101 Long And Short Prom Hairstyles For This Spring


Are you searching for the hairstyles for your prom night? Don’t worry; we got you. Prom night is unique and everybody want to look good for their day. Prom hairstyles play a particular role in shaping your look for the whole day or event. You can have various hairstyles for your prom night according to your hair length. There are different variation in updos for the prom hairstyles which depends upon the length and texture of the hair. It depends upon the individual choice to select the hairstyle of their choice which can be sweet, cute, trendy or the classic look.

There are various ideas on how you want to do your hairstyle and look your best for the occasion. The prom hairstyles should match with the outfit that you bought for the event. It is a significant deal to choose a right hairstyle which suits your outfit and matches perfectly with your facial features. There are a bunch of options if you have a long or short hair which you should not worry about it.

Prom Hairstyles such as a ponytail, bun, updos or relaxed look go well for the prom date and makes you stand out among the crowd.There are countless options from which you can choose the best one which will help you impress your date for that night. Below are the various prom hairstyles which you can opt out and hence look beautiful and classy.

Braided Bun With Pin Curls

Pin curls are the classic and evergreen look which you can carry in any occasion. The hair braided on the circular form where the loose ends manages with the help of bobby pins with pearl which gives you a classic vibe. This look is royal and helps you to sweep all the attention from the crowd.

prom hairstyles

Flower Bun At Back

Two sections of hair are separated from both side of the head and are a roll down into the shape of rose or flower which is a simple as well as elegant look. This hairstyle is easy to make and manage.

 Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

When you think you can’t come up with any new hairstyle, there is one way or another you can bring a twist and turn to your hair look. It creates an offbeat look which is a unique character to the hairstyle and makes people wonder about the look. The look is as simple as it looks and provides the fun elements to the hairstyle.

Cornrow Braid With Multilayer Bun

The cornrow braid starts from the hairline making the circular motion of the hair with multi-layers of a bun in the top of the head. This particular hairstyle needs little bit more time than other hairstyles which gives you a different look which helps you to differentiate among the crowd.

Multi-Colored Half Up-do

This bold mix of color hair gives you a vibrant feel and make other girls want the same hairstyle. This hairdo is suitable in the straight hair as well as wavy hair with various bold blue ombre color, fiery red and cool blonde hues.

Waterfall Headband Into A Bun With Accent Braid

The only difference between the previous hairstyle and this hairstyle is that the headband changed into a Bun which gives you a whole different look with a simple twist and turns. This hairstyle is perfect for the girls who love to dance.

Chunky High Updo with a Ponytail

This hairstyle maximizes the length of the hair in the middle and get other hair loose at the side and gives you a relaxed look. The Updo is one of the signature hairstyles which can be carried out with a high or low ponytail.

Curled Half-Up Style

If you have a natural curl, then this hairstyle is easy to do and manage, but even if you don’t have a natural curly hairstyle, it is okay because you can curl your hair and style the long beautiful locks which will showcase the facial features of your face.

Glamour Waves

Your hair is the secret weapon which can completely change how you look and build a chic look style into you which helps you sweep all the attention from the crowd. The glamour waves match with every outfit and give you an ideal prom hairstyle.

Half-Up Bow Prom Hairstyles

This hairstyle surely gives you Disney princess vibes and make you look like a princess in real life. This hairstyle makes for an innocent look which can be suitable for school days. The fishtail braid in the middle surely adds limelight to the look and give a particular twist to this hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Loose Fishtail Into Braid

prom hairstyles

Curls And Fishtail Loose Braid

There is nothing better than the combination of coils and loose fishtail braid which gives you both romantic as well as classic style. Firstly, the fishtail braid is started from one side of the hair and joined the curls at the back.

Braid with Flower Bun

This waterfall braid with a decorative flower like bun is the perfect look for the romantic date or prom night and gives you a delicate and feminine feel. Likewise, the bun brings a different twist to the hairstyle and makes you look stylish.


Messy Roll Bun

Messy is the new trendiest look in the fashion industry. This messy roll bun gives you a subtle yet bold look which is a perfect look for your prom day. This messy roll is the safest you can play with your hairstyle which is simple to do and manage.

 Classic French Braid

This hairstyle is effortlessly beautiful and goes perfectly with a pair of t-shirt and denim in summer days, and it is a suitable hairstyle for your prom night. If you want a chic hairstyle yet simple to manage then this hairstyle is for you. The French braid started from the front of the head and mixed up with a messy bun which gives a fun and chic look.

Messy Twists

This messy twist is the best combination of chic boho look and romantic hairstyle which shows the roll and twist in the haircut perfectly. It focuses on the various color dimensions and gives you a fabulous style.

DIY Hair Down

This vast and voluminous hair down look gives you a sexy style where the broad strands of hair are wrapped around the curling iron and provides you the best look. This hair down style brings the gorgeous curly and bouncy waves which are to die for and makes you want this hairstyle.

Triple Knot Accents

This triple knot accent gives you a royal look which is super easy to make and with few trick and technique anyone can ace this hairdo. The hairpin complements this hairstyle very well and adds a lot of charm to the hairstyle.

Reverse Headband

This reverse headband style brings the inner boho vibes inside yourself which can be worn either on straight hair, curly hair or with the nose open or making a ponytail. The metal headband plays a more significant role to add a certain charm to your hairstyle.

Middle Tied Waterfall Braiding With Curl

This hairstyle can give you a royal look or make you look and feel like a princess. This hairstyle is similar to the great half up-do, but tie it at the middle. The braiding started from two sides of the head and tied at the center with another section of hair.


Messy Fishtail Into A Low Ponytail

If you are wearing a backless dress or you are flaunting your back in the event, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. It is a classic and beautiful look which is a more significant option if you have long hair. It helps you to show off your facial features and any ear accessories if you’re wearing something.

Braided Bun With Jewels

You can braid your hair or roll the hair into a low bun and coil it around itself at the base and put some jeweled pins which helps to give some extra look to the cute hairstyles.

Head Pieces For Prom

The headpieces may include various flowers clip, decorative clips, headpieces headbands which plays an important role to add a unique element to your hairstyles. Those hair pieces are unique and timeless which helps you to sweep away the attention from the crowd and make you stand out.

prom hairstyles

Prom Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you have a long, elegant neck and beautiful hair, then this look is for you. This below look is a modified version of pixie which helps you get a stylish look. You will find this look have more volume in your hair and perfectly balances your natural body shape below the neck.

Romantic Braided Updo

This romantic braided is the ultimate look you want for your prom date. This hairstyle itself is romantic which will make your evening romantic as well. It suits best with the long gowns or the floral dresses with light makeup in your face.

prom hairstyles

Boho Braided Updo

If you are a fan of Bohemian Style like we are then this is one hell of a beautiful hair look for you. This hairstyle highlights many different colors of your hair and can be a perfect excuse to show your tattoo to others if you have one. If you guys prefer Bohemian Style over vintage style, then this look is for you.


 Long Curls With Double Ponytail

The simple way to tie your long gorgeous hair is to make a long double ponytail. It uses two ponytails tied on top of each other to give your ponytail more volume, length, and dimension. All you need is a texturizing spray, comb, and hair elastic to have this hairstyle.

Vintage Vibes

As there is a saying that Old is gold, if you are wearing a classic vintage outfit then you are going to rock this hairstyle. To get this look, it is better to have a long hair, but if you don’t have a long hair, it is not a problem because you can add some fake curls which hence provide you this look.


Two Side Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

The only difference of this waterfall braid hairstyle is that the braiding is from both sides of the head and then those two braids are joined together with the help of bobby pins on one side instead of the central position.

Waterfall Braid To Bun

This waterfall braid is a favorite hairstyle which mixes the combination of buns and braids and gives a fresh look to the hair. To have this look, you have to create a pigtail from the side of your hair to develop top-knots. The twist is to bend over and pull all the nose to the top so that you can braid the hair from bottom to top. This hairstyle may look difficult, but with some practice, you can ace this hairstyle.

Pigtail Braid

This pigtail braid is one of the chic hairstyle girls can have for their daily outing. It is one of the most natural hairstyles and comfortable hairstyle which you can manage well. This hairstyle is perfect for the round and heart-shaped face structure. It is one of the popular braiding styles and can be opt-out for a different occasion such as get together, picnics, functions, etc.

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Merged Braids

You don’t always need a lot of effort to look good. This merged braid provides you the natural and fresh look. Braids are formed from both sides and joined in the backside.

Messy Bun with Hair Accessories

We can be messy, so does our hairstyle. This messy bun is the look which can get from that era where different hair accessories such as flowers were used to give a certain look to the hair and grab the attention of the crowd.

Single Side Braid

There are numerous varieties of the waterfall which can be done and provide different diversities. The only side braid is one of the fashionable kind.

Five-Strand Waterfall Braid

This hairstyle may look confusing and awkward at first, while with a slight twist to the normal braid hair, you can get this beautiful look.

Loose Braided Bun

Sometimes the safest and best way to have a great hairstyle is to keep it simple and subtle. The loose braided bun gives you a youthful and elegant vibe which is not overdone yet classic. It is one of the most famous looks for the prom hairstyles.

Crown Braid Prom Hairstyles

These cute braided hairstyles are popular among the girls who are looking for a hair makeover for the dance or prom night. It is actually quite simple yet gives you a gorgeous look and can be dressed up or down and worn anywhere. These cute hairstyles can be created in a few minutes and can make everyone jealous of how beautiful it is.

Double Dutch Braid With A Bun

Look at this beautiful look. If you want to steal the limelight from the crowd, then you should try this hairstyle. The prom hairstyle starts fro the front line of the hair while making two braids simultaneously and each up at the back with a messy low bun which gives you a stylish look.

Half Dutch Ponytail

You have to spritz some spray to texture your hair, the pick a chunk of hair and dutch braid the three sections by flipping one side section under the middle section and adding more hair in to braid. Once the dutch braid starts, braid it till the last and tie all your hair as a ponytail and fix the loose end with bobby pins. It magnifies the beauty of a simple ponytail.

Pretty Low Bun Style

If you have an eye for the prom queen then know that this hairstyle is begging for that crown to place in this head. The side hair accessories add a different royal charm to your look and make you feel and look gorgeous.

Simple Cute Hairstyles For Girls

Look at this picture of young Taylor Swift. It is a classic braid for girls of every age group. It gives you effortless style and makes you look tidy and classy. It is suitable in long and straight hair.

Messy Mermaid Braid

In our childhood days we once have dreamt of being a mermaid, yes that may be a very unrealistic dream, but you can fulfill a little bit of your goal by having this hairstyle. You can have this messy mermaid braid which provides you all the vibe of being a mermaid.

prom hairstyles

Back- Front Braid Style

This hairstyle is perfect for the date or prom night which gives you a cute and feminine look. Every woman should make sure to try this hairstyle every once in a while. The braiding done from back to front sides of the hair with the middle partition gives you a beautiful style.

Hair Bow In Curly Hair

This hair bow must be one of the cutest prom hairstyles which are a perfect look for your prom night. You can wear this hairstyle with a cute outfit and sweep away the attention from the crowd.

Peekaboo Braided Bun

Look at this gorgeous hairstyle. The braid from nape of her neck follows the woven through and around the messy braided top knot. This hairstyle is perfect for the wedding ceremony or for the office look which gives you a proper tie-up look and makes you hairdo stand out among the crowd.

Above are a few gorgeous prom hairstyles which you should try for your prom night. Prom night is the most awaited and memorable night for any girls out there. We all get excited and want to look our best for the day. Everyone intentionally or unintentionally target to the prom queen as we make all our outfit, makeup ready for the day.

As Hairstyles plays an essential part for you to look good so you should carefully choose the style which suits you better. You can opt out for simple and most natural hairstyles which are chic and classic, or you can try some new bold look which can change your look and give you a unique style.

Some of the popular prom hairstyles are waves, and sexy curls, mermaid braids, bobble ponytail, french braid crown with loose waves and the list goes on. Make sure to try one of these hairstyles which suits your outfit and personality in coming prom night.


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