58 Most Beautiful Round Face Hairstyles Ideas


The trick to finding the right hairstyle is to know your face cut. Be it round, oval, square or long there are hairstyles for every shape. Lets talk about round face hairstyles.                           For round face women, you can go for a short, medium or long hairstyle. Short hairstyle makes your face look slim, and your neck looks long. For medium length hairstyles, they have the power to make your face look thinner and cuter. A long hairstyle just as trendy as medium and short due to the vertical lines making the full face look refined. You can even add stylish bangs to make you look perfect.

Here we have 58 examples showing you how round face can go well with short, medium and long hairstyles.

1.Layered Bob

For a bold and confident look at the office, you can opt for a layered bob haircut. This hairstyle mainly works for women over fifty. This layered bob haircut can make your round face look slim and creates an illusion of volume for your thin hair.

2. Flattering Your Face

Indian beauties with round face can look up to the most beautiful in the world for her hairstyle. She flaunts her long hair with a full effect toward the side of her face. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan knows how to do it right.

3. Braided Updo

Braided hair is trending this season. For round faces, making thick braids appear like a crown on your short hairstyle is very fashionable. Actress Christina Ricci looks stunning with this hairstyle.

4. Asymmetrical Curled Bob

Who said full look are not for round faced women? An asymmetrical bob haircut with curls to add volume can make be the perfect hairstyle for women with round face and thin hair.

5. Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyle works for women with chubby round faces with a double chin. Your short hairstyle makes any woman look stylish at the office, and it cannot go wrong with a cocktail dress as well.

6. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has completely revolutionized her look with her fabulous hairstyle. She keeps it simple and yet stylish. Her bob haircut with a few twists looks phenomenal.

7. Spiked White

Go, funky girl! You really should try this look if you want to get out of your comfort zone. For a girl with tattoos, a short spiky hairstyle with a bold hair color can work wonders. An effortless way to show off your dimples.

8. Chrissy Teigen

A bob hairstyle with correct styling is perfect for women with a round face. For round faces, you can get yourself a medium length bob haircut with some layers near the face. Pick the hair color of your choice, although I would suggest ombre effect works best. Christina Teigen’s this hairstyle truly deserves an award. Stunning!

9. Pretty You

For a girl with dark hair and a round face, go for a short curled bob haircut. Find the perfect makeup and outfit to go with the look.

10. Long Bob

Now, this hairstyle is sleek and effortless.  Her round face appears slim with a simple long bob hairstyle. A medium hairstyle for round faced beauties.

11. Lily Collins

Lily Collins shows us how pixie hairstyle can work for women with round faces as well. She looks stunning with her dark pixie haircut.

12. Short Curly for Round Face

Try a short curly hairstyle if you want something new today. This hairstyle is for women with round faces.

13. Little Messy Bun

Actress Hayden Panettiere shows how to look fresh and flirty with her messy little bun and side-swept bangs. This hairstyle makes your round face slim with the strands that are pulled out. Tie it loosely to add the glam to the hairstyle. For an evening look, use shimmery face powder and sparkling drop earrings.

14. Fine Thin Hair And Round Face

Your thin hair is not a problem if you have a round face, love. You can always work with it. Pick a short hairstyle if you are a woman with a chubby face and double chin. Beautiful pair of earrings and a gorgeous evening dress is what you need to complete the look.

15. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco looks hot with her short hairstyle. Her round face and spiky tresses set the Big Bang Theory star to be one of the most stylish women.

16. Long Hairstyle for Round Face

Long and relaxed hair let down can make you look stunning.

17. Carol Bayer Sager

Carol looks like a queen with her fabulous hairstyle. The volume, the layers, and the bangs go perfectly together.

18. Gracious Style

This hairstyle is perfect for women who have a chubby face with a double chin and a broad forehead. Her long side-swept bangs add a slimming effect to her face and hide her forehead. The bun is sleek and elegant.

19. Chrissy Teigen Shows It Again

Chrissy Teigen shows us how to make a round face look incredible. She flaunts a medium hairstyle with side swept layers near the face that makes her face look slim and beautiful.

20. Jennifer Lawerence

You can have a celebrity hairstyle with an amazing pixie cut. Your face will look amazing with this cut. Jennifer Lawerence knows how to add to her beauty with the right hairstyle for her round face.

21. Short Bob

This is a fabulous bob haircut. Her straight, sleek hair accentuates her round face. The bangs are the cherry on the cake. A beautiful lipstick is all you need to complete the entire look.

22. Medium Hairstyle for Round Face

There are many Indian hairstyles for round face, especially medium length hairstyles. All you need to do is leave your hair as it is with a side earring. Lovely sparkly earrings with your shiny dress and you are ready to have all the eyes set on you this evening.

23. Selena Gomez

Who said you are not perfect?

Who said you are not worth it?

You totally are worth it, girl. Selena Gomez looks amazing with her curled medium hairstyle for her round face.

24. Medium Curly Hairstyle for Round Face

For women with round face and double chin, you can opt for a curly hairstyle with straightened bangs.

25. Straight And Sleek

A medium length bob haircut with straight hair can make you look stylish and bold. It goes perfectly with your round face.

26. Curls

Medium hairstyles work for round faces amazingly. The curls make this hairstyle flawless.

27. Emma Stone

Braids look fantastic on round face. Emma Stone looks gorgeous with her braids put to one side. A simple makeup makes Emma look incredible.

28. Malin Akerman

Malia Maria Akerman shows us how to rock a medium length hairstyle without any effort. All you need to do is middle part, and it will work wonders for your double chin round face.

29. Straight for Round

A simple straight hairstyle that tapers towards your face is the hairstyle you want if you have a chubby face. A hairstyle for your bodycon dress or your pantsuit.

30. Short for Round

This is one of the best hairstyles for a round face. A short pixie cut with a bold red lipstick makes you look stunning as ever.

31. Style Short

Style your look with a short haircut that has long strands at the front. Place the strands in a fashionable way and paint the town red, love.

32. Judi Dench

Judie Dench looks as gracious and elegant as ever with her short hairstyle. Her hairstyle is perfect for her round face.

33. Thick Hair And Round Face

Cut your thick hair into a stylish, funky haircut. A beautiful makeup and this hairstyle; you are then a ready girl.

34. Hello

Hello from the other side!

Adele looks so gorgeous with a medium length straight hairstyle that makes her round face incredibly slim.

35. Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams shows us how to make your round face look slim with a thin hair by extending the bags all to the side. Add a sparkly hairband to shimmer up your entire look.

36. Cute And Short

For a round face, you can go for a cute short hairstyle that can add to your girl power. You can pick a small, bold earpiece for a complete look.

37. Medium

Cut your straight hair into a medium length so that layers can accentuate your big face. Pick a nude colored lipstick to finish your look.

38. Pixie Cut for Round Face

A pixie cut with a chubby face can give a statement look with an amazing suit. Smile, you have a long way to go.

39. Bob And Thin

Cut your thin hair into a bob to get a simple voluminous hairstyle. Smile, show off your dimples. You are beautiful, girl.

40. Vanessa Hudgens

This cute haircut of Vanessa Hudgens offers an incredible texture throughout the layers. The end of the layers is point cut for that extra dimension to this hairstyle. This a bright haircut for thick hair.

41. Medium Bangs

Medium length hairstyles are easier to style than long or short hairstyles. You can add bangs they still look trendy. If you have a round face, you can opt for this hairstyle.

42. Well-defined

A simple hairstyle with lustrous shine can make your chubby face look slim. She looks beautiful, doesn’t she?

43. Short Curls

Short hairstyles are fantastic for women with round face. They make your face look thin elongating your neck. Curls, we all love them, right?

44. Side-swept Bangs

Create a side-swept bangs for your medium length wavy hair to get ana amazing texture for your round face.

45. Enhancement for Your Round Face

Enhance your round face with an amazing fluffy haircut. If you want you can add bangs. Those pearls make her look chic and elegant.

46. Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is most popular cut for women with round face. If you want to minimize self-conscious part of your look, you can go for Tinker Bell cut. It is nothing new to the stylists.

47. Mermaid Cut

Girls with curly hair can flaunt this hairstyle while straight haired girls can have fun with this beautiful ocean blue color.

48. Short Locks

Every woman cannot pull off a short hairstyle. Styling your pixie cut that is tapered can give a textured and voluminous look. Rachel Wood shows us how to do it right.

49. Curls And Bob

Bob hairstyle with curls looks amazing for a round face. A funky neckpiece pulls the entire look together. Go bold the stylish way, girl.

50. Cute Pixie Cut

Any women can go for a pixie haircut, selectively women with round faces. A short hair cut can look just as girly as long hairstyles with an added touch of a beautiful gold jewelry and a stunning dress.

51. Bangs And Bob

Create bangs for your bob hairstyle.  A nice soft look that looks delicate with all the layers. Golden colored hair and pink lipstick; she looks lovely.

52. Feathers

If you have thin hair, you can have layered cut that can stay throughout the day. This is the best bob hairstyle that softens your features.

53. A-line Cut for Round Face

A bob cut with long layers is a blessing to the girls with a round face. They have a natural slimming technique. The slightly messed look with highlights is classy.

54. Edgy Haircut

Give yourself an edgy haircut with a striking blue painted for a highlight. Side partitions and a beautiful pair of earrings and you are gold, girl.

55. Stupendous Cut

Your round face can be made naturally slim with right hairstyle. A pixie cut is perfect for round faces. Faces with double chin look fantastic with bangs.

56. Highlighted Bob

To distract from your facial roundness, you can also highlight your short bob hairstyle. Blue is the perfect hairstyle that is soothing and perfect for every season.

57. Ideal for Round Face

Add style to your look with your long side swept bangs for a short bob hairstyle. Nude makeup makes her look classy and elegant as ever.

58. Chic

A medium length hairstyle can look chic with the addition of bangs. Not only it adds to the volume but makes you look tall and thin as well.

Pick one or try them all. Stand tall and walk ahead. There is no point in looking back.


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