102 Fabulous Pink Hair Ideas to try in 2021


Are you bored with your everyday hairstyle? Wanna try something COOL and CLASSY with your hair at the same time? Then HEY you have come to a perfect place, here I have some fabulous pink hair that never goes out of style. You can choose between different shades of pink. With the color being so flexible, pink is sensational color. I have put down every shade of pink hair color that suits perfectly on any skin tone. Here are some unique pink hair color ideas that will inspire you to get your next hair dye appointment.

Pastel Pink hairpink hair

This pastel peachy pink hairdo suits best on the light skin tone. The elegant look of Zara Larsson in this candy pink hair color stole the show in Brit Award 2017.

Lilac Pink

The combination of cool-toned light pink and dusty pink is perfect for those who don’t want too much of color. It is perfect hair color for spring where everything is so fresh and blooming. This hair color goes flawlessly in any skin tone.

Black-Pink Ombre

The black root and silvery pink ombre is an adorable hair color for those who have short hair. The pinky finish at the tip of the hair is making the color look more vibrant.

Pink Balayage

This is one of my favorite, wavy finish pink hairstyles. It combines the natural looking peachy pink ombre. Do you have medium length hair with a warm skin tone? If yes, then this hair color is the one for you. Don’t hesitate, go for it.

Bob Cherry Blossom Pink

I always thought Bob is one of the elegant hairstyles. But never thought cherry blossom pink with a bob hairstyle could be a bombshell. If you love experimenting with your hair then, just try this beautiful hairstyle.

Rose gold 

Always been a huge fan of short wavy hair? YES, it is one of the chic and classy hair that anyone can carry gorgeously. The rose gold color is complementing the hairstyle. It is a perfect go-to hairstyle.

Hot Pink 

All of us grew up watching fairy tale mermaid movies. Wanna feel like one? Try this hot pink hair dye and suits every skin tone. Have patience, as it takes an effort to get this color, but the result is WORTH IT!

Pale Pink

This shoulder length messy hair is perfect for any face structure and skin tones. The pale pink hair color is not much of  work and a very cool hairstyle to carry. This is a summer hairstyle, where you wanna spend all your day chilling out on the beach.

Barbie Pink Ombre

This stunning pink ombre is bold yet minimal. The wavy hair is giving texture to the hair color. This hair color is perfect for any weather and skin tone. What are you thinking? Just go for it, you’ll look fabulous.

Dusty to Bright ombre

Pastel Dusty pink at the roots and bright pink ombre is a go-to hair. If you want a carefree, breezy look, then this hairstyle is perfect for you.

Copper Rose Gold Curly Ombre

You want curly, hair but you’re scared of doing it, thinking it might not suit you? Well, I’ve got a simple formula for it. Curly hairstyle is all about how you carry it. If you pull off better in this hairstyle, trust me, you’ll look beautiful. Don’t hesitate; it’s all about trying out new things.

Floss pink

Dusty pink hair with messy bob is simple yet sophisticated. The flirty hairstyle is easy to carry around as it doesn’t require much work. If you have a chubby face, then this is a perfect hairstyle for you.

Lavender Pink Balayagepink hair

The shiny and soft texture of Lavender Pink is looking gorgeous in this long wavy hair. If you’re getting bored of your usual look, then you surely have to try this simple and soft hairstyle.

Light Pink Ombre

Fringes with long straight hair are dashing. But the light ombre is complementing the hairstyle at its best.

Silvery Pink Balayage

This natural looking pink hair ombre is fabulous, which suits every skin tone. The wavy edges are giving essence to the hair color.

Pastel pink that fades away

‘A perfect bob’ What else can you ask for to your hairstylist? Natural looking pink hair complements this bob hairstyle. Black root and pastel pink that fades away, which is giving the natural finish to this beautiful hairstyle.

Magneta Purple-pink ombre

Same hairstyle and hair color for years can be dull so, change is necessary and refreshing. This dark purple root and dark pink ombre are best if you’re looking for a change. This hair takes a little bit of effort so being patient is also necessary.

Wavy pastel hairdo

Pastel hair colors are getting popular these days because of its cuteness. This wavy pink pastel is gorgeous. It will look fabulous on every skin tone if carried well.

Unicorn Pink Hairdo

This cotton candy pink hair color is super cute. The voluminous pink crown and layered wavy edges are beautiful. This hair suits light and warm skin tone.

Pink’s Pink hair

American Singer PINK, elegantly carries this faux-hawk with pastel pink hair color at the top. When it comes to faux-hawk, who carries it off better than PINK. If you wanna try this chic and rocky hairstyle, then go for it.

 Breezy Blonde Pink

Blonde and Pink can never go wrong. This barbie pink is perfect for any skin tone and face structure. So, get it.

Pink fringes with orange hair

Always wanted to try something different? Or bring out the colorful side of you? Well, here I have a perfect combination for you. Pink fringes with a bright orange messy hairdo. Try this stunning hair and bring out the best of you.

Flamingo pink with Bun

A bun can never go out of style, and trying out these new colors to your hair can be very exciting. This flamingo pink is another beautiful looking shades of pink. The fringes are complementing the hairstyle.

Low ponytail

A flamingo pink hair with a low ponytail is also go-to hair for a casual outing. Nothing can go wrong with a casual messy ponytail. This hair color suits any skin tone.

Half-Braided Bun

It can be a cute back to school hairstyle and for casual outing as well. It’s a half done a braided bun, a little messy and the pastel pink color is doing its magic.

Pink-Blonde hairdo

Wasn’t so sure about blonde pink ombre, but after looking at this picture, it’s a BIG YES. A short hairstyle can never look bad also with an ombre its perfect.

Dark pink highlight

Light skin tone, dark skin tone? Don’t worry! Here I have a perfect hairstyle for any skin tone. Everyone dreams of having a long silky black hair, but a little texture of dark pink highlight to it doesn’t do much harm. So, why are you still here? Get this hairstyle.

Grayish-Pink Hairdo

Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek is flaunting this grayish pink wavy shoulder length hairdo. If you’re a fan of her movies, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t get this hairstyle.

Rose Gold Balayage

This casual messy rose gold layer is perfect for those who are looking for something simple yet elegant. It is a perfect go-to hairstyle that doesn’t need much of a work.

Rose Gold Bob

This hairstyle of Julianne Hough actress of the movie “Safe Haven” is doubtlessly pretty. This simple hairstyle is easy to carry and go-to for any formal and informal event.

Elegant Updo

Updo is a simple hairstyle that makes a significant impact on any events. The sleek look of updo and flirty look of Barbie pink is the perfect combination.

 Long Layers 

Long messy layered hairdo with pastel pink color and a little bit of green, purple, yellow texture at the edges. It is a perfect summer hairstyle as it is breezy and full of colors.

Messy Side Bun 

Platinum pink color with messy side bun is a perfect casual party hairdo, that’ll make you look super stylish and cool. It is easy to do hairstyle that doesn’t take a lot of time and doesn’t have to be perfect.

Long hot pink hair

Sexy looking long fiery pink hair is gorgeous. If you wanna stand out in a crowd or room full of people, then this hairstyle is perfect for you without a doubt.

Kylie Jenner Updo

This elegant hairstyle carried out by Kylie Jenner is beguiling. This pale pink hairdo is classy and modern at the same time. Try out this look of Kylie Jenner.

 Pinkish Nude Hairdopink hair

There’s a nude color revolution going on everywhere. Nude lipstick to nude clothes and now this Kylie Jenner’s Nude hair color. This short wavy wet nude hair is elegant in its way so, why not giving it a shot?

Kim Kardashian Pinky Lavender hairdo

This barbie pinkish lavender long hair is perfect for those who are bored with their everyday look and wanna try something exciting. Following the trend of Kardashian’s is always a big YES.

Flirty Pink

Is it just me who thinks peachy pink is a flirty color? This black rooted peachy pink short hair is perfect for those who are busy and cannot invest a lot of time doing their hair. It is a perfect go-to hairstyle.

Front Puff and Wavy edges

Going to a party or a casual friends outing then this small puff with long wavy edges is perfect. It’s simple and easy to carry hairstyle.

Flamingo Balayage

Brown to flamingo pink ombre sounds alluring as it looks. The hairstyle suits any skin color from light to dark tone. The wavy finish of the hair is making it look more attractive.

Curly shoulder length hair

The hairstyle only a few people can flaunt is curly hair because there’s too much effort in it. If you naturally have a curly hair or have a patient to get that curly hair, then you should try out this Millennial pink hair color.  This color enhances the gorgeous looking curly hair.

Nude Pink Ombre

Another classy looking pink ombre with long waves. If you’re a huge fan of wavy hair then this is the perfect pick for you.

Neon Pink with Fringes

The bright pink color is adding life to this bob with fringes. Wanna stand out in a crowd? If yes, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Light Pink Hairdo with dark pink highlights

This bright pink hairdo is simple, but the bottom dark pink highlight is giving feeling to this hairstyle. This hairstyle suits better on the light skin tone.

Wavy pink-purplish hairdopink hair

If you have always been a huge fan of barbies and fairy tale movies then, this hairdo is the best for you. The purple and pink combination is going great together and the heavy waves are just icing on the cake.

Brown to Pale pink ombre

Brown color at the crown is giving a neutral and natural look and you don’t have to touch up as your hair grows. The fading pink hair color with the messy wave is gorgeous.

Fairy Light Pink Long Hair

This light candy floss pink hair is perfect for summer beach time. If you want that flirty look, then hands down this are the one for you. It suits every skin tone from light to dark.

Blonde hair with pink highlight

If you just want a lighter shade of pink in your hair, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Highlighting a few streaks of your hair in pink is also a great idea.

Pink Champagne

Transform your hair to this classy looking pink champagne color. Don’t worry about the skin tone; it suits every skin tone. The wavy finish is enhancing the hair.

Millennial Pink

This alluring hairstyle suits a warm skin tone the most. The dark root will make the hair look more natural as it grows. The dusty pink finish is enhancing the entire hairstyle.

Spiky Light Pink

Kim Namjoon of famous K-pop group BTS dyed his hair pink. This vibrant shade of pink left his fans inspired.

Grayish-Pink Hair

This grayish tone in rose gold hair color with a vibrant bob haircut is mesmerizing. It is a soft look that suits every skin tone from light to dark. So, try this sophisticated look without hesitation.

Whitish Pink hair

Shiny whitish-pink hairdo is elegant at its best. It can suit any skin tone from light to dark.

Cherry Blossom Ombre

Another cute hairstyle, this cherry blossom pink hair color is fabulous and the wavy finish is royal. What are you still thinking? Just get it.

Candy Pink

Anyone can flaunt this candy pink hairstyle. This hair color requires a lot of patient and effort and the result is, of course, worth it.

Neon Pink Purple Ombrepink hair

Long layered hairstyle is always beautiful also, with neon pinkish-purple ombre it is bright and alluring.

Fairy Pink Short Hairdo

The layered pink hairdo is perfect for those who do not want much work done with their hair. Simple fairy pink color and short layered hair and you’re ready to go.

Lavender Emo Layers

Wanna bring out the emo side that’s inside of you? Well, I’ve got a perfect hairstyle for you. This lavender emo layer hair is gorgeous in its way and suits every skin color.

Blonde Pink Ombre 

Natural looking blonde and pastel pink ombre with dark pink streak highlight. The wavy edges are complementing the hair.

Magnetic Pink Ombre

Breathtaking! Isn’t it? This magnetic pink hairstyle with natural dark root doesn’t need to touch up as it grows. Don’t worry if you’ve short hair, this hairstyle suits on any hair length.

Long wavy pastel pink

There’s no doubt that pastel pink color suits every skin tone. So, don’t hesitate to try these beautiful shades of pink.

Pastel Pink

The cast of Orange is the New black, popular American Web series, Taryn Manning’s pastel light pink hair is gorgeous. This light pink yet bright color that she is flaunting suits flawlessly on any skin tone.

Barbie Pink with side Mohawk

I have always wanted a side mohawk but, was not so sure about it. This Barbie pink side mohawk is the next level. If you have the cool and rocky side inside you then, this is the perfect hairstyle to bring out the mohawk side that’s inside of you.

Wavy layered hairdo

Purple at the root, pink in the middle and peachy gold edges, a hairstyle full of colors. The wavy layers is enhancing the beautiful combination of multiple colors. You just have to be very patient, as this pink hairstyle requires a lot of effort. The result is totally worth it.

Pinkish-Lavender Breezy Hairdo

The silver pinkish-lavender ombre is one of my favorite Cara Delevingne looks. Messy long layers and the ombre is going together gracefully. The breezy finish is complementing the hairstyle as a whole.

Pastel Silver Pink with wavy edges

We’ve seen Kylie Jenner in different hair colors but, this long wavy dark root pastel pink is one of my fabs. When it comes to different hairstyle who carries it better than Jenner? Wanna try one Kylie Jenner’s hairstyle? Well, this is the one for you.

Bubblegum Pink Color Wavy Bob

This soft and sweet candy texture and the short waves with side bangs is perfect for those who have a bubbly personality.

Classic Purplish Pinkpink hair

The color speaks itself, the royal texture of purplish pink is a key feature of this hairstyle. If you have the light skin tone, hands down, go for it already.

Braided Millennial Pink

The crown braid is icing on the cake and it is stealing the show. The pastel color is very light and it is complementing the hairstyle in every possible way. Without worrying about the skin tone, go for it. It suits every skin tone.

Blush Pink rose hair

Classy color with beautiful hair cut, what more could you ask. You want a sweet and cute look then this is the perfect one for you. It is a beautiful go-to hairstyle that doesn’t not require much work.

Carnation Pink Long Layers

This is one beautiful shade of pink that you would love to try. The breezy and wavy hair finish is enhancing the color. It does not matter what the length is; it suits every hair length.

Layered Pastel Pink Shorthair

You can spice up your look by this short layered hairdo. Also, the pink pastel color is cherry on top. This hairstyle is perfect for those who have thin hair because the layer in your short hair makes your hair look voluminous.

Long Straight hairdo

Long straight hair is always beautiful but rose gold with dark roots is next level. The dark roots have an advantage, and you don’t have to touch up your as it grows.

Elegant Voluminous Bob

If you’ve always had the problem of thin hair then, Don’t worry! I have this perfect bob haircut that makes your hair look voluminous and elegant with the beautiful rose gold pink hair cut.

Dark to light pink ombre

Without worrying about the skin tone, just go for it. This wavy pink hairstyle is perfect for summer time when you are chilling on the beach, and the wind is blowing.

Dark Magenta Wavy Short Hair

Am I the only one who is a huge fan of wavy hair? This dark purplish-pink short hair is my cup of tea. The waves are giving essence to this hairstyle. This hairstyle suits best for both light and warm skin tone.

Cotton Candy Pink

This long straight hair is so perfect that I’m jealous. The cotton candy pink color is perfect for a bubbly personality and this hair color suits any skin tone. What are you waiting for? Try this cute hairstyle already!

I know it is extremely confusing to decide which hairstyle suits you better. So, take your time and decide which brings out the best in you and which best describes your personality. You can also consult with the hair specialist; they have the best suggestion for you.


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