86 Purple Nails Design Ideas To Get You Inspired Today


Purple nails are one of the hottest trends of the year. We all saw it making a big comeback in 2018, and it seems that it will go strong in 2020 as well. The color which looks excellent today can go out bad tomorrow for sure. These nails will keep you proud for a long time to come. With so many elements to this look, you are not stuck with one static style. The color in itself can be translated into so many more looks. You can intensify them, and you can also go for some light shades.

We love how many ladies are enjoying these darker hues. There are a lot of ways you can make these nails stand out. You can add rhinestones on them, or you can also pair it up with a lot of other complementing colors. We suggest you go through the collection to see what we have in store for you. Some shapes are outstanding for all seasons. With more and more people getting into long nails, this collection will surely come in handy.

Here are more than eighty purple nail designs that are lovely to try in 2020.

purple nails

The obsession with purple glitter nails

We have seen women getting more and more into the sections of glittery nails nowadays. You can see how there are darker or lighter colors on this collection, but all of them are paired with some ounce of glitter. You can choose how the chunks will be, though. They can be significant and thick, or you can try out a smaller and more excellent section.

If you are looking to get the chic look, then you have to try these options out. You are going to love how precise and stunning this look is. We are showing you lovely ideas out there. They are perfect for a date night. When you want to impress others, you need to pull out a look as such. Nail art can be one of the best things you try out when you are feeling low as well.

Short and stunning purple nails

Usually, short nails are not taken care of when it comes to nail art. There are some excellent options here, but they are also inclusive of these short nails. We are not going to keep the medium length styles out! We are taking care of all the ladies out there who want to try on some funky shapes and colors.

Add on some beautiful colors and get fake diamonds on them as well. You can try to trace out a pattern of a flower or any other nail art, and you can get nails that are as stunning as these. There are different colors paired up with the full color as well. We have black and whites here, and they look good with the purple. In case you wanted to try out a lot of shades, this is a perfect time.

Ombre purple nails to try out

The ombre look is one thing that has made a lot of buzzes when it comes to the hair world. There are times when they are used in the nail art section as well. We love how the purple hues on these nails are moving on to a lighter tone on here. They are looking lovely from every aspect.
If you are willing to take the nails to a whole new level, these are the type of nail styles to go for. There are darker tones on the base, but they turn into a beautiful lighter shade as we reach the top. You can also keep up some glitters and rhinestones, and they will make up an elegant look. Check out a couple of ideas here that you can choose from this collection.

Designs we all adore!

Here we are looking to try on some nail art ideas that are beautiful from every angle. You can try out a beautiful purple tone and then pair it up with some intricate designs. If you are looking to get a lot of patterns, this is going to be your prime choice. Bright nail polishes will surely be a good thing to keep around if you want to do this by yourself. You can also get papers with these designs, and you can trace them through if you are not good with free handing. Here you can see how the topcoat has tied the whole nail together.

Tapping into the darker side

Dark hues are often thought of as intimidating. They are beautiful in every way, but they are also a hard one to try out for women who have never experimented with such hues. There are darker shades that you can add on to the purples to get on with this color. Or you can also get the same tone of purple in any store.
But first, you need to understand how to get these colors on your nails. If you were going to take a different route with your nail paint, it is time to think it through today. Here we have a couple of ideas that you can wear to get a gorgeous look. They are beautiful aesthetically for sure.

Simple purple nails ideas to try

If you are not looking to make it too complicated, then you can try out these everyday looks. We are looking forward to more women out there trying on these stunning plain and pure colors. You can head on to the salon to get colors like this on yourself. There is one single nail that is colored and covered in a beautiful maze look.
We love how there are not a lot of glitters and glam here. You can try out, keeping the colors to be not too loud. If you do this, you can keep the nail art and see it transition well. Give this one a chance, and you will adore it.

All about the shiny purple nails

There are a lot of girls out there that love the shine and glitter out there. If you have never seen such stunning purple hues, then you need to check this out. These colors are the bomb, and when you try it out, they will make you feel like a completely different person.
You can try out a single color and then add on the glitter on top, or you can take a color that already has these chunks on them. Here we are showing you some dual chrome colors as well. Check them out and try them out if you are looking to do something new!

Matte purple nails to try out

But we are looking at the matte shades and tones in this one. We love how it breaks the monotony and makes it so much more exciting for everyone. You will show off your nails look when you get these tones.
You can go to the store nearby and try on some shades out first. Since the purples can be a bit tricky and we do not want you to be disappointed, we suggest you do this. Do not buy something off the internet and regret the decision later. Here are texture and finish that we love.

Various shades of purple nails

When we say purple nails, we are pretty sure that everyone will have a different view of it. There are some stunning tones in here that may not have come up in your mind. These are shades that are lighter in some and can go dark as you reach the end. We all love the way the colors are altered.

You can try out the purple with the blue undertone, and you can also try out the ones with the pink look. Add on some art on top, and you are going to love the whole look. Here are some ideas that you can take cues from for sure. Choose the nail art ideas that would be exciting to you and get the colors that are perfect for your skin tone. There are some other colors mixed in the bunch too.

You are getting a dull color on!

Sometimes there is no need for you to get on a lot of elements on nail art. You can choose a stunning color and then decide to go with it only. There is no need for you to add on some glitter or some designs to make it look good. If you are looking for such a color, then we have these lilac purple tones that you can add on!

These are the colors that are good for women who are working and want something that you can work with. They are suitable for the day, and they make a bold statement at night as well. We love how it merely makes for a bold look without pushing the limit. Check it out in this image here.

Try out the full glam!

In today’s world, getting glam can mean a lot of things. You can try out setting your hair, and you can then get on with your makeup. The best part is the dressing up for sure. But there are many accessories out there that you can pair with your look. You can see how the purple nails are becoming a part of such glam nights.

We love how these nails are becoming a part of the whole glamming up process. There are glitters here, and sometimes you will also be able to see some nail art out there. The designs are harder to do by yourself. You can take professional help if that is the case. Here are some ideas that you can copy if you are seeking out for some nail art. The colors here are surely going to get you excited.

Out of this world purple nails

There are so many ideas that are out of this world right now. You can find ideas for purple coffin nails, and we love it. If you pay attention to these colors, you will surely find them to be amusing. These are shades that are perfect for anyone who wants to get the passion of their hearts out in their nails.

You can also shape the nails to send out a message about your personality. Believe us, and you will be getting compliments right and left. There are some stunning galaxy designs out here that you can copy as well. You can choose from these ideas and recreate them with yourself. Head on to a nail parlor if you are not good with these do it yourself ideas. These are undoubtedly one of the best nail art options we have seen in recent times.


On the pinker side

For sure, purple is a stunning shade to put on for the nails. But you can see that there is a lighter pink tone here that is making everyone’s head turn. You are sure to see how the colors can merge well. There are beautiful tones of pink and peach here in this collection. They look good on all kinds of nail sizes and shapes.

If you want to try out a color that resembles the purple tone but is a bit subtle as well, then this is the one to try. You can pair the colors with the darker tones as well. Once that is done, you can put a top coat of bright color on, and it will surely tie in the look together. Here are some ideas to choose from this collection.

Pairing colors with dark purple nails

If you are one person who loves dark purple nails, then you are in the right place. You can see how there are so many stunning sections here. If you want your nails to be beautiful, then you need to try out any of these ideas. You can add on the black shade in to make it stunning or try out a darker shade of purple itself.
Here you need to see how these colors are making a lot of buzzes. You can add it in with some golden shades, and there are some sharp tones here too. The shapes here are all for you to choose from surely. But you can replace one thing in these nails to swap it with the other. You can also pair the matte in with the shiny tones to make it a completely different look.

Lighter shades of purple nails

There are some stunning bright purple nails here that we cannot help but adore. These are nail ideas that we all have been dying to try out. Some nails are shaped well, and the way they have been done is also astounding. If you are looking to get the same, you need to copy the ideas we have collected right here.

The glitters and the transitions of the darker colors are making it even better. The shiny option is better, but you can also try out more of the matte shades. You can choose to keep it short or go all the way and make an impression with longer nails. Go through the images here to find out what is trending currently.

Inspirational purple nails

If you love purple nails but are in short of ideas, then you are in the right place! You can see how we have these stunning purple nails here that go well with every season. They are not going to make you feel out of place when the day comes along! These nail art ideas transform beautifully from day tonight.

So if you want a hassle-free look, we are sure you will love this collection right here. The darker the hues, the deeper and sexier it looks. And if you are looking to get that texture, you know you can add it too. There are so many accessories to add on all of which you can see here. Check them out in this section right here! We are sure you will all find it amusing. Then you can try to get the same on you and on some of your pals!

Get ready to save money!

We all want the nails to look perfect at all times. There are ways to get them done for sure. When they are professionally done, they inevitably look a thousand times better. But the cost associated with the procedure is sometimes heartbreaking! If you are broke at times, then you are surely going to want to get the nails done without having the money issue.

So we are here to show you some ideas of purple nails that you can get done at home. They are not too hard, and you can choose to purchase only a few nail colors to get this look. All you need is to have your scotch tapes and toothpicks at hand. It can help you create patterns that you would otherwise not be able to do!

  Achieving perfection

When you put these purple nails design on, you can be achieving perfection for sure. There are many black and dark colors paired with purple hues, and we adore the whole idea. If you have long nails, you can shape them in these fabulous styles. If not, you can get the acrylic nails or get nail extensions. These can be a good choice for a lot of people out there. We are hoping you and those close to you will wear this look.

There are many options out there for sure. You can try to practice all these styles over and over until you get them perfected. Or you can try out a salon that does an excellent job at that. There are countless reviews out there that you can try out from the internet as well. There are different nail sizes here, too, so you can choose for yourself. Take the time and get the one that excites you the most.

Ideas for everyone

When we talk about having purple nails, we think that they are not going to work out for everyone. But the truth is that there are nail ideas out there for everyone. We made sure to keep the thoughts of acrylic nails out here and also keep on some options for women with short nails.

If you are working on getting this look soon, there are fantastic ideas here.

You can either keep the nails to a minimum and go with a pure heart or go all out and get yourself all these designs. There are some stunning color options here that you can try. You can keep your nails filed to look like a rounded oval or a sharp square whichever one you please. Add on some rhinestones and some glitters, and they will make a great pair! You can take the inner diva in you and get them out in the fashionable form.


These are one of the most adorable nail art settings out there. You can try them out yourself if you are feeling a bit adventurous! There are a lot of styles out there, but this is the color that we all adore. There is no other way to describe how beautiful these colors are. You can add on some stunning glitter chunks, and it will take this nail to a whole new level. There are ways to pair art with your clothes. We love it when there is a bare minimal look paired with a few purple hues on the nails!

And if you are looking to change up the whole look, you need to check this out. There are a lot of sharp designs out there. If you are a brave kind, then you will surely jump at the idea of these nails. Here we made sure to include purple nails that women of all ages and nail sizes can try out. If you have short nails, you will surely find something here. And needless to say, there are many options for long nails. Check them out and try everything when you get the chance!


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