110 Fiery Red Hair Ideas That Are Best for a Bold Look!


There is a peculiar connection between women and the color red. Red is one such color that is a common choice when it comes to women apparel and accessories. Likewise, it has a strong following in the world of hairstyling as well. However, one of the exciting hair color facts is that just about two percent of people in the world have natural red hair. The others should not despair as you always can get the color of your choice with the style you want. The abundance of option might still keep you in a dilemma regarding what style to pick and what might suit you. Well, drop your worries because you have just landed on the right page where we will try to help you make the right choice of hair color shades.

Either you have red hair naturally, or you have dyed hair, choosing to keep your hair correct and maintain it right is essential for the best of your hair. When your hair looks fresh and healthy, you will also shine and gloom confidently. That’s precisely what we want for all of you beautiful ladies out there. Red hair ranges from burgundy or bright copper to orange or strawberry blonde, also there are many shades of red in between this that make attractive hair color. Here, we will be looking over some popular variations of the same hairstyle along with the different ways to get it done.

The one to try with braids

Braids always look beautiful on any hair color. Moreover, with bright red hair, it is a joy to watch, and you can’t stop yourself from admiring it. Having braids on your hair requires some amount of effort, and every ounce of it counts and is worth it. There are many ways of braiding your hair. You can choose to do it behind or front or even on the sides. Not only that, braid itself has different types; they depict a form of art, and having them over your beautiful hair enhances your looks. The braid can vary depending on your hair length or considering your hair density as well.

red hair

History and origin of the red hair

Red hairs are mentioned from ancient times by different Greek writers. The ancient people also had such hairs, so the people with these hair colors are believed to be the descendants of them. Another among the interesting red hair facts is that it is closely associated with fair skin color due to the lower concentration of a chemical substance called melanin. It also makes tanning next to impossible for people with natural hued hair. Writing about red hair facts, the occurrence of blue eyes along with such hair is a rare combination but a gorgeous one. Even if you aren’t born with it,  you can always choose to get your way when it comes to styling your hair, and we want to make sure you do the right style for you so follow along.


Long hair ideas to swoon for

Long hair in itself is a great asset that most women swoon for as it is a factor for your health and beauty. When your hair is long, there are many styles that you can try without any doubt of it being suitable or not as the length of your hair makes it sure to some extent. To all of you with long hair, you can be experimental and try out different shades of red such as bright copper, auburn, burnt orange and let your hair express your style confidently. Also, you can choose the option of getting your hair trim to style it in different ways that can help you garnish your look.

Pairing your hair with dark colors

Red hair has variations from lighter shades to darker shades, but apart from that, you can think of matching the hues of the same with other dark colors to get a unique and charming hairstyle for yourself. If you are a person with naturally black hair and are thinking of dyeing your hair red, perhaps this could provide you with an alternative on going full red. Anyone would love to have a style that is not so common but looks stylish and beautiful. There are different ways of pairing the colors: partitioning your hair with red and black, changing the color as you go from roots to the edges or some other way. Try these pairs, and they might win your heart and a lot of other’s hearts too!

red hair

Try the curly hair option

Curly hair is a boon to have in some instances like this where you would like to color your hair or get it highlighted. We say this because curly hair makes the color vibrant and more appealing than others. You will love the look of the beautiful color hues on those curls. The red color is in itself a color that demands attention, and who wouldn’t pay attention to the beautiful red curls. We suggest you in choosing darker shade depending on how curly your hair is; if it is highly curly, the darker shades of red such as copper-red or deep burgundy will suit you better. Likewise, the lighter shades such as strawberry blonde or orange-red would look better with lesser curly hair. But in any case, the secret to styling is you should never be afraid to cross the boundary and explore your options.

Medium natural length hair

Many of us aren’t a huge fan of short hair in women, but we don’t like too long hair as well due to the struggle in maintaining grooming it. This is one of the most common reasons why many women have medium length hair. Don’t feel bad, and you shouldn’t at all cause we believe its a smart choice. Yes, even from the styling aspect as well, when your hair grows longer, and you feel like getting it trimmed, there’s always that style you can try. Also,  you can have a way around with any style that you feel like getting along with different colors to go with. Every shade of red can work wonders with medium length hair, and the fact of your hair is curly or straight won’t make much of a difference here unless it is excessively curly or straight.

African hairstyles to try

By all means, you might someday get the urge of getting a total makeover for your hairstyle, we have managed to cover that for you as well. Also, for those of you who already have this nature of hair, you can find the elegant touch. You can see a lot of celeb style of hair in these different shades of red. The bright tribal hair in braids portraits one such example of how beautiful the combination of red color with any usual and uncommon style. The choice of the shade depends on you and your hairdo: either you go with darker hues or light, the way you carry it brings the shine in your hair and lets the color do its job in making your hair look truly amazing.


Coppery tones in the hair

Red hair has the power to lure interests and attention especially the shades such as copper-red that makes your hair look majestic and with the correct blend of the color along with fair skin tone, you look mysteriously pretty, and we mean it in a right way. The shade of copper-red is for expressing your outgoing and playful personality. The smile on your face makes your hair shine even more with this shade or red hair. This is a great option to try from the hair color shades that might make it on your all-time favorite list.

Dark tones of the colored hair

Moving on with the darker shade, this shade of red expressed more of your reserved and calm nature. It helps those people express themselves. The dark red shade looks classy with the right choice of your apparel; you will attract the attention of many people. Another thing that might help you pull this style with great ease is the choice of your lipstick color. You can match the darker shades of your hair color with your lips and carry your style with confidence, and you’ll win a lot of hearts.

Touch of burgundy colors

Burgundy has been a natural shade of red that many people choose while getting hair. This is due to the reason that burgundy works well along with various hairdos. No matter the nature of your hair or the length, burgundy is equally suitable to all shapes and sizes. You can also either choose to color your hair fully or get some burgundy highlights or try a different variation by having some darker shade of red blended partially with your burgundy hair color. Share the results with us, and we are excited for you.

Hairstyles for short hair with fierce red tones

Welcome to your section, dear ladies with short hair, we have this separated just for you all. Also, if you are thinking of getting your hair more concise, it might interest you to know what your hairstyling options can be. Short hair is somewhat natural and easy to maintain than long hair and also is more affordable to style. This does not take away anything related to its beauty as short hair looks magnificent with the right color and hairdo.

Experimenting with colors

We have already talked about different shades of red and their application to different types of hair that results in many hairstyles. We also have suggested you all in being experimental with your hair and trying out the different shades the red color palette has to offer. What about trying them all at once, well not all but you can try out multiple at a single time. You can go along with the darker shades to lighter tones. Choose from over your roots to the edges or even choose to highlight one over the other. It’s fun to experiment with such lovely color tones.


The natural shade of red hair

The natural shade of red hair as we have said has the least possibility of occurrence, so why not simulate it over your hair. Yes, with the right choice of color variant your stylist can make you look like you were born with natural hair. Try it over, and you might fall in love with your hairstyle and choose to maintain it for an extended period. Well, that is the beauty of such hair colors.

Majestic red hair ideas to love

If you are seeking for purposes to go beyond standard style than we welcome you to try these styles which are truly grand. Anyone can say by the looks of it how majestic the hair looks with the style that’s not at all common. Another way to make your hairstyle different the easy way would be to style it accordingly either by using some unique accessory or putting your hair that way.

Salon styled red hair

Many styles are not that hard to achieve, and you can try them out by yourself or by the help of some acquaintances at your home only. However, some styles require the touch of excellence or moreover experience would be the right word. Also, some people are seeking to get their hair correctly done either for some event or just being them, and we have some styles that you can get for yourself next time you visit the salon.


Options with bangs we love

When you have a hair color that can look as good, you may not think much about the cut. But we are undoubtedly concerned about them. You need to get your hair trimmed off when you get them colored as well. That way you can make sure that the hues come off well and the finesse is perfect. There are no other elements to the hairstyles that work better than the bangs though! They are the ideal addition to each hairdo, and they frame the face so well too.

We suggest these to every face shape out there. They offer up little natural contouring, and that is why we find them to be most adorable! No matter what your structure is, you can get the full-frontal bangs or add on that perfect side swept hair! The choice when it comes to the style if yours. For you also need to consider how comfortable you are with these ideas. They may not work out for everyone. So make sure you see to the feasibility!


There is a lot to choose from!

Still not found the style that looks suitable for you, not to worry we still have plenty to come. Some methods might make you awestruck be patient and go through what we have here to offer. Another thing that you should know is that this red hair looks more pretty when you get it done. The lively hair looks way better than the pictures as they tend to reflect the true beauty of those color tones that you’ve chosen to go with for that time.



Some fun hair ideas we love

Like we mentioned earlier, hair coloring and styling is not just for people who are deadly serious about their looks, but it’s also equally relevant to the fun and joy it brings. The beauty of hair color exceptionally as bright as the red color lies in its fun factor. It brings joy and happiness to not only who colors but also to the spectators who might turn into admirers with that beautiful shade of red.

Perfection in the hairstyles

There is never an end to what women can do for trying to attain the perfect style for themselves. They seek different ways to uplift their technique even though they have just tried out a new technology that has been a trend recently. For us, we want to look the best, and why should we not? Everyone has to be a better version of themselves. Right here also we have some hairstyles that tend to seek the perfection in the display of the hair along with the use of color tones.


  Everyday styles for teenagers

Teenagers are attracted to bold colors in 2019. There are fiery shades here, and thus, it is natural for them to love it. You can see that this is a rebellious color and it can be molded to look dark and pale as you like. We know that most parents will think this is an idea that is too bold. But you need to let your kids feel good about themselves. So let them make a choice. Here itself, we have some stunning bright ideas with subtle haircuts. With more celebs sporting them, we are sure more youngsters will love the idea.

When the coloring is done, one does not need to style the hair more. You can leave them free and enjoy the style. If you want, take some section of hair and pin them on top. You can also add some subtle waves, and you are ready! These are great for fun music festivals as well. So if you want to add that eye-catching idea on yourself, then you can go ahead with these red hues! They work well for all skin tones and hair lengths too!


The colors to try for the photos

There is the trend of getting everything you get on new to be posted on the internet. You can take pictures of your new hairstyle and then add them to Instagram as well! These are the best way of sharing with your close ones what you are doing and how you are living your life. If you want to get that perfect hair for the photo, then we suggest you take an appointment. You are sure to love these shades when they are done professionally. The finish is lovely too!

You can also ask them to get your hair treated. When it is finished, you will have a smooth look to flaunt. So these are perfect for anyone looking to impress. You do not need to add any filter on your pictures when you are ready. Take your camera out and click on a few selfies, and you are done. If you are looking to get the professional photo like the ones in magazines, you can try these out! Get the same look on you and pose like a model.


   Celebrity inspirations to try

We all have some people we look up to in many things. And who else to look upon when it comes to styling other than the celebrities? They in a world of glamour and fame and thus you can take ideas from them. All of them have their particular sense of style, be it there dressing sense or how they carry themselves. Likewise, many celebrities have had their say in hairstyling as well; some choose to go with a peculiar style for a more extended period, whereas others like experimenting with options and variations. The bright color is one of the hairstyles many celebs have adored at some point in their career. We have some collections where you can see the celebs flaunting their beautiful hair in different shades of red. Our favorite is Rihana, who has made the red-colored hair one of her style in many instances.


With this, we are concluding our article. We hope that you have an idea about these hair colors now! These are the perfect shades that look good on most skin tones. All you need is to take the time to figure out the hues and intensity! Make sure you consult with your hairstylist to get them done. Only then can it look flattering for you in each case! Here we tried to show bold options for all hair textures and types. So we are confident you will love the compilation! Stay with us if you liked this one! We will soon be back with more of such exciting concepts.


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