110 Ponytail With Bangs Ideas For A Good Hair Day


Ponytail with bangs works for every occasion. The diversity of ponytails is undeniable. From your office day to your evening out, they work for all. They can be your style even for your cleaning day at home. Decide which version of the form you want, and you can wear it throughout the day.


Ponytail with bangs is one of the most beautiful as well as a casual look that you can flaunt. The best thing about this style is that it looks effortless. Once you get the hang of it, every morning it will take you a snap moment to get ready.

Let us look at some inspiration for your morning routines, shall we?

– Half Ponytail With Bangs

This is a weave hairstyle that you can quickly do. The ponytail is also pulled up into a messy bun. She does her bun by just twisting the body of her pony. There is not much work done in this style. What makes it ready for a red carpet event, is the messiness of the entire look and the bangs. The bangs perfectly frame her shape. Make sure your outfit dazzles if you go for this look.

– Beyonce Style

Does Beyonce ever get it wrong?
‘If you like it, put a ring on it.’
She goes for a low ponytail. You can take this an example if you have been searching for how to do a weave ponytail with bangs. Her bangs are also not straight. They are slightly wavy. She looks completely neat and beautiful. You can finish the look with matte or glossy lipstick. Make sure your eyes do the talking.

-High Ponytail With Bangs

This hairstyle is perfect for the summer. If you look at it carefully, you can see that she has not used a comb. The hairstyle seems effortless. You can use your finger to pull up your hair and then tie it into a high ponytail. She pulls out her bangs that frame her face perfectly. This is a style that looks effortless and is perfect for the beach or even for a day out shopping.

-Long Streaks

This is another style that can be called effortless. Her hair is straight in nature. You can see how amazing she looks in her black hair that is pulled up into ponytail with bangs. The hair at the front is pulled out. It is also straight and sleek. The messiness of the look is concentrated at the back. You can also go for a middle partition look as well. Finish the look with bright lipstick.

-Half High

Pastel colors is now ruling the market. You can go for purple color like her or pick any shade. If you want it, you can also go for an ombre effect. It makes it look fabulous. You can pull it up into a high ponytail or just half a ponytail. To finish the look, you can also pull out strands of her hair near your face. This hair will look fantastic when you pull it up into a high ponytail.

-Straight Edge

Hillary Duff shows some fantastic way to rock a concert using ponytail with bangs style. My first images of her, in my mind, are in this style. Be it as Lizzie McGuire or Hillary, she always has managed to rule our hearts. I told you, these hairstyles are versatile. You cannot deny it when you see a singer wearing it on a stage and the same hairstyle again worn for office look. Her hair is straight and sharp.

-For The Day In

We all love pastel colors but the regular purple or pink makes it too annoying. You can go for the Frozen inspiration. Get yourself this icy blue for your hair color. As for your hairstyle, you can go for a simple high ponytail. You can keep it sleek or messy. I think the messy ones look more effortless but you cannot wear the messy look everywhere. Style your ponytail according to your day. Do it properly and make sure you can pull it off.

-Soft Curls

Rachel McAdams wears low ponytail with side bangs beautifully. She has always been the queen of our hearts. Her ponytail has soft curls that are sweet and romantic. Everything about this look is adorable. The bangs frame her face perfectly. That is why this look is doing wonders at a red carpet event. You can wear it on your date night. Wear an off-shoulder top to show off your hair.

-Sweet and Sexy

Can you guess which movie is this?
Come on!
This is the one where Jennifer Anniston shows her not so sweet side.
Any guesses?
Well, for those who already have guessed it and for the rest who are googling it, the answer is Horrible Bosses.
The hairstyle shows her assertive nature. Jennifer wears this style for her work. She makes this style a perfect example of weave ponytail with bangs.

-Dazzling Style

Even though she is the ‘new girl’, she manages to inspire many of us. Zoey always looks flawless in her classic bangs style. For this event, she goes forever-favorite low ponytail with bangs. The ponytail also has soft curls. To show off her hairstyle, she goes for an off-shoulder dress. She keeps her makeup to a minimum and wears a pearl necklace. She looks fabulous.

-For Any Event

I can describe this look as a sweet ponytail with bangs. You can see that the ponytail is high in nature with the fringes a bit less than the eyebrows. She also pulls off strands of her hair on the side that makes the entire look complete. I love this look. How much do I need to justify it? It must be a great style if you can wear it to an event and still wear it at home.

-African American Ponytail With Bangs

This is a great picture of African American ponytail style with bangs. It also is a look that goes for weave style as well. Her hair is black and nourished. I love the shine in her hair. It looks fabulous. The bangs are full in nature and covers her entire face. The length of the bangs is same throughout her forehead. This is one of the Nicki Minaj’s inspiration.

-Long Weave Ponytail

This is another example of weave ponytail with bangs that will look great on anyone. Even though it is shown by an African American, we can see how fabulous it will look on anyone. The ponytail is low in nature and the bangs have a voluminous effect. This is an adorable style for black hair. You can go for this look on any lazy day. Finish the look with some dazzling earrings that will look great with your hair color and skin tone.

-Split Bangs

This picture of the ponytail with bangs shows how cute this style can look. The ponytail is low and the bangs are complementing her face shape. You can see that the bangs are same as the length of the forehead. This is an A-shaped bang. Her hair is medium length and the entire look is cute. Go for this look for with your dress for a date night. Remember, first impression is the last. So, better make it great.

-Ponytail With Side Bangs

We have another great picture of weave ponytail with bangs. The ponytail is starting from an angled partition. The pony is high and a strand of her hair is used to cover her scrunchy. The length of her hair is long. The fringes are long and complementing her face. The hair is of the thin type. So, it is better if you go for this look. The entire look is neat and sleek. To add a variation to the look, she has used streaks of blonde. If you don’t like your entire black hair, you can go for some cool variations of highlight.

-Loosen Up

This look is perfect for one of those lazy days. Winter days are cold, obviously. So, you want to snuggle up with your blanket and get up as late as possible. This means you might not have a lot of time to get ready for the work. So, for that, we have a ponytail as your savior. Get a nice scrunchy and pull your hair into a nice loose ponytail. Grab your coffee and go for your day out. Pull out some long strands of your hair near your face to frame it perfectly.

-Half Up

This is another beautiful look that Zoey has pulled off. It is not really a typical ponytail. She goes for a half bun and lets the rest of her hair loose. She does not style her hair. It is her natural hair type. All she does is pull up half her hair on top. The bangs are her signature look. You cannot think of Zoey without bangs. If you want a new look, you can go for this style. Keep it as natural as you want.

-Back From The Past

This entire look is a modern look with a retro touch. Her top is cute and pink. For that she goes for high ponytail with bangs. To spice up the look, she goes for styling her bangs. This what draws attention to her entire look. She curls up her fringes and forms it into a nice shape. I love this look. You should try this look. Finish it with a red lipstick and statement sunglasses.

-Cute Ponytail With Bangs

Look at the height of that crown. This is a terrific style. You can see her hair color complementing her skin beautifully. Talking about her ponytail, she goes for a medium height ponytail. The pony is messy and fun. It is in its natural state. The hair on her crown has been raised. You will need a little bit of help to do this part. Now, finish the look with the bangs made for your face shape.

-Ponytail With Bangs and Braids

If it is one of those days when your hair is becoming too frizzy, and you can’t control it, you can go for this look. She makes her pony into simple braids. Her bangs are made for her face shape. You can see it. It is a considerable alteration of weave bangs. The twists can be varied into any style you want. It can be as simple and as complicated as you want.

-With The Bands

This is the look that I was talking about when I said, ponytail with bangs is perfect for a day for cleaning the house. Look how neat and comfortable this look is. The ponytail is high, and the bangs are long. Few strands of her hair are pulled out which is used to frame her face. The bands work as an accessory and make this look complete. This is an excellent look for your day in.

-Messy Ponytail With Bangs

This is one of my personal favorites. Look how fantastic it is. The ponytail is high and the bangs are long. She has a middle partition, and the bangs are also part. The bangs are longer than usual size. This look requires your finger and practice to achieve. I love the makeup she puts on to complement this look. Those eyelashes are goals. The matte lipstick completes her entire look.

-Weave Ponytail

If your hair is short and you think ponytail with bangs will not work on you, think again. Krysten Ritter looks beautiful with this ponytail with bangs for black hair. She looks neat and sexy. The hair does not have a lot of styled. You can do this look for any day. Make sure you style this look neatly. The messy version of this look might not be as fantastic as this. The pink lipstick finishes the entire look.

-Low Ponytail With Bangs

This look is beautiful. She looks amazing. The hairstyle looks effortless. She pulls her hair into one side and ties using a cute scrunchy. Her bangs are also parted according to her entire style. Her hair is medium length and looks fabulous. The fringes match her face perfectly. This look is beautiful and a treat to the eyes.

-For A Starry Night

Everything about this look is fun and vivacious. I love the diversity ponytail with bangs provide us. Look at it. She wears it in a red carpet event surrounded by cameras. I, on the other hand, am thinking about wearing this for a girl’s day out. The bangs are beautiful

-Straight Up

Ariana Grande shows the sleek version of ponytail with bangs. I love the color variation of the hair. Her bangs are dark, and the base of the hair is also dark. The ends of her pony are brown. To finish off the look, she has red streaks on the end of her ponytail. They style effortless and straightforward. Her entire look is so natural that it can be pulled off by anyone.

-Date Night

Is your anniversary coming soon? Planning for a big date night? You will of course want to look fabulous. The makeup, the outfit and the hair needs to be right. You want the perfect hairstyle but don’t really want to give a lot of time to it. For that, you can go for loose curls. After that, go for the classic. Pull up your hair into a ponytail. Let the bangs finish the entire hairstyle. Make sure you do your makeup right.

-Neatly Tucked In

This version of the ponytail with bangs is professional and sleek. You will look authoritative and stylish at the same time. She has a medium length hair which she brings all to one side and ties it up loosely. She also tucks in her bangs making it look like side bangs and fabulous all together. That lipstick shade is pretty. If you are a working woman, you can go for this look. For her makeup, she focuses on her lips and mascara. This is an excellent tip for a minimal makeup look.

-Creases and Style

This look is effortless. She has not put any time for this look. All she does for this look is side part her hair. Then she pulls it into a low ponytail. She keeps the look messy and secure. Ponytail with bangs is the ultimate solution for lazy girl hair problems. They turn into a style easily. Even in this, you can see the unevenness of the curls becoming her style. She finishes the look with minimum makeup.

We have more looks for you with your favorite celebrities flaunting it. You can use it for your everyday look or your date night. We have all your choices at one place. Have fun looking at it.


I hope you picked out at least one of your favorites. There are many amazing looks. I know it is hard but why stick to one. You can try them all. Try the easiest of the styles, ponytail with bangs.


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