well. She doesn’t do much for the hairstyle. You can try this if you like highlights for black highlights. The focus is on her eyes for her entire look.

-Big Braids

A day out in the city means you need street styles. Who better to look for inspiration for those styles other than Gomez herself? Selena knows how to look pretty and simple all at once. For this look, she goes for one big side braid. I love it! Gomez pulls all her hair on one side and then loosely braids them. If you want an alteration to this style, you can go for rope braids. They will look just as good. She keeps her outfit cool and perfect. Those nude heels and ideal makeup all tie the look together.

-Just A Pony

Even at a red carpet event when everyone goes for their fanciest clothes and elegant updos, Gomez keeps it simple and manages to win hearts. Look at the simplicity of this look! She has done nothing but tied her hair into a high ponytail. That is it! Yes, a simple ponytail if done right can be worn at anything. It completely depends on you how you carry the look. She finishes the look with simple makeup and glossy lips. The girl, next door, knows how to set some fashion goals.

-Long And Strong

Gomez manages to fit into many images. She can be the girl next door, the one whom you knew since forever into a glam doll. This photo of Selena Gomez haircuts shows her glamorous and chic look. For her hairstyle, I don’t have to describe anything. She keeps it simple. Her hair is long and robust. She parts it from the middle. For the outfit, she goes all black. The black purse and dress are matched with bold red lipstick. If you like highlights, you can go for subtle brown highlights as Gomez does.

-Selena Gomez Haircuts With Bangs

Here is another one of Selena Gomez’s look which shows how to make the short strands of your hair look like bangs. If you don’t have bangs but have short layers, you can give yourself a bang-like appearance. For this hairstyle, she splits her hair in the middle. After that, she pulls out the short strands on either side and then pulls up the rest of her hair into a high ponytail. She finishes her look with glossy lips and lots of mascara. The girl looks cute in that pink colored turtleneck outfit.

-New Selena Gomez Haircuts

A day out in the streets for a celebrity means the need to look beautiful all the time. I think Selena does it the best. For these Selena Gomez haircuts, she keeps her hair long and lets it have its natural texture. For the hairstyle, she only works on the strands at the front. She parts her hair from the middle and then pulls out few strands on sides. After that, she combs all her hair back and pulls up her hair into a half up and half down hairstyle. The layers pulled out at the front looks like bangs. She keeps her lips pink and pretty.

-Pull Them Back

This is Gomez showing us her another glam doll baby look. I love it. When you want to look good, the one thing you need to keep in your mind is ‘less is more.’ That is the mantra that Gomez wears here. Her hair is magnificently black that is painted with brown streaks. It looks like a waterfall of chocolate. I love the messiness done for this photo. Her dress is filled with pink sequences, and she keeps her makeup simple and sweet. Gomez manages to nail this look.

-Keeping It Casual

Is Europe going to be your next holiday destination? Are you looking for some inspirations for your holiday pictures? Or maybe just how to search for your holidays? Selena Gomez seems like a safe bet, doesn’t she? She goes for a style that can be worn by anyone. It will look fabulous on all. For this hairstyle, she keeps things simple. Her black, straight hair is parted from the middle. It flows. She wears a cute sundress and pairs it with laced up white sandals. To finish the look, she wears a pair of aviator sunglasses.

-Part It

Not just her girl next door look, Selena shows off her glam looks like anyone can wear them. She pulls them off with high confidence, and I love that part about it. She doesn’t need to do wear couture gowns but manages to make the simplest of her dress like designer gowns. For this dress, she goes for a spaghetti dress which is short. Her hairstyle is neat and a cute bun. She parts her hair from the middle and combs her hair into a sleek bun. Those nude sandals look perfect with her little black dress. She matches her hair with accessories.


Gomez looks like a teenager in this look. If you are looking for Selena Gomez haircuts with bangs, you have to look no further. This is an excellent hairstyle for summer. Her hair is long, and she goes for a fringe style that matches her face shape. For the hair color, she goes for an ombre effect. The hair color is brown at her ends. For her hair shape, she goes for subtle waves. The outfit is simple. White top and blue denim are the way to go if you want a relaxed and casual hairstyle.

-Soft Curls

Selena Gomez haircuts are not just about the girl next door look or glamorous look. They also are an inspiration for date nights. If you are looking for hair ideas for February, this can be a great look. You can even wear this hairstyle for any of your dinner dates or anniversaries. She keeps things simple. Her black hair has subtle brown highlights, and for the hair shape, she goes for soft curls. Gomez wears glossy lips and winged liner for her makeup.

-Classic Bob

If you love long bob hairstyles, you can look at Selena Gomez all day. This is one of the new Selena Gomez haircuts that has a mixture of beautiful hair colors. The hair is straightened and is made into a shape that frames her face. For her hair colors, she goes for a subtle ombre effect. She only colors her ends with brown color. Her makeup is dramatic and goes for a deep V outfit. The choker is the perfect accessory for this look. Her nude lipstick pulls the look together. She has dramatic eye makeup, and that is why she keeps her lipstick color bare.


Gomez looks like a doll in this photograph. I love her new dress and everything else about this look. She wears black in the midst of flowers. The dress looks fabulous on her, and it will look the same on you as well. For the hairstyle, she gives her hair volume. She shows off her natural hair texture but styles her hair into waves. The hair is parted from the side and is allowed to be as long as it is. She finishes her look with bright red lipstick and smokey eyes. The statement neckpiece is eye-catching.


We present to you new blonde Selena Gomez haircuts. The hair length is less than the period up to her shoulders. For her hair color, Selena picks one of the lightest shades of blonde. It suits her perfectly. Gomez makes sure that any color she chooses suits her undertone, and that is why she looks great on every color she wears. For her hairstyle, she goes for a bob hairstyle and lets her natural texture steal the show. Her dress is strapless, and for the makeup, she uses red lipstick.


This monochromatic look worn by Selena is picture perfect. I love how the dress looks great with a deep plunging neckline and thigh-high slits. The criss-cross stitching on one side of the dress makes her look sexy. Since the dress is the highlight of the look, Selena keeps her hairstyle simple. She straightens her hair and lets it be natural. She uses a comb to style her hair and pulls it all back. For the makeup, she keeps it simple, so that her dress becomes the center of the attention.

-The Ad

Leather pair of pants is a hard look to pull off. Selena looks beautiful in this look. For her outfit, she keeps it all black. Anyone can try this look. The strapless top and black leather make her look ultra glamorous. For her hairstyle, she again keeps it simple. Her hair color is black, and she adds highlights to them. The hair length has a lot of colors, and a subtle ombre effect is shown. For her makeup, she uses red lipstick. Her eye makeup and lipstick makes for a great look.


This is not of the example for Selena Gomez haircuts, but it is an excellent example of updos. We love hair designs especially when our favorite celebrities are wearing them. If you like Selena Gomez, you will love this hairstyle and of course, want to try it. Selena keeps things elegant and picks the color that flatters all, black. For her hairstyle, she pulls her hair all up into a chic updo and wears a great piece of a black lace outfit. Her makeup is on point. Her accessories look perfect for her entire look.

-Long One

Selena keeps things simple when it comes to her haircuts. Her haircuts are not new, but she goes for the simple of hairstyles. If you are a Selena Gomez fan and want to look like her, you don’t need to worry. Selena goes for styles that anyone can wear. Everyone seems high with a black colored outfit. Even her hairstyles are simple. For this hairstyle, she keeps it long and goes for subtle waves. Her makeup is beautiful. She goes for a nude lipstick and wears a lot of mascara.

-Curly Hair

In recent times, Selena Gomez has come forward with new haircuts. Her classic style is long black hair. For this look, she goes for a medium hair length which is an array of curls. It looks beautiful. She parts her hair from the side and also has short strands of her hair as bangs. The hair is shaped into beautiful curls and kept moisturized. She wears this hairstyle on a square shaped neckline and looks fabulous. Her makeup, as usual, is simple and elegant. The loop earrings match perfectly with this look. You can wear this hairstyle on your day out with your girlfriends. It also makes a great look for a picnic day.

-Sunglasses And Shine

The small sunglasses look the new trend for the year 2018. You can also see Priyanka Chopra flaunting these on many occasions. Selena Gomez also looks fabulous in these pair of shades. For her hairstyle, we can see that she goes for the blonde version of Selena Gomez haircuts. She keeps her hair with lots of volumes and looks beautiful in the look. Her dress is strapless. For her hair, she keeps her roots dark. Selena Gomez finally uses a bright red lipstick to brighten up her entire look.

-Blonde & Short

This is another one of the blonde new haircuts worn by Gomez. The Disney star looks no less than a rock star with this haircut. This blonde hair color looks fabulous with her black leather jacket. I love the rawness and boldness of the look. She parts her hair from the side which shows off her dark-colored roots. Her earrings are a beauty. The red colored nail pant works on her great. She goes for subtle eyeliner look and glossy lips. The look is a ten on ten looks and new.

-Fun And Long

This is one of the Selena Gomez haircuts that you can choose for a fun summer look. I love her outfit. She wears denim shorts and pairs it with a black tank top. For the pop of color, she picks a bright yellow colored cardigan that she can wear for the summer. Talking about her hairstyle, she goes for long hair. She parts her hair from the middle and lets all the waves be as it is. Her hair color is brownish, and that suits her hair undertone perfectly. For the shoes, you can even wear a pair of flipflops.


-Ultimately Blonde

Selena looks hot! That black colored dress highlights the best of her. For her hairstyle, she goes for a messy bun. The hairstyle is simple and can quickly be done by everyone. All you have to do is use your fingers and pull up your hair into a twist. You can also pull out your hair strands to frame your face. Now, for the hair color, Selena picks the opposite of natural hair color. She has black hair color, and for the new one, she goes for the lightest shade of blonde.

-Cool Selena Gomez Haircuts

Her crop top is gorgeous. I love this outfit. For the pop of color, she goes for a turquoise colored scarf. Now that we are done talking about her fabulous outfit let us talk about her hair. Selena looks beautiful with long hair. The hairstyle is free and is simple. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be worn by anyone. All you have to do is give your hair some subtle highlights. I love the brown color of her hair. For her makeup, she keeps things simple. Nude lip color is the way to go. I am trying this look. Better sign up for the gym.

-Rock It

It looks like Gomez is ready to set the stage on fire. To be honest, all I can think about is how flat her stomach is. I feel like Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory. Those who have watched the latest show knows what I am saying. Anyway, back to Selena Gomez haircuts. By now, we can safely say that Selena keeps things simple so that anyone who wants to look like her can. She goes for along hairstyle here that has lots of waves. Gomez opts for a half up hairstyle with lots of colors. She finishes the look with smokey eyes and nude lipstick.


This is an ultimate blonde hair color that Gomez goes for, and she nails it. The Disney princess tries to get out of her classic looks and goes for a something blonde. She nails the look. For her hairstyle, she pulls up her hair into a messy bun. She pulls out strands of her hair and keeps things fun. You can quickly do this bun. It is one of the most natural buns to do. All you have to do is pull it up and twist it. Finish the look with makeup similar to hers. You should have a nude lipstick.

-Retro Vibes

Gomez can nail every type of look. She is convincing in glamorous looks and is the epitome of the girl next door. Now, she looks vivacious in this retro look. It is one of her all-time favorite looks. The retro vibe going on this look is correctly portrayed by her long locks. For her hair, she keeps things close to natural. Her hair is a waterfall of curls and is allowed to flow freely. For the bikini, she wears the check pattern which has a lot of flowers on the top. The hair accessory is beautiful. Everything about this look is on point.


Check out some more new Selena Gomez haircuts that will give you your new look for 2018. She flaunts bangs hairstyles, blonde colors, short styles and many more.

Did you pick any of your favorite Selena Gomez haircuts? Loved any of her new hairstyles? 


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