100 Pink Nails That Will Change Your Perception About the Color!


Pink nails- well, they sure do have a reputation! They are possibly one of the first colors you got for your manicure! They were widely thought of as colors that are best for young women only! Even teenagers are attracted to these colors of nails! We love how the times have changed, and they are becoming color for all! These nail colors are increasingly becoming the new trend that everyone needs to try out. You can see them displayed on your favorite nail salon too. So you can take it up as a sign to try on this cute look.

They are fabulous as the hues can be made to be as dark and as light as you want to go. They need not be the bubblegum pink that you have always seen on the images on Instagram. You can also try on a mauve pink or some orange-tinted pink. They can be the best new thing for your nails. If you are heading out for a vacation, get these pink nails, and they will look great on all your pictures. Add on some glitter and stones, and you can get them to look as shiny as diamonds themselves!

Here are nearly a hundred pleasant instances of pink nails that are perfect for every girl out there!

pink nails

The simple art of painting nails!

Are you wondering how to get the simplest pink nails for you? Then there is no need to get all fizzled and look around on the internet. You can find most of the ideas in this collection itself. If you are looking for a simple look, you can take a nail filer and create a shape. You can choose from a lot of nail shapes out there. Since we are talking about the simple look, we can try out the oval shape of nails.

Once you are done, you can lather on some oil or moisturizing lotion on them. It will take away the dry look of the nails. Then you can choose a shade of pink that works best for you. It does not need to be the perfect bright, hot pink color. It can be any shade that you seem to prefer. Lay on a base coat first and then let it dry completely.

When that is done, you can take the nail paint and cover your nails on it. You can let them air dry or use the UV rays machine that you can purchase nowadays. Follow up with another layer if you are looking to create a harder base! You can then add on a topcoat. It will create shine and let your nail polish stay without getting chipped!

Shapes of pink nails you can try out!

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to painting your nails. You can try out a lot of them for sure. But we are giving you a way to learn about these options so that you can look your best each day and feel it too. Here there are some ways that you can change the shape of your nails. The few options out there are the oval shape, the square shape, rounded square, almond, squoval, and stiletto! These are the ones that are loved and are mostly gotten by a lot of girls out there.

If you are not so good in the art of shaping your nails, then we suggest you head on to the salon to get them done as they can break or make your whole look. But if that is too expensive for you and you want to learn how to do it, you can take the time and follow instructions. You can find Youtube channels primarily dedicated to the art of nail shaping and coloring. Keep practicing, and we are sure you will ace it in no time. Till then, you can check out these pink nails ideas in this collection.

The glittery pink nails for everyone!

They say glitters are the best companions for young girls. This is undoubtedly an understatement. Yes, we all love the shine that comes from glitters. There are a lot of ways we like to incorporate them into our looks. Some of the best ideas are glitter on our clothes, on the body, and even on the eyes and cheeks as a part of the makeup we have on. And now we are showing you one of the more exciting ways. Here you can choose the color of the nails and the chunks of glitter.

The glitter on the nails can be significant and chunky, or you can try out a subtler more precise take to the whole nail thing! Here you can see how to add on these fine particles on your nails and rock the pink nails look. You do not need to have long nails to try out this look. They can be tried on short nails as well. This is one do it yourself kind of a project that you can get done at home itself. If you do not want to overpower yourself with glitters, then you can try out coloring only one nail in and filling in the glitter.

You are adding on the nail ornaments!

There are some cute options here that are less everyday style if you are working too hard each day! Here we have added on the touch of jewelry. We all know that jewels are exciting, and sometimes we all can obsess over them. If you are one girl who loves the idea of the bedazzled nails, then you have to check this collection out! There are some stones in here that can make everything else look less shiny. You can pair your pink nails with these pieces and look fabulous.

We have some of the best collection that has been seen on Pinterest. This gives you the luxury of having to only go through this article to find the color you want on your nails. Look out the lens of beauty, and we are sure you will find the courage to try out these bold colors. If you want to see yourself in these hues, you need to start fast! You can take the metallic shades and tones and add on some rhinestones to get the same look as well. If you want, you can try to recreate any of these nail art designs.

Hot pink nails or no?

If you are interested in hot pink nails with glitter, then you are in the right section. There are not a lot of women who love the pure vibrancy of the warm pink color. But we are here to suggest to you how this color can be the next best thing you try out. They can be added on with the rhinestones and glitters to add that posh factor to the whole thing. You can see that there are so many options here to look at. We made sure to collect the ones that are intriguing to look at and also aren’t too hard to do.

If you want, you can create water marble nail art with these pink nails. These hot pink nail designs are lovely, and they are also perfect for a baby shower or bridal shower! You can try to add them on as a part of your whole attire. The shapes you add and the way you fix in all the pieces make it a perfect, feminine style. You can also keep them matte or add on a bit of shine with acrylic nail paint!

Adorable designs

When you are feeling like a flowery day, you can try out these lovely designs. You can see there are these stunning designs in this section that can certainly inspire you. There are a lot of funky designs out there, and you can try them soon. We would love for you to share them with us once you get it done. If you want that adorable look, you can add a rhinestone infused bow on the top of your nails.

You can also try drawing a heart out of the polka dots. Polka dots were a huge thing back in the day, and they are still making a lot of buzzes. You can add the polka dots and create a monochromatic section in there as well. Here are a few ideas if you want to try out the cute style.

Long acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are lovely, and they are what everyone wants for sure. But if you are getting them for the first time around, they might hurt a bit. It is normal for sure since that is the glue trying to stick on to the nail. We all love the long beautiful nails that make an impression. Yet on board with the idea of pink acrylic nails and look fabulous. Here are some options that you need to try out if you need a change.

Get spicy with the colors!

You can get as spicy with the colors as you would like. We are showing you how to get all glittery and bedazzled with the nails. There are a lot of fiery tones that can be paired with the pink hues.

If you want, you can add on the matte black and fiery reddish-pink on the nails. They can make for beautiful looking nail polish. Check out these options, and we are sure you will find something that suits your personality.

Medium length of pink nails

Nails can be of varying lengths. You can keep it as short as you like it and go as long as you desire as well. Nowadays, there is a trend of having very long nails for sure.

You can get them in dark tones, and you can also get that patterned look on the nail. When you are done, you can get the rings and place them on. The golden shades of the ring will go perfectly with the patterns!

Muted matte shades

Are you tired of the shiny nail look? There are not a lot of options that come out for the nude shades. People are so into the whole bright nail idea that they forget the matte tones. The choice on the top here has a lot of peachy tones to it.

There are white lines on the nails here, and they are working great to create this soft neutral, natural look. We adore these styles, and thus, we want you to try them out as well. If you want to add that bit of bling, then try adding a bit of golden touch to the whole single nail concept!

Single nail bedazzled ideas!

This is the section where we talk about the nail trend that everyone adores. Here we add a single nail with all the glitter and unique color. You can go from simple and stylish to looking severe and fierce with the change of your nail art! There are some holographic nail paints in this section as well. You can add pink and rose gold glitters to make it work.

Add on some rhinestones and some jewels and make a particular finger feel special. Usually, you can take the ring finger to do this little thing. You can also do it on any other finger. The choice always lies in you and what you want to do. If you add that golden chunks of jewels on them, they will surely shine out even more.

What’s your choice?

Every girl is different, and the choices one has are also very different. You can be a girly person and try on the bubblegum pink or take it to a whole new level with hot pink. You can try to keep it to the minimum with the flushed pink nail polish too. Otherwise, there are also ways to add on some oranges and reds to the whole mix. To make it less spicy, you can try on adding a stripe of grey on there. You can create this one at home by adding on some tape and creating a ‘v’ shape.

We are sure you will love these couple of ideas. These are the modern touches of colors, and you can see that they are going well with the whole merge. If you have a pink and orange dress, you can recreate this look and feel better. You can also get them shaped at a proper time interval to keep them this polished. We are sure this one will work out for the majority of girls out there. So ladies do check this out when you have that chance. You can search for more of these styles in this collection as well.

Adding on the black with pink nails

Pink is a lovely, feminine color to try out, but you can also add a darker factor to them. If you are familiar with the nail trends, then you can see there are many pink nails coffin ideas out there too. That makes the two ideas combine with the pink, adding that soft touch and the coffin adds that dark, gothic look. Here we have the best combination with the more colored matte black and pairing it with the metallic tone. You can see how sharply they are filed, and it makes the wearer look extra special.

Adding black can surely make any look fabulous. You are sure to love the polka-dotted look with the nail art. If you want, you can pair that with the softest matte nude pink. There are some ombre nails out there that are sure to get your attention as well. The darker tones are on the bottom, and there are red and pink on top of it. If you look closer, you can also see there is clear nail polish on there.

Light pink nails

If you are not one to fall for dark pink nails, then we have lighter options for you. Here we have some stunning ideas of a barely-there pink tone that is breathtaking to look at. Here are some square-shaped nails that work perfectly for every day. These are also good for when you want to make an impression.

You can also make them look more transparent and closer to the natural color of your nails. They are looking much neater and give you a barely-there look. It does not look like you made a lot of effort to do it, which makes it better. Once you are done with the colors, you can try and add on more pieces of jewelry on the hands. They are perfect for when you want to go out with your friends.

Metallic tones with pink nails

This is good looking pink nail designs 2019 has seen. They will surely make a smooth transition to this year! We are sure you will love to get the same style on your claws the next time you feel feisty! You do not need to put in only one single color on for the nail color. You can try out adding on colors that compliment the pink tones perfectly. For example, we are fans of the best looking silver pink and golden tones. In case you want that look, here are some inspirational ideas.

These metallic tones of nail colors are surely going to be one of the hottest trends of all time. You can sport them when you feel spirited. Add on some fine chunks of silver glitter, and you can work them out thoroughly. If you are more into golden, then try out the rose gold along with your favored shade of pink! That will make for the best nails anyone has ever seen! Here are a couple of ideas in case you need something to be inspired by.

Short nails

If you have short nails, then you might not be thinking about getting pink nails acrylic styles for sure. But we are here to show you some looks that are lovely on nails that are not too long! We can call this short nails as the show stopper for sure. Some dusty pink tones are perfect for any big girl. You can work it up with a dress of the same shade of pink. They also go well with pearls and silver clothes. These are some colors of cotton candy here as well, which will get all your attention.

You can take your short nails to a whole new level of beautiful by trying on these nail polishes. Invest in a brand that you know will work for you. That way, you can get them to last longer. When you put them on, you want them to last at least for seven days without chipping and breaking off. So you can get to adding some of the best looking strips of color and rhinestones as well. You can also get French tips on the nails below the pink color. Here are some images that can get you inspired.

Finding the one for you!

There are surely nail art designs out there that we all adore. But they can also get confusing at times. Especially if we are not sure how to get the one that is perfect for you. They can be a bit hard to work with since they are colors in which mistakes can easily be spotted. But we want to encourage you to try on these pink nails style once. We are sure you will get hooked on this. There are not a lot of issues when it comes to creating an everyday pink nail look.

You can find teenagers even trying on and recreating these pink nails. It is just one of the most favored and loved styles of all time. They are perfect as they are filled up with this warm, feminine energy. You can try out the looks we suggested and can even recreate them. In case you cannot do that, we suggest you head on to the salon for a quick manicure. Make a day out of it, and it can be the fun thing you do this weekend!


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