26 Red Hair Shades You can Try This Summer


If you are going for a change in your hair color, and preferably are thinking anything but red, we are here to prove your decision wrong. The most versatile color of all and which goes with anything and everything, Red is the color for you. Why? Because red is never out of style, it is never going to get old. From Rihanna to Katy Perry, everyone in the industry has rocked it and if you are thinking of anything but red, go through our examples of women rocking their dark red hair and think about it again. When you change your mind, thank us later!

From elegance to edgy, Red goes with anything. Shades of fiery to cherry, if you start to think about it, there isĀ even a variety of red to choose from. From red carpet looks to daily regular looks, you can stylize your hair any way you want, and the color red will add the missing pop and style for you.

Experiment and find the right hair shade. To help you out we have made a collection of red hued hair you can choose from. Simply make up your mind that anything you do, Red is it and you will find that Red is Forever.

1. Elegance is Beauty

As we have mentioned before, you can see how the red in her hair enhanced the beauty and elegance of the hairstyle. Not over the top yet pretty to look at, go for this dark shade if you want to go for the elegance.

Red Carpet ready or any events, you will make a lasting impression even though you haven’t gone over the top. Classy and elegance will follow you making you seem more beautiful. When in doubt just go for this shade.

2. Curly Burgundy

For those of you who wish to color your hair, but aren’t sure to go brightest shades, this Burgundy shade is for you. A hint of purple and red mixed creates this luscious color that is meant to enhance your glow in the most subtle way possible. This color is edgy and stylish yet also very elegant and classy.
It looked gorgeous on any hair and added just a subtle hint of dye; you will not regret getting this for yourself. Longer hair stylized in any style, you will fall in love with how the color pops out the diva in you in a subtle kind of way.

3. Fiery Highlights

If coloring all of your hair is not for you, why not just add the highlights? Ask your hairdresser to highlight your hair with this lovely shade of neon red onto your hair, and you can achieve this look. Perfect for those of you who like to be the trendsetter, the fashionistas and who likes to follow what’s in, this is the hair color for you. The color not only showcases your fun and wild side but it will also reflect on your edgy personality. Go Bold, Go Red!

4. Reddish Hues

Here is another look for you with highlights. If neon is not your color try a darker shade. For a more subtle shade, why not dye your ends with the garnet red give your hair that extra glow but not too boldly. The highlighted hues fit the definition of perfection, and you know you cannot simply deny.

For more definition to define the volume of your hair, try some heavy loose curls. The extra volume in your hair causes the color to spark some more. Bring out the diva in you in the most divine way possible.

5. Red End
If you fell in love with the highlights, we know that you will also love this hairdo as well. Instead of highlighting why not experiment and dye the ends of your hair into this shade of red. Not too much bold yet it gives you the edginess you have been looking for. And you can see that the red goes with anything. If curling your hair is not your style, you can see that even a simple straightening will do the trick. Authentic and stylish, the red hues will make your hair look stunningly gorgeous. Make up your mind and go for Red, because believe us, whatever you are looking for, you will get it with red.

6. Cherry Red

While experimenting with dyes especially red, you might want to get that perfect shade that fits your personality and style. If you are in confusion still, look at the color cherry red. Perfect for anyone, any age, this shade accentuates your complexion and gives you the added glow without any effort. Isn’t it simply mesmerizing?

7. Wine Red

If you are looking for a more darker shade, wine red the darker shade of red will suit you perfectly. The color adds to your elegance and class without making you look overly outdone. Trendy yet not too flashy, we have fallen in love with this color.

The perfect amount of darkness blended with red is the perfect fix. If you don’t agree then take a glimpse of the picture above and you will see how wrong you are.

8. Mismatched Red

When in confusion just go uneven. An example of how imperfect is sometimes perfect can be seen with this shade of red. Uneven with flashes of darker and lighter shades of red create this stunning color play. And of course, without beingĀ hesitant, we can say that any hairdo will match this color shade.

9. Crimson Red

For a more natural shade go for this humble color of crimson red. It creates the illusion of you being a natural red head. Simple, sweet and subtle color tone makes it the perfect shade for those of you who love it all natural.

Soft and vibrant the red mixed with brown shade make up this beautiful shade of crimson red. Fiery yet in a very very soft tone, it compliments your take on the color and complexion to give you this very elegant looking hue.

10. Dark Cherry Red

Another shade of red you can play along to is this beautiful shade of dark cherry red! Bring out the toughness in this faint red shade. Perfect and subtle enough to bring it anywhere, this color although not too noticeable, is perfect for those who have to show up to work every day.

11. Raspberry Red

As we have mentioned, again and again, Red is the versatile color that matches any hair, any length. If you have the rough-textured hair, the color pops and brings out the missing softness and lightness in your hair. This beautiful shade of raspberry red is the missing element of your confidence!

12. Sangria Red

The trend being the ombre hair nowadays, why miss out? Try the ombre effect with not only natural shades but with the red shade. It looks stunningly gorgeous when blended out evenly and perfectly. Makes up for all the other shades and believe us, once you try this, you will be hesitant to try out other shades!

13. Hibiscus Red

Want to add that extra glow to your hair? Try adding just a tiny bit of hues to your locks and there you have it. This simple yet effective shade which makes a huge difference. For the reddish shine and glow that your hair will shine on, ask your hairdresser for the hibiscus red shade.

14. Merlot Red

Another look at how beautiful the red looks as a highlight. This shade creates the illusion of a more volumized and more defines hair texture if you don’t have one. Simply go for red as you can see the effect it brings out.

15. Fiery Red

The name says it all, fiery red! Strong and vibrant, this color looks mesmerizing. If you want to steal the show and make heads turn, go for the boldest and show-stopping color of all- Fire Red.

16. Ruby Red

Looking for the color that is subtle enough for you? This ruby red shade is the perfect shade that is bold and yet at the same time subtle enough for you. Mixed with your natural hair color, it creates a perfect tone that matches you.

17. Orange Red

Red also goes along with any other colors perfectly given the proper technique and color choice. Here you can see the red blending in with orange and blonde to give you this perfect color combination in an ombre effect.

18. Cherry Ombre Red

You can experiment with colors and effect in whatever way you please. Another look at the cherry red, you can see how it is presented in an ombre effect making the hair a pleasing sight for the eyes. Simply gorgeous!

19. Candy Red

To match your edgy style and persona, the candy red is to the rescue. Bold with colors and vibrant with style, this is the perfect trendsetting color that you know you are already in love with.

20. Ends on Red

Another approach with the candy red, you can see how it looks fierce and bold even when used as a highlighting color. Perfect for those who like it bright and bold, this is the perfect shade for you.

21. Burgundy Highlights

When going for highlights, why not take a glimpse of this brilliant highlight work with a burgundy? Curls at the end add the extra glam required for any day or night out. Suitable for every age and hairstyle this is the versatile shade that goes with anything.

22. Merlot Red

For every other person, there is the difference in opinions. Even with shades of red. Here you can see this pretty looking shade of merlot red that you cannot deny you, love. For those of you who want the savvy and class at the same time, this is for you.

23. Rainbow of Reds

If you simply cannot choose between all of the red dyes, why not go all out. Mix it all up and you will come across this beautiful rainbow of reds. Edgy, classy, trendy and fancy, get all of it in just one go.

24. Hint of color

If you have the lighter shade to your hair, just a hint of color will do the trick. The reason is that any color will pop out more vibrantly. Here you can see how just a hint of the color still looks pretty stunning and bold.

24. Ombre Red

Playing with color, you can experiment as much as you like. If you have the time and effort try out this mesmerizing ombre shades that are colorful and fun. It looks stunning and all the effort will be worth it. From the darkest shade from the top till the lightest shade on the bottom, we cannot take our eyes off this beautiful color play of reds. Burgundy, Candy, Wine red, it all plays the perfectly combined role.

25. Shiny Red Auburn

If you are all about that red, try to use the color that enhances the glossiness of your hair. Added the glossiness, the color pops out more giving the impression of a healthy, shiny, natural glowy looking hair. The auburn shade looks classy and perfect for those who love natural healthy hair look and feel.

26. Punk it Up

Fan of bright colors and edgy style? Make it up for your personality with this stunning color palette to your hair. Play with colors and simply look your best.


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