51 Stunning Rose Gold Hair to Steal the Show


If you are in a dilemma choosing hair color, why not take a look at this pretty rose gold hair shade. With the trend of the rose gold winning our generation from rose gold iPhones to rose gold jewelry, we now have achieved the ultimate rose gold hierarchy with the rose gold hair color. Inspired by our generation, we have brought to you this dreamy and mesmerizing hair hue- rose gold for you.

The warm toned pink and copper make the perfect combination of hue that we have now adapted into our favorite hair trend. Elegant and fun, this color has made into our gallery of favorites. The rose gold hue can richen the warmth and color to your pale blonde color or any yellow undertones. Apart from blonde, it also works great with darker shades adding a bit of blush to each one. Super pretty and trendy, take a look at our gallery for inspiration to dye your hair rose gold!

1. Rose Gold Ombre

The two hottest trend combined, this is the final result of ombre effect with rose gold hues. One of prettiest shades to work with, here is an example of how incredible it looks. The dark shades on top with pinkish hues on the edges make gives this hair more volume and texture. Add the loose waves and your hair is on point! Don’t really need an occasion to rock this hair, do we?

2. Pink and Orange Hues

One of the best ways to wear the rose gold hair color is by mixing the hues with your natural tones. It compliments the blonde shade of your hair adding the extra blush. Not only will your hair look super pretty, but it also adds the extra edge. Here you can see how gorgeously the rose gold has blended in with the blonde tone creating this mesmerizing texturized effect!

3. Full Rose Gold Hair

If mixing and combining is not your cup of tea, then dying your full hair in rose gold is also the option. Combined with other hues or simply individually, this rose gold hair is the absolute perfection! The short curled hair here looks absolutely gorgeous in this shade and the natural blonde tone has blended in perfectly with this hue!

4. Rose Gold Hair For Brunette

Here we have another example of rose gold hair color for brunettes. This hairstyle emphasizes on more than two colors creating this illuminating effect. The original brunette color is won over with the mix of rose gold, pink and blonde shade. We don’t even need an excuse to love this, you can see the reason already! So why not go for it today?

5. Metallic Rose Gold Hair

Metallic Rose Gold hair is what is the internet has been swooning over for the past few months. And while looking at the hair shade I guess you know the reason why? Unlike other metallic shades, this perfect combination of copper red and pink is the reason why we have fallen in love with it. The craze is still on and so here we are following it and we present to you with this here in our gallery! Try it out today and we will make sure you won’t regret it!

6. Rose Gold Hair for Blonde Hair

If metallic hair is not your thing, this much bolder shade might be! This pretty shade of rose gold is the perfect color for your full blonde hair. For any occasion, this subtle yet bold shade adds that missing element to your hair! Balayage effect with the gradating colors from darker to a light shade of pink is what takes this hair to the next level. Try it out and we swear that you will fall in love with it!

7. Rose Gold Roots

If you are not too sure about getting all of your hair colored rose gold, then why not color it partially. You can color the roots of your hair just to try out the shade. Whether you love it or not, this shade makes for the most natural blush that no-one can deny to love. Not only will your roots look more appealing, but you know you would want to get all your hair done once you get the roots done!

8. Pink Love

This is another shade you can try if natural hues are not your choice. Pretty Rose Gold hair on a more pinkish side. Mesmerizing, this color is one of the most appealing colors to match any complexion or length of hair! Long hair or shorter ones, once you try this hair shade out you will never try to even look back, this is that good! The picture is the proof of how good it looks!

9. Rose Gold Ombre For Brunettes

Another way you can use this subtle shade is by comprising it into your brunette and blonde ombre hairstyle. More subtle and pretty than blonde this hair shade will be the game changer to any hairstyle. Here is an example of ombre with rose gold and you can see the result is the perfect substitution for any lighter shades.

10. Rose Gold Blonde

For an even subtle hair color, try this full blonde rose gold hair color fit for any length and style. It best compliments blonde shade but the good thing about this is that it goes well with any kind of hair shade and blends in well.

11. Pink And Gold
Rose gold is a shade that goes along well with any colors, and here we have another example to prove our point. This subtle mix of color with blonde and pink, this is the perfect way to define highlights if you want in your rose gold hair. The longer your locks, the prettier it looks. The light shade of rose gold even illuminates the feel of lighter and more texturized feel.

12. Pink Ombre Hair

For best result with balayage and ombre hair effect, why not incorporate this pretty shade into play? You can get this look with the ombre effect with brunette and blonde adding a bit of rose gold to highlight!

13. Tinted Rose Gold

When going for the tinted rose gold look, why not take a look at this pretty shade? Win the crowd around you while following what is on the trend with this gorgeous shade of rose gold. The full coverage of this opaque mixture of blonde and red, this is the perfect blend to go for if you are looking for a change in color!

14. Highlighted Ends

This is another example of how rose gold hair can be stylized with a twist. For lighter shades of hair, highlighting just the ends of your hair can be an option. Look at how perfectly the highlights shine and make your hair more appealing. Pretty in pink, make your way to the spotlight with this hair shade.

15. Braided Rose Gold Hair

While stylizing your rose gold hair, why not try this braided look. The loosely braided hair encases all the highlights as well as the color mixture of pink, blonde and rose gold. Make sure to use hairspray to fix it all in place so that your hair stays in place for the whole day.

16. Brunette Ombre Rose Gold 

This brunette hair with ombre hair effect infused with the rose gold makes the hair pop out. This spectacular hair shade makes even the simplest of ombre hair more interesting. The rose gold with warmer tones and feel to it makes it the perfect combination of the dark brown or brunette shade.

17. Pink Bob

Bob is a fun and cute hairstyle to try out, the pink shades adds to the fun element. Short and sweet, this is one of the most popular and pretty hairstyles to go around the internet. The rosy pink shade in pastel takes this look to a new level. For this summer, why not try this hair out?

18. Wavy Blonde Hair

This rose gold shade with warm undertones matches perfectly with the blonde highlighted hair. The warm tones complement the blonde and brown play of color in the hair. Perfectly styled with loose waves, this is the perfect hairdo for anyone looking for a subtle hint of rose gold in their hair.

19. Subtle Rose Gold Hair

This is an example of the whole rose gold hair that we have absolutely fallen in love with. The warm color kisses the blonde tone perfectly making your hair this soft rose gold shade. Whether long or short hair, this hair shade makes any length more appealing.

20. Volumized Rose Gold Waves

This hairstyle with the loose waves perfectly framing the face is perfect for a more volumized hair. The light and soft hair shade of rose gold adds to the effect of thicker texture and volumized hair. You can see why we all have been going crazy over this particular shade.

21. Curly All the Way

For longer lengths, the color not only adds the extra glam and edge, but the subtle hint of rose gold makes your hair prettier to look at. The long length curled to perfection makes your hair more texturized and you can wear this look whenever wherever. Do we even need an excuse to get out hair this way?

22. Rose Gold Pixie

If short pixie hair is just not giving the edge that you want, why not add this hair shade to take it a little bit further? You can see that this small change makes a huge difference. The color makes your hair bold but with a subtle edge and you will absolutely love!

23. Rose Gold Perm

The rose gold shade looks good not only with straight hairs but it also looks equally gorgeous with curly hair. Here is an example of what we are talking about! The curly frizzy hair looks absolutely gorgeous with the rose gold hair shade. The lighter shade not only adds to its beauty but it also creates the illusion of a more softer and shiny hair.

24. Thick Pastel Rose Gold
For a more stylish and bold look, this pastel shade is a great choice. The long hair looks stunningly mesmerizing with this shade and the waves create the extra glam that your hair will appreciate. When you can’t decide what to choose, Rose Gold is the way! Try it out today.

25. Rose Gold Shine

Rose gold is a shade that you can use however you want. Here you can see the highlights created by the pretty shade of soft pink. The blonde hair perfectly captures the subtle highlight of rose pink and although not so bold, this is perfect to wear out even on formal events. Shine on the spotlight with this stunning highlight pink effect and steal the show!

26. Pretty Pink

Another subtle way of using rose gold shade, using the warmer tones of the color to combine with your natural hair shade. If bold and edgy is not your cup of tea, then this cool shade of rose gold is meant for you. Subtle and quiet, this hair shade is your way to glamour land without being too loud!

27. Fun Rose Gold Bun

You even have the choice to color only sections of your hair. You can go multi color if you want or simply play with the lighter and darker tones of the same color. It is all up to how you would like it. Here we have an example of how one can play with colors, adding subtle colors to only the top part of the hair. Cool and trendy, be the trendsetter and stylize for yourself.

28. Lengthy Rose Gold Hair

We can’t get enough of this pretty shade can we? Here is yet another example of why we are brooding over this color. Soft or cool, you can choose whichever best suits you and don it. This hairstyle is the perfect combination of class and style gathered in one.



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