66 Pixie Cuts for Thick/Thin Hair


Are you tired of the same hairstyle and looking for something different?
Maybe, try out the pixie cut.
A cut that can look damn sexy in curls or straight; thick or fine.
Girlfriend,  it won’t even go wrong if you want some bangs with it.

This sexy and cute hairdo has been around a long time.
Did you know, it originated in the Roaring Twenties along with the women’s revolution?
It initially was taken as the symbol of a counter culture, and only rebellious women were seen flaunting this hairdo.
But now times have changed.
Now it is an epitome of boldness as well as cuteness.
A haircut that is loved by all be it movie stars, politicians or university students.

Pixie cut seems to have no limitations. It works for any face type; round, oval or heart-faced shape and any hair type; thin or thick.  Don’t believe me? Have a look.

1. Fringed Pixie for Round Face

Do you have a round face and want to offset the roundness?  Ask your hair stylist for a pixie haircut with an angled side-swept bang like Jennifer here.

2. Pixie Cut with Long Feather Bangs

pixie-cutWant to look elegant? Walk into the parlor and ask for the pixie haircut. Add to your elegance with ash brown long feather bangs.  Is it not amazing? Just try it out.

3. Sleek Classy Pixie

Intellectual women love stylish, chic pixie hairdo. This hairstyle allows them to look extra gorgeous when they have to shift their role back and forth from office to weekend getaway to organizational meetings.

4. Gray Long Pixie Haircut

You must try long pixie with the little undercut. It works best for young, charming girls.

5. Edgy Dark Pixie Hairstyle

 Dark, edgy pixie haircut makes you look fabulous and glamorous. Girl, what on earth is stopping you? Be the glam in town!

6. Half Shaved Pixie Cut

A rebellious hairstyle indeed! A half shaved hairstyle can look beautiful. Don’t worry about the hair color; you can go crazy with pink, gray or just opt for natural black color. Go bold, hon!

7. Pinned Up Pixie

For a new look in the pixie cut, keep your top longer and your sides short. Add pins to create an extra dimension.

8. Casual Pixie Hairstyle

Casual pixie hairdo is trendy and adorable. You will not let this look let go so soon.

9. Pull off Fringe Pixie Cut

For a confident and intelligent look, walk around with their golden pixie hairstyle.

10. Two-tone Pixie Haircut

 Look at this uniqueness in the pixie cut, a combination of two different hair type; short bob at one side and long layer at the other.For an extra ounce of coolness, flaunt your gorgeous earrings.

11. Classy Dark Pixie Haircut

This classic look makes you look so much younger! This look is sophistication at its best.

12. Cute Burgundy Pixie

You know, cute burgundy pixie hairstyle has become favorite these days among young girls. Try it, love!

13. Faux Hawk Pixie Hair Cut 

 It is worthless to search other options other than faux hawk look for a bold and trendy look. Walk around with Hawk hairdo; you are bound to get some,’Damn!’ on your way.

14. Short Fringe Pixie Cut

Confused about which hairdo is suitable for your sun-kissed ombre hair?
Short fringe pixie haircut could be the answer.
This hairdo makes you look cuter than ever.

15. Long Pixie Bob

Long beautiful pixie haircut is a gorgeous way to wear. Every celebrity seems to be following this trend, lately. Make your appearance charming, sophisticated and stylish and be a star of your life.

16. Elongated Pixie Haircut

Do you have Brown-toned hair?
Elongated pixie hairstyle is the only hairdo for a vintage look  It is more suitable for girls with a tan complexion as it brings out the Goddess-like glow.

17.Pixie Cut for Naturally Curly Hair

Girls who have naturally curly hair can have various hairdos throughout the year. The naturally curly pixie hairstyle is one.

18. Emma style Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

Short bangs can be swept to the side and make your appearance beautiful.  Let us name this Emma style.

19. Pastel Colored Pixie Haircut

No more waiting to make your look gorgeous! Walk into the salon for the pastel colored pixie haircut with the bangs. You are sure to get some ‘Wow!’ on your way.

20. Layered Pixie with Long Fringe

Haircut with long fringes that fall on your forehead and short on the back is the trend of 2017.

21. Bangs with undercut Pixie hairstyle

 Wondering which hairdo suits best for your stunning black dress? Bangs with undercut can be what you want.  Highlight your bangs with snow white color for an extra dimension.

22. Messy Fringe Pixie Cut

The messy fringe pixie cut can certainly make you look elegant.

23. Dark Pixie Haircut with Short Bangs

 The classy dark pixie cut is a timeless hairstyle. Loves, simpleyou must try this out once in your life.

24. Straight Pixie Haircut

For a wild look opt for ash gray pixie hairdo.

25. Pixie cut with Gray Bangs

Turnpure blond hair into something gorgeous with some easy ideas. The side swept bangs make you look exceptionally beautiful. Once you try out it, it will be your all time favorite.

26. Silver Pixie Hairstyle

Short pixie with silver color! That is a fabulous idea to break your regular monotonous appearance..Perfect look for everywhere you go.

27. Short Pixie Haircut Layered Bangs

Short pixie cut with layered fringe can add that ounce of coolness you have always been wanting. Put on a dark colored outfit for that cherry on the cake.

28.Pixie Cut for straight hair

Be the trend breaker with your long fringes. Ready to party, girls?

29. Dark Burgandy Pixie Haircut

Dark burgundy pixie hairstyle looks tremendously charming. Add some asymmetrical bangs on your side for a new dimension.

30. Messy Layered Pixie Cut

Love to play with messy layered wavy fringe that falls on their forehead?

31. Short Undercut With Long Fringe Pixie

Red lipstick on your lips and black fringe on your forehead with short undercut pixie. What a great combination! 

32. Short and Bold Pixie Cut

Short bold pixie hairstyle gives you extra energy to take on the world. Good luck, hairsdosgirls! As Beyonce knows it, we run the world girls.

33. Blonde straight Cute Pixie Cut

We all style our hair depending on the events we attend. Blonde straight cute pixie hairdo is that hairdo that you don’t need to think about twice. It is suitable for all kind of meetings, gatherings, and jobs.

34. Edgy Gray Pixie

Edgy gray pixie hairstyle makes you look perfect and dimensional.

35. Trendy Pixie Haircut

Trendy pixie cut with red lipstick, you definitely will become the bombshell in the town.

36. Classical highlighted Pixie

Classical highlighted pixie hairdo looks magically beautiful. You will look calm and stunning.

37. Pixie with Long Cute Bangs

Do you have a cute face?
Do you wear spectacles?
Pixie with long cute fringe is the right hairstyle for you.

38. Pull off Bangs and Pixie Cut

You love pixie hairstyle but don’t like bangs on our forehead?
Not a problem!
Pixie haircut with without bangs make you look more natural and charming.

39. Creative Boyish Pixie Cut

Break the trend and be bold. Girls no longer need to have long and beautiful hair to be ‘girls.’ Original pixie hairstyle gives you an extra ounce of power.

40. Pull off Long Fringe Pixie Cut

Long fringe pixie cut has become one of the favorite hairstyles among girls with the beginning of 2017.

41. Cute Pixie Cut

Cute pixie cut gives you that innocent look. Let your baby bangs fall on your forehead.

42. Queen-like Pixie HairCut

The queen-like pixie haircut gives you a very royal appearance.

43. Dark Sexy Pixie Haircut

Pixie cut with noticeable side swept gives you a very sexy look. Dark, sexy pixie cut adds vibration dramatically on your appearance.

44. Pixie with Highlighted Bangs

This hairstyle truly makes you lovely as well as bold, especially when you highlight little parts of your fringes.

45. Messy Sexy Pixie

A selfie with messy, sexy pixie cut might get increase your followers on Instagram.

46. Bold Pixie cut

Straight hair with the bold pixie cut suits for all girls. Try it when you want to flaunt a rebellious look.

47. Accessorised Pixie

 The hairstyle is only the accessory that can make you sexy to straightforward or simple to bold.

48. Choppy Pixie Cut

 Choppy pixie is the next fantastic hairdo to maintain your hair irrespective its type and color.

49. Pixie Cut With Straight Fringe

It is your hairstyle that makes you look stunning. Pixie cut with straight edge could be the best option for you to make your appearance cute.

50. Black Gorgeous Pixie Cut

Let your black hair to fall on your forehead and be the hot babe wherever you go.

51. Excellent Pixie Hairstyle

Make your appearance simple and sophisticated with excellent pixie hairstyle. You look uniquely fresh and stylish.

52. Long Gray Hair Pixie Cut

Look no further for the perfect hairstyle to get inspired.
You will look stunning!
You seem cool!

53. Open Forehead Pixie Cut

Open forehead pixie cut gives you a gorgeous look.

54. Longish Pixie Cut

For those girls, who don’t love short hair can enjoy the longish pixie cut. Play with your long bangs and paint the town red.

55. Sexy Pixie Cut

I don’t think I need to say anything about the sexy pixie cut. Wear accessories and outfits that add to your sexiness.

56. Pixie Hair Cut for Thin Hair

No more worries for beauties with thin hair. The thin hair pixie style makes you stand unique in the crowd.

57. Silky Soft Pixie Cut

Silky soft pixie cut looks great on everyone. Trust me girls, everyone.

58. Messy Fringe Pixie Cut

Black messy pixie haircut!
You will look fabulously stunning.
There are a lot of celebrities flaunting the messy pixie hairstyle.

59. Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, pxie cut is for you. It needs almost no maintenance. However, you have to be sure to choose suitable clothing and other accessories if  to you want create a wild look.

60. Naturally Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Love short hair?
Do you have naturally curly hair?
Pixie with naturally curly hair trend is on top.

61. Simple Pixie Haircut

‘Simple living high thinking!’
Live simple with the simple pixie.

62. Side Parted Pixie

Keep the long bangs on the side and manage to have an elegant look. An extraordinary trend for the extra-ordinaries.

63. Traditional Pixie with a Retro Vibe

Almost all girls want to have the elegant traditional look. This retro look can be your new look for the summer.

64. Pixie for Classical Look

Women look awesomely beautiful with classical look pixie hairstyle.
Follow the hair trend and grab people’s attention.
Time is for those who get an attention, not for those who are shadowed.

65. Simple Dark Pixie Cut with Bangs

Everybody loves the simple stunning girl who looks elegant even when she wears ordinary outfit. That is possible with the simple dark pixie haircut.

66. Pumpkin Spice Hair Pixie Cut

Pixie with long bangs hairstyle is the biggest hairdo for pumpkin spiced hair color.  Be the sexy you!

Break the monotonous trend in town with your pixie cut. Influence your girlfriends for the pixie cuts. Be bold, dynamic and you!


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