42 Pompadour Haircut And Style For Men


Gentlemen, if you’re an avid follower of modern hairstyle, I assume you’re no stranger to Pompadour. Besides having its own stand-alone trend, these hairstyles make frequent cameos under different hairstyles out there. Co-incidence, I don’t think so.

The world is a big place, and Pompadour is everywhere. Trust me, cause when David Beckham personally endorses this hairdo, you won’t find a dry land where the folks haven’t been impressed by this hairdo. And, to add to that, the man is a global icon! I am willing to bet; the manDavid Beckham will still be around for generations like Cleopatra and Caesar have been today. So, you have an idea what I am talking about here.

Now, unfortunately, this is where I might have to cut some of the readers short. It is unfair when that I bring a wild “disclaimer and exception” paragraph out right about here. But, I have to. This hairstyle isn’t for everyone.

Personally, I never really could pull this style off. This is mostly because my genes favor messy hair. You know, the ones where you spend a long time pulling your hair back and it keeps reverting back to its ancient cavemen roots. Except, I am willing to bet cavemen had better slick hair than I do.

And, if your genes are any bit like mine you will struggle to get this right without those expensive hair products. And as your esteemed coach on styleeasily.com, I always recommend my readers on how to get the slickest style the easiest of ways.

(Fun fact, science states if you have a natural pompadour slick hair, like the one I’ve mentioned down below, you might have more Neanderthal Genes than most modern humans. If you don’t know much about modern human genes and want to start, I suggest you take your first step with this. It’ll blow your mind off the roof!)

With that out of the way, gentlemen, I’d highly recommend you to follow your instincts none the less. If you’re one of those daring men who believe they can pull this hairstyle off, I’ll encourage this! As I always mention in most of my articles here, confidence is what men should strive for. It does not matter if you have the Jhonny Bravo looks or if you look like Fred Flinstone who’s just back after a long hard day at work. Fake confidence if you should, but get your confidence up! You’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Historically, we can date this hairstyle back to Madame de Pompadour of France! She wore the original version of the hairdo with such intense grace and style, it still echoes today! Now, we have come a long way since the days of her mystique. However, her style has successfully evolved and adapted well into the unforgiving 21st century.

(Personally, I recommend you watch an episode of “Doctor Who” based on the fictional alternate life of Madame De Pompadour. The episode is called “The Girl in the Fireplace.” Now, the story may be fictional, but Sophia Myles has brought out an amazing performance that’ll make you proud you about the heritage of your style!)

I want to again stress on “evolved” and “adapted.”

Now, we have hipster haircuts that can compliment any feature you have. Meaning, there were no rules when it came to hipster. It fits everything with little effort. However, Pompadour is different. You see, it needs a little work. I’d discourage getting it done by yourself unless you are skilled with scissors and razor.

None the less, I believe Pompadour, if done right, will bring out your facial as well as structural features. Don’t be discouraged even you get it wrong the first time. Wear what you have with confidence!

Gentlemen, my name is Roach, and here are my personal 42 Pompadour Hairstyles for the modern men out there and how to get them right.

1. Highlighted Pompadour-Mohawk With Shaved Sides

I want to start the list by restating my last point. Pompadour, if done right will bring out your facial and structural features.

Here we have a cleverly done combination of the Mohawk and the pompadour.

I want you to carefully look at the gradual fade of length from the top front, all the way behind. And then, notice those clever sharp edges made by the shaved sides and the groomed beard! That’s art right there!

Let’s take a moment and admire the artist behind this style!

I’ll take this moment and re-stress this. You need a little work to make this style work. So don’t hesitate to seek a barber to aid you.

I for one absolutely admire every barber’s dedication towards hairstyles. Seldom do they credits for the careful craft they perform. I always make sure my barber gets praises when he does them right.

2. Slick Pompadour With Razored Sides

Here is one style where the artist tries to focus on the top Pompadour. More like as a stand alone feature.

Notice how the hair brings out the facial structure of the model? The razored sides give room for his eyes and cheek bones to surface. While that compliments his light facial hairs.

It does not matter if you have a branded pretty face or not when you bring your facial features on the limelight, you’ll come off confident. It matters, however, on how you bring them out.

For that, we have the next illustration.

3. Hipster-Faded Pompadour

If you’re a person who looks better with facial hairs, most prominently a groomed beard, then you need a faded side cut to compliment what you have.

Remember gentlemen, Pompadour is all about compliments. You compliment your features, you get complimented!

Meanwhile, once you’re pretty comfortable and sure about what suits you best, you can always experiment. Try one below.

4. Pompadour And Facial Hairs

This is a perfect example of experimenting with something you’re comfortable with.

This is relatable with the last photograph.

Notice the striking crease on his faded cut compliments and brings out the striking shape of his vendetta looks? It is not a smooth transition. It requires a little work, but, completely worth the change.

5. Faded Pompadour And A Clean Look

Now, here’s a different path of experimentation from the last photograph.

Suppose you feel like your facial hair isn’t your solid points. And, that you want to keep it clean.

The transition is simpler. You need to bring out your facial structure by clearing out the sides a little more. It usually gives emphasis to your cheek bones and that gives emphasis on your eyes.

(This visually distinguishable, or apparent until you look at a man who has a broad build. Usually, when he clears his sides and keeps a clean shave, it brings out his cheekbones in particular. For a board built man, it makes him look as if he is unhealthy fat. Just take a look at Big-E Langston to know what I mean. The guy is as muscular and impressive as you can get!)

6. Spiked Pompadour And Medium Beards

This is a beautiful balance between beard and top.

When you shape both ends in a complimentary proportion, you find that they tend to adapt to your central facial features. Meaning, they bring out your nose and your eyebrows.

7. Pompadour Class

Now, gentlemen, this is contrary to all the styles I have made so far, yet in some way similar.

You can keep the sides well trimmed and the top complimentary to the sides and bring out your mustache. Notice how the top hair features took the emphasis off his forehead and eyes? Instead, this allowed room for his mustache and nose tip to shine.

Hence, notice how the nose piece is highlighted?

8. Undercut Pompadour With Light Facial Features

Usually, I like to compare and contrast!

On the last photograph, I mentioned how the combination of equal proportioned sides and top took the emphasis off the eyes. This is the opposite.

When you let your top take the highlights off your sides, while stilling keeping is short trimmed and not razored, it brings your eyes out! Meanwhile, the trimmed edges keep your cheeks from popping out if you have the bubbly cheekbones.

9. Pompadour Fade With Light Facial Hairs

I want you to notice how the artist has blended the hair edges so elegantly with the defined beard-edges.

What this does is, it makes the hair features bring out the core facial features. That is the noses, eyes, brows.

I hope you’re getting the general rules of Pompadour haircut and how to get them right. ‘Cause we are now venturing on a second round of this general rule round up.

10. Natural Flow Pompadour

Light Beard goes will with longer top Pompadour and slightly trimmed undercuts. This brings out the beard and puts a slight emphasis on the core area of your facial structure.

If you want to bring emphasis on the facial structure, refer below.

11. Modernized Hipster Elvis Pompadour

When you groom your beard and your top Pompadour in an equal proportion you let your central features shine. It brings out the nose, brows, and eyes. Makes piercing in any of these places stand out!

11. Simple Pompadour Undercut

Shave or Razor the sides and expect your eyes and cheekbone to stand out. Tone down how much your cheekbone stands out with light to medium facial hair.

12. Shaved Slick Pompadour

Shave the sides and edges. Blend them in on the edges and bring out your central facial features.

13. Natural-Fade Pompadour With Light Beard

Gentlemen, get the sides trimmed and support your patchy facial features to give you that rough touch that can blend in with this clean hairdo.

Now, the reason I mention Pompadour as a clean hairdo is more of a personal opinion. Let’s take a look.

14. Pompadour With Crease

Pompadour hairstyle for men goes exceptionally well if you put effort on it. Nothing new. But, personally, I find it suits best when we compliment it with a well-groomed.

This is an example of a well done slick Pompadour, with a neat crease on the side that seamlessly blends in with the clean groomed beard. And, by clean I mean a beard touched up by a blade. (Not-wild And Not-Bushy)

15. Highlights And Pompadour

You don’t need a long beard to get the style done either. This is an example of a well done short hair Pompadour with clean groomed light facial hairs.

16. 90s Pompadour

The good thing with Pompadour is, the style does not have an expiry date. Like classic Demin and Jeans, you can still see people wearing them with class till date. There is simply a beauty about a style that never dies.

17. Spiked Pompadour Polished


Gentlemen, I have always stressed about modern hairstyle coming in combination with another style and razor touches. This is one of those, and the one I think will suit most men.

Here we have an example of a spiked Pompadour, with creased edges, clean razored sides and perfectly groomed sideburns that compliment the goatee up front! Talk about combinations!

The best part is, you can combine this looks with your formal wears, or perhaps an informal event wears, maybe with your regular outfit.

18. Natural Rooted Pompadour

Modern Pompadour is not all razors and slick hair products. This is a perfect illustration that you can simply opt for a decent trim and more natural look and still get them right. Style is easy.

19. Gelled Pompadour

This is where the beauty of Pompadour can come in. You can either pull out a good event look with a fresh looking hairstyle…

20. The Regular Looks

…. Or you can let it lose and stay at home and still look good.

Pompadour hairdo does not discriminate on when you want to look good in it.

21. The Beckham-Style Pompadour

And, remember people, David

22. Flow Pompadour

23. Authentic Pompadour

24. Asymmetrical Pompadour

25. Medium Length Flat Top Pompadour

26. Slick Professional Pompadour

27. Trimmed Pompadour

28. Natural Long Pompadour

29. Pop-Culture Pompadour

30. Classic Travolta

31. Iconic Elvis

32. The Beckham Pompadour

33. Formal Combed Pompadour

34. Combed Pompadour With Undercuts

35. Medium Pompadour and Undercuts

36. Creative Pompadour

37. Top Focused Pompadour

38. Top And Side Focused Pompadour

39. Pompadour And Facial Hair Equilibrium

40. Pompadour And Side Burn Equilibrium

41. Classic-Modernized Pompadour

42. Messy Pompadour


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