104 Pastel and Hidden Rainbow Hair color Ideas


It was the good old days when the punk only wore rainbow hair. Now, these bold and colorful ideas are worn by today’s generations rockstars, i.e., Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and many more. This hair trend lets you explore the version of yourself that you never thought you had.

Rainbow hair colors are not an office look. So, if you have been working or want to work in big companies for serious roles, you should stick to more subtle hair colors.

Let us roll down the color palettes, shall we? We have great ideas for pastel and hidden rainbow hair colors.

– Pastel Rainbow Hair


Pastel colors are so in this season! Why will you not love it? They give you a unique sense of you and make you look flawless. So, give your hair a rainbow taste. You can style it in any way you want. Why not use some strands of your hair as braids? The number of twists can be as many as the colors of your hair.

-Hidden Treasure


This is a treasure that I will want everyone to look. You know how we need to get deep into a forest to see its best version. The hidden rainbow hair is similar to that. Your hair may look normal from the outside, but you have something valuable. Only the true ones can find it.

-Pony High

She looks like a doll. Match your toys to your hair. Every girl wants their hair to be as colorful as a unicorn once in their lifetime. So, fulfill your wishes now. If you have the opportunity now, why don’t you? Pull it into a high ponytail and take a snap for your Instagram.

-Milkyway Hair

If you are an Astro-enthusiast and want to show that off, pick up these colors. You do not always need to go for pastel colors when it comes to rainbow hair. It is all about the way you carry it off. Look at those sparkles that give you a starry effect. The rest of the hair has purple as the dominant color.

-Bright Yellow

Sometimes you will want the best of both worlds. And by worlds, I mean both types of color. You will want to have bright colors and cool colors. We have the perfect example for you that shows an excellent combination. The hair has predominantly cool colors but has bright shades of yellow to make it look epic.

-From The Sea

Some of you may not like to go as far up to the Milkyway for the inspiration of colors. For those of you, you can dive down the depths of oceans. Depict the colors of the sea in your hair. You can go for different shades of blue, green and purple to get the rainbow hair. Add some flowers to finish off the look.

-Curls and Colors

Pastel colors are usually soft and vibrant. So, they perfectly go for loose curls that fall effortlessly. You can pick from the colors of the rainbow and give yourself an epic makeover. The colors look like they are just falling off from her hair. It truly is a treat to the eyes. Pastel rainbow hair is the style you will want.

-Rainbow Hair Short

Rainbow hair look even more fantastic on short hair. I am not lying. Look how sexy and bold it is. Make use of variety of colors to show your edgier side. She also has splits on the side to give it a cooler look. The base colors have more of the cool undertone and the top part has mixture of rainbow colors.

-Hidden Rainbow

This is an amazing example of hidden rainbow hair for blonde hair. Again, if you have short hair, you can go for this look. There is not much mixing of the colors. Strands are differentiated and a color is painted. You can pick any five colors or go for more colors. The colors here are exactly the same as the rainbow.

-Dark Colors

Her hair looks like the oily type. But, let us talk about the rainbow hair. This example shows dark colors coming into play for making rainbow hair. There are additions of green and yellow to brighten up the look. If you look carefully, there are also shades of orange. The main colors are teal and purple.

-Neon Rainbow Hair

Neon colors are also making their way into the market these days. They mainly are popular in the sportswear department. Be a sports girls, and get yourself some neon colors for your hair. The colors have a fantastic combination. The colors are mostly warm, but you can always add some splashes of blue in the middle.

– Not So Dull

Ever looked in the mirror and thought,’ I need a change.’ I don’t mean change anything about your face. You are beautiful the way you are, but you can always modify your hair. It can change with the season. Sometimes, brown and blonde are not enough color options. Don’t opt for the monotonous streaks. Add some variety in life. Spice it up.

-Disney Effect

Who does not want to feel like a Disney Princess? Everyone has their favorite. So, give yourself a chance to become one. Try a combination of vibrant colors like shown here to give your Disney Princess a personal touch. Combine the colors with the power of soft curls and rock on dear. The colors are a natural way to express ourselves.

-For The Frizz

If you have naturally curly hair or like the bouncy curls, you can add some vibrant neon colors to it. She picks the colors of the rainbow precisely. Each section of hair is differentiated. It is now time to add some colors to it. If you are going for neon, I think the brighter, the better. You can opt for the shown colors or shuffle them.

-Short Rainbow Hair

Pastel rainbow hair looks impressive on any working women. We have warned you about this hair colors not being suitable for the office. But, if you are still feeling it, you can go for a subtle version of it. The hairstyle is short and neat. The colors used are pastel which gives a subtle effect. She only uses four colors to achieve this style.

-Stacked Colors

You can go for this horizontal version of rainbow hair as well. There is only play of four colors here. They are stacked in such a way that it complements each other effortlessly. You always don’t need to follow the conventional style of coloring your hair. It is all about having a lot of fun. Have some free spirit. Curls always look great.

-Pretty Pink

I would not call this fully rainbow hair but maybe a pink version of it. You can see the shades of pink color on her ponytail. The colors are not many, but it looks nice. If you want a soft version of this hairstyle, you can go for this. You necessarily don’t need to stick with one color. It is more about how you wear it. Pull it into a ponytail. You can keep your makeup light and let the focus be on your hair. Make sure you keep your hair healthy.

-From The Galaxy+

She has a fantastic pastel rainbow hair. The curls are perfectly shaped. She picks the primary color for her front as purple. The color is pastel and matches her skin undertone. Each strand of her hair is separated, and pastel colors are painted on it. For her body art, she puts a lot of starts. She looks like a galaxy herself. The makeup is minimum which is perfect.


Her makeup is ten on ten. I love the rainbow hair color on her. To be honest, I don’t if anyone else can pull off this look as quickly as her. She looks ultra glamorous and vivacious. She picks pastel colors to get herself a pastel rainbow hair. You can also opt for loose curls that perfectly suit the softness of the pastel colors. The colors are all mixed giving a perfect rainbow effect.

-Streak Of Blue

This hidden rainbow hair is not something that is unique. You can see it. There are only four colors, and the streaks are thick. She picks the shades of orange and adds some green and blue. What I love about this hairstyle is the blue streak on top. You can always see that every which way. But, if anyone wants to explore the look, they can pull up your hair and look at the colors.

-For The Sea

Beaches are all our favorites. She has a bob cut, and the colors look amazing in that haircut. This is another version of rainbow hair that can work in the office. The colors are not dramatic. They are simple and beautiful. It is inspired by the sea. If you are planning to get a new look but still go to work, you can go for fewer colors and its soft version.

-At The Side

This is the version that can work for an office look. The colors are very close to the natural hair color. They are again inspired from the sea. You can see that the colors are blue, green and purple. She only colors them on the side, and the rest of her hair is her natural hair color. You should try this. This is one of my personal favorites. Rainbow hair does not have to be all about the bright colors.

-All Over

Short hair can have its version of rainbow hair color. You can go as bright as you want or as dull as you want. For those who enjoy the vibrancy of the colors, they can go for this look. There aren’t many colors used. Two warm colors and two cool colors are used. They have been strategically placed, and it looks fabulous. The green hair color falls on her forehead. The color slowly moves on to warmer and brighter on the top of the head.

-Not So Hidden

For a second you might think this is a hidden rainbow hair. Well, it is not. It sort of looks. The front area of the hair is ash blonde color. The rest of the hair is where the colors have come in to play. The colors are not mixed. Instead, each strand is separated and given a perfect color. The half bun hair is used to show off the waterfall of colors.

-Show It Off

Hidden rainbow hair looks subtle when kept naturally, but when you pull it up, you will get its dramatic version. It is a win-win situation. I hope you have gotten yourself good tips after searching for ‘How to do hidden rainbow hair?’ Make sure you ask your hairstylist to do it correctly.

-Dark and Vibrant

The layers are amazing. The colors are used to complement the layers of her hair. It is all mixed. All the colors are used in this hair, and it works like magic. The brighter colors are at the ends, and the darker colors are at the top.

-Unicorn Rainbow Hair

Unicorn hair colors are terrific. Don’t you think so? The colors are subtle and all pastel. They look amazing on everyone. So, for this hairstyle, you can pick all the colors on a unicorn. Let your imagination run wild. The dominant color will be off-white. After that, you can add light versions of purple, blue, pink, yellow and green. Give your hair some loose curls and fly away.

-Voluminous Colors

The colors add volume to her look. She has dry hair type. So, when you have such colors, you will be making your hair drier. In this case, the colors are working its magic on making her hair more complete. Her haircut is also adding to get this full effect. She manages to pull off this bright rainbow hair effortlessly. I don’t know many people who can do that. Her makeup is perfectly complementing her look. Even her dark leather jacket and the top are making sense for that hair color.

-Just A Little Bit

If you have short hair, you might think rainbow hair is not for you. Well, we have a lot of examples for you. You can try giving yourself a rainfall of colors or pick small sections to provide it with some effect. Her hair is ash blonde in color. To brighten up her look, she adds colors to either part of her hair. She picks bright yellow color and its variations. You can select any of the colors.

-Bright Rainbow Hair

Damn! Look at that length. It is as dramatic as her hair colors. You see the point. Show your emotions through your hair colors. She has a very long hair, and the colors are showing it off even more. It is all about fun. She has used a variety of colors all over hair, and the colors seem to be stacked on top of each other. The top of her hair and the ends also have the same color to complete it.

-Bang On Colors

Sometimes doing little can give you the most significant effect. This hair is a perfect example of that. Look at how she goes for the rainbow colors only for her hair. The rest of her hair is naturally blonde. She picks the primary colors for her bangs to be purple and orange. If you are planning to go for this look, you should choose the colors that suit your undertone. You can add splashes of other colors on the sides.

-For The Bangs

So, you think you are too old to get the rainbow hair? Think again. Age is just a number, darlings! It is all about how much you want it and how confident you are. Look at her. She goes for an even more cooler version of rainbow her. She only uses the colors on her bangs. They add colors and glow to her face. Respect! She is an inspiration to all fashionistas.

-For The Braids

Hidden rainbow hair even though has its value when it is sometimes hidden you want to show it off. What is the point of having it, if you can’t sometimes show it off? So, for those days when you want the world to see your colorful side, you can go for the braids style shown on the right. For the colors, there are many colors used. It looks fun.

-Shades Of Blue

This is another subtle version of the rainbow hair. They have not picked any bright colors. The colors here are very close to her natural hair color which is why it blends in perfectly. There is variation, but it merges perfectly. Personally, I want to try this. This does not alter my personality completely but gives me a new and fresh vibe. If you are thinking the same, try this.

Color your life with more inspirations of rainbow hair. If you are not ready for a dramatic and bright version of it, you can always try the hidden rainbow hair. For the love of colors, give your hair a treat. Be it short, long, curly or straight; rainbow hair has its way to work its magic at all.



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