70 Perm Hair Styles That Are A Modern Day Inspiration

Let the most stylish era wash your hair.


Apparently, the 80’s are back; and we have proof (drum rolls).. perm hair. Yes, the magnificent collection of curls that make you want to die for them is back in style.
Die for them?
No, we are not going to die for them but are going to make the world bend on their knees for your perm hair. That is just how we roll, don’t we girls?
I am in a fun mood today!
Guess that is the effect of 80’s coming back.

Some of you, of course, are thinking, beautiful perm hair is back but so is the pressure of treating your hair with excess chemicals to get those damn curls. Well, girls, we live in the 21st century. Do you think technology hasn’t given us the blessing of getting those curly perm/ lose perm/beach wave perm/corkscrew perm? If you don’t, then darling, it is time for you to put a stop on that train of thoughts.

Yes, today with technology you do not need to limit yourself to those frizzy curled up hair that was deemed as ‘perm hair.’ Today, you can loosen up or tighten up your curls. Anything you want is possible. You can have the best of spiral perm hairstyles or beach wave perm hair.
The types of perm waves today are endless. They vary from spiral perm, airwave perm, beach wave perm, big loose curls perm, body wave perm to corkscrew perm hair.
Perm hair is possible today for thin types of hair.
Even the guys, today google for ‘perm hair for guys.’
So, you cannot deny its beauty and popularity.

Now, that you have again fallen in love with the permed hair and its styles, you need to understand how can you get those beauties. As I have mentioned, back in the 80’s, when perm hair gained its peak fame, damaged hair also was its by-product. Yes, getting yourself those permanent waves (perms) would leave you with damaged hair. But, today, thanks to science and technology, you can even get yourself perm hair at home. Although, I would not suggest you do so. Why? Well, if you want the hassle of dealing with chemicals, you can try it at home.

Why don’t we dig a lit deeper and understand what do they do to give us that fantastic perm hair looks?

  • First, your hair is washed. The start of every beauty process for your hair is naturally done by washing your hair to remove all the dirt. In this case, it is also done, so that the perm hair cream spreads all over your hair evenly.
  • Next, to make your hair texture more flexible, a perming lotion is applied to your hair. The type of perming lotion used on your hair depends on your hair texture. It may be acidic, alkaline or exothermic.(Chemistry terms)
  • As the perming lotions are doing its things, your hair is treated with curling rods to get those curls and redefine them. The timing of the curling procedure depends on your hair thickness and texture.
  • Once they achieve the curls, they remove the curling rods from your hair. Then, a neutralizer is applied to your hair to set the new structures that have developed. The amount of neutralizer used depends on the thickness of the locks.
  • Then, the neutralizer is washed off. Voila..perm hair!

You should not wash your hair with shampoo or apply heat to it for the next couple of days. Now, that you know everything you need to know about perm hair, are you ready to look at some inspiration?

1. A Curly Perm Hair

This curly perm hairstyle is for the ones who have long hair. The perm hairstyle can work fine even in fine hair as they can create the volume that you have always wanted. The length of the hair only adds to its beauty. When you have your curls that are tight, you don’t need to do much for the style. It works in its natural state.

2. Cold Perm

This is a cold perm hairstyle that is inevitably cool. This another modern-day perm hairstyle that goes in the stack of ‘perms for fine hair.’ The short length hairstyle has added its beauty with the amazing curls.

3. Pin Curls Perm Hair

If you do not want to end up with a bad perm, I suggest you go and take the help of a hair stylist for your hair. Pin curls perm are amazing and work for any hair. The curls are achieved using pins and a hair gel. They save your hair from a lot of damage. Taking care of your hair after the perm is essential. The products should be specified once you have permed your hair for it is aftercare.

4. Root Perm Hair

Root perm hair is for hair that is flat and fine textured. It is a modern-day perm type for thin hair. Root perm hair is uplifted your hair and creates an amazing volume. The curls can be as tight and as loose as you want. You can add highlights to add another great effect on your hair.

5. One of The Best Spiral Hairstyle

If you want to stick with the traditional 80’s look, you can go for such tightly curled perm hairstyle. The curls are specifically very tight, and the frizz is used to add to its entire texture. You can always put a bow on top of your hair to finish the entire look.

6. Finger Coils

Finger coils are an amazing perm hairstyle that can work for the thin type of hair. They are another modern-day perm hairstyle for fine hair. You will need to get yourself into a habit of getting an after perm hair care routine. Other than that, you need to enjoy flaunting those beauties.

7. Perm for Thin and Straight Hair

If you have a flat and thin hair type, you probably have been googling for ‘types of perm type for thin hair’ or ‘perms for fine hair.’ The question that is on your mind is definitely, Can you perm straight hair? Well, you can see the picture. I am not going to lie to you. Your hair might not end up with this result. For such hair, you need to go for digital perm hair. Digital perm hair requires extra care, and you need not google how to sleep with digital hair. You can rest as you always do.

8. Body Wave Perm Hair

These are big loose curled perm hair. Body wave hair adds a massive body to your waves. It goes under the loose perm hair types. The volume and the texture that this hairstyle creates on your hair is fantastic. You should opt for it.

9. Love for Spiral Perm Hair

I love the spiral perm hairstyle. You can also go for the corkscrew perm hair as well. The spiral perm hairstyle adds that extra oomph to your hair, and you will love its upliftment and frizz. The style is as gorgeous as you. Of course, you need to care for perms daily for the maintenance of the curls.

10. Yes, You Can Get Perm for Wavy Hair

Look at that length of the locks. It takes a lot of care and nourishment to achieve this length which means you are ready to commit to your hair. This is a beach wave perm hair that is ideally suited for fine hair and the wavy hair type. The entire hair is like a wave of curls that are a delight.

11. From The Roots

Go for the permed hair from the roots if you want to have a voluminous hair. If your hair is fine, dull and flat, you can go for the root perms to give your hair an entirely new look. The digital perm will not be able to achieve this look. You can use the perm cream for this.

12. Another Cold Perm

The cold perm look gives your entire hair just out of the shower look. If you are into those kinds of look, you should go for it. It looks fresh, beautiful and gives off great vibes. This is another look at the modern-day perm types. The look works great for a shoulder length haircut.

13. Treat To The Eyes

This is by far the best perm for long hair that I have ever seen. I love it. My hair is getting that level of perm as soon as I have that length. Look at that shine, the texture, and those spirals. They look magnificent. This perm hair is one of my personal favorites. Her entire appeal is amplified with that fantastic hair.

14. Best Perm for Short Hair

Perms can be great for short hair as well. We have Exhibit A here. These curls can be achieved from the digital technology. The messiness of the entire look gives it a very natural vibe. The coils need to maintained and kept in shape. You can use your fingers every morning to style your hair rather than risking your locks with the deadly teeth of a comb.

15. Loose Curls From The Roots

This fall of curls is another treat to the eyes. They look terrific. I mean, look at it. I could stare at them all day. These are big loose curls that are used to achieve the perfect perm hairstyle. Another look at the modern-day perm hair. The entire look is again modified with the addition of some highlights.

16. Spiral From The Top

We have another look that follows the traditional hairstyle from the 80s, but this has a sure touch of the recent times. I see the ombre effect on the hair that only adds what I would call cherry on the cake to the entire perm hairstyle. This is a root perm hair that you will never want to cut off or wash off. So, do maintain it if you decide to achieve it.


17. Curly Perms For Thin Hair

The question that is popular when you hear the term ‘perm hair’ is if it is suitable for fine hair or not. The answer to that question is yes, but it depends on the perm style you choose. You can go for a beachy wave perm hairstyle that adds more to the length of your hair. It can create an extra volume to your otherwise flat hair.

18. Black Style

This hairstyle reminds me of Rihanna. Yes, I think the style icon of the century can pull this look off. I did say, the style icon of the century. And why wouldn’t I? She carries off everything perfectly. But, back to the permed hair that our Ri-Ri and of course you can pull off altogether, they are perfect.

19. Long Pin Curls

The long blonde hair can look magnificent with pin hair curls. Curls usually look amazing on long hair. So, perm hairstyles naturally look great on long hair. The highlight effect always adds the perfect touch to the entire look. If you have long hair and enough dedication, go for the perm. Try beach wave perm or body wave perm, they all work for your hair length.

20. Naturally

This perm hair look appears to be as natural as it can be. Her hair is usually black, and the achieved curls look so inherently beautiful on her. Again this pin hair perm is a perfect look for such long hair. You can go for body wave or corkscrew perm hairstyle as well. The length of the hair provides you with a fabulous opportunity to try any perm types. Don’t worry this works for the fine form of hair as well.

21. Shakira, Shakira!

Shakira not only taught the world to dance on her beats but has also shown the world how to rock loose beach wave perm hair. She looks naturally flawless. Her shoulder length hair with ‘just rolled out of bed’ look is terrific. I could dance in her music in that hair all day long.

22. Digital Perm Hair

Again, we have another natural perm hair look that appears to have been a blessing. This can be attained using digital perm hair technology. This perm hairstyle is for the short hair length. A modern day looks for perm hairstyle has no limitations. Proof? This picture above. Try it.

23. Classic

Okay, to describe this picture I have one word,’exquisite.’ Look at those body wave curls that start from the root. The big curls perm hair absolutely a delight. The hair is uplifted, and the blonde color is naturally gorgeous. I love every single thing about this picture. This is another addition to my favorites. I believe this is one of those classic looks that never go out of style. Picture perfect hairstyle, indeed!

24. Spiral Perm Hair

This is another look you can try if you want to go for spiral perm hairstyle. The curls are kept tight but are kept messy. The frizziness of the hair has added a unique texture to the entire hairstyle. You can go for an ombre hair color if you want to add more style to this entire look. Keep your hair all on one side and have fun.

25. Natural Way

Even celebrities love the permed hair looks. The red carpet has always been graced with endless variations of perm hair and why would it not be. The hairstyle has everything from amazing look and style. It accentuates one’s beauty and brings out the best in anyone who pulls it off. You can go for an evening gown or a floral print dress; the natural perm hairstyle works best for all.

26. Fall for Those Curls

If I had such gorgeous curls, I could not stop showing them off. This loosely curled perm hairstyle is, ‘WOW!’ The length of the hair, the color, and the curls all work up to create magic. You need to show a lot of care and dedication to your hair and its style to achieve such a feat.

27. Show It Off

For this final picture, we have root perm hair which is at its best. The shoulder length hairstyle with curls made from the base of the locks all is perfect in every which way. The tresses are styled using the fingers. This is a look that can be worn on a day out, movie or evening dinner.

Time for you to get on the style train and get yourself drop-dead gorgeous perm hair looks.


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