110 Shades of Platinum Blonde Color To Die For


When we hear the word blonde we merely think about a yellow shade hair color but there are different varieties, and shades of blonde which range from light to dark tone and one of the favorite hair color are platinum blonde. Platinum blonde hair color is the lightest shade which is different from other color and gives you an edgy and chic look.

Under platinum hair, we can find various tones which also range from light to bright color. As it is a light color, not everyone can pull this look. To carry this platinum blonde look women should have a certain skin tone and eye color. This blonde look suits women who have fair skin tone as it matches perfectly with the hair color. If you want a look edgy and chic look, then you should try this hair.

If you want to try platinum blonde hair in your hair then as a first step you should bleach your hair which helps the actual color to see, you should try this technique of bleaching to color your hair from the tip. If you want a partial hair color, then you can try balayage effect. It is difficult to get the actual color by applying the hair color at home, so it is better if you seek for a professional or a hair salon.

Here are some choc and cool pictures of platinum blonde hair which you are going to love and should try in days to come.

Platinum Silver White

It is one of the classic types of platinum hair color which is the combination of silver and white hair color which gives you a relaxed and stylish look. The blue eye color complements well with the entire look and gives you a gorgeous look.

platinum blonde

Platinum Pink

It is one of the gorgeous looks we can see nowadays in the fashion industry. The platinum pink is in color of cotton candy which is the combination of pink and platinum color. If you have fair skin, then you can carry a light pink color, and if you have a medium shade skin tone, then you can take a dark pink color.

Rooty Platinum Blonde Hair Dye

If you have a dark hair, then this hairstyle is for you as we can see in the picture that the base hair color is in black and the roots of the nose are in platinum blonde color. To add a twist to your entire look, you can add some yellow or golden baby lights and highlights.


Platinum Ash Blonde

If you want a darker shade in platinum ash color, then this hair color is for you as it mixes the ash blonde color and platinum color which gives you with a darker base and lighter at the end of the hair. You should make sure that both the colors

Platinum Blonde Ombre

This platinum blonde ombre is the combination of blonde and silver hair color which you can get by using balayage effects. It gives you a vibrant look and suits you the best if you have a fair skin tone and light eye color. The base color of the hair is silver where the blonde ombre effect is in the entire look.


Rounded Platinum Short Bob Cut

This hairstyle gives you a perfect back and front look which is suited and looks excellent in naturally straight or slightly curly hair. This haircut is an ideal look and is easy to carry from day to day. The best thing about this hairstyle is the beautiful round shape which can work for all face shapes.


Wavy Platinum Bob

This look is everything and is a perfect party hair color for the girls who are looking for medium length hair. To have this look, you should stick to the long layers and should style them with your fingers with the help of strong texturizing spray for the well-finished look. The wave at the ends complements the platinum color very well.

Deep Steel Brown Silver

We can see the dark grey color with the slightest shade of brown in the hair. This deep steel hair color is neither pale nor dark where many clients may get confused about what precisely this color is. It gets both the hint of silver and brown color where silver dominates the brown and gives you a subtle look.

platinum blonde

platinum blonde

Medium Length Platinum Hair

Mid-length hair is on fire so is the platinum hair color. It is one of my favorite looks which gives you a chic style. This platinum color is causal and can you opt-out in this hairstyle wearing the matching outfit and make-up.

Platinum Graduated Bob With Bangs

This hairstyle is simple but with an edge. This style varies according to the face structure and should adjust according to length, fringe style and the degree of graduation. You can use a paddle brush to get a nice texture and to increase the volume of hair.

Platinum Highlights

If you want to try something new and versatile with your hair, then you should try this hair color this summer. If you’re going to do something with your natural hair, then platinum highlights are the best choice which gives a new twist to your natural hair and makes it look good on you.

Steel Metallic Silver

The steel metallic silver color gives you a combination of silver and violet-blue color dimensions. You should try this hair color if you want something different because it is one of the modest colors which gives you a bold and sexy look. You should be daring at heart to try this hair color.

Rose Gold Platinum

Rose gold is one of the favorite colors among girls and women. Whether it is an iPhone or the hair color all we prefer is the rose gold color. It gives you a light tint of rose color with the combination of golden color. It adds the peachy look and suits you the best if you have a dark or medium skin tone.

Warm Fawn

Warm Fawn hair color gives you a natural look which is one of the best element of this hairstyle. A balayage hair color similar should be done frequently to make your hair look great and give you a stylish look.

Tapered Neck Razor Platinum Cut

This hairstyle covers the neck and seems to be short, but it includes more area and texture gives you a chic vibe. This hairstyle may look new and awkward to many, but it surely gives you a modern touch.


platinum blonde

Butter Blonde Platinum

This platinum blonde hair color is as smooth as butter, so the name is after the butter. Not only the appearance of hair color looks like butter, but it gives you smooth shine which makes you stand among the crowd. You can add other colors to highlight if you want to provide extra charm to your hairstyle.


Silver  Platinum Mauve

Can you identify the pale violet silver color.?Well, the silver and platinum color goes well with each other and gives you a fresh look. This silver mauve hair color requires a lot of time and maintenance with several salon session to get the color you want. The correct use of shampoo and conditioner should be done to maintain the hair color properly.

A Slightly Edgy Cut

It is a fun hairstyle which is easy to manage and works great for both days as well as night time. This haircut is a modified version of hip-hop style and adds a fun element to the look. This hairstyle can be done by leaving some length on the top and bringing the rest of the hair as a side part.

platinum blonde

Honey Platinum Blonde

If you want to get a rich hair color as honey, then this hairstyle is for you. It is one of the trendiest looks which gives you a soft glow which makes your heart skip a bit. The combination of honey and platinum shade gives you the color which matches your personality and gives you a beautiful look.


Silver Hair Highlights

The silver highlights are fun and cool which gives you super ashy silver vibes. The hair has a black base color where a few strands of silver highlights is applied which provides you with a different style than others. As these types of metallic tones are difficult to show up in your hair so you should have a pale hair show to show up the colors as it is and can take multiple session to get the exact hair color.


Hidden Highlights

Hidden highlight looks good if you have a straight cut. If you have a cool bob cut, then you can have hidden highlights where the hair can only be visible when you brush your hair. Different shades such as black, red, brown and chestnut shades look beautiful under platinum highlights.

Dark Blondes Roots With Platinum Ends

It is one of the popular hair colors where the roots are in dark blonde color, and it ends with a platinum ends. The dark roots add a lot of texture to your hair and make it look voluminous. If you don’t want a full platinum color, then you should try this hair by going to your hairdresser.

Short Platinum Hair

Ever wonder how you look in short curly platinum hair? Then, here is the look you have imagined, and it’s dead-drop gorgeous. Those black and platinum highlights add a lot to the look and give you a fresh style for any occasion.

platinum blonde

Blue Platinum

If you want to try something different with your hair color and you are open to new color and ideas, then you should once try this hair color and style. This hair color suits you the best if you have a fair skin tone. We can see a dark blue shade of platinum at the end of the hair and some design at the middle which makes you stand among the crowd and focus on your hairstyle.

Pastel Blend

If you are tired of your round face structure and want to make your face look slimmer, then pastel blend color helps a lot to frame your face in a right way. The dark roots and the pastel shades add volume to your hair and make your facial structure look slimmer and attractive. We can get enough of the pastel shades as they are gorgeous and beautiful.

Two Side Braid with Low Ponytail

Two fishtail or french braid from the front side is done and continued to the last which is later tied up in a ponytail which helps you to get a fresh look, and this look can be opt-out for the casual events. The platinum hair adds a lot of charm to the hairstyle and makes you look stylish.

Half Updo Platinum Buns

This hairstyle is effortless and the most popular among the girls. You have to make two buns in the top of your hair with a middle section of your hair. You can style it with loose curls or with a messy bun. This style is quite famous for casual wear such as a shirt and a pair of denim.

Smokey Platinum

If you want to get a bold and smokey look, then get this hair color as soon as possible. It gives you a dense and mystery vibes which will make you stand tall among the crowd and enhances your makeup and personality as well. This smokey platinum looks better in the women who have a pale skin tone.

platinum blonde

Wavy Ends

If you want to get a bouncy and chic look, then this look is perfect for you because the waves at the lower half of your hair give a beautiful texture and make it voluminous. This hairstyle can be opt-out for parties, events which helps you sweep all the attention.

Dark Silver

The classic and subtle dark silver color is the hair color we need in our life. It is an easy and straightforward color which makes you stand out among the crowd and gives you a gorgeous look. You don’t need any specific skin color tone or hair to have this hairstyle; you need the confidence and will-power to rock the look.

Pearl Platinum Blonde

If you have a fair skin tone and light eye color, then pearl platinum blonde is for you. The light wave at the end of the hair complements the color very well keeping it classic and subtle. If you have a blue or green eye color, it is the best hair color to carry.

Sleek Blunt Blonde Bob

If you have a blunt bob cut and is looking for a hair color which suits the hairstyle the best? Then, the answer is the platinum blonde color. The color helps to shape the hairstyle and provide texture and dimensions to the entire look. This haircut and hair color enables you to sweep all the attention from the crowd.


Center-Parted and Layers

Parted and Layers is one of the hairstyles which never go out of fashion and is our timeless pick. The center part helps you get a little grace and frames your face perfectly. This cut suits if you have naturally straight and thin hair.

Platinum Baby lights

We love different dimensions and tones in the hair which is gorgeous and gives you a satisfying result. To have this hairstyle, you need a proper time and money because you can’t get this hair color sitting in your home. You can take an appointment at the salon and try this hair color properly.

Light Platinum Blonde

It is one of the beautiful shade in the platinum blonde hair color. It looks excellent on woman who has a light or pale skin tone and light eye color. The light makeup and lipstick add a lot of charm to the entire look and make you look gorgeous from every angle.

platinum blonde

Platinum Blonde Mermaid Hair

In our childhood days we once have dreamt of being a mermaid, yes that may be a very unrealistic dream, but you can fulfill a little bit of your goal by having this hairstyle in as platinum hair color. You can have this messy mermaid braid which provides you all the vibe of being a mermaid.

Two- Front Side Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for the date or prom night which gives you a cute and feminine look. Every woman should make sure to try this hairstyle every once in a while. The braiding done from two different sides of the hair with the middle partition gives you a beautiful style.

Frosted Platinum

This frosted platinum look is the dream color we want for this summer. The icy platinum color gives you the chic and cool vibe which helps you to sweep all the attention from the crowd and make you look lovely. It suits all kind of skin tone and even makes you look amazing by the dark roots in the hair.

Short Hairstyles In Platinum Blonde

This look can be lovely on women and girls who have a sharp facial structure. This hairstyle gives you a boy next door style which can go perfectly with the bold makeup and gives you a stylish and boyish look.

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of the blonde color which is beautiful and makes you look amazing from every angle. It is a risky hair color because it needs a lot of time and maintenance. To get the perfect shade of color according to you wish is a big challenge as you should bleach your hair before applying color and make sure the color is according to your skin tone and eye color.

So above are the pictures of platinum blonde shade which ranges from dark to light and differ according to the hair texture and dimensions also. It gives you light color which is a perfect look to carry for the summer.


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