84 Gorgeous Rope Braids Updos And How To Do Them


Rope braids hairstyles are fresh and look great when beauty period is evolving. Everyone knows about the regular braids, French, and Dutch braids but one may not know about the rope styles. Don’t worry we are here to answer all of your queries.

Rope braids, also known as false braids, are done by twisting two strands of hair together. They are extremely popular because of their simplicity. Anyone can do them. All you have to do is the twist.

It is a great time-saving hairstyle and different than the three parted braids such as French and Dutch. You can see rope braids flaunted by your favorite models at the Parish and New York runways.


Rope Braids: DIY

Even though there are endless rope braids styles, there is an essential technique that works for all. If you want to know how to do them, follow the given steps:

  1. Comb your hair and make it tangle free. Tie it into a ponytail.
  2. Separate your pony into two sections and twist the sections.
  3. Twist the right section in clockwise. Vice-versa for the other part.
  4. You can cross the twisted sections over one another several times and then secure it with an elastic band.

You can go for a neat and sleek version of this look, or you may try the messy one. The type of ponytail, low or high, is completely your choice. As I always say, a hairstyle has endless variations.

-Colored Braids

I love the colored version of the rope braids. You can make your braids look like actual ropes if you like it that way. For the rope colors, you can pick red, blonde or blue. Your hair can be any color you want. This braids hairstyle is thin and fun. Many colors are playing along. This is a great way to protect your hair. Even coloring your hair will not do damage to your hair. Have fun with this new look. It is a great look if you have a black hair.

-Rope Braids For Black Hairstyles

Rope braids can be made into elaborate buns. They look beautiful when twisted into something high. The braids are thin and well plaited. This is an effortless style that can be worn by anyone. You won’t have to search how to do intricated updos for black hairstyles to achieve this look. For this hairstyle, once you get the twist, pull up your hair into a high bun. You can make it neat and twisted. It will look beautiful and classy. Finish the look with smokey eyes and nude lipsticks.

-Side French Rope Braids

Look at that beautiful hair length. It is marvelous. ; you are a lovely side French rope braids hairstyle that is elaborated for an extended period. The hairstyle is simple and looks elegant. The color of her dress creates a soft and romantic theme for which the hairstyle is perfect. I love how she chooses the dress with colors that flatter her skin tone. For this look, you can go for colors like pink and light orange for your eyeshadow. Go for glossy lips and wear this look for your date.

-Black Hair

I love the big braids that she chose. It saves a lot of time and makes things easy. This hairstyle will save you a lot of time. You can quickly achieve this braids. All you have to do is split your hair into different sections. For each part of the hair, cut them into two and then start twisting. Voila! You are done. You can go for a thicker version of the braids than the one shown in the picture. For making it look like an actual rope, you can give the hair a beautiful color. You can go for golden blonde or brown color. Finish the look with loop earrings.

-Side French Updos

This hairstyle oozes love. It is the hairstyle for Valentines’ day. You can save this picture in your gallery. Wear this style in February. For the ones, you can’t wait that long; you can wear this in any one of your special anniversaries or your date night. You will need to create a heart-shaped cross-section in the middle of your hair. For your sides, you can start by twisting them into French rope braids. Arch it in such a way that it all appears into a beautiful heart. The ends can be made into a low bun. This hairstyle is exquisite.

-Dutch Rope Braids

Dutch braids are beautiful. They look chic and different. You can wear them in couture gowns or go to college on them. They will work for any occasion. It works for late night parties, and if you wear it right, you can wear them to clubs as well. They keep hair away from your face, and you can dance all night. So, to make your Dutch braids more fun than ever, I say why not add a little twist to them? Go for the ropes and weave them into your one large braid. It will look beautiful.

-Close To Nature

This is one of the most natural rope braids hairstyles ever. If you want to know how to do this style, you can read the tutorial we mentioned at the beginning of this article. For this style, keep your ponytail low. You can go for the loose version of the braids. It looks fabulous. For the accessories, you can wear flowers. If you are planning to have a lake day or a picnic, you can wear this look. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and appropriate makeup for this look.

-The Side

This style is for those spontaneous romantic dates that you guys have decided. Dates are not planned every time. Sometimes, you feel like meeting him and having a good time. For those times, you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your hair. Face it; you want to meet him soon and spend some quality time. So, put efforts on a section of your hair and make them into beautiful rope braids. This hairstyle works on long and short hair. You can put a flower in a hair accessory. Section the front of your hair and make it into a beautiful braid. That is the answer to how to do this hairstyle.

-Thin One

The texture of this hair is beautiful and thin. You will need to give a lot of time and effort for this hairstyle. I suggest instead of trying this look, you can go to your hair stylist and ask them to give you a makeover. It will save you a lot of trouble, and you will love the result. For your everyday look, you can let your hair be as it is and show off your ropes or pull it into a high ponytail. I suggest planning your hairstyle according to your work. Make sure you look great whatever you do.

-Thick Ones

Her hair looks like a collection of ropes. It seems beautiful, and I love the group. It is a great hairstyle for the ones who love short hairstyle. This hairstyle works great for frizzy hair. It will tame your hair and give your hair a great shape. You can also go for this hairstyle if you have transitioning hair. To make the hairstyle fun, you can go for colors. You can also create an ombre effect. Keeping ropes in your mind, you can for a color like brown. It makes your hair a perfect example of ombre hair.

-One Large Twist

Her hair color is beautiful. Are you are a Game of Thrones fan of like me? You can easily relate to this hairstyle. If you are a Khaleesi fan, you must have thought about getting this hairstyle. If you give in to your wishes, you can keep your hairstyle smooth and comfortable. Don’t overdo yourself. Always focus on one aspect of your look. So, if you want to know how to do this hairstyle, you can follow the steps we told you about at the beginning of this hairstyle. Finish the look by pulling out a few strands near your face.


This hairstyle is intricate and different. You will need all the help in the world to get this look. Make sure you plan this hairstyle for a classy event where everyone can stare at your hard work. Let them ask how you got this look. The rope braids on the sides add beautiful details in her updo. The hairstyle is a simple fishtail braid with criss-crossed bodies. Now, to add the cherry on the cake, she goes for side twists that give her hair a new dimension.

-Added One

This picture shows the extensions. Some of us want to try new hairstyles but want to keep our natural hair texture preserved. Face it, twisting your hair and letting it be that way for a long time requires a lot of determination. Some of us, don’t. To be honest, even I don’t. I can’t imagine myself getting a hairstyle that will be staying with me for months. We still want to try new looks, don’t we? I think that is the reason why hair extensions were made. This is how beautiful it looks when you get your extensions. You can try many styles using extensions.

-Blue Shades

The picture shows a great example of simple variation in the rope braids hairstyle. It is simple and beautiful. The best part about this look is the hair color. Her hair color is a dazzling shade of white with streaks of blue. If you are a fan of unicorn colors, you can go for these shades. You can also go for mermaid colors and go for darker colors. For the hairstyle, go for the rope braids. You know how to do this hairstyle, don’t you? We have mentioned it at the beginning of this article. Save those steps.

-Rings For Rope Braids

This hairstyle reminds me of Sansa Stark. I picture her with this hairstyle. If she does wear it, I guess it will be a more complicated version of this one. Well, you still can wear this hairstyle for a fancy evening out. It is unique, and  I love the thin ropes dangling all over her hair. The details of the large braid are beautiful. You will need to find a tutorial on how to do the braids. For the rope braids, you can use thin strands of your hair and twist them. Use bobby pins to pin your braids. Put your hair accessories.

-For School

Rope braids hairstyles can be worn by kids on the sides. I usually know when you go to school, they expect you to dress up decently. But, you can always add something beautiful to the natural hairstyles. It is easy to do, and you can quickly learn how to do it. For the hairstyle, pull out a few strands of your hair on the side which you can use to make braids. The rest of your hair, you can pull it into a ponytail. Make designs with your rope braids. Moms can do this to your daughter for any get together you plan to take them.


Speaking of Game of Thrones hairstyle, here we have another one. It is beautiful. If you have a few days off and are planning to do something fun, why not expect something unique? Go for a Game of Thrones-themed photoshoot. Call your friends and dress up. Look beautiful and make some memories. For this hairstyle, you will have to search how to do intricate rope braids updos. Braids are used to give her large bun a beautiful design. I love her hair color. It goes well with her skin tone. Finish the look with beautiful hair accessories.

-Massive Bun

Look at the size of the colossal bun. It is huge. If you have the thick hair type, you will end up with this hairstyle. Even though her braids are thin, since she has a large volume of hair, she ends up many braids. So, when she pulls all her hair into a bun, it looks stunning. The size of the bun is more significant than life. You can wear this look for a night out. You should wear a strapless dress for this look. The makeup can be as simple as smokey eyes and bright lipstick. Red lipstick will brighten up your look instantly.

-Twist Rope Braids

This is a beautiful side rope braids updo. It is easy to do and a great way to keep all your hair off your neck. Usually, in the summer you don’t want hair on your face or your neck. It is already scorching. The girls living in tropical places will understand what I am saying. To some of us, summer heat is the best thing. Wherever you go, you can go for this hairstyle on suitable occasions. The hairstyle is inverted Dutch braids. To make your hair look like it has details, you can add rope braids.

-Pink Ones

The two top-knot hairstyle has been around for a long time. No matter whatever you do to your hair, get yourself some braids or colors, the fun and different hairstyle you can do is top-knot hairstyle. You can go for two knots or one. Both the looks are favorite. The braids, in particular, are thin which makes the hairstyle detailed and stunning. To make it look feminine, she colors her hair pastel pink. Pastel colors have been ruling our hearts in the recent times.

-Rope Braids And Twists

Look at the combination of braids in this hairstyle. The Dutch twists combined with the ropes make for a stunning updo. It looks different and unique. Again, this makes for a great black hairstyle. The braids are a great way of protecting your hair. I say go for this look if you have a curly hairstyle. The Dutch twists on the side are exquisite. You can go to sleep in this look. If you are planning to go to Europe for traveling, this hairstyle will work correctly.

-Different Style

This picture is an excellent example of rope braids for black hairstyles. Her hair looks like a group of ropes. The dark color is beautiful, and her headband is excellent. It gives her hairstyle a personalized touch. You can wear a hairband if you like. It is not compulsory. As for the hair, you can let your hair loose. It looks beautiful when to let down. You can pull your hair into a high ponytail if you want. It will look great when you pull your hair into a ponytail. You can also go for a low pony as well.

-Another Updo

Here is another intricate rope braids updo. It is beautiful, isn’t it? I cannot say enough about this hairstyle. This is another hairstyle for you if you are planning to do the thing that we just mentioned? For this hair, you will need to google how to do elegant half updos. You will need to section your hair and make a beautiful bun. You can use strands near your hair and make a simple bun around the bun. Finish the look by making your long strands into rope braids. Finish the look with a stunning gown and the hair with appropriate accessories.

-Simple Enough

I love the simplicity of this look. You can do it quickly. It makes for a great hairstyle for a day picnic or romantic dates. All you have to do is let your hair down. For the hairstyle, you need to pull sections of your hair above your ear all the way back. After that, section your hair into two sides and then twist them. You can make it as thick as you want. For the rest of your hair, on either side, you can make thin rope braids. You can finish the look with a flower on your hair. Wear this look for spring. A floral dress will compliment this hairstyle.

-Sides And Shine

Her hair color is gorgeous. It is rose gold. Every girl wants to give their hair a taste of rose-gold. Trust me; you will find a shade of the rose gold for your undertone. Well, the one showed in this picture shows a version that is made for the lightest shade of the blonde hair color. Anyway, for the hairstyle, you can go for this beautiful side French rope braids. It is easy to do, and you can find a lot of tutorials on Youtube on how to do them. This hairstyle if done with practice will only take you minutes.

-Large Ones

Look at the sectioning of her hair because of the colors. It creates a unique look. The braids are thick. You can quickly do this. Section your hair in many numbers. After that, you need to part your hair in each section. All you have to do now is twist your hair. You can secure your hair with elastic bands. For this look, I suggest you should go to the hair salon. Color your hair with a bright red color. This is an excellent example of black hairstyles. You can go for this hair color as well or try another color. Pull your hair into a large bun.

-With A Bow

Finally, we come to this hairstyle. I am saving this hairstyle. It is simple and looks effortless. It keeps the natural texture of your hair intact. Your hairstyle will work for straight hair or curls. To do this hairstyle, do the rope braids on the sections of your hair near your ears. Do it on both sides. You can do two strands. After that, pull both the strands to the back and finish the look with a bow. You can use a clutch as well. Although, I  think a bow works best for this hairstyle.

Rope braids work for all hair types and textures. They look beautiful when letting down or made into elegant updos. Check out some more ideas on how you can wear them on your natural hairstyles.

Try the endless variations of the rope braids. Use your creativity and let everyone stare, for the right reasons.


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