104 Rihanna Hairstyles That Remains Stylish Till Today!


When you look at Rihanna, you cannot help but be stunned by this diva and her ways! Her style is phenomenal and her hair is always on point. Rihanna hairstyles are the best when it comes to making a statement. She has pulled off styles of every kind and proved that nothing could look bad when you carry it with confidence. You can check out most of the approachable looks she had on with this collection here. We also urge you to try them out if you want something good for yourself. These are sure to entice you in every way!

She seems to have lived on with most of these colors and cuts on her and we cannot overlook her style ever! She seems to be the best example when it comes to making a statement with her looks. You can see she makes the most of her hairstyles with her face shape. When you go through all the images we compiled for you, you will see that these are good for girls who want to keep it safe and also for those who want to make an impression. That is why this is the article to check out when it comes to getting a new cut.

Here is our collection of the best 104 Rihanna hairstyles for you to check out this season

For a day out

Need to head out and want a style that is approved by no other than the beautiful Rihanna? Here we are showing you how you can get perfection on everyday hairstyles as well. She manages to make a ponytail and a braid look extraordinary too. That is how she weaves magic in each of her styles it seems.

If you are feeling lazy, check out these Rihanna hairstyles and take cues from them. A bit of color and cut can save you a lot of time. These are the real saviors when it comes to looking good each day. Check them out in this section of our article. These are perfect for women of every age!

The pulled back bun look

When it is very hot outside, all you want is to get the hair out of your face! And you can do it if you have the right style in hand! Here we are showing you how Rihanna has styled her locks in these images. You can see her pulled back bun with the laid back attitude.

You can also keep the baby hair tamed to keep them out of your way. She makes a bun on top at times and at times she has gotten a low bun as well. There are braided sections on the top that you can enjoy too. If you are willing to try out some of these, you can take a good look at them here.


rihanna hairstyles The bob style

Rihanna hairstyles bob was a famous look and you know it for sure. She managed to get the attention to this hairstyle that no other look ever could! You can see that there are some very sharp ends on these hairstyles. Her long layered angled bob is lovely and we are admiring the cut and the style she pulled off!

This was back in the day but it still makes us feel nostalgic! Her straight bob was not only loved by most, but they were also tried on by a lot of her fans! As she grew out her bob, she transitioned to a long bob and got it colored to make it look stunning! Her ends have some gorgeous waves on the bottom too.

Rihanna hairstyles back in the day

When we look back at Rihanna’s short hairstyles 2015, we look at these red colors a lot. You can see that there are some fun dark hues on most of them and they are loved by most. When women love to experiment, they try out these shades of red. The undertones are lovely when you try it out well.

Here we are looking at some of the styles she sported and we find them amusing. She has the soft curls on the top and they were a look she had on for her ‘California King Bed’ video. The next image has her embracing the long tight curls. And you can see how there are dark magenta undertones on them as well. What we love the most is the shine on most of these styles!

Headscarves as her accessory

You can use anything like a hair accessory and there are some fun ideas out there. The one we are showing off in here is the headscarf! Rihanna has her hair up in a tight look with this scarf and we adore it. You can get the curls on your hair and then tie it up to get this fabulous look.

The colors are what excites us most of the time. But this time you can see the hero of the look is accessory! Here we are sure to make you feel good with these styles. The texture and colors add to this look. They are great for a summer look and we adore them too. Have fun trying on most of these styles with new and fun fabrics.

Some Extraordinary Rihanna Hairstyles

When we look at these Rihanna short hairstyles front and back, we are finding them to be more amusing and alluring than ever. Her short hairstyles are making us feel good just by looking at them. You are sure to love them too. If you are a great fan of the singer, then you can try them out as well!

There are some dark hues on most of these styles. You can also keep the short sectioning on most of these styles and then tie them up to get her to look. Blonde is also a color that everyone loves! So if you want to make the most of these colors and cuts, you need to take inspiration from most of these images.

The sleek long hair

Are you looking for Rihanna long hairstyles? Then there are styles that you can check out. We have the sleek, straightened hair on some of these images and there are some curls on most of these as well. You are sure to love the length on them. She managed to get them to go as long as you would like.

Here she has kept it dark on the ones we are showing off on the bottom. And the ones on the top have the ombre style of coloring. The combination is lovely and it works for most women too. You can see some hints of a good partition on here too. The colors are lovely and the texture is more natural than harsh here.

Hair upfront in Rihanna hairstyles

You can check out some Rihanna short hairstyles 2017 in this section. You are sure to love these looks as well. Here she has hair on the front and they are making her look stunning. You can add on waves as she has and also get them straightened if you are one who loves the sleek look. Check them out here if you want to get that edgy style.

This can be your hairstyle when you need to make an impression. Keep them chiseled and short on the side. If not you can keep the edges sharp and keep them placed on the front. Make sure you are comfortable with the cut you get and get ready to look ecstatic. The colors here are adorable too!

The romantic style to follow

Are you going on a date? Then you can try out this fabulous style here. They have a romantic touch to them and they are great for a day look. But it transitions well from the day to a night event. You are sure to get everyone’s admiring eyes on you when you head out with this style.

We want you to try them out as well if you want to get that same look as Rihanna has on these images. You can look your best when you make an attempt and these are the proof. And gorgeous does not mean you need to only stick to the waves and curls! You can also keep it smooth and sleek. There are some looks that are sure to make you feel this way.

Bangs in Rihanna Hairstyles

These Rihanna short hairstyles 2018 surely created a lot of buzzes and we are still in awe of the perfection you see. These are the styles that never seem to fail for anyone. Yes, we are talking about the bangs! These are the best things you can add on to the hair if you are looking to get them to frame your face.

Here we are showing you how Riri has managed to make the side-swept and full frontal bangs look perfect with her sense of style. You do not need a stylist at hand with these hairstyles. All you need is to have that perfect cut. So we suggest you go to a good hairstylist when you want them chopped off in the front.



The ponytails

These are the Rihanna hairstyles 2018 saw and we cannot get over it till today! You are sure to love the style in most of these images here. The reason we think these are most loved is as they are easy for anyone to try out. We learn how to get them done at an early age for most of us.

We mostly think of them as an easy look that goes when we need to head out in a hurry! But take cues from Rihanna to learn how to make it a fabulous one. There are some colors like ash blonde and reds that can take it up a notch. If you place it higher on the top, you can get a youthful look for sure.

Red hair color in Rihanna hairstyles

And now comes the Rihanna hairstyles that we are sure you are familiar with here. These are red hues on most of these haircuts and styles that everyone seems to love. You can say that Rihanna had made her style a striking one with these varieties of red hues. These haircuts are what show us her change as well.

There is a color of passion at work on all of these hairstyles. There are some beautiful buns here and some are high ponytails too. The one that most defines the singer has to be the side shave with the red hues! Her love for the color is evident and the way they deepen is something that makes the most impact. You can look sexy and fierce when you wear them.

With the dark hair

Yes, the colors are so much fun. But there are some dark hues that are lovely too. Here we are showing you the dark black hue that anyone can try out. You can see she has kept it short and sweet and at times she has her wavy updo on too! There are long hairstyles on this section as well.

Here we are looking to show you a wide variety of black hair looks she has tried on over the years. There are waves in most of these styles and they are adding the needed texture here. When you take your time to check out these styles, you will learn to admire them. So if you need to change your locks, these are the ones!

 Blonde hues in Rihanna Hairstyles

Blonde is one hair color that never seems to bore anyone. These are the hues that anyone can wear and they are no doubt something we all can try out. They can be made to look good on anyone. You can do this by adjusting the colors and adding the depth and intensity on them. All you need is to ask your stylist!

Her love for these blonde hues is loved by everyone. There are some with long to medium hair length and some with short styles as well. You can also add on some dark hues on the top to add that needed depth on your hair. Rihanna also tried it with her side shave. We like the way she chose to style them on both occasions!

Keeping them short

When you love the ideas of short Rihanna hairstyles, then this is the one to look out for here. These are the hairstyles that are sure to gain a lot of attention when you head out. You need to make sure you keep your hair well done at a salon when you choose these styles.The next thing to know here is that since they are short hairstyles, you will need to make them look sharp.

You also need to learn how to style them and make them look well for each day! You are sure to need regular hair appointments for trims with this look on you. And if you are here only for navigating, then check out her faux Mohawk style here. Her bold blue lip is also well-loved.

Perfect Rihanna hairstyles for the red carpet

Were you looking out for Rihanna haircut 2019? Then you will find the results right here. We compiled the best of the singer’s styles in this portion and we are sure you will enjoy it. When she hits the red carpet, she manages to slay the look she wears. Her whole attire is beautiful and there are some fun elements to them as well.

She has kept it short at times and there are instances when she has kept it sleek and pulled back. You are sure to love these images and they are also perfect for you to try out. The soft makeup with the ponytail is something to look out for in this section. Her sharp angled bob was also something everyone loved!

Medium length Rihanna hairstyles

Are you someone who hates the ideas of long hair but are stuck between the ideas of short hair as well? Then these are the best looks for you to try out. Her hair stays between the extremes and is perfect for anyone who wants a different style that makes them comfortable. There are some women who adore these hairstyles and we want you to try them out too.

They have a youthful appeal to them and there are some ways you can style them as well. Rihanna has her hair up in waves and there are some days when she put it in straight locks as well. We cannot get over these flattering looks.

The Black Rihanna Hairstyles

Black hairstyles are one of the most loved styles right now. They are trending over the internet and they are surely loved by these singers. You can see most of these fabulous ladies with them on in social media sites. And our very own Rihanna has tried her hands on them as well. This section will show you some of them.

The afro is a loved look for most women and you can see that her red hues make it even better. There is no denying that the braids she has on making her look stunning. Her look is beautiful no matter what. You can head out to a salon and get these exciting Rihanna hairstyles on when you feel the need to try out something new.

Curls in Rihanna hairstyle

What can you want more than the beautiful Rihanna showing off her curls? These are the best looks the singer has carried off in the past where she pulls off these stunning waves on her tresses. Whether it is a romantic look or a hairstyle that needs the most attention to look photogenic, she seems to have done it all! These are the hairstyles that anyone can try out.

Here we are showing you some of the Rihanna hairstyles that anyone can attempt. The colors she has on also makes us feel great! We cannot help but wonder how she carried off all these fabulous shades. These range from the classic red to the majestic coppers and everyone’s favorite blonde hues. Try them out if you want to follow the star.

Side shaved hairstyles

When it comes to talking about Rihanna hairstyles, we cannot conclude it without talking about these fun side trims! They were a bold move on the singer’s part and it makes us want to try them out too! She can carry off any look with all the confidence in this world it seems. We can surely admire if not try out all of these styles she has here.

They are perfect from each angle and the cuts are what we love the most. When you get a haircut like this, it is important to get the hair to shine through that cut. We want to make sure that there you notice the way her shaved section is still a bit longer than what most other women choose to get.

Final thoughts

With side shaves and bold colors to something classy and chic, this is the collection that manages to make everyone happy! You can see that here her hair is cut short and also at times left to grow long and lustrous! These are giving us hair envy as she manages to look good in everything. But you know what they say, it is most important to be comfortable in the hairstyle you are going to get! Only this way you can get the looks to die for and amuse everyone with your bold attitude.

We tried to show you a side of the singer and how she has transformed throughout the years. If you follow her on social media, you are sure to have seen the styles she has carried off here. These can be the reminder that set you to think about how bold and daring she is. We cannot for sure carry off the looks that she does when it comes to shaving our heads and coloring them. But we can surely admire the guts of the singer. Her confidence is one thing that sets her aside from all. And so we can all learn to look fierce yet cute from this majestic person!


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